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OMG yes hello XDD I am a fembot

If you are female and you post on /r9k/ this is our official thread, girls! Just our own little safe haven away from the boys ;P

Now remember, this is our thread so we should make sure that we aren't posting in the silly boys' threads and make sure that we ONLY post in THIS THREAD ONLY and NOT IN OTHER THREADS. This is our girls club and we should respect that. We don't need to go posting in other threads, because we've got each other. Right here in our very own thread.
Hello i am fembot I broke vagin and call vagin hotline but they say I void warrant with Chad how to fix vagin pls thanks I'm here if you need to talk
> tfw bf isn't Chad

sex is so hard to get ;___; abloo bloo bloo no man pays any attention to me
had a girls night out last night left the boyfriend at home

only way i can get some affection these days is grinding on chad and jamal at the club.

he stayed in and played video games what a loser. not that i would want him there anyways because then i would have to stand on the side and beg him to dance (he is really bad at it).

oh well at least he pays the bills and buys me new stuff when i ask. what are you ladies up to?
yey finaly got my first batch of hormones
neogina here i come
That's right girls just keep on posting in this thread and this thread only and not any other threads so you don't shit up the conv- i mean, uh, get distracted by the silly thirsty betas. Our posts aren't shitposts girls, so we need to make sure we keep our HIGH QUALITY POSTS in this thread
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Rate my singing voice!! thankzz don't forget to like this comment!! any tipz on how to get better girlz?


pls no bully !! thnks :^) sorry 4 my loud computer, can't afford to buy a new one becuase I only make 70 cents on a mans dollar LOLZ
get more courage anon

hope you get a bf this year
>tfw bf is "Chad"
He's barely man enough for me, I want a lumberjack bf. I'm just using him for sex at this point.
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Hey gurl! I liked your 4chan status!

just eating some chocolates and a smoothie my beta orbitter brought me. why can't i find a nice guy that wants to be with me?? thank god for my orbitter i was feeling so down in the dumps until he brought me stuff:)
thankkzzz!! I just liked yours too :))

i can't wait until i'm youtube famous for singing! i won't forget about you whn i'm in with all the big celebs, girl! can't wait to suck 1 directions dicks LOOOLZ
>tfw robot bf only messages me to be lewd
c-can i message you lewd things too?

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Wait a minute, do not imply that the stupid truce shit went down.

Fembot/anon/female/vagin are banned and if not banned should be banned.

You want a femXX board use /trash/. This thread brings nothing but hate on /r9k/

>wanting a sausagefest board
go be gay on /fit/, at least fembots post nudes sometimes
Hey gaes Ima realass fembot :DD
Ima foreverlone virgin qt (xcept that one time with Tyronee) so sat that nobody likes me! :((

hush.. they don't realize it, but this is a containment thread to keep "fembots" off of the rest of the actual board
[manchild bitterness intensifies]
>[tripfagging intensifies]

you've got a lot of nerve. Kill yourself my man

Or, if you continue to post (not recommended) take off your FUCKING TRIPCODE

*sigh* i just wish i had a robot bf of my own to save..
If you came home and found out your dog shit on your shirt, and then you took his leash and took a big dump on it, in your house, that would be madness.
"Satirical" shitposts like this, are like shitting in your house to spite your dog, you insane retard.
Lmao faam

This thread is funny as shit
Now I see what the kids eating glue in the back of class spend their time doing

Roboht4lyf ;((
No you don't
You could get one in like 2 seconds if you did :^)

I know it was a joke but it still made me angry
at least you took off your fucking tripcode for this post

thank you for that, at least, you colossal shithead
oh hi everyone -.^
Im a fembot too lol its so good to know there are other girls out there that can't find good guys out there anymore :(
Idk why people have to be so mean on this website I just want attention. Im hot but im suck a nerrrrrrrrdddd and chad wont pay any attention to me :((
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Thread images: 5
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