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>tfw only child
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>tfw only child
>tfw people say "that explains everything about you" when you say that you are one
>tfw there literally isn't a single positive to being an only child
>every youtube video and online article i see about only children has people in the comments saying how they are only children and are alone, friendless, depressed, miserable, etc

Where you at guys?
2bh I just want a sister I could have hot incestual sex with
you get all of mummy and daddys attention
>tfw single mother's only child
>didn't have to share shit when growing up
>don't have to be compared to successful siblings when you're a failure
>don't have to compete for parents' love and attention
Fuck that, I love being an only child. Imagine if you had a brother right now and he was a Harvard graduate with a beautiful wife and three kids, and you dropped out of community college, are unemployed, and have never even hugged a girl. How the fuck would you feel?
Me too.

I think it's probably a factor in me beige a robot. Just being in a house for so long with only my mom, and even then not usually seeing her
>be only child
>stand to inherit 100% of family wealth
>realize your mom is single and poor
>20 year old white male single child
>im not a total fuck up, a lot of pros and cons
>however parents basically tell me that the only reason im an only child is because they hated each other too much to bare raising another one.
>so most parents that have only childs have some outer reason preventing them for having a second.
>an only child can work, i always debated it because you can have more excess income
>however I would rather have a more complete 4 person family that I can bond with as we all become a ripe age.
>plus the pain of having to take care of your parents alone as an only child is what ultimately I think makes having 2 better.
>most parents arent responsible enough to fully save for retirement.
>so now as an only child I get to one day fully take care of both of my parents as they have no retirement saved up.

So in summary 2 is good, one not enough, 3 is asking for a poor/no time for yourself family
try being an only child whos a first gen immigrant, who hasn't spoken to any relative besides his parents in 9 years
>taking care of shit parents
don't be a cuck, cut those niggers loose
>mfw i have an older brother
>ultra douchebag
>dad almost never home
>when we fight mum just says "he's older respect him"
>fuck that shit this isn't fair
>grow old , never speak to shit brother
>would ditch him fr 10$
>then had a little sister
>she's the cutest thing alive
>i swore she will never suffer the same
>tl;dr having siblings can be as bad or as good , don't fall for the meme
Or lack there of
>have a younger brother
>still a NEET virgin loser
>he is too
Not only did I fuck up my own life, I set a bad example and fucked his up too.
nah man that's indicative of a bad family life
Having siblings would have been hell. It would have been like being at school, but at home too. I would have had no rest. Thank fuck I was an only child, I probably would have killed myself otherwise to escape.

Whenever I saw families interact as a kid, it always weirded me out. A bunch of people acting in that typical family way just seems gross to me. My house was always very quiet and me and my parents usually kept to ourselves. That's how it should be IMO.
>Whenever I saw families interact as a kid, it always weirded me out. A bunch of people acting in that typical family way just seems gross to me. My house was always very quiet and me and my parents usually kept to ourselves. That's how it should be IMO.

Yeah, so people can turn out like you? And me?
>tfw watching families interact normally and being amazed that people can have relationships that good
OP here

>tfw our nights have always consisted of watching TV in separate rooms
>tfw would go on vacations every year growing up and it would basically always just end up with us fighting
>tfw don't even celebrate holidays
>tfw have small extended family only see once a year, barely even know them
>tfw you would always see pictures and hear stories from classmates/acquaintances growing up how their families loved each other and would do shit together and genuinely seemed to like being together

I think that's the worst thing about my situation. There's this stereotype that even though you may be socially awkward as an only child, usually you have a strong relationship with your parents for the rest of your life so at least you'll have that. I didn't even get that.
I grew up isolated as an only child and I have to say it wasn't that bad but my parents believe it fucked me up because they spoiled me way too much and was I very lonely so they think that's why I'm depressed, anxious, a narcissist or any meme illness that is out there.

Honestly, being an only child was the shit because I didn't have to share clothes, consoles, the bathroom, food, mom and dad's attention etc. Not only that but I also became very independent of myself and never needed to dependent on no one. Since my parents worked a fuck load and never really had time for me, I learned to cook, iron my clothes, do my own doctor appointments, do my laundry etc. all at the age of 10.

There are some positive and negative effects but I believe the only negative effect on me it had was not realizing the point of socializing with others. My parents described me as a well mannered kid, hence why they loved me so much and spoiled me, but when it came to socializing, I was one greedy bastard.

I believe being an only child can make you socially awkward but you can learn social skills through books or life experiences. It isn't that much of a deal OP, grow up.
Not learning how to be social is a pretty fucking big deal
I know all of those feels.

