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Meeting famous people
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Anyone else meet famous people and fuck it up?
>Meet Kari and Grant from Mythbusters
>Ask them if you can decapitate somone with a baseball bat
>they awkwardly laugh and say "we dont know we will have to test that one" with awkward smiles.
>I just laugh and speedwalk away.
Fuck me.

>meet sting as little kid
>piss pants
I only met athletes who were famous in the 90s and most people who would not know now. Like I got a certain two time MVP from the NBA in the 90s autograph and shook his hand.
I've never met anyone famous but I did see a guy who looked exactly like ray romano
that was ken marino and he is kind of famous
>6 at the time
>meet Ronald McDonald the famous McDonald clown mascot
>get his photo with his autograph on it
>super hyped
>as I'm leaving with my mom's bf I see Ron sitting in his limo smoking a cigarette
haven't eaten at a McDs since then.
I had multiple dinners with Jared the kiddy diddler about 7-9 years ago. I was 12-14 at the time and my dad took me to business dinners with Jared. Seemed like a normal, quiet guy, possible even a robot. He probably fucked a middle schooler right after dinner though.
Met DJ Premiere. Didn't recognize him. Someone else told me who it was after he left.
Nah, I have a bunch of D-list actors' and comedians' phone numbers though.

I was friends with a future NBA player in college too.

I've also met a few other NBA players and know some U.S. Senators personally. I also know Ty Detmer pretty well, the trick is not oooohing and aaaawwwing over them and just talking to them like ordinary people.
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Not my story, but a friend of mine told me once that he met Brian Posehn.

He said something like "Dude you're the greatest" to him, and Brian just responded in a depressing tone "If you say so..." and walked away
Patrick Stewart looked me right in the eye once
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You can meet tons of well known people if you go to nerd conventions. Usually pretty meh-ok-fun experience. You're basically entitled to ten seconds of banter and/or friendly contact such as a handshake for 20-80 US dollars (for the autograph ostensibly).

I met Edward James Olmos a while back and it was a rollercoaster tho.
>I was like, this could be britty ok I liked BSG and "Reeech dees keeeds" movie
>He locks eyes with me and grips my hand I suddenly want nothing more than for this man to be my dad
>not even latino btw
>so all my brain power was going to not looking like a pussy and sitting on his lap asking if we can go camping
>literally can't remember what words were exchanged
>probably tossed the spaghetti at the fan
>took solace in the fact that he's EJO and won't give a fuck or remember either
Were you at a convention?
Bill Murray raped me.
I only met Jerry Mathers who was Beaver from Leave it to Beaver. This was in 2005 so he was JUST-tier. I got an autograph but it got sunbleached when I left it in my car for a week
Met yelawolf and told him I was a huge faggot. He said congratulations and gave me an autograph what a bro
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I'll never forget the time I took Ellen to the mall and she spotted a gumball machine near one of the entrances.

Naturally, she asked if I had a quarter so she could buy one. Unfortunately at the time I didn't have any spare change on my person.

She gave me a look of utter disappointment that shook me to my core. I felt a surge of energy beginning to well up inside of me as she stared at me with those innocent woeful eyes.

Suddenly, almost completely involuntarily I began to make a fist and crank my arm back. I looked at her once last time before I punched the unbreakable glass sphere with every ounce of energy I could muster.

There was a deafening crack as the glass began to fracture. I looked at her again, she began to smile as the glass started to succumb to the blow and the gumballs began to pour out in copious amounts.

As the gumballs began to fill the mall I knew we had to leave before security arrived. I reached down and selected a green one for her, her favorite flavor.

I grabbed her hand and started leading her out the door but she stopped me, what happened next was truly one of the most poignant moments of my life. She began to lean in towards me for a kiss, I was amazed.

To this day, I still do not regret what I did.
Nice fanfic bro! It is pretty great.

>see Randy and Lahey from Trailer Park Boys randomly on the street
>for some reason, walk towards them, almost unconsciously
>Randy's eyes catch mine
>can't go back now
>"H-hey. What's u-up?"
>Randy doesn't respond, just half smiles and some black guy working with them asks if I want a photo with them
>"Uh, ok."
>awkward as fuck
>Lahey stumbles over, in character, flips off camera, good photo, feel like the moment is almost saved
>they've already gone back to doing whatever it was they were doing
>walk away and replay the moment over and over in my head for the rest of the day
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