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You just inherited $100,000,000,000 after tax
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What do you do with the rest of your life?

I really couldn't think of anything other than impregnating as many girls as possible.
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>Hire bodyguard
>Fuck with people until they get so assblasted they try to attack me
>Watch guard beat them senseless
I would give half of it away, never work and enjoy life to the extreme
Put a base on the moon and then go up by myself so I can be alone forever.
Buy a piece of land in the middle of nowhere, go into town once a week for supplies, spend rest of life living like a rich hermit.

>Establish a research company.
>Advance AI research.
>Use AI discoveries to develop space faring technology.
>Build moon base.
>Invite white people.

I'd go full on Elon Musk (Nazi version) is what the fuck I WOULD DO.
Buy a cottage out in the netherlands and rig it to explode after killing myself inside.
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you're forgetting
>make android and program it with choice AI features to be your robo-gf
Set up family and friends. Give most away Do shit and or go outside the house.
what are you talking about Anon, child support is a % of your income, 3 children and you're left with a minimum wage income.
>create a personal army
>invade south korea
>ally myself with best korea
>start world war 3
Buy huge island.
Invite all Syrian and African refugees.
The island has artificial volcano.
ITT people don't understand how fucking insane having 100 billion dollars liquid would actually be
Buy figs of husbandos, luxuries like nice pc and phone, merch, move out of country. Become the ultimate fan of my husbandos. Also dog ranch, except all the dogs are mine.
Kill all jews.

The rest will sort itself out into a paradise.
become neet
>I really couldn't think of anything other than impregnating as many girls as possible.

then better do just that. I know I would.
Buy a cabin in the woods.
Spend all day painting acrylic paintings and recording shitty hiphop mixtapes and smoke weed everyday.

Same life as now desu but without wagecucking and with absolutely zero social intertaction.
make cloning possible and be the first person to be cloned and also own a personal cloning device.
then I'd start a space program where I colonize a planet using as many mes and sexy models as possible.

I have no idea if 100 billion is even that much though.
100 billion is enough to buy a $300,000 car every day for 1000 years, basically.
Science. Hardcore science.

Make sure I have enough money set aside that I can live in safety and security, no matter what happens.
Then set up a research company funded by investments using my whoppin' great fortune.

Mostly pay someone else to run it for me. I don't know shit about business.
>I colonize a planet using as many mes and sexy models as possible.
Fuck off, Horatio. Your spaceships look awful and you're always colonising my favourite planets.
>going near girls
Your money will disappear really fast. In fact the first girl you impregnate will divorce rape you and get you to pay $10,000,000,000/year for alimony + child support lol.

I would just create a company dedicated to advance waifu technology and sex bots to make something decent commercially available asap.
m8, you realize that you could just kill the girl, yeah? you have 100 billion fucking dollars. you're above laws.
>Deposit into 1% annual account
>$1000000000 a year
>Move to japan and become anime
getting the police to give me the columbine basement tapes
or you could just threaten any judge she goes to their entire families being tortured or something. $100,000,000,000 is enough to basically do whatever you can come up with.
This makes me wonder what bill gates has done in secret
Give a good chunk of it to my gran and give her a nice house, then buy myself a run down shack with internet for the rest of my days
>buys a shack and a house
You do realise slavery exists, right? And goes on in every first world country, regardless of our laws.

If you can imagine it, some rich cunt has done it.
I'd buy my company (I could buy it like 400 times over) and fire my boss. I'd immediately sell it back to the parent company. I'd even take a $100M loss - whatever it takes to make things go as smoothly as possible. I'd of course add the stipulation that they could never hire her back again. I'd then go the rest of my life bribing HR people to ignore her job applications. In the off chance she finds a job, I'd buy and sell any company that hires her. I'd also make sure that she spends her life homeless and alone.
Play vidya
Make a movie
Give away everything else
You forgot the internet bit, famalam
that's a lot of money, I'd buy a few places to live around the world
then after that I'd fund terrorist groups and bribe governments to make more money
put money into male health and mental health research and treatment, also use my money to somehow halt the same for women
Buy a huge house, buy a wardrobe, new computer, etc but not going over the top. Then I'd give amounts to my family, put 10 bill in a savings account and invest the rest safely.
I'd be massively charitable but focus on funding space enterprise and robotics. We will live in an Asimov universe if I have anything to say about it.
You could just wave the money in front of her and get her to do whatever you wanted.
>buy a big house
>order everything I ever wanted
>eat and masturbate myself to death
I want to make her as miserable as she makes me, forever. Can't do that if I give her money.
sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere playing golf every afternoon...
The promise of money is enough.
>hire a small army of plastic surgeons
>pay them large sums to go through special forces training
>use my private military to raid isis camps
>dont kill them
>just give them gender reassigment surgery
>wake up with boobs and vagine
>harem as fuck

why arent we funding this
>Buy some chateau/palace in France
>Fuck a lot of pornstars
>Drink a lot of expensive alcohol
>Buy nice hardcover editions of a lot of classic books
>Buy insane audiophile gear
>See if I can't pay to fuck some women I know personally
Apart from this I'd do the following things for others
>Convince Toady to hire a team of programmers to do the grunt work of adding features and getting Dwarf Fortress multithreaded
>Donate money to cancer research/sick kid stuff
>Fund SCIENCE (asteroid mining/quantum computer research, ai etc etc)
It would be cheaper to fund a SF team to extract the ISIS guys to the plastic surgeons

