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>Probably have Aspergers
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>Probably have Aspergers
>Play hundreds of hours of rust
>Only place I can speak with other human beings comfortably and even while I play I'm very quiet
>Work with dad because he's a cabinet installer and can't do it by himself
>He starts having a bad day
>He starts screaming that violent video games are rotting my brain
>Screams that I have to keep my mind off of that bullshit
>Don't know what he wants me to put my mind on
>Don't do anything outside of working with him except play video games
>Today he forced me to help him wave down traffic after he decided to help a broken down vehicle
>Scared of opening car door so I don't get out
>Dad screams at me to get out and wave cars down
>Ask him how I should do it
>Get told to get out of car
>He grabs me and pushes me behind the trailer attached to the SUV
>Shows me an example of what he wants in the angriest way possible
>Forced to stand on the highway and wave my hands up and down
>Crack a smile because I feel like a total idiot as anonymous people I can't even see stare me down
>People don't even pay attention to me and whiz by at 90 mph
>Feel like a special-ed man frantically flapping my arms in the air
>Do it for 12 minutes straight
>Very few people slow down at all
>Dad notices in car later
>"You have to act like you know what you're doing or people will never listen to you"
>"You can do it in that game. Why can't you do it in real life?"
>Later today I cried for an hour because I thought about how my mother might die soon from cancer

How was your day /r9k/?
Nice blog post, how do I sub?
But seriously, he seems like he just wants you to do SOMETHING other than vidya, so try picking up sort of hobbies or something. Reading's always a good one, but really anything aside from games will work for him.
I don't think it's that. I'm on a computer 24/7.
I have been since I was a little boy.

My father grew up doing all sorts of things in his life. I haven't done anything at all except use a computer for most of my life.

I think he's growing increasingly critical of that aspect of me now that I'm the only person in the house that does it. It's very annoying.
When did I subscribe to this blog?
Maybe he just wants you to have the same exposure he did, and is getting fed up with the fact all you do is sit on the computer.
It's all I know how to do anon.
It all feels so extreme whenever I'm not on a computer. I can't handle the world.

It all feels like moving through maple syrup for me. I can't remember anything outside of . It almost all feels like a dream to me.

I can't even respond to other people properly in reality.
Your dad sounds like a bully. Tell him to throw you out if he's so worried about you being a normalfag. You work and you contribute and you do what you want to do in your free time. He can accept it like a reasonable man or fuck off. Honestly you're probably robot because he's bullied your balls off.
You sounds like a shit son.

Instead of being a selfish, lazy little cunt, why don't you actually sort your shit out and stop acting like a pathetic, scared child?
>playing rust

Shit game, didn't need to read the rest of your post. Fuck off

Good point. This should fix OP.


OP should fix himself, you wretched cunt.
>Sort your shit out
>Posts on /r9k/
You have to at least make an effort Anon. Just go out and find something you enjoy doing. For example for me it's biking. I go for a few hours a day and then spend the rest of the time on the computer and my parents leave me alone because I'm doing something slightly productive.

>le r9k is my le special hug box maymay

Fuck off, no one wants you here.
Its okay anon

my day

>exam at 9am
>wake up at 7
>ready to leave by 8
>heart problems start up again
>can barely movie with the pain
>lasts around 25 minutes
> by this time its too late to get to the exam on time
> start my journey, forget to eat
> run into blocked road due to constructionw roekrs
>have to completely change my route and go back
>reach exam by 10:20
>run into teacher
>have to explain what happened, even sounds like a lie when it come sout my mouth
>other teacher runs into me
>unloads a shitstorm of rage onto me because i missed an exam two day before due to even more complications
>complications become to difficult to explain
>get exam rescheduled (its a mock, not final exam)
>complete exam
>feel like shit
>go home
>still havent eaten
>feel like shit
>play issac and mirrors edge to take my mind off it
>get angrier and angrier at every death
>no matter how angry i get i can never release my emotions for how i really feel about this situation
>my teachers think i didnt go to the exams because i was being "lazy"
>my education is going completely downhill
>my mental illnesses are holding me back in a way i can barely explain to people
>on /r9k/ hoping ranting about it will help me clear my mind

good night OP
Do you even care if you get banned for being underage?
Similar situation with my mum.

I took the jump and took a short blacksmithing course, as it's always interested me.

Try taking your favourite ingame activity, and learning the skill irl.

Shooting or hunting, exploring abandoned buildings, hiking and woodsmanship, tinkering with machines.

It really can be as rewarding as playing a game, but you have to commit to the idea that you'll probably be starting at skill lvl 1, and the grind will be long.

Finding a good skill trainer is always a start.
I woke up, did my exercise regimen, and walked to the library where I now sit reading the Hobbit.

Your day sounds fucked up.

Hopefully you aren't poor at least? The whole story would be so much worse if you were poor.
The Silmarillion is pretty dank.

Gibs me dat deep lore fix I needs.
Yea thats true, the Hobbit is comfier though. I reread the first part all the time from the hourney from the Shire to the misty mountains before they get captured by the goblins.

Its so comfy when theres a storm out and they hide in a crevice from the giants
I failed to beat blood stained sanctuary in cave story and shitposted on /v/
Can't you build loads of shit in rust? Like giant buildings with locked rooms?

You should show him what the game is like and other games like Unturned where you get to build stuff.
How am I underage?
I'm 19
People who create life are selfish pricks, they bring someone into this world without permission and expect them to act a certain way.
I agree

>tfw suggesting forced sterilization is edgy nowadays
I seriously can't tell when someone is being ironic anymore
Stop being a bitch op!!! Ps sorry about your mom
Tell your dad to eat shit and suck your balls.

I'm not being ironic, this is how I genuinely feel.
You sound like a shit father. Are you black or do you not have an excuse?
It's Schopenhauer shit
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