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Have you ever loved somebody
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feel doll.jpg
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Have you ever loved someone /r9k/ if so who was she/he and what happened, why are you here and not with them now?
Every time I had a crush on someone it was a straight guy obviously not interested in me because I'm a guy too. It was painful every time.
>what happened
They didn't love me back. No one ever has. Not their fault, I can't get upset at them for not loving me. But it does hurt. Especially when it happens over and over. Each time I find myself getting more and more deprived and desperate.
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2 MB, 300x316
I loved your mom, too bad she went for your cuck dad.
P.S: I might be your actual dad.
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Happened 3 times.

1. She dated my best friend
2. She dated my best friend
3. She was a suicidal, emotional train wreck who decided to painfully leave me and become a lesbian.

his name is Jesus

he's always with me
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I know that feel all too well Anon, i dont think someone can ever actually recover, fully from shit like that
She's in her home country. We're still "together" but maybe sometime in the future we can be together seriously, maybe get married.

If you have you don't belong here, normies and your relationship drama get out now.
I dated a girl for 2 years, but I didn't love her. I convinced myself I did but I really didn't. She cucked me eventually. Still hurt like hell.

Many people don't actually know love. There is a huge difference between what mainstream media/society portrays as love, and true, romantic, limerence-style love.

Look up limerence, it's basically oneitis but more severe. I have experienced it numerous times, never had the feelings returned.

I hate the idea of putting pussy on the pedestal, but when you're truly, truly in love, there's NOTHING you wouldn't do just to be with that woman. Nothing at all. I realized I didn't love the girl I was dating when I really really thought about it. Anyone who has experienced a limerence can understand what I mean. That is true love. Not infatuation, not a crush, not liking or "like-liking" someone, not "love", it is LOVE. Complete and utter devotion of your life to someone who you find beautiful in ever single way and sense of the word, flaws and all. Even their flaws you may not see as flaws, while experiencing limerence. The object of your love is literally perfect to you.

Anyone know what I am saying?
Her name is Michelle.
Turns out she's actually a huge bitch.
The end.

I'm in love with my teacher. I hope that answers your question.
once about 2 years ago

she didn't love me back

never had feelings for anyone since
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>talk to girl
>me like she
>she like talk me
>make she laugh all the time
>try my hardest to make she happy as much as I can
>try my hardest to make it work between me and she
>but it never do
currently upto the 4th time this has happened.
Yes, but she moved back to Canada the day after I joined the Army.

Sadly making continuing our relationship impossible.

I still have a picture of us up in my room in our accommodation. People ask me about it and don't know how to react when I say to them that I haven't seen her in 6 months, and she lives in Canada - 4000 miles away.

I've tried seeing other women but it's just not right. Not to mention online dating fucking sucks and most of the time I just end up being insulted.

I don't think she's ever going to come back. I'm probably never going to see her again but I cling to a small shred of hope that I will, that she'll come for my big passing out parade or that I'll go on holiday with her over there some time.

Probably not though. I'll get on all the deployments I can and go shoot some people instead.
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1433790320303 (1).jpg
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Loved a girl in high school, still do, she was always dead sexy, never had body confidence though, helped her get body confidence, shes now a paid pornstar and i have watched videos of her getting fucked by other guys, wishing that was me while masturbating alone

pic related, believe it or not
Sauce is Tegan Brady
i had the love of my life, we were together for 3 years now. we were both 21 and i was planning on proposing to her in the end of 2016. last month she broke up with me as our relationship was not working for her, she felt constrained and unhappy. i was actually glad she left, i really want her to be happy, being miserable would eventually end in cucking or worse. now she's with another guy, one that's similar to me. same interests, less skilled but more popular. she's not taking it very seriously and i'm not counting on it to last long, but life is fucked up and things that you don't expect happen more regularly than things you expect to happen, so what the hell who knows.

i love her deeply. i lost my ability to sleep in the dark, i have to have brain stimulus 24/7 to avoid thinking about her and her new boyfriend, so i just leave the television on at all times and watch sports, it's really depressing. my voice deepened and my face is of a sick man, pale, large purple bags under my eyes.

i need to find another girl as a part of my long term strategy. how can i even do thatshit?
bumping for more stories about anon feels
Yup. My mum's a business consultant for China and Australia and has clients from all over the world who would visit us on a regular basis, have dinners together and stuff and my mum thinks it's good networking for me and shit. I was frustrated as fuck as a teenager because I was a chink, and it seemed as though I had little to no chance of dating a white girl (the only female demographic im attracted to) in Australia

My mum had a French client who had a really pretty brunette daughter who I somehow got along with the first time I met her despite very strong language barriers

Guess she liked me because in France they don't show Ken Jeong and the like everywhere on TV or some shit idk

I'd see her maybe two-three times a year for a week during the French holidays and every time her English got better because she practiced it for me and my French got better because vice versa, got her Skype at some point

at least lost my kiss virginity still have my dick virginity

at some point she stopped coming over with her dad but she still skyped me frequently

