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>school yard pick
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>school yard pick
were you picked last anon?
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>that 1 Chad who picked you first because he felt sorry for you

if he only knew how much it meant to me
I was pretty unathletic but also tall so I was picked near the end but not very last. People always picked their friends first anyway so I could have been first pick if one of my bros was captain.
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> Have to go outside to play baseball
> Gym teacher announces Captians
> It's always Chad
> Chad starts picking team members
> Get picked second to last
> The kid who got picked last was the autistic kid
> My turn to bat
> For some reason there are no strikes, you keep batting until you hit
> Miss the first swing, then the second, then the third...
> Everyone is watching
> Miss the 5th swing
> "lol anon you suck"
> Finally hit it on the 7th swing
> Awkwardly powerwalk to base because you really don't know the rules

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>tfw this happened to me once
>mfw he's still the spaceship pilot bro in my pre sleep fantasies all these years later
>implying I went to recess and didn't stay in the library
>pre sleep fantasies
See, THIS is a robot. This line wouldn't even make sense to a normie. I understand, brother.
I'm black and was picked last becuase I was a butter fingers
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>tfw nobody was ever that nice with me
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>tfw I was a friend of the biggest chad so he always picked me first or second
One of the few highlights of school life to be honest
As the fat girl, I was picked last, only after the tards were all picked. Even then everyone complained about having me on their team.
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>pre sleep fantasies

Wait...isn't this normal?
I thought even normies did that
>Pickup football
>Picked last
>Nobody ever threw to me when we're on offense
>On defense, I intercept everything that comes my way
>Still picked last
>Started covering receivers on my own team and catching passes thrown to them
>I can run way faster than anybody else in the school, including the niggers
>They never learned and continued picking me last
Are you me? I was best buds with one of the most popular guys in school and people left me alone or said hi to me because of it. Robots hate Chad but some Chads are the nicest people you will ever meet.

Normies dream but Robots are far more likely to daydream, especially for extended