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What's the most beta thing you ever did?
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What's the most beta thing you ever did?

>continued to orbit girl in high school after she stood me up twice when I asked her to the movies, and made me a third wheel on another movie date
I never did anything beta. I dont waste time on roasties, neither should you.
Never even tried
>qt 8/10 introduced to me at a gathering of sorts
>"Anon, this is femanon"
>"Hi, i'm anon"
>realize i did jazz hands during my introduction and try to save
>"and i do jazz hands apparently"
>conversation over, i go stand by myself again

That was when i realized i'll never have sex
>most beta thing you ever did
went to r9k
posted this greenstory

>girl friendzoned me
>told her I wasn't into this
>eventually gave in (her being a tomboy, not that hot, I thought)
>she blossoms into a real semen demon
>I get very attached
>lose at a game opposite her latest bf
>all sit on a bench watching next match
>she sits on him
>grinds, grinds, grinds, facing him
instead of saying something like "go get a fucking room", or leave, I
5 minutes later
>stop pretending I don't care
>give in
>start to watch as it's getting more intense
>feet something in me die (we were so close), with the power of one thousand suns
>scar tissue that I wish you saw

Change that 'twice' to 'four or five' and I'd wonder if you were me
OP here, that sucks dude. Reminds me of the story where the guy got locked in a closet and a Chad made him listen to him banging his crush. Does anybody have that one saved?
If this was a ylyl thread I would've lost
That's pretty good wit. You can't impress everyone, I guess.
>texting girl
>really hitting it off
>flirting lots
>start snapchatting
>trying to figure out my moves
>how will I see the titty
>sends pic with with friend
>turns out she has a guy over
>"me and chad are gonna go anon, have a great night!"
>go to bed
>can't sleep
>go to work next day to an 11 hour shift
>fall asleep in Tims during my lunch break
>never talked to her again
I am physically dying inside reading these stories
felt => *feet => *feel
didn't mean to add a foot fetish to this already pathetic story

yeah, could have been worse, I guess
but my pattern is my crushes tend to date nice guys. One crush even got tired of my whining once, she told me listen, I really can't help you, but what you're telling me reminds me a lot of my ex-bf, so I'll give you his number, you should call him. (he did call me, very nice)
this is not beta, how could you have known?
I don't whether to blame myself for falling for a whore or to blame the whore for being a whore
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>at uni
>ask girl I'm into if she wants to come over to play a new videogame I had told her about that she seemed into
>"sounds fun anon, can I bring my friend?"
>say yes thinking it'll be me with two girls
>friend is a guy
>next day they announce relationship on facebook
And then, same Chad whines about murderers and terrorists...
You reap what you saw.
I'm a good listener, wannabe therapist.
2 girls told me that meeting me, and me being into them, was a determining factor of how they managed to grow out of self-doubt and date Chad.
>they didn't pay me for the session.
>last halloween
>cousins convinced me to go drinking with them
>see a qt who I sat next to in some classes but never even spoke to
>she comes up and says hi and that she remembers me
>before I can respond, sudden feeling in chest like when you see a crush but 10x worse
>fucking faint
>she asks if im ok, I say yeah and that I fainted cos I saw her
>she laughs and seems a little flattered and talks to me for a bit, and says we should talk again sometime
>never spoken to her since
is it too late? z
Post on Rose threads
I dont have facebook or anything like that and I dont really want to go to a pub again. so probably. I considered asking my cousins if they knew her so I could contact her but always decided against it
do it
I think some girls like it when they know that a guy is very nervous because of them, but overcomes the fear, it's refreshing because every day they're approached by Chad I-don't-give-a-shit McChad.
Now all you can do is play the awkward card to the fullest.
>tfw girls seem interested in you and you don't ask her out because you like being lonely, but it makes your parents sad
cried because a girl lost interest in me
Asked 2 girls out on facebook, of course they declined.
The second one was alpha though I had no other way to contact her (would of not been a pussy given the choice) and I knew she would probably say no, I just had no shits to give.
Oh and the first one I was 14 and no one told me how the world works.
I'm not a complete phaggot am I? :(
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>qtpi girl asks me if i want to get ice cream
>without thinking ask if she'll pay since i have no money
>realize how badly i've fucked up
>she makes up weak excuse and says she can't go anymore
>pretend to believe it cause i hate myself for being so beta
>and ends up going out with a different guy that same day who later pumped and dumped her
>had massive crush on a friend when I was 16
>me and her were hanging about
>she needed a place to stay, so I offer to let her stay at mine
>she tells me her boyfriend was cheating on her
>still too much of a pussy to try anything
>let her sleep in my double bed whilst I was on the floor

>tfw she probably would of had revenge sex with me
but how would you go if you don't have any money? It wasnt too bad of a fuck up. You told the truth.
i probably could have borrowed some money from someone or something. that was like 4 years ago. if i had known how everything since then would turn out i probably would have beaten up an old woman and stolen her purse to have that chance again
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