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Parent Logic
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A thread about parental stupidity and hypocrisy.

I'll start us off. (I won't be talking about my parents specifically, because I quite like them.)

>be me, 18 at the time
>working summer job at a grocery chain bagging people's orders
>live in a relatively rural area so the populace isn't all around smart
>people come in and complain about federal gay marriage being passed, just to paint a picture

>A man and woman come on line with their small child, probably around 6 or 7 years of age
>The kid wants a chocolate bar or some shit, it's like only $.70 anyway
>The overweight mom pops off about how she puts a roof over his head and clothes on his back and how he should be grateful he even gets that
>I internally realize how many people actually say that shit to their own children
>snap and say "But that's literally the bare legal fucking minimum, what the fuck? Isn't the whole point of having a child to give them what you didn't? To give them the best life you possibly can?"
>tell cashier I'm bagging for the ring the kid up for the candy anyway
>pay for it myself
>manager gets pissed at me, tells me not to "project my political views on the customers" (????)
>kid thanks me on the down-low when they're leaving the store
>his mom makes him throw the candy away

I mean, GOD DAMN, am I off the money? Do people just have kids to fucking pretend they're a hassle? If you aren't going to be a good parent why do you have fucking kids to begin with? HOLY REEEEE

this is by far the most boring post i've read all day. thank you for wasting my time

why dont you fuck off back to tumblr with your whiny mundane blogs OP
Usually bad parents use excuses like their parents or being grateful as excuses for being shitty parents, , but sometimes it goes the other way too. Like I knew a father who was 50-60 paying for his kids cars which were like thousands of dollars. Then his kid would get drunk and wreck them.

I think the thing that many people miss rich or poor is about raising kids is giving them goals to achieve, teaching them patience, and critical thinking skills. But most parents don't have this themselves.
I'm sorry gentlemen, I'll try to make a post about anime or how sad my life is next time.
I was looking forward to some more good stories about bad parents. Apparently everyone likes their mom and dad. Don't feel bad OP. I liked it up until these assholes came in and called it boring.

this was the most boring shit I've read in a week, congratz retard OP maybe try tumblr instead
>bantz with little sister
>she gets too mad and throws her brand new christmas normie phone at me
>flies past me and shatters in the hallway
>still usable but the screens cracked up like Shekelstien wants it to be
>Dad gets mad and tells me to apologize to her for my remark
(she complained about being tired and I told her to go to bed if she's so tired and she got snappy after that, that's where the bantz began)
>tell her sorry
>Dad is "utterly disappointed in me" and asked me how I'd feel if I had to get bullied like she does
>she brings it on herself 3/4ths of the time
>he defends her after she threw him under the figurative bus
>he's verbally and physically abused me in the past when I was younger than her

:^) wowzah
I told him I'd just fucking ignore it like anyone else who isn't an invalid
I used to bully my little sister, I have anger problems, eventually my dad gave me a boot up the arse and I learned the importance of raw, unadulterated bantz.

Also as I grew older I learned a more important use for my anger, anyone who fucks with my younger siblings, I'm not a perfect big brother, but I can only do my best.
My little sister treats us like shit 24/7

>treats our mentally challenged sister like a slave and demands her to do all sorts of stuff
>pretty sure she tortures our animals too, and wastes gas by having us drive her all over the fucking town.
>she does nothing but stirs drama up with her friends and cries when it turns around and bites her on the ass
>has hit our little brother and older sister on multiple accounts
>threw Dad under the bus by pinning the blame of a bruise she had on her arm on him when she got it horsing around with some 18 year old guy (Dad didn't get charged or anything)

Tell me why I should feel remorse or guilty for what I said?
She's nothing but a blight on this family, she treats all of us like we're beneath her and expects us to be okay with that kind of shit.
I don't care about her, she's been treating us like this for too long.

I do feel like trash though for making my mom cry with our little spat. I do know that I'm a waste on the family and am not contributing anything. But I don't have the guts to commit sodoku.
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h-hello thhere
You're not a waste Anon, I guess that we never really had that problem because me and my siblings have all done martial arts at some stage or another, I'm the only one who stuck with it though, long story short if things really boiled over it'd often wind up with us actually fighting.

tfw sibling MMA

Still I suppose it's just that your father hates to see the family unit in conflict, I can certainly understand it in retrospect at my own actions. (thankfully I managed to rectify it, I mean, my relationship with my family isn't the best but honestly the easiest ones are my brother and sister, partially because they know that even if we're arguing they can always come to their big brother if someone is giving them a hard time)

Also, total shot in the dark, your sister wouldn't happen to be called Shauna would she? Just gotta be sure.
Jesus , different anon here, but let the dude talk what he wants to talk about. If you cant handle free speech on /r9k/
Just go an hero
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I look a bit like you. Thinner eyebrowns, not as fucking stupid and older. My nose doesn't look like yours. Though you do remind myself a lot of me somehow facially.
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No, I knew a Shauna who always rubbed me the wrong way though. Think her name was spelled Shawna though.

>you're not a waste Anon

Fuck you, I don't want this right now. You're gonna make me cry like the shitty person I am.
I guess you're right though, I should just let this anger/bitterness go, since it doesn't do any good.

I guess I should just watch my words and do my best to never speak to my sister anymore or at least sugarcoat my words to her in the nicest way possible.
Thanks, you took the winds right out of my sails.
Anything to help Anon, I'm not saying you've to just roll over for her, if she's being a cunt (sorry to say that about your sister) she's being a cunt but at the same time diplomacy is a fantastic weapon for any arsenal.

