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>finally going back to school
>too late to get classes I want

hold me
>Get all my classes
>girlfriend wants me to rechoose them so we can go to the other campus together at the same time
>maxed out credit hours
>thinks college matters anymore

I wouldn't. But I don't know how clingy your gf is.
>going back on monday
>barely touched any material from previous semester
>playing video games non-stop over the past few days
>already feeling more and more meh towards them
i want off this ride
Treasure your time at uni, bros. Right now I only have 3 hours of spare time (and that's not including time for shopping/showering/grooming).

At least when I was a uni-bum I had a life.
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>Find out there's an exam today at like 10pm last night
>Study this morning
>Walk out having answered everything easily
I feel like i have done something wrong somehow
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>go to uni for lectures, study at library and gym
>18yo girls mirin
>only tav on friday arvo
>mfw HD errythin
she sounds terrible anon
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>Orgo 2
what do you study? seems like a pretty easy uni...
>Flunk out of classes
>Get warning letter from school and for fafsa
>Want to retake them this semester
>None of them are being offered
>Only too classes from my major are being offered
>Need a minimum of 12 credits to get financial aid
>Going to have to take the semester off and wait for more of the classes I need to be offered
Everything is just so fucked up for me, I don't think I have enough money even with aid to get a degree anymore.
>need to pay for my class thst starts Monday
>don't want to
>planning on jusr working in a factory hopefully in a few months
>just saving up money at my shit job now so I can move there
>did better than I thought last semester
>managed to get this semester and later semesters schedules worked out
>they seriously have more than 16 credit-hours per semester for EE and expect anyone but the richest normalfags and Asians to have a good time at it
>tfw I'll only be 12 credit-hours for the last three semesters because it's taken me a long time to get this far
>need to transfer from comm college
>haven't even started apps
>Have night class this semester.
>Have to get up at 6:00 am for a class that gets out at 8:30 and sleep on campus.

Anyone ever done that before? Any tips to pass time?
There's usually 24/7 computer labs

Get a work ethic and a study group, I work every day doing homework for EE and do amazing. I usually have 25-30 credit hours but I know at Waterloo they have 45 hours some semesters.
Are you me?
> did shittly the semester b4 last because mental issues.
> buckle down, go to shrink again this semester, because in tried if my brain holding me back.
> on meds, feeling better
> semester begins again soon, nervous because I want to turn things around, but don't know how much it will help me this late in the game.
I'm a burger, my uni is filled with normalfags. None of them will study with anyone but their old friends or like-raced people. Pisses me off to no end.
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>uni application deadline in a week
>still haven't started it

If i can't even gather the effort and motivation to apply, i don't know how i would survive a course. Guess staying a NEET it is.
What did you do at uni and what do you do now?
When is your class registration?

I signed up for my classes in October.
Enjoy the neet life. Or suffer the wageslave life
what's your major? Just take whatever classes you can get that might apply to it.
>notice hair is getting pretty long
>get drunk and get a JUST-tier harircut
>tfw hoping to get away with wearing hats all the time until I can get it cut again to look decent
You can't just take some other random classes outside your major with no pre-recs to fill up credits?
Why exactly do you have to sleep on campus? Anyway when I had to deal with bad scheduling like this I would usually just adjust my sleep schedule so I wouldn't have to sleep at night on certain days and could just sleep after classes or something.

Who /fellfortheSTEMmeme/ here?
Who /fellforthebusinessmeme/ here?
Taking off-major credits does not count towards aid or loans at all.
>Who /fellfortheSTEMmeme/ here?
>Who /fellforthebusinessmeme/ here?

Even worse. I fell for the follow your passions meme.
>someone says they go for English or History or some shit like Psychology
>I reflexively say "I'm so sorry."
Turns out they take it as an insult kek
What do you wanna do britbong?
I don't know. That's part of the problem.
My internal reaction is always "man, you hate money that much?"
>You can't just take some other random classes outside your major with no pre-recs to fill up credits?
Financial aid only covers so much, I have to pay for classes out of my pocket. I can't afford to sign up for random ass classes that aren't related to my major.
Whats up with the /normiefeels/ lately?

Why don't you guys go to /biz/ or /b/?
>studying engineering at mostly asian school
>classes are 99% chinese
>switch to history major
>not a chink in sight
feels good senpaitachi
>still have two weeks until second semester starts
>Most of my friends have already gone back
>orientation for my masters in a week
>waiting for scholarship to clear
Godfuckin'damn I hate the wait.
>study engineering
>classes are all beta males, indians, and one or two girl that the betas orbit
>switch to math
>classes are all autists, indians, a couple fat girls, and one or two attractive girls that everybody is too scared to orbit
Not even sure which is better.
>years ago anon college was the great
>go to community college
>pretty much paying for high school number two
>taking 2 first year courses this semester.
>one is a common arts option for non arts majors
>hoping that I can meet a first year nursing student gril and eventually marry her.
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>apparently failed one of my classes
>completely blindsided
>have to remake my whole schedule
>study math
>first semester
>doing pretty well in real analysis
>just can't grasp what linear algebra is about
>the prof is a fag who brings up stuff like epimorphisms, polynomial rings and Cayleys theorem even before starting with vector spaces

Can someone recommend a good book on linear algebra that explains it well?
Who dropping out and changing college and major here?
If I'm spending money on this shit might as well go to a major i don't fail in.

It was a pain in the ass to do though
>tfw one more week of finals
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Thread images: 10
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