Buy an eduation. Buy myself a job. Further the cause of global free software and free and unrestricted digital communication.
I'd buy a new computer
100 bil says Im shipping in special forces surgeons to tactically insert vaginas into the enemy
I would buy a lot of hats in Dota
>Convince Toady to hire a team of programmers to do the grunt work of adding features and getting Dwarf Fortress multithreaded
Why not get an actual bunker-town built? Buy an african diamond mine and turn into into an underground fortress. Sell the diamonds you dig out. Pretend invading warlords/militias are goblins and UN peace keeping forces are elves.
I guess I'd by a Camaro or something. Maybe a Corvette.
I would buy the entire world's supply of something. Then, when demand skyrockets because I've got it all, I sell it back for a fat profit.

Then I cry because what's the point of another 100 billion.
your money is worth nothing if you dont belong to certain social circles. if you would win 100.000.000 in the lottery, this is what would happen. your jew lawyer will take a few millions, the other jew lawyers that you hired to sue the first one will steal some more. you will find that courts will sentence you to ridiculous high fees for some bullshit. mafia will kidnap you and your family and take even more money. one day your bank calls you and say they "accidently" your money. etc. and theres nothing you can do about it. why? you have no friends that would be able and willing to protect you and your money.
I'd probably buy a lot of vinyl records
I wouldn't even want that much. What the fuck? People would try to kill me.
a few things
>give some to people i care about

order the construction of several massive self-sustaining forest gardens in parts of the world
order tc of my own partially underground home in a geographically obscure secure area
order tc of my own videogame
hide fortune through another person or proxy
fake death
change identity to ibrahim yodhevau, jewish merchant
live in israel as one of the chosen
gradually subvert the jewish society using my obscene wealth while fucking jewish girls
become the anti-jew
order the construction of a highly advanced sex doll and live out the rest of my short life being drained of fluids by a mechanical succubus
officially convert all of it into physical currency, broadcast me dumping it all into a volcano and then get myself thrown in
buy a megacorporation and shut it down
watch society deal with the fallout
build a grand tavern and sell room and food for cheap
buy 4chan
>or, if I really wanted to be lawful good
invest in a large myco-remediation facility
order research to be done
eventually sell a myco-remediatory pollution cleanup kit for cheap (filters water, absorbs toxins in environment, dissolves solid waste)
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>100 Billion
You could give 70 percent of that much money away and still live like an ultra rich asshole for the rest of your life no problem.
I'd spend all of it for 15 minutes in the goat tower. pic related, its goat tower.
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fucking lol dude
>jew lawyer taking part of your lottery winnings
you don't have to have a lawyer to collect lottery winnings.
>mafia kidnapping you and your family
over 100mil? literally bogus, no mafia gives a shit about your 100mil. maybe 100bil like OP says but you're blowing things out of proportion.
>you have no friends that would be able and willing to protect ..your money
that's what banks and the law are for
investments, nigga, have you heard of them?

Probably drink myself to death in a little apartment while helping other robots reach thier dreams
thats a lot of money f.am

I would get
>some surgeries
>a really nice house
>personal staff to make me food/clean around big house
>best computer out there w/multiple monitors
>hire assassins to kill some normies I didn't like in school
>if caught plead my way with my billions of dollars
>enjoy my life indoors
you have never seen the machine at work.
Buy a Basic Channel dubplate.
Geneva convention says it's not a warcrime?
>Hire someone to tell me how to handle so much money
>Give 10m to everyone I like and tell them to never ask for money ever again
>Small amounts of plastic surgery from best plastic surgeons in the world
>Acquire vast amounts of the best weed in the world and be baked 24/7
>Offer the government shit loads of money to make it so people who leave their trollies lying around the place at my supermarket will face jail time
>Own villa with everything I want in it

Also, create videos about how great my life is and how much fun me and my friends have, buy land surrounding my old best friend's house and have huge TVs playing the videos constantly so he regrets breaking contact with me and making me twice as more depressed as I already was. Fuck you, Otis.
Buy a gun to kill myself with and donate the rest to charity and my family beforehand
bleep pls go
for what fucking reason? you have 100 billion! thats more money than some entire countries have.
enough isnt enough
kek, yeah, i'd start my record collection knowing that i have ample amounts of cash to splash on $100 original pressings of shit 60s pop because i fucking felt like it.
I wouldn't tell anyone how much cash I'd won but I'd definitely splash out with a 1 billion dollar budget on people whom are close to me on this like housing and debts they have.
Then just retire to some sweet ass fuckin place and party 24/7 then do whatever the fuck i want because essentially with that much money i have the power to do almost anything...within or outside of the law
time travel and get off this wild ride
buy STmicro and applied materials and "accidentally lose" means of production of silicon wafers and and silicon/germanium nanopowder for 12-18 months watch retards literally kill themselves over shitty electronics. Oh and buy as much rare earths as i can
>$100 billion
probably build, operate and maintain a whole rail network somewhere that needs it
>Armed bodyguards
>A brigade of prostitutes
>Mansions on beach, ski resorts, and puesdo eagles nest when I'm feeling like /r9k/
>Dozens of imports and luxury sports cars
>Buy team of mechanics
>Build billion dollar track near mansion to drive cars out of pleb sight
>Build ridiculously overpriced computer
>Smoke dabs and joints constantly
>Drink overpriced alcohol every day/night
I would fund a way to turn a human into an AI capable of controlling all electronics and computers like System Shock and become that
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'Business ideas':
Give fiber to the premises to all homes in my state for cheap (ozfags know what I mean)
Aerial cinematography copter thing (interesting for me)
Host some LAN's for cheap (+1000 people)
Build green energy plants (our government is broken)
Fuck with people/businesses just to spite them