And then people say you can't blame your problems on other people, completely unaware of the effects of life long neglect.

Not really. The more I'm growing up the more I find reasons NOT to socialize and trust people

>People will end up snitching on you
>People will end up using you
>There are no such thing as best friendz 4 evar!!! People come and go
>People will never take a bullet for you, they have their own seperate lives
>There are good friends but these people end up being boring
>People really don't care about you
>People will end up doing stupid shit that will eventually get you caught as well
>You waste a fuck load of money socializing too

I'm better off being my own person. I save myself SO much trouble and stress than socializing with others. I only have plugs and connections with people that I'll know I'll benefit from like Drugs or Jobs.
> be only child
> realize that when your parents are gone, that you won't have any relatives that are on the same genetic level as them (save having a child)
> everyone immediately thinks you're a spoiled dick head who doesn't understand other people
> knowing that they're somewhat correct because you never had a symbling to empathize with
> you won't be an awesome uncle unless you find a woman with siblings
> naturally had to learn to live with yourself and find your own entertainment
> although you're somewhat lonely, you can't imagine life in any other way
> when people say "I hate my sibling because "x," you have no idea what that's like. Futher, you don't know why people still love their trashy, shitty siblings
> possibly more introverted for the sole reason that you hung out in your room alone while being a kid

I could go on and on. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way, but it's only because I can't see it being any other way.

> eventually lived with one of my best friends since grade school.
> he had two siblings
> he was occasionally bothersome and needy because he had always had someone around to talk to
> he never understood how I could shut my door, sit in my room and just chill and b me entertained.
> he found that all so baffling and got a bit Butthurt over it all
> you can't understand this life unless you've lived it; we can't understand you for the same reasons
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I'm a single child and I had a pretty good childhood. I'm only in college now but so far life is great.

Plus you got more money directed at you (Most robots probably had bad parents though huh?)
>I'm a single child and I had a pretty good childhood. I'm only in college now but so far life is great.

then why are you on r9k huh?
Same here. I've always had a considerable financial advantage over most of my friends who had siblings.

>Getting a car before everyone else.
>Always having cash for whatever the group wants to do.
>Knowing that there's a bit of inheritance coming your way eventually hopefully

>Occasionally think "man, I'm really fucking autistic, I should learn how to socialize"
>Socialize with other people for practice
>Realize they're all shitheads and stop

People only want you around if you can entertain them or buy them things. I don't really know of a better alternative, but that doesn't sit right with me. Honestly, thinking about it, I don't know of a good reason to want to be around another person. Either it's for their value (social or monetary) or their attributes (physical or personality-wise), but all that is just based on luck and some people have bad luck and get fucked over. I just don't like the idea of it, so I do things on my own.

Because r9k is pure satire do you not know that you fucking newfag???
>only child
>has friends

fuck off
I'm my parent's only biological child, but they wanted more kids so they adopted two when I was six. I think growing up mostly playing by myself and doing my own thing made me develop a weird sense of humor, and I also think I give off strange body language signals sometimes that make people uncomfortable. But, other than that I'm an okay guy.
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Because I'm bored. Other people's lives bring me entertainment.

You either learn how to make friends quickly, or you're doomed to getting all of your entertainment from an American skydiving forum friend

>Learned how to read people quickly because you hung out with adults constantly
>Develop self confidence because you didn't have some dick head older sibling bashing you constantly or some bullshit
tfw same situation but 2 siblings
I am an onlychild who is happy as fuck

My parents didn't had to work much when I was a kid so I spent a lot of time with them learning how to be a decent human being, I never got into much trouble, and not having someone close to my age living with me made me pursue better social skills
thanks to all that I'm dating this normie 8/10 girl with 3 brothers who envies my only child environment

it's not about being a only child or having siblings, it's about how much did your parents not suck
>tfw 18 and still in high school
>i will be 20 when i finish it if i even manage to do that
>thanks to all that I'm dating this normie 8/10 girl with 3 brothers who envies my only child environment

i kind of believed you until this part
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Hey I'm the guy you for some reason responded to and I have determined that you're either dumb or just a loser.

Hope this helps

For me it was the other way around. My cousins were jealous and held grudge on me because I was an only child and got everything that I wanted so they treated me like shit. At school it was basically the same thing except reason I didn't socialize was because of speech problems and I was a different nationality than everyone else.

