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>tfw you can't comprehend how ugly you are
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>tfw you can't comprehend how ugly you are
>tfw even you hate how you look
Just be beautiful on the inside and you and everyone, no matter where you go and who you see, will be beautiful :)
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>tfw you look at other men's faces and wish you could live their lives instead because any other face is better than yours
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> people belive that the world works like this
>take selfie, think I look fine
>look back at it months later and I seem hideous
>look in mirrors
>face is good shape looks nice enough
>look in pictures
>face is ball shaped look like a chubby baby
>ask friends who are brutally honest about this type of stuff if i gained weight
>"You haven't changed at all, anon. Your face isn't fat either."

What the fuck is going on then
Doesn't matter about looks, women care more about personality.
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sam hyde.gif
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Made me laugh hard. Thanks for cheering me up a little.
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No worries fellow robot, felt this thread was well suited for a normie meme.
>28 year old virgin
>tried tinder and got 0 matches despite swiping right on 150+ girls
>no girl has ever shown interest in me
>got a 'hmm' in that attractiveness app
>for some reason I still think I'm handsome

What is wrong with me?

Delusional disorder
I don't care about grills. I have a feeling I am so unattractive that people feel a great amount of pity for me. I may be somewhat autistic since I'm not good at measuring other people's attractiveness
body dis-morphia
>tfw a chick and a gay guy told me i look good yesterday
>tfw grills send me messages
>tfw i still know im still ugly
I thought I might have something like this but I just thought there was no way your brain could trick you into thinking you look different from how you actually do

Without a better way to describe it I thought it was a meme mental illness

They won't give the guys with a "good personality" a chance.
It's the halo effect, buddy boy

see pic
And you know how the world works?
Hello my ugly compadres.
If you saw a comprehensive mugshot list of everyone who is famous or making large sums of money you would see a thousand handsome and beautiful faces for every ugly one. Try and name me one ugly celebrity right now off the top of you head
>protip: you can't
>tfw a literal 5/10
Worst feel.

Being a target for fatties and uggos are 10x worse than being ugly.
Steve Buscemi
happiness =! money, fame, aesthetics
Will you sign my mousepad?
I'm black, tall, and have a big dick and nuts

that's all you need to be happy
at what did you realize you were hideously deformed ugly?

for me, at age 19 is when i realized i was normal ugly.

i haven't gone outside since (i'm 21 now btw)
at what age*

sorry for the typo there
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>see my reflection one day
>I'm pretty good looking desu, probably at least 6/10
>see my reflection another day
>I am hideous, how will any woman ever be attracted to me?

What's wrong with my brain?
Yes this for me. Except with me it's some days feel like 8/10 other days feel like 4/10

So when I get rejected without saying a word what exactly is happening there?

A woman is using African spells to redict my personality in 0/5 seconds?
>Look in the mirror
>feel alright about it
>look at a photo
>0/10 neanderthal mongoloid
>now even the mirror looks awful

>tell someone I don't think I'm unattractive
>"What you're not ugly... you're just, uh, not hot! Not everyone can be hot!"
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>you realize that you're ugly and have no chance at all
>you have fully embraced 2D believing that 3D is PD
It's amazing
>Get told by good-looking friends that it's just because I have no confidence
>"Oh, I used to be really insecure and think I was the ugliest person on the planet too!" - Beautiful person
>have reasonably good day
>see yourself in a mirror

just kill me
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everything is going to be ok.. when your dead
I dont but it doesnt work as you previously decribed it being beautiful on the inside will only get you so far.
Idk I don't think I look inherently ugly (maybe 6/10) but I look really young for my age, fuckin babyface.
but now I'm at the point where i hate looking in the mirror because that would mean i have to look at my face ugh

>be me last week
>out with some friends
>one friend invites his sister, whatever
>catch her staring at me sometimes
>thought she was staring at me like all the other people because I look ridicolously young for my age
>little talk with that one friend
>"Anon, my sister kinda likes you!"
>neglecting it
>bursting out in laughter because the situation of a girl taking the "first step" seems so surreal
>mfw I realize his sister stands near us the whole time

hell she was a decent 7/10 and only 2 years younger than me
now it's too late I guess, what is wrong with me guys
This, after years of rejection you just embrace the 2D girls and never look at 3D girls again
Iktf as well. Life shit all over me and I have no hope, so I'll just waste it away by escaping into 2D and vr.
same. It's a god awful feeling.
Not hideously ugly, but just ugly. My dad once tried to tell me I looked nice, turned to my mother and said "doesn't anon look handsome?" my cunt of a mother took one look at me and said "not really" before walking off. I've long since estranged myself from that woman, for many reasons, but I've never forgotten that. What mother says that to a 15 year old with rock bottom self esteem? My dad was only trying to make me feel better.

What's worse is that my younger brother is a literal 10/10. He's gay though so I suppose that eases the pain a bit not seeing him with tonnes of girls and wishing I could do the same.

I wish I could just stay inside and not go out in public. I once won a court case over a former employer and was awarded a lot of money, so I became a NEET and I have never been happier. Eventually the money ran out and I have no choice but to be a wagecuck. I avoid public outside of work, but the times I have to buy food etc, I feel like every time I hear someone laugh, that they are laughing at me. And every time someone stares, I assume it can only be because theyre trying to mentally process what the ugly thing they're seeing is.

I suppose at least I have a full head of hair, good teeth and am tall and not fat. But still with facial flaws that I just can't ignore.
>Be me ugly af
>Girls literally only look at me in utter disgust
>Have Chad friend
>He's totally oblivious to the life of an ugly guy
>Thinks that every guy has it like him
>To him, a girl looking at you means that she's attracted to you
>He thinks I'm just shy
>Wants to be a bro for me
>Goes up to girls whenever they look at me
>Chats them up like it's nothing
>They become giggly as hell
>After a while, he'll try to introduce them to me
>tfw you can literally see the horror in their eyes
>tfw he'll try to leave us alone and they immediately bail the fuck out
>tfw if he does stay, they'll pretend that I'm not there

He's not doing it that much any more since nothing ever comes out of it, but he'll still encourage me to approach girls all the time.
But anon, you have a song about you!

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Thread images: 10
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