Give $10m to all members of close family (about 15)
Give $1m to close friends (maybe 6)
Buy a nice house where I grew up, plus maybe about 10 around the world
Get 10gigabit internet installed
Get pilots license
Buy helicopter/plane (SR-71 because why not?)
Buy some cars (house has +10 car garage) JZX100, AE86, E28, S63, and more
Two girls at the same time

Apart from that, just dick around whatever the fuck I like.
one that transports dicks right into your anus
>continue being a NEET
>100.000$ car (prolly a range rover)
>buy a mansion
>buy weed strains
>never going outside again
I'd seclude myself from others in a big house with enough yard to not see anyone ever. Would interact with other human beings only through the net or something. After that I'd surround myself with man-children toys etc. stuff that would keep me from getting bored for the rest of my life.

Would probably buy several armies worth of WH40k figures for example and paint them, but never show them to anyone or play with anyone.
>never going outside again
why the car then
Well obviously going out with the car, but he means so that you won't have to interact with other people. For example only going for drives at night when normies sleep.
hire enough mercenaries to take over a small asian country and establish my tendieocracy
Most of you cunts are so selfish, with that ammount of money you could independently fund so many emerging technologoes and make the world a paradise for all living creatures.
Why the fuck would I want to do that? Plus no one is truly altruist, the only reason faggots do that shit these days is so they can go and toot their own horns for their circle-jerk teams in social media.
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I'd probably start up my own Game publishing company and a fund a series of video games. Either that or start up my own studio and start making films and shit.

I'd most likely start my own Television station that's airs nothing but Simpsons reruns 24/7 tho'.
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no, one that transports tripgods to the girlfriends, sisters and mothers of legion cucks such as yourself
i'd take 2 large coolers packed with $100 bills to a busy beach, yell out COME N GET IT NOW YALL in my most southern accent, flip open the coolers and dump money on the sand. watch as the people swarm the money like pigeons after seeing breadcrumbs
>Move to small town
>Buy big house on the edge of town
>Never go outside
>Only order food, order it to be left outside, and never interact
>for other needs, like drugs and supplies drive to the next town in your expencive car at night
>play weird noises from ur speakers at night
>Be a legend
>buy missile silo somewhere with nuclear power
>buy more guns and ammo
>buy millions of beans
>install giant freezer so beans don't go bad
>browse /r9k/ and make threads daily about how I am free from normalfags and laugh at surfacecucks that don't live underground
Ok, invest a bunch of it into creating a large medical company who's main goals are to find ways to extend my lifespan and stop aging.

Create another company to create a space industry, mine asteroids, etc.

Create another company who's main goal is to create an AI.

Buy myself a big sailboat that is largely automated, go sailing the world, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, go see all the major world attractions, etc while the companies I created are working on the projects I gave them.
If they are canned beans they literally won't go bad for years. Living on beans alone though is probably quite bad and you'd end smelling up the whole fucking silo in a few weeks.
Go full hermitmode
literally if I had that much, my genes aren't good enough to impregnate everyone, although you could argue I share a link to whoever had that much and have a duty to humanity to do so...
But anyway, I would invest in future space flight, new energy propulsion sources, investigations into UFOs and alien sightings in attempt to break the cover on the whole conspiracy.

You know, just do that absolute most my money could benefit humanity. Important issues, scientific, not humanitarian.
Rice and dried beans in sealed containers with the oxygen removed will last 30+ years without even needing refrigeration. I have been stocking up on 5 gallon pails of them, a single pail only costs like $10 and can last you a month.
>put money into low yield stuff and land
>go to the nice mall and spend 50k just because
>nice home, whatever 30 mil gets you in Texas
>pay off debt for all immediate family
>buy an NBA franchise
>funnel billions into disease research and desalination plants and abortion clinics
>funnel 10 billion into lobbying interest group to end restrictions on abortions and keep government out of guns
>set up trust funds for nieces, nephews, my future children, and their kids
>become a famous rapper by buying my way into stuff
>drop a some millions on a James Turell light sculpture with leather seats and a retractable roof
>buy studio time, session musicians, the best producers, the best sound engineers, and the best collaborators to make my dream "when I get money enough to pull this off" masterpiece album
>repeat but for movie
>find a wife using a secret identity
>What do you do with the rest of your life?

Sponsor all kinds of misogynist groups and organizations and journalists.
I'd buy a boat. Maybe a fancy new stereo for my car as well.
Fund Haruhi S3
Whats your favourite type of train?
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Ferraris, all of them.