I'm just barely starting to get my self confidence again

>Learned how to read people quickly

Uhh, we're all born with that ability as a newborn.
i responded to you because you wrote that you are "only in college" now
Glad I'm not alone here. I'm happy with my childhood and my parents are wonderful. I have a great relationship with them still. They're really my parents and my friends simultaneously.

>People getting butthurt because someone else is happy with different life circumstances and subsequently different outlooks
>it's about how much did your parents not suck
I was an only child but my parents worked all the time so from elementary school through I think 7th grade, I was in an after school program. You know, those building on campus where you would go before/after school and on school breaks. I would literally spend all summer, like 10 hours a day every day with a ton of kids my own age.

It was weird, I actually knew a lot of people at those places and had friends there, but it ended up accounting for nothing.
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Aw I see. Buck up young folk, I only said that because being a 20 year in college doesn't mean you know how the rest of your life will turn out.
Not even joking. The girl just has terrible conversational skills, so I was able to approach without having spaghetti to drop out of my pockets
please explain. i am interested to hear this

Sounds like your disability and different nationality could have distinguished our childhoods, but who knows.

Also, I tend to see a lot of people have difficulty reading and judging other people. I should also say that by hanging around with adults, you perhaps learn to read deeper into people because they have already learned social norms and cues.

You're not just learning from other kids who have no idea how to act.

>Building your confidence back

I wish you the best of luck and hope your cousins have changed since they were kids. It's better late than never and it feels good to be secure. Good luck man
>pretty girl, isn't approached by anyone
>therefore becomes shy as a aspie
>I'm not dumb enough to let the chance slip
>"hey, do you like music?"

simple as that
This is not necessarily a good thing. My mother, who is also an only child, told me this: Everything is expected of one who is given everything.
20 year old only child reporting in!

>tfw imagine everyone else as an only child by default
>tfw used to have difficulty remembering that other people usually had siblings

>tfw had an imaginary bro from 2006 - 2008 before he evaporated
>now have an imaginary sister who's still alive & can play guitar & translates manga for $

I'm not that handsome, but I'm charismatic and I cultivate some normie interests for this situations, so I have that going for me as well
>>I'm not dumb enough to let the chance slip

were your palms sweaty when you asked her out? how about your knees, were they weak? arms heavy?
I'm the eldest of 6. It's not all its cracked up to be.

I'm a friendless perfectionist and all my shit is broken because my family hates nice things. I used to have a friend before I moved for work. He was an only child and had all kinds of cool shit that wasn't broken and he just sat in his room playing vidya, painting, or drinking.
In the same vein, only children have a large burden because he/she is the only chance of success their parents have in the off spring department.

If you fuck up, then there's no sibling to be successful /rich to equal out your failure
I have no family ever since I was little. I was with persons that take care of boys and girls who lose mother and father. THey also have three others. But I do not think it is same as have brothers and sisters.
I just remembered mom's spaghetti and everything worked out fine

but if this was an actual question, no, I'm good with people
So you went between foster homes? I used to have foster brothers sometimes, one slept with his eyes open. That was a sight to see.

Yes. Is very kind of persons to help like this and I like that they do. But I was still alone, miss my family and it is not same.
I always wondered if that was a meme. His eyes must have felt something shitty waking up everyday, or I wonder if his vision is piss poor now.
>are you an only child anon?
>oh that explains everything

Every time, what do they mean by this? No meme, I really want to know.
I'm an only child and I feel really shitty that I talk shit about how my parents raised me because I have never had financial problems (raised upper middle class, had college paid for (but i worked during it to pay for everything except tuition, father has massive investment portfolio for me) and I have all indications that I should be successful because of this.

But then I realized that money isn't everything, and that having a father who is a pretty huge asshole, and a mother who is pretty emotionally distant, creating a terrible family situation, to go along with being an only child and having them instill their "values" into me probably had a pretty negative effect on my development
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>tfw when you have a half-sister from your mum and two half-brothers from your dad, and are all older than you
>tfw you were the only offspring in the house for much of your young life because everyone else moved out when you were still in light-up Sketchers
>tfw you felt like a lonely only child even though you're technically not
>tfw one half-brother is filthy rich at 29 and the other two are very successful and have families
Join the club bro. Do I just come off as an entitled dick to everyone? Am I just chill as fuck and people think it's because I never had a chaotic childhood?

Am I a dork and no one has let me know?