I got a new computer at some point because my old one broke and I forgot my skype login details and also forgot her username, literally made a new skype account and searched up her irl name and added everyone there to no avail, couldn't find her facebook

after about a year I made a facebook, found her on facebook but decided not to add her because it's been a year since contact and that'd be fucking creepy

her bf is some charles thundercock now

three years later I know a bunch of le francais and its just plain depressing whenever I see anything french
Limerence is just a word to be used when someone is writing angsty romantic fiction and what you described is what every teenager feels at some point for something


This desu senpai


> Charles thundercock

>she flirted with me trough highschool
>ignored her out of fear of relationships
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Girl #1
>Be me 10 years old
>A new transfer student
>The moment she walks in the room I can't stop glancing and blushing at her
>Her family moved to a house close to one of my good friends from that time
>Spend most of my time at friend's house just to have an excuse to see her
>Become her friend
>I'm the happiest little robot in the world
>1 year later her family move away
>Actually cry at night about it for many weeks

Girl #2
>Be me 19 years old
>First day at cram school (at the time trying to escape NEETdon)
>Waiting for classes to begin
>A beautiful girl sits beside me
>Tall, slend, beautiful smile and so gentle
>Become close to her
>The fair was in town that week
>Ask her out
>She accepts
>Have a good time in what is probably the closest thing from a date I ever had
>Too nervous to ask her what she thinks about me
>As if she read my mind she told me that I was nice but she wasn't looking for a bf
>She said she intended to go to a university in another state and she had no faith in long distance relationships
>Stayed as her friend for the rest of that year
>Never spoke again to her ever since

Girl #3
>Be me 21 years old
>Second year in college
>Met yet another beautiful and nice girl
>She's into mangas/anime, programming and games
>I hear her talking about a MMO that I also played at the time
>My robothood is already in full bloom
>I have no confidence or courage to approach her
>Become some sort of a stalker
>Trapped in this hell ever since
>Even now (at 26) I still check her Facebook and Instagram every once in a while
>kill me, pham
You mean romantically? No, not really. I was in love once, but I didn't really know him too well. I mostly just projected a lot of shit onto him. I saw him again recently by pure chance. I built him up so much in my mind that I could hardly recognize him, he's easily a 5/10. I mean, I'm 4/10, so I'd still hit it, but in my hormone addled mind he was a 9/10.
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I wish, if I did at least I would have a goal to strive for, but instead I have nothing and I never have had anything.
Dated my Bestfriend
I spread rumours about her
See her at party
We cuddle, I apologise
Talked for hours
I text her next day
"Do you want to hang out?"
"I dont think that would be a good idea"
"I have a boyfriend"
>be me at 18
>work lights for school theater
>girl in one of the plays talks to me one day and after rehearsals give me a kiss
>first time I ever feel real love and attraction
>every other relationship before then means nothing
>be with her for several months until school ends
>she's 3 years younger than me so after I graduate she still has 3 more years
>she leaves me
>both of us still have feelings
>together again on and off for another 2 years
>loses her virginity to me despite being with another guy

> one day she says she doesn't love me anymore
>gets together with a guy who cares about vidja games more than her
>claims she's happy now
>can't talk to her anymore without her thinking I'm obsessed with her or telling me to move on even though she still calls me her friend

I'm not with her because she doesn't want me anymore
Basically, I loved him, he was straight, so I just remained a sad virign fag.

the end
>gets together with a guy who cares about vidja games more than her
As he should. Putting pussy on the pedestal is a disservice to yourself and it turns women off too.
The few times I did talk to her about him she says he doesn't care about her at all when he's gaming, he just ignores her
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Because they crushed my heart and strung me along
Yes and I still do.

We've known each other for years. We became really close really quickly. She was my best friend. We dated briefly but I ended up moving pretty far away so we broke it off mutually and stayed close. I never lost feelings for her though. Don't know if she did.

Kept in contact after moving. Weirdly, I feel like the distance made us closer. There were a couple bumps and arguments but that's always gonna happen when you talk to someone as often as we talked to each other. And none of them were particularly bad. We always sorted everything out.

But she kinda changed a few months ago. Seemed less interested. When I brought it up, she said nothing was wrong and she wasn't doing it on purpose but she'd try to talk to me more because she didn't want me to feel that way. And she did for a while but then she just went back to being distant. So I brought it up again, and she said she hadn't noticed it the first time but when I brought it up, she realised that she was "head over heels" for me and that she couldn't take talking to me when there was no way of us being together because of the distance. Then she said there was no reason for us to keep in contact anymore. I guess I could've spilled my feelings then and there, but in all honesty, I'm terrified of them and it probably wouldn't have helped because there's still a massive distance. But I did get frustrated because she seemed like she was completely willing to throw these past few years away just like that. I tried to talk to her about it, and she ended up getting SUPER mad. Like I've never seen her this pissed.