Probably get Michael Bennett of the seahawks to be my bodyguard
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Oh yeah I'd buy the seahawks too, but remain as a silent partner until they really start fucking up.
I'd be dead within a month
I'm not suicidal or anything I just know I wouldn't be able to handle that amount of money and I'd probably overdose on cocaine while skydiving or something
the money isn't the problem anon it's the fact that the seiyuu is a whore and nobody will work with her anymore.

Get a bunch of synths and equipment to record with

a nice gaming rig

maybe a car

I would say a gf, but I also want a genuine relationship and I feel like having that amount of money destroys most things genuine.

I'd be pretty happy about never having to work, because honestly I wouldn't even be able to spend a fraction of a fraction of it realistically.
File: 1449660519371.png (787 KB, 654x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's alot of money..

Probably buy an island and pay for everyone on /r9k/ excluding women to come and have a party, pay for the plane tickets and travel too.

Then just live my life doing whatever i want
Buy a bunch of sports teams but I'd split the patriots with Bob Kraft because he's too based to completely oust
Make babies with the various women I crushed on
Start a rap career for something to keep me busy
Invest in medical/scientific research
Buy the liscence to devil may cry and make platinum make a new one
Buy cabin in the woods and pay for super fast internet even if I have to pay them to dig a cable all the way there
Buy like 8 dogs
Spend money lobbying European governments to stop the destruction of Europe and remove kebab
Buy a whore every day for the rest of my life.
All the drugs, all the nice booze, all the instructions ends. Live high, get fucked up and die young and regret nothing.
>wanting to be stabbed to death by some psycho robot.

I honestly can't imagine a good situation where a ton of robots get together other than to gas them.
Do you think with that much money it would be possible to find a way to hijack all the screens in the world at once?

It would be hilarious to just hijack every electronically device in the world at a random time each day and blast my own propaganda through it
Well, either way it would be a good few days, if people start getting killed i can just fall back to my bunker.
File: 1452189574081.jpg (47 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>start business
>join illuminati
>fuck with poor people
File: Genghis Khan.jpg (66 KB, 768x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Genghis Khan.jpg
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>start your own nation with your own laws
>start importing gfs from all over the world
>you are the only man alive in your nation
>spend your days impregnating all the women
>have all the offspring you create travel the world and impregnate more women
The obvious of going hermit in luxury as well but out Bethesda and the rights of TES and Fallout and have them make the two correctly and stop dumbing them the fuck down and let them do the crazy awesome stuff big business propbwly won't let them
Invest some of it in worthwhile stocks.

Set up a decent chunk for the next few generations of my family

Sit on the rest to live comfortably for the rest of my life without having to work
Live my NEET life in luxury
Oh and dedicate my life to destroying EA and fixing America into a utopia
Scout locations for space monkey gonzo toodle-oo whacko borderline-cult-but-not-quite music/art studio/farm/estate

build studio

buy all of the deliciously musty antique guitars, drums, tube amps, microphones, analog recording nerd fuucking shit



fucking masterpiece

also I would buy a bicycle
File: 1407125989906.jpg (165 KB, 1024x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Buy a private island
>Buy the most fertile and beautiful white women that EU and NA have to offer.
>bring all of them to the island
>impregnate all 300 of them.
>Have servants everywhere getting supplies from the mainland
>servants make the island run
>buy out the best professors and teachers from the US and EU
>I fuck around and raise my aryan children to be successful
>they all graduate with insanely good degrees and A SMALL LOAN OF A HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS
>influence politics and economy in every corner of the world
>become the next illuminati

I want to construct a large fortress in international waters. It will have robots and superhuman mutants protecting it.
The complex is filled with mazes, puzzles, and traps. There are small amounts of treasure on the way down.
At the bottom of the complex, close to the sea floor, will be around $25billion worth of treasure. The treasure is constructed in such a way that when it is gathered by an adventurer, the entire fort begins collapsing, and they must escape.

I will live in the fortress, watching in the top floor with through cameras. I also have a self-destruct remote, so if some secret agent ever comes to attack me, the whole fortress will go down with me.
File: 1450554471919.jpg (521 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
521 KB, 1920x1080
I'd buy a piece of Greece and establish a nation of scientists. We will utilize the best in renewable energy and automation to make sure that the residents can focus on academic pursuits instead of menial labor as much as possible.

Our primary source of income would be mass-produced renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, solar power plants, and hydroelectric technology. We would also slowly release our innovations into the main market and sell our more advanced technologies to governments that we deem responsible enough. In such way we would make ourselves indispensable enough to be able to remain neutral in war, much like Switzerland does with its banking.

