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who /kissingcousins/ or even /wincest/ here?
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who /kissingcousins/ or even /wincest/ here?

I have a few stories to tell about my imouto and I. Feel free to share your own.

>in b4 dad is raping my sister in the other room again, hangingwojak.jpg
>be 13 yo me
>parents weren't religious or anything but they were a bit backwards and also maybe a bit retarded because we had no cable or computer or internet, not that the internet was mainstream back then
>did not see porn until I could physically buy some once I turned 18
>sister and I still shared a room with bunk beds
>obviously not a big deal when we were kids, we would just get dressed in each corner of our room
>have vague memories of us even taking bubble baths together as kids
>anyways, now I was thick in the brush of enemy territory that is puberty
>sister was also obviously hitting puberty as she started to grow tits, still no bra though
>occasionally glance at her when she's getting dressed/naked/changed
>Like I said, I wouldn't see what a naked god damn lady looks like for years. Even sex ed material was a joke and a bit disgusting as well desu
>occasionally come out of the shower, take off towel, and just stand there staring at her for a second while she's doing her homework before coming to my senses and getting dressed
>have most of my faps in the shower or on the toilet
>still have late-night after-hours faps
>always paranoid that sister might be awake
>be extra quiet
>occasionally hear "noise" from her top bunk
>realize that she's rubbing her clam
>listen to the wet smacking, rubbing sound and her muffled moaning
>have my fap after she's had hers
>sometimes have mine before hers
>sometimes I'll hear her fap while in the middle of mine
>sometimes I'll start my fap in the middle of hers
>this goes on for months
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>tfw 18 but qt cousin is 11
watching thread
hulkamania, brother
Keep going OP.
>join karate school as a way to burn off my excess hormones, three times a week
>plenty of sit-up and squats
>start to have 6-pack and toned muscles, which only makes me even more sexually frustrated
>still playing masturbation chicken at night with my sister to see who goes first
>wake up one morning, like 5:?? AM
>raging boner
>sister HAS to be asleep
>decide to go full-fap, take underwear completely off and throw my blanket off of me and everything
>go hard
>start arching my back
>close my eyes
>get really into it
>making a bit of noise with the squeaky bunk bed
>try to make less noise
>realize I'm not the one making noise
>open eyes
>sister is standing next to me, she was getting down from her bunk
>in the dark, but still make eye contact
>she turns 360 degrees and walks away to the washroom
>I immediately cum all over myself
>clean myself up and put covers back on
>she comes back into the room, climbs back to bed and doesn't saying anything
>day goes by like nothing happened
Is OP a faggot or just BRB GETTIN A DRINKan?
Come on op I'm diamonds
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>doesn't cont
>avoid fapping in room for a couple of days, which really backs up my balls to critical levels
>still hear her rubbing her clam at night, sometimes just minutes after we turn the lights off
>eventually talk to her about it one evening
>ask her if she remembered anything from a few nights ago
>"I saw you masturbating"
>ask her to not tell our parents
>she say it's fine since she does it too
>tell her that I sort of knew it since I hear her at nights
>she's not embarrassed or anything
>start asking her since when she started doing it and how often, how she found out about it, etc.
>just IMMEDIATELY get hard
>standing up, in sweatpants (and boxers), so it's not like I can cover it or shift my legs around
>she notices
>"do you have to masturbate now?"
>she just spins around her chair and goes back to her studies
>do I.. do I leave the room
>sit on bed
>grab tissues
>pull dick out
>start fapping
>stare at sister
>realize that she has one of her hands down her pants
>ask her if she's also fapping
>cum everywhere
>finish milking lizard as she rubs one off
>no fapping later that night

this went on for months as long as we shared that room, at first it was just us masturbating out in the open then it became us masturbating in front of one another then we started fondling each other. Eventually she got her own room but we kept this going late at night especially on weekends in the living room after our parents went to sleep, it culminated with us practising oral sex on each other but no actual fugging
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sorry senpai I had to check on my title belt
go for it, post results

I'll wait until she hits puberty. She should get all hot and horny then.
Your sis sounds either completely autistic or like an absolute stone cold hottie. Impressed either way.
fair enough. sow the seeds now though

this indeedy,
god damn i wish i was you
>11 year old

she's probably a couple of years into puberty already desu

maybe a little column A and a little of column B
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