Also family MMA

Fuck you babbyfag
Don't be sorry,she is a cunt. I try to be diplomatic all I can, never raised a hand towards anyone in my family. (Unless it was to bop their heads or anything like that)

>Family MMA
We'd just end up beating the shit out of each other and maybe air our grievances.
You taught that kid more than what that mother will do for him his entire fucking life. He'll remember it forever and maybe have what you said in mind once he gets kids himself (if he does). Good job though. Dont knock yourself out about this.
>Be any day in summer in Florida (fucking hot)
>Mom driving 6-10 year old me somewhere
>Total fucking cheap skate won't turn the air conditioning on because it wastes gas
>Also won't roll the windows down because it wastes gas
>This is in the 90's when it makes news when gas is over $1.00/gallon
>Whenever I complain about it, she just says calm down because being angry makes you hotter
>Even as an adult, when I visit my parents, both my sister and I refuse to ride in mom's car, even though she has a whole different car and turns the A/C on.
>We also both hate my mother
Just saying, my younger brother and I had a lot of tensions (Family hate I maintain contact with my father, who's a convicted child molester, specifically my sister, hate him but still my father, shits complex mein nigga) but we only really connected after that after a full on balls to the wall brawl with each other, and I mean having to clean up the blood afterward (I didn't start it, but I'm much better at it than he is, mostly because when we were still in school I did most of the work for my siblings in that regard)
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this, OP is fine and anime fags need to get back to /a/ right fucking now
i can't get over that anyone who has a kid either made the decision to have the kid, or the kid was the accidental result of sex. somehow or another, you made the decision to VOLUNTEER a being to exist. and then you can go right ahead and act like the kid is entitled? you owe that kid at least a practical basic reason to live ffs.
Unfortunately I have no beef with my little brother other than he watches too much Youtube Gamer Garbage
Plus he's still a little nigga about to be 13, I'm 21.
I'm not about to hit my little sister or my mom either, as far as my old man is concerned I don't want to hit him either.

I just want my little sister to get her act together and stop treating us so horribly. We've gone to shrinks and stuff, had seminars for her and everything but she continues to torment us. I'm sick of it.

Anyway I have to go for an hour, my little brother gets the computer for now Reeee
>Parents forced me to play tennis as a child
>Private lessons, tournaments, tennis camp over the summer
>Tell them many times I don't really like tennis
>They scream at me every time
>When I started college, I quit tennis
>I haven't played tennis in 8 years
>Now parents complain that they spent some ridiculous amount of money on tennis lessons with an actual retired professional tennis player (30,000 dollars or something) and I (not they) wasted it because I quit tennis and no longer play.
I don't think that a parent owes a child a reason to live, everyone needs to find their own, it may well evolve over time, but what a parent does owe is the skills to find that purpose.
Just stop doing shit for your crappy sister anon
I think sport is important for the balanced development of a child, however, the child needs to find what sport they enjoy, sport for the sake of sport, especially when a child dislikes the sport, is not only pointless it actually pushes the child away from all sports.
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Just because you'd try to fuck your sister.
word, the sentiment is more like, on a basic level of childhood functionality:
>you brought me into this world
>what the fuck
I was the original editor of this image, your argument is invalid
Also I have no sister
but i do have a girlfriend
stop policing my right to tell OP to go back to tumblr with the rest of the dime store retards with nothing interesting to say.
Ahh I get you aye, the job of the parent is to provide to map and compass, it's the child who must walk the path, maybe the parents walk with them a while but eventually they must trek alone.

In my case I recently left the country to become an english teacher in Spain 'because there's nothing here sure'. I'm 21.
Exactly, though I'd rephrase it and say that you still need to give the child your best in order to provide that opportunity which was OPs point
to clarify
>"i put a roof over your head" (insinuating child is entitled)
>fucken goddamn right you did, you dumped me into this garbage world, it's the least you could do, and doing the least for a being you volunteered into existence is a thing a garbage person would do
>fat shit mother not giving her child candy
>Give child candy
well done OP you've just destroyed any chance that faggot had of being fit
*93* senpai doot doot
I want to ball up in your lap and never leave.
Don't know if guy or girl don't care 10/10
That being said you're a camwhoring faggot and you should die in ritcheous fire.
>go back to Tumblr
>Funny and original meme pop up in my head
>im such a memer
>realise that you're the one who should fuck off
>pc out
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aw shie damn you got me
>you'd try to fuck her
>if you had one

>still implying that you dont have one
>still feel the need to correct me
Fortunately, it didn't sour me on all sports. I was more interested in soccer, surfing and mountain biking. I still do all of those. I can only imagine how much of a badass I'd be at mountain biking if my parents spent those 30,000 dollars on mountain biking lessons.
I can't swim or ride a bike, would like to learn the later, I'm a Kickboxing/Judo/bushcraft/general outdoorsmanship fag
No surprise that a newfag such as yourself doesn't know how to greentext.
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>tries to throw a burn at ma ass
>newfag as u dont know how 2 meme
>pc out
No surprise that a newfag such as yourseIf doesn't know how to greentext.
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Shie. Guess I'll be heading back to Tumblr then
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>A thread about parental stupidity and hypocrisy

praying for you
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