There would be extensive research into alternative orbital entry methods, asteroid mining, and planetary colonization. I'd probably send a mission to Mars.
>economy crashes
>bank collapses
>no investments
>money all gone or worth a fraction of what it was
no matter how much money you have, if it's just cash in the bank there's the risk of losing it.
>convert a decent chunk of it into gold over the years, because you never know
>continue my education, but take a bunch of easy shitter classes and get a fancy title
>personal trainer
>sexy maids like that one hentai anime
>or just regular maids
>buy, build, or pay some egghead to build me the tightest fucking rig ever
>get a PS4 and WiiU too, just because
>donate some money to Tarn Adams
>buy a nice house for my mom and dad
>every year fly to amsterdamn to fuck hookers and smoke weed
>or just loby for that to be legal in the U.S.
>travel the world
>probably spend the rest of my days shitposting in luxury
File: 1448069369320.gif (983 KB, 500x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
983 KB, 500x364
>>donate some money to Tarn Adams
>delete Email telling me i've inherited far too much money from a stranger i've never heard of
Fucking Nigerian princes man
If I had that much money I would start a business. Maybe go to school. Get a house. And maybe invest to make more money lol
Probably the same things I do now, just with me paying for it instead of my mom.
>no mafia gives a shit about your 100mil.
File: 1387426216923.jpg (18 KB, 350x291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 350x291
Start successful business right from the start that generates a lot of jobs for blue collars.
Invest in Wall Street.
Buy huge luxury mansion in secluded area
Buy a sports & super car collection
Buy gun collection
Build private driving track for driving my cars
Build private airstrip
Buy a luxury helicopter and Boeing 747
Buy a large yacht
Get together a private mercenary company to protect me from other billionaires who want to assassinate me
Get a lot of hot chicks and enjoy the spoils in the yacht's hot tub.
get a nice apartment in a decent climate in a historical area and just enjoy reading, light exercise and a healthy diet until I get bored.
this, fuck horatio. weird looking fuck.
Two chicks at the same time, man. Fuckin' A.
your government would probably just freeze your accounts and seize the assets because they think you're some terrorist or international conman
>buy 4chan
>I literally own your world now.
>All your memes are belong to me
>delete /b/
>delete an another board randomly every day a femanon doest suck my cock
>You can keep your data tho
File: 1451475606014.png (15 KB, 197x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 197x160
I would give money to my family that lives in guatemala so that they can live comfy for the rest of their lives & so that they can pay for chemotherapy for my grandma.

I would give a few million to all the teachers who were nice to me in middle/highschool that kept me from killing myself.

i would pay the voice actor of my waifu to make me a personal CD with a bunch of sweet & cute lines.

i would buy the best computer parts available
i would buy all the cute anime figurines that i want.

i would pay some ex-drill instructor to help me get in shape

i would find gaben & bribe him to un-ban ex-IBP & allow them to play at any event/level.

most importantly i would pay the best vets possible to save my dog from cancer & ensure he lives the comfiest life possible
>Buy an airship (pay to have one made), the massive older grander style like the passenger-moving sort like back in the early 1900's
>Have it done up all nice inside, pay to have a professional pilot and co-pilot
>Have a hugely powerful radio transmitter installed
>Drift around the world broadcasting my own radio station

Either that or a moon base.
I'd just buy a really nice house, somewhere where I could maybe also do some light farming.

Not having to work or worry about how to make my own living would be amazing...
I'd buy 4chan too.
>shadowban everyone on /b/ and /soc/
>purge all the memers from [r9k] and /pol/ so the boards can return to their former glory
>hire accountant and team of lawyers
>set up family with trust funds
>buy some amazing real estate in europe
>buy kilos of #4 heroin
>hire team of live in doctors to keep me living and high as long as possible
>buy a couple race cars and take them to the track
>have an amazing theater and game room with all favorite arcade games and every movie in existence
>sponsor a CS:GO team
>donate enough and have lawyers and accountant handle my taxes
>travel the world having the VIP treatment everywhere I go
>do drugs on every continent
>invest in apartment complexes and income properties
>set up family for nearly forever so nobody ever has to work again
>anything i want
How is this received? Simply liquid in a normalfag checking account?
It is not a good idea to have 100Bil wealth, but no power or connections.
Few ideas to fix that while helping people.

First would be crowd de-funding.

>Setup temporary HQ and buddy up with some bankers to keep money safe for a while
>Begin process of finding worthy people and offering them membership in my group
>Say divide monies into 4500 parts so every person gets 222Mil (repeating.)
>life changing and useful, but not dangerous amount
>(All the #2s remind people we're in this together)
>Basically I'm Highway To Heaven/Extreme Home Maker/Gather Fellowship
>My rich tribe may have one or more camps to gather and work on projects worth combining resources
>Each member encouraged to continue prospering
>I now have power and connections for great justice
>Loyal famalam of angel prostitute super friends created
Go back to school and study what I wish and then get a job in something I feel like I feel like is fulfilling. If I get fired who cares. I'm loaded. I'd be only doing it for the pride

>inb4 wagekuk
Not really. I wouldnt be doing it for the wage. I'd be doing it aaaaall for freeeeeee
>meant $22 million
I swear I can do arithmetic. My league of gentoomen will be mighty once we recruit copy editors.
>Buy houses all over the world
> buy expensive cars
>buy expensive clothing
>buy a lot of drugs
>sit in my mansion and play dota all day
you're a fuckin wasteman bruv
I would travel the world with her. Then dump her.
>no world domination.

Literally enough to assume control of the entire planet if you use it right. From there $100 billion is chump change.
>be lazy robot autist
>wants to be responsible for whole planet
do you even petcare bro?!
I'd spend my time messing with small towns.

For instance I'd buy up struggling businesses,paint them bright orange and reopen them. If they have any non orange competition I'll throw more and more people and money at the issue until I'll be able to paint their store as well.

If any of the local landlords are selling buildings they own in the city centre I'll do the same thing.