They think you're out of place so when you mention you're an only child they figure out why you're such a wierdo
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Yeah, the kids we fostered were from homes where the parents were in severe debt or abusing drugs. I'm happy to say the one kid, Alex, has a family that's back on track and living not too far away from my family and the other kid, Allen, went back to his parents and they quit using drugs. Allen is the one who had open eyes during sleep. I always entertained the notion that maybe he developed that ability to watch out his back around his parents.

trust me, it isn't a meme. he would nap on the couch and I saw it a bunch of times, his eyes were open a half inch staring straight ahead with that weird film like halfway drawn shut over it.

Once, when I had been watching him for about ten seconds, his head turned toward me and he just stared at me for a second while I stood there frozen in fear, and then he rubbed his eyes and rolled over.
>am i chill as fuck

you're on r9k so i can pretty much guarantee that it isnt that

It is widely believed that being an only child results in pretty big social misdevelopment. Not a meme, like actually postulated by psychologists and such.

That because you didn't grow up with siblings, you don't learn about sharing or how to interact socially with others (school is one thing, it's living with one and sharing attention and stuff that does it) and you pretty much grow up socially maladjusted, weird, etc.

That's what it means when people say "that explains everything", they basically are saying that your weirdness and awkwardness pretty much makes sense if you're an only child
Do you know what happened to your family?
it means you are used to getting virtually everything you want at anytime you want it. With siblings you are constantly trying to one up each other, get attention, get the last piece of chicken etc. It's a healthy competitive/ adversity thing that only childs don't really experience. It teaches you that you can't always get what you want and have to compromise in life.
I remember this only child guy at a friends house asked for a nail clipper and then when given it just complained about the size of it. Only children feel like they're entitled to everything.
That's unnerving man. I've never seen that shit and from what it sounds like, I don't want to haha.

I had a gf who had the tiniest bit of an eye open (just not fully closed) and it was sort of cute. Nothing like you just described
>Thinking everyone who comes here is the same spergy neckbeard seems a little presumptuous friend

some of us like to visit this place like its a zoo

That is good news. I am glad they have family again. An your mother and father are good persons for taking care of them!

I fall a sleep once with eyes little open but next morning they were so dry and hurting. Not good.


Yes, killed in car crash. I was I think 8 or similar.
It's not only that though. I mean how many times in life when people say "that explains everything" about being an only child are they referring to just being selfish?

Usually these people who make these comments refer to you being weird/socially awkward in some way
How old are you now? Do you keep in touch with any of your foster families?
Shits over rated, I have a brother thats 21 and im 22. We are exact opposites and barely do anything together.

We were really close growing up and maybe it gets better as we get older and have familys but for now its w/e.
If you really wanted to know, perhaps you could say you aren't an only child and then ask them why they asked.

You might get a clearer idea as to their reasoning
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>tfw not an only child
>tfw experimenting with brother as kids
btw i'm a boy

I am 19. ANd yes I have email with them but I do not live in same city as them.
You're blowing off the important stuff. Only children don't ever do healthy bonding stuff like play fighting with their brothers. Friends at school are one thing but sibling is a mix between a friend and someone you have to be around and compete with all the time.
At school you can't do the same playful banter and teasing that builds character.
That's good. We usually send cards in the mail on holidays. Speaking of which, how was your Christmas?
While I think you are probably correct in some capacity, I imagine there are tons of well adjusted only children who didn't get to do these things.

I've had friends who have had competitive siblings and there was never leave at their house. There still isn't now that they're adults. It's sort of like a constant one-upping circle jerk.

Shit seems annoying to me, but that may be the only child part of me saying that.

>Tfw when realizing people didn't just always talk crazy loud, you just had a very quiet and peaceful home
>>tfw there literally isn't a single positive to being an only child
no shut the fuck up
living with a sibling only gives you a first hand experience of favoritism

That is nice. My Christmas was good, I help with cooking for persons and familys who do not have much, like money or homes. Was yours good to?
>It's sort of like a constant one-upping circle jerk.
Reminds me of my brother.
>anytime growing up, mention that I can't read something at a distance
>"If you can see things further away than I can your eyesight isn't worse than mine."
Then it would devolve into an argument and/or fistfight.
Anon when I was the only child I got restaurant food every week, was happy,loved my life, then a little shit is born and ruins i, now my parents have another baby and are asking for money because they need it for the baby. Fuck you mom you wouldn't be poor if you would stop popping out children.
>>>25606352 (You)
>Reminds me of my brother.
>>anytime growing up, mention that I can't read something at a distance
>>"If you can see things further away than I can your eyesight isn't worse than mine."
>Then it would devolve into an argument and/or fistfight.

Exactly how my friend's senpai was.

