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cutting wings parents
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so who else used to have dreams, passions and friends in his life but thanks to parents they simply disappeared
ive tried myself literally in everything...
>sports (swimming,basketball,kickboxing,gym)
>moneymaking (beside right after passing 18 which is legal working age in my shitty third world country i went abroad for holiday just to earn a little bit more money than i could in my country)
>education (always wanted to reach higher than other kids, ive been passionate about history, languages, geopraphy)
>passions (used to had them all... travels, making music, movies)
>now i have to slowly start thinking about the uni where i could go in next year

and in all those cases i ended up being dammed my my own parrents with no single reason behind it, now matter hardly i try to achive something sooner or later they will force me to giving it up, and try my luck somewhere else, so basically crying at night is the only thing that has left for me
It's not your parent's fault, you fucked up on your own. Maybe by listening to them or being loyal, idk, you should've realized sooner that in this world you can't trust anyone.
>fail at life despite being born white in the 1st world instead of a poor gook kid in factory or poorer paki kid in slum or african kid dying of stds

Kill yourselves losers
how can kid predict that listening his parents at the age of 12 or 13 can be bad thing and stay determinated enough for doing things that they forbade
can't be sad becouse they are people who have worse life than i have

so we also shouldnt have possibility to be happy becouse there are people on this world who have better life than us, right?
I wanted to be a spy but now I'm studying law so I guess it's so-so
No, you should man the fuck up and do something about it instead of complaining about your parents on gook cartoon boards like a fucking pussy.

Life isn't about what hand you're dealt, but how you play it. But you cunts squander it shit posting.
so what keeps you out from being a spy
>8 years old
>go to hospital for my annual check up
>doctor says my jaw is unusually small for my age and that we should see a specialist about it
>we check with a specialist
>he says it's way too small and suggests surgery
>he even says the university he's doing research for will cover all the costs, but they will publish the data and footage, they are very interested because its one of the smallest jaws they've ever seen
>mom asks what are the risks
>he says there's a small chance the nerves in the area will be damaged
>mom refuses the free surgery
>20 years later I still have a tiny jaw and look like a mutant and I'm still a virgin
>you can even trace a straight line from the base of my neck to my nostrils

sorry to hear it man, and i know it will sound a little boorish from my side, but you could post the pic of jaw (pure human curiosity)
being hopelessly inept for starters
LEL. You can fix that faggot. Make some money and buy insurance.
no, sorry
i tried to find the doctor again after HS and ask him if he was still willing to do the surgery for free but I can't remember the name and neither can my mom

I'm still trying to get it fixed. i've seen several doctors about it in the past two years but they said it was too dangerous. I need a doctor who's doing research and is willing to take the risk. I have an appointment with one on the 15th next month
I love my parents, but...

> be 8
> got befriended with neighbor boy
> got 10 minutes late for dinner home
> Dad got mad. wasn't allowed to meet him anymore


> be 11
> Moved a while ago
> Made friends with other boys of my age in the street
> Friends mother invited for dinner
> Alright then
> 20 minutes later, get home
> Mother gets mad because I already ate
> Not allowed to play with others anymore


> be 12
> Time for highschool
> Want to go to school nearby
> Parents send me to school 20 miles away
> Schoolbus picks me up 1 hour earlier then school starts
> Get home extremely late because of traffic
> Can't join after school activities or hang out with friends because bus moves right after school ends and other transports were no option.
> Classmates make plans without me because I can't join anyways
> No real friends for years and after.


> be 18
> Be in college
> College is closer then highschool
> Get license. Should be able to go meet classmates now.
> Parents don't allow.
> Got license but not allowed to drive anywhere
> Classmates get bored of me declining
> Slowly but surely lose connection with them


> be 21
> this month
> A far friend calls
> Says they need an extra hand in his fathers restaurant
> Seriously first time in years being called by someone of my age
> Other old friends are there too. Will be cool working all together
> Don't want to decline, and really want to go to get back in touch with them
> Ask mother for car keys (by this time they allowed me to drive around, I just didn't have much place to go because no friends)
> She searches for excuses not to give it
> Ask father for his spare key
> Says no, without any explanation.
> Have to decline friends call
> Never hear of him again

And that, dear robots, is my life story.

>wahh niggers have a bad life.
Literally a logical fallacy. No basis for any argument.

>just man up.
Medical depression is caused by serotonin and dopamine problems. The depressive state by serotonin, and the lack of motivation by dopamine. You can't "man up", the neurotransmitters in your brain that allow you to do these things aren't there.

People are biological machines. When they break they need repair.

>Make some money.
Literally the most important thing in society is how well you can manipulate people. Robots' social skills are fucked. You don't just suddenly get good, you have to develop them along with everyone else or you get singled out.

You could invest, but you need money to start off with. And most robot parents are cunts, poor, or both.
>>wahh niggers have a bad life.
What does this have to do with anything faggot?

>Medical depression is caused by serotonin and dopamine problems.
Man up faggot

>When they break
Weak betas.....

>Literally the most important thing in society is how well you can manipulate people
Sounds like the flawed philosophy of an angsty beta tool who was used and dumped by stacy
>Doesn't address any of my points.
>Uses meme insults.
>Assumes I give a fuck about women.

I'm focusing on study and the furthering of my ambition. I find helping robots fun. Normalfaggots give the most stupid advice.
>>Doesn't address any of my points.
>>Assumes I give a fuck about you.
What did you expect when you did that first?

>>Uses meme insults.
No because you really are a faggot. So I was right. Keep your memes to yourself fag.
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You responded. And seem rather mad. Here, have some anime. It'll probably do wonders for your temperament.

I've never given serious thought to becoming a butt-burglar. Maybe I should. Looks like it worked out well for you.
>u mad
exactly what I expect from a retard.
What about my first post implies a lack of intelligence?

You seem to not understand neurochemistry, psychology, and rely too much on emotions.

Also, you stopping namefagging. Best turn that back on. Want people to know how special you are.
Thread replies: 23
Thread images: 5
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