Council won't mess with the guy whose keeping their crappy little town afloat so probably won't have to deal with being told I can't paint my shops this obnoxious colour.
This is most definitely an underrated post
File: tip fedora.jpg (24 KB, 333x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tip fedora.jpg
24 KB, 333x333
>"If I won a lot of money?"
>"More than I could ever use?"

>"Invest it of course! Like any intelligent gentleman would."
Build a huge log cabin in Russia, way out in Siberia if possible. I'd hire a bunch of Russian/Slavic qt's and just drink vodka with them.
>fund science
>watch my world become the future
get a mountain of cocaine and invite my friends over.
>>Build a high school
>>parents overjoyed that they don't have to send their sprogs halfway across the country to get schooling
>>uniform is beige shirts with bright orange trackpants
OK, High Plains Drifter.

>muh faith in science magic
Honest question: why do half the robots here seem to believe capital creates science magic which creates utopia?

We went to the moon and almost nothing of value was gained besides the cool fact that we flagged that bitch. How is "science" gonna just fix everything?
Make charities and feed those who are really struggling.

I'd create a chain of non for profit super markets, housing units and "soup kitchens" (that have a lot more than just soup) to feed and supply the lowest economic group, they'd only turn over enough each year to stay afloat and people would have to supply a clean drug test to use the market/housing. We'd also have a free bus service.
buy a secluded house and get most things like groceries delivered
also give most of it away, not because im nice but just because I really dont desire a great deal out of life
maybe I would use the money to help science or free software. Maybe I can even jump start androids and advanced AI with that kind of absurd capital
The margins for groceries usually isn't that much. Selling at cost, plus taking on drug testing and transport costs, you'll find your food isn't that affordable relative to Walmart (which will be trying to destroy you along with every other grocery and employee btw.)
File: image.jpg (108 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 500x500
Buy an island, become my own internet provider, get people to build me a mansion, name the island "Rokkenjima", be recognized as the Golden Witch, advance AI research, blow up ragheads, deport ragheads, keep enough money to live my days out peacefully and donate the rest to genetically modifying girls to be cat girls
I would start up a company to run fiber internet across America, and maybe even the world eventually. I'd also start a video game company.
I'm not American, we have no wallmarts, my country has the 2nd most expensive living costs in the world, urine drug testing costs 9$ per person and they would have to supply it themselves.

Gosh assumptions are annoying
Buy two houses. One for me, one to rent for passive salary + emergency money in case I go bankrupt and need to sell it. Then I'd buy a bunch of music equipment and record a lot of songs and fuck hot women who are only interested in my money.
>Give parents $1b
>Tell me brother I'll give him $1b when he turns 25 so he can actually learn to do something
>Order a Rift
>maybe look for a decent car to hoon around in for a bit

>apply for American citizenship
>buy house
>look for a second house or plan out a robot mansion
>try to get 5 guys and 5 girls for it
>give them a bunch of rules, like every Tuesday night is group movie night and shit
>try to breed love between them
>if it all goes bad I've now got a 10 room house
>go to /cgl/ get 8 girls looking for sugar daddies
>tell them their pay will be good, but they'll have to do the most degrading shit possible
>set up one sex dungeon room
>just do everything imaginable to them
>either that or build a harem of cuteboys that want to be cutegirls
This guy gets it, now I gotta keep it original
I don't know, fund some space shit or something. I'd personally just sleep as much as I could.
I would give $10,000,000,000 to Hideo Kojima to make his epitaph and give him as long as he needs to make it as he sees fit.
Run for president
>Donate the first $99 billion before I go insane.
>$500 million for me to have a comfy life
>$500 million for my family to have a comfy life
Work to make animu waifus exist in our world
>Get perfect teeth
>Lose all this weight
>Get healthy in general
>Buy a house and car
>Set my entire family up for life
>Do a ton of charity work
>Put a bunch of that money towards stuff like cancer research, children's hospitals, etc
>And start some sort of business
probably do a bunch of philanthropy and hobbies and become crazy from all the excess money.
Tfw this is my left now and I feel totally unfulfilled
>Have a giant mansion innawoods
>start a game company
>travel sometimes
>mostly just hang out in heated pool in solitude
Jesus kid. I was trying to help you work out the pain points of your fun savetheworld plan. Nothing you said changes what I said, but I'm pretty sure you only want to help people to feel like a big hero so whatever, tumblr tot.
File: 1424815004747.jpg (2 MB, 6932x3982) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 6932x3982
To be completely honest, hire a some people to build me a rocket to fly me to the moon. Once I'm there, I would just stay there until I ran out of oxygen.
probably buy a couple fejios

shits expensive man
Idk why I laughed at this. Comments like these make me (marginally) less miserable.
a lot of heroin and methamphetamine, buy a bunch of nice clothes and cars and travel until i eventually overdose on my private jet
Pay for all my favorite musicians/artists/etc to keep doing what they're doing and create a massive museum to house them.
I'd just buy a private island somewhere and import wives from the developing world. I'd build a city just to house my harem and children.
Spend it all within 3 months on the most insane and frivolous of things because i can and kill myself once it's all gone, knowing i've lived a better life in that time than anyone ever has or will
The problem is Nagaru Tanigawa not producing content fast enough. I'm happy for him to go at his own pace, but unfortunately it means there's little hope for more anime. Enough money will overcome that and anyone's hangups with Hirano
End the Federal Reserve, Global Banking Cabal
And purge degeneracy until we had some sort of world peace
File: 1429527331321.png (536 KB, 916x840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
536 KB, 916x840
Pay SHAFT to re-do the first two seasons of Spice & Wolf and to adapt the rest of it.