I sent a couple messages a couple weeks after the argument asking what I did wrong. She straight up refused to tell me, then she ignored me, and then blocked me on everything. So I have no way of speaking to her anymore.

And I still have no idea what I've done wrong. And it hurts because I still fucking love her and that scares the living shit out of me.

I swear this is an original comment
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tits related bump
eww, looks disgusting

face is nice though
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What does it say about me that i've never been in love with anyone?

And i'm 24.

What does being in love even feel like guys? I don't really know.
File: saddead.gif (890 KB, 305x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
890 KB, 305x320
Because I was unable to share my feelings with them and by frustration, severed the friendship.

I regret it to this day
>They probably liked me the entire time
>I Couldn't express myself because I've never had that type of feeling before
you probably are gay

no really, I just recently turned/discovered gay myself

wanna "try things" with another guy?
No. Can't say im gay either.

I think i'm just sad and pathetic.
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Only one person.

I'm not with her because she's not real.
It feels warm and fuzzy.

It also comes with a severe weakening of the will and impairment of your ability to think rationally. I can't recommend it.
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u sure?
Not even a wiggle.
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pepe rain.gif
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>She didn't love me back.
>I never expressed interest in the first place.
>she was way out of my league.
>she got a bf.

>they never love me back.
>I never say anything.

I've kinda learned to accept it.
but what if I'll never be loved robots?
What is in your post that should not have been accepted on day 1? Why would you expect anything otherwise if you don't express interest and never say anything? People can't read your mind
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R-really? think again anon
1. She cheated on me after dating for 2 years. Later found out she had cheated on me 3 other times but I was too naive to see it.
2. I broke up with her because I was depressed and suicidal. Wanted to get her out of my life before I took my own.
3. Broke my heart into a million pieces; she literally ruined my life. I don't think I will recover either since it's been over 2 years and I haven't even been hugged since then. Yeah I'm kind of fucked up.
You're actually completely autistic if you are under the assumption you need a girlfriend to be happy. You're so fucking stupid wallowing in self pity
yes. childhood friend. she toyed with me for a few years. i'm just not attractive. i'm a typical shy compulsive-masturbator internet freak. she went and married a shitty engineer. i'm a math major so that kind of makes it more offensive.

now i don't find girls attractive. i don't know if it's related. i just don't care about girls that way (and i don't like guys either). whenever i see a pretty girl i think i don't have anything to talk about with her, and that i'd wouldn't be able to get along with her. i don't know if it was because i was obsessed with this girl for so many years. but i think it's better this way so i don't have that kind of issues
No, not ever.
you think a lot about another person whenever you're not focused on something. you feel "warm and fuzzy" thinking about this person and being with them, like playing with a puppy and wanting to play with the puppy forever
>now i don't find girls attractive

>(and i don't like guys either)
I used to think that too.
Now just try it out, I heard experiencing prostate orgasms are quite intense, I would love to give you one desu.
internet frand, we tried to internet secks
too far
I thought I had but looking back on my ex, I was just over infatuated with the idea of someone being attracted to me. She actually had a fair amount of character defects that I just ignored until we broke up. Now I realize that love is just a serotonin dump in your brain and not a true emotion. I'm dead inside.
no shit son.
there's nothing to try out. i just don't find people attractive in that way. i could have sex with a dude and enjoy it and still feel like this

fucking faggot
>not a true emotion
all emotions are true if you put it that way anon
Lots of things happened, we were friends for nearly three years

I'm not with her because she's twenty years older, married, with kids, and most significantly, she separated herself from me.
File: bowlingballpepe.jpg (56 KB, 354x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw no prostate orgasm
>i could have sex with a dude and enjoy it and still feel like this

>tfw no bf who says he hates you, is extremely tsundere, but is a total slut in bed and can't hide his true feelings there anymore

>fucking faggot
which one of us want to get fucked here, hmm?
not me, I like to be dominant, fag
I was more of implying that love is just a high as apposed to a level of emotional normalcy. The longer you're with someone the more time you have to find everything you hate about them.
>tfw no robot to sexually experiment with and turn him gay
File: Excited.jpg (11 KB, 300x291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 300x291

I'm already gay, famalam.
>normalfags actually believe this
Just go kill yourself pls. Only monogamous people allowed.
We can still do the "practice" thing, right?
no homo, but I would go full homo on you
I've had crushes on a few people, and 2 times it didn't work out because I was too autistic to make a move, 1 time it was a foreigner who had to leave, we never talked again, and now it didn't work out because my crush loves someone else.

Sounds very gay, fampai.
Will it be gay when I shove my tongue into your throat, throw you on the bed and pin you down under me?
You will never find your soulmate anon, just some vapid bitch who's willing to settle for you. Women always believe they can do better so you better keep her happy or she'll leave you.

Anon, you don't seem to have much in terms of standards here
I act different over the internet than in real life.
I'm actually quite /pol/ and I would like nothing more than a monogamous relationship with another guy.

I naturally despise sluts.
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