>One of them does well in a videogame/test/athletic event
>One of them can't stand the other getting affection from their parents.
>Butthurt one says/does something to put spotlight on himself because clearly butthurt
>Former one gets pissed and is a dick head back
>Fight occurs
>I sit in my friends room and play video games until they're finished being punished or whatever else happened
so glad i have 3 sisters
Living with multiple women sounds miserable. How was all of that?
I think part of why my brother was always so competitive about that is that I'm better than him at pretty much everything, without ever trying.
That sounds shitty for him. It would sort of explain his perceived insecurity.

Sounds boss for you though breh. Luckily it's not the other way around right?
>you will never have a younger sister to protect
>your little brother is more Chad than you
I suppose so, yeah. It really does piss him off, at least in video games. I'm even packing a bigger cock than he is. I know that for exactly the reasons you think.
I never gave a fuck what people thought of me to begin with so it's a moot point for me.
>your little brother is convinced he invented the "did nazi that coming" joke and it starts a major fight every time it is brought up
The exact reason I thought was probably because he desperately talked to you about how he had a big dick and you finally called him on his bluff haha
This...oh well life goes on
Oh, well, no, it's not that. We're very close in age so there was some comparing and whatnot when we were younger. I've got a little more length than him, and a lot more girth. I also have better facial hair than him.
File: Bitch!.gif (1 MB, 394x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 394x297
>his head turned toward me and he just stared at me for a second while I stood there frozen in fear, and then he rubbed his eyes and rolled over.

Wait till /x/ hear's about this...
See, as an only child, that thought never crossed my mind.

I definitely would have had a different life and would have likely been a different person if I had a sibling, especially a brother. Hopefully I'd be the dominant one though. Having some brother who kicked your ass at everything would probably be demoralizing
Skin walker alert
I feel kind of bad for him over it, but it always seemed like an older brother thing, anyway, always being better at stuff.
Hopefully he looks up to you in some capacity. I'd like to think if I had a younger sibling, he/she would. Otherwise you'd be that guy where the young sibling is better than you and he could always say "yeah mom and dad had me because you suck"
>only child, but cousins are over almost every day
>still a fuck up
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It's overrated having siblings.

>have trouble sibling
>made growing up suck
>cops came to house all the time
>never let friends in my house
>litterally cut myself out of depression
>parents never really have time for you because dealing with problem kid

Honestly, if I have a kid I will make sure they are a single child.

These were irreplaceable facets of being an only child. It's very different, but I've enjoyed it. Especially if you're a good parent, then it should go well. My parents are bomb as fuck and there was never some dick head sibling ruining shit
I'm an only child and I literally could not even imagine my parents having another kid. I can't imagine having 2 kids grow up in this environment
>no competition for inheritance
>no one fucks with you as a kid
>complete devotion from parents
>get only child gf and be edgy and special together

I'm so glad I was an only child.
>only child gf

hehe yeah
Genetic lottery, m8. The women come to me.
hehe yeah man i know what you mean
>got all the presents on xmas every time
>had to share nothing as a kid
>parents screamed all the time no one to talk to
>ended up being more self reliant
>see kids with older alpha brothers who literally cant do shit with their lives because they live in their shadow and are just used to it.

Im not saying it didnt have its draw backs but really I find most people with siblings are jealous at how easy I had it in some ways growing up.
Go cry to your favored brother, cuckold.
>have older sister
>fucks up high school, 3 DUIs in college
>parents tell me I have to pay for college myself
>Working one day a week because I can't get any other better jobs
>I have a fairly recent criminal record that only contains possession of marijuana and driving without insurance.
>She makes big bucks babysitting some rich people's kids
Life is smelly ass.
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>Raised an only child
>Older brother was adopted by grandparents when I was still in the womb
>They bought him from our drug addict father for a pick-up truck and some cash
>We'd see each other on Christmas or other holidays, never really bonded
>He's lived a good life with our moderately wealthy, but overbearing grandparents
>I got to sit through all the shit our shitty addict, petty criminal parents put me through until they either went to jail or abandoned me
>He learned multiple instruments, and was in band
>My school was so poor we didn't have a music program
>He got a new truck for his 15th birthday
>I'm 21 and still don't have a car
>His schooling was paid for
>I'll have to go into serious debt if I want to go to college
>He lives in Colorado with his gf and friends and works as an electrician
>I'm a friendless NEET in the middle of nowhere Texas with barely an internet connection
Sibling or not, I was fucked from conception.
Hey at least your brother inst NEET who sucks all of your parents money up because he's 24 , has a degree and refuses to get a job
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