Or Kyoani, but I have a SHAFT boner.
Literally buy hot straight guys and fug their little virgin boipussies.
Also do what I do everyday, which is play vidya. I'd just have hot boytoys around.
File: 4-chan-sadik-ramy.jpg (106 KB, 639x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 639x960
>Take 20 ius of pharma grade HGH every day.
>Remain at 1g of tren a week and 200 test.
>take 100mg of anavar daily
>get jaw and cheek surgery
>get plastic surgery to fix any imperfections to my skin like scars or stretch marks

I'll go one step closer to my dream of becoming a superhero.

HGH and plastic surgery is just way too expensive for my normie income.
I'd create an elaborate game that'd play out in real life. It'd start off with fliers advertising a self-help group but it'd turn out to be this super sketchy organization. There'd be hints dropped and the people that pulled on the threads would find themselves on a wild goosechase around the city. I'd hire a bunch of actors to play the roles of other people that showed up to through people off the trail. The people that kept digging will keep finding more and more shit until they start to question whether this thing is real or not. It would end with the players walking in on a Lovecraftian cult and all the actors revealing it was prank.

That's when I come out, tell them this was the most real thing they could ever experience and kill them, making them mine forever.
kill myself

having so much money makes life painfully boring
>start videogame development company
>start movie studio
>fuck a different model everynight (go full dan bilzerian without the social media whoring)
>travel the world (solo backpacking)
>build a pyramid to be my grave somewhere in the desert of Australia (equipt with security cameras and booby traps and a fuckload of treasure) (also it will be double the size of Giza and have gold and platinum streaks over black granite)
>pay amy schumer to let me make a video ejaculating on her face before knocking her out with a baseball bat with "talentless" written on it
>create charities that do actual good shit (water and playgrounds for kids in shit countries) (meet friends groups for wizards, neets and robots where you can have a drink and play vidya and other nerdy shit together in a normie free environment)
>buy vine, and restrict it's use to black people
>same with twitter
>get into politics (trump route)
>eat like a king
>drink like a king
>get high like a king
>die like a king
Hire a group of scientists to make a virus that would wipe out humanity but promise them protection but kill them once the virus is complete. Hire another group of scientists at the same time to create death bots to sweep areas and kill anything that survived the virus, I will also kill these scientists when done. I live out the rest of my life in my castle that I was having built during development of the virus and killbots. During all of this I also had in development a weapon that would scorch the entire planet and had the detonator rigged to my heart so once I die it will detonate.
Fund my NEET life
buying a huge mansion, a fucking super car, and trying every single drug out there (except pcp maybe)
File: 1451876516693.jpg (28 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 500x500
And you have?
Spend the rest of my life shitposting on 4chan. Nothing would really change.
>merc army
>small country
>mine now
>God Emprah Me
>grimdark palace
>brood on my throne

First: give my tithe and an offering to God, to spread the word of christ, for blessing me so.

second: I would make sure that most of my money was saved in multiple accounts in multiple banks around the world so that I could always have a steady stream of income from interest alone. I would have at least 10 million in gold bullion stored somewhere on my property that only I would know about in case the banking system collapsed, and the rest would go into the initial creation of a sanctuary

second: build a sanctuary some 30 minutes away from the nearest city and 15 minutes away from the nearest town with a doctor. It would be primarily underground, with a small above ground portion that was camouflaged from flyover surveillance. I would hire the best possible engineers, architects, and construction workers, and pay them well above their pay grade in exchange for being willing to be blindfolded and ears muffled for the entire trip so they could not know where they were headed, and have them live on site until the work was complete, then send them back to society the same way. The project should take about 1 year to complete. It would be a completely off grid place, with solar power, a large water reservoir and connection to the water table via well, and everything underground surrounded in a Faraday cage to protect against EMP destroying electronics. Would have the simplest possible, little homestead farm, with about an acre of food production and about 10 animals, not incudng a dozen chickens.

third: once the job was done, I'd travel the world trying to find one of the last of the good, submissive, truly loving white women in the world. I'd pretend to be some dude working an average day to day job, and if we did get married, I'd surprise her with 'guess what, you'll never have to worry about work again.'

