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greentext thread
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>be me, 22
>favorite music artist is coming to my home town
>buy ticket weeks in advance, 1st release because I'm so excited
>day of concert
>buy nice clothes
>new haircut
>spend all afternoon hyping myself
>arrive half an hour before event, front row standing
>starter DJ is playing, people slowly arriving
>1 hour later, lots of people there, proud of my front row spot
>main artist finally comes on
>music starts playing, people behind me going nuts
>two stacys suddenly push me out of the way and knock several others over
>get pushed back to 2nd row behind stacys
>"I waited 2 hours for this spot and you just pushed in!"
>stacy says "so." then turns around and ignores me
>tell her she should let me back in front
>she tells bouncer at front im harassing her
>bouncer pulls me out of crowd over front barrier
>put on non-alcoholic list and sent to back of crowd

This was maybe the only thing I wanted to do this year and normies even took that away from me. Why the fuck even live
>going to a show by yourself
>Not allowed to enjoy things if you don't have anyone with you

i didn't say that. you should have gone with a friend. if you had a friend with you, you wouldn't have gotten double stacied like you did.
>having friends outside of 4chan
thanks for reading though anon.
I needed to express my anger somewhere. I literally just got home from it
>going to a shithole stacyfest
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Since this is a greentext thread I'll tell a story
>browsing /r9k/
>see funny picture, I smile
>minimize picture
>keep scrolling
>realize the happiest I've felt in months is occasionally giggling at stupid pictures on /r9k/
>tear up
>keep scrolling
I just wanted to see my favorite artist play. If I could have gone without all the chads and stacys around me I would have
Rich girls always get everything they want. They are living life on such an easy level they might as well be on another plane of existence.
people push there way to the front all the time at concerts. You should be ashamed you let two stacies man handle you
should have punched both of them the moment one of them said "so". im serious
I didn't want to get scratched by them, or hurt by the other chads around me
>lacking basic respect to other humans
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>not knowing about the best artist
>double stacied
How did they push you out of the way
>frequent a chatroom
>never really talk to this chick there but one day we started talking as we had a common interest that day
>have a nice few hours long chat little bit of flirting
>next day her friend on the chat pm's me saying that this chick likes me (uh what?)
>that chick comes on not too long after and we start talking again
>general flirting turns into her sending me a cheeky lingerie shot making me promise to tell no one she sent me it or i 'wouldn't see what else she had'
>she confesses that she likes me (what the fuck we only just spoke a day ago?)
>she'd mentioned awhile ago in the main chat she has a boyfriend (i think a long distance type of thing)
>ask her about it and she says yes and comes on with "i guess you don't want to talk to me anymore huh"
>tell her i don't have a problem if she doesn't have a problem. she was happy to hear this and agreed that it will be our little secret
>general scepticism in me instantly goes to this being an elaborate ruse out to get me because of I am hated in the chat
>going to continue playing along for the pics

I just don't know what is even happening at this point. I'm positive there is a catch here.
Why do you believe what whores tell you?
kill them

the world would literally be better off without two self-absorbed sociopathic staceys.
Man youre fucking stupid

First of all youre lame as fuck for coming that early. Nothing good ever happens until 11.

Second if you were in the front your hands should have been on the rail so no one can push you. If anyone starts aggressively shoving you then tell the bouncer right away since youre in the front and there will definitely be some in front of you

If you were smart you would leave a little bit of space in front of you with your hands on the rail and then invite some drunk stacy nearby to the front so you get your pelvis carved while disclosure was doing their set

I go alone just to do this. If you lose your spot its on you learn to play the game
As I said, the whole siltation and how fast it all popped up is very suss.
Thread replies: 21
Thread images: 3
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