I'd live that way for the rest of my life with the woman I loved, only occasionally going to town to get little things or replace equipment.
how many good boy points is that
Train whatever martial arts I feel like and eventually open my own dojo.
File: ye.png (173 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173 KB, 300x300
Become the world's richest NEET
i'd get an estate and have the most beautiful woman I know come live with me, in all reality it'd end up being just like citizen kane and she'd leave me
File: 1451438635782.jpg (21 KB, 540x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 540x360
>buy thousands of people from r9k
>conduct the robot hunger games
I build a compound on some nice lake and never leave it.
File: Solid_snake.png (560 KB, 620x924) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
560 KB, 620x924
And i'll take it down brick by brick.
Invest most of it into figuring out how to transfer human consciousness into a robot body so that I could be immortal. Then I could make it back 10 fold when I keep the process to myself and charge people exorbitent fees to become immortal.
Pay for a whole bunch of combat training so I know what I'm doing
Buy a fuckload of vehicles, fake IDs, disguises and weaponry
Singlehandedly destroy human civilization and have fun slaughtering as many people as possible
Leave 1/2 of whatever's left over to right wing militia groups, and the other half to ISIS
Helter Skelter
Buy one of those full sized silicone sex dolls and become the ultimate wizard hermit.
I'd pitch in my money for that goal. FUCK JEFFCO.
File: feels ok man .jpg (110 KB, 444x411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feels ok man .jpg
110 KB, 444x411
>buy small house
>buy fastest computer
>buy every console and buy whatever games i want to play
>buy expensive security system so i dont get robbed and killed by niggers
>order take out literally every day
>never go outside
>live out the rest of my life as a neet
>no responsibilities
>infinite comfort

would be pretty nice tbqh, i suppose i could also buy a gun in case i ever wanted to end it all and i'd be sure to light the rest of my money on fire and destroy all my belongings before i do it.
>Buy a cabin in the woods.

and then you get robbed and killed buy niggers. you aren't even thinking anon lmao
make a bunch of movies
File: 49er pepe.png (356 KB, 3656x3688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49er pepe.png
356 KB, 3656x3688
>hire a bunch of retards
>take them to rival team's games and have them shit all over the seats and throw poo at fans

Niggers are scared of the woods, and super scared of skinny white boys with 12g slugs. He'd be safer in the woods than in a suburb or downtown apartment.

Hell, with that much money he could build his cabin entirely out of guns. Just add a couple dogs and a swimming pool and it's practically nigger proof.
File: ded.gif (2 MB, 234x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 234x200
>Niggers are scared of the woods
have I met my quota of kek for Saturday already?
File: 1415324953356.jpg (44 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 500x667
>put it in a swiss bank account and let it sit
>ask out as many girls as possible
>predictably get rejected/ignored
>wait for a few years, then start withdrawing the money
>keep my name in the news for balls-out insane rich guy shit like the wu tang clan album
>watch inbox blow up with years-late texts back
>leave them all unread
Do what I can to help people to make up for all the bad karma associated with being an asshole, unintentionally hurting people I care about, suicide attempts, and hoping I can die peacefully
File: 15458476567879.jpg (75 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 300x300
Ok Earl.
Cloning already is possible. We just haven't cloned any humans because it's "unethical" and very expensive. Not that the latter would be of any concern
>Buy the duck club that my great grandmother and great grandfather used to work at
>Invite all of my immediate family and some of my friends out there to live with me
>Buy the best internet service I can
>Give some of the money away to friends and family so they no longer have to work
>Stay at home with my friends and family and just enjoy life

naturally any money I would have left over I would leave to mine and my family's descendants
File: 1451165239137.jpg (18 KB, 320x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 320x320
I'd invest half of it into Samsungs shares, and lmao as Samsung comes out with a new phone line called the Samsung universe and completely obliterates apple, HTC, and lg.
Holy fuck, I guess I'd just buy off Apple then live off that. Also buy Elon Musk and pay for his asteroid mining and Mars colony, with the condition I have to be the first man to set foot on the red planet.
It sounds pretty normalfag but:
>Give millions to friends and family
>Modestly travel the world
>Even hitchhiking and just giving a crap ton of money to the guy giving me a ride
>Make shit ton of people happy
>After being done with my trip, settle down somewhere like Japan with my remaining millions
>Invite closest family and friends to live in my comfy house
The genius in this is that you'd only have to pay the winners.
built utopia

let good people inn, throw bad people out
help the poor
>drop out of uni
>fix my teeth
>get expensive haircut and clothes
>buy family house and cars, house being with large yard with bunch of stuff in it for my dog
>fuck luxury escorts like Gianna Michaels and have them do my fetishes
>get house for myself too
>build gym in it
>get the best acting teachers that are out there
>get very good personal trainer and chef so I can change my body however I want like the movie stars
>become movie star and meet others that I admire like Bale, Statham, etc..
>make video games company, hire small-medium but good team
>go and preset games at E3 and other stuff
>be already known actors so people cheer for me the moment they see me
>get girls that never really paid attention to me in HS to rim my ass and don't give them shit

>get comfortable apartment in safe and decent neighborhood
>buy super mega top of the line PC
>play vidya all day
>order an escort once a week to unburden myself of my semen
>buy casks of wine and ale to drink the days away
>if I have any whims to learn anything I can hire an expert to teach me
>buy a giant cat fortress for my cats to play in where I can curl up inside as well
>revel in the comfort that my life has become devoid of burden and hardship and live out the rest of my days just enjoying existence
I would probably kill someone for 700 000 dollars. Money fixes everything.
>fix teeth
>get laser eye surgery
>buy a shit ton of land and put houses on it for myself and my family
>buy and learn how to fly a helicopter a plane and drive a boat
>buy the best gaming rig that has ever been rigged
>travel to other countries and buy decently sized houses in the cool ones
>bring fiber internet to america and maybe even the world
>start a video game business where I'm the idea guy
>fund research to transfer a human consciousness into a robot body for immortality
>fund space travel
Start a PMC and have adventurous exploits, Militaires sans Frontieres style.
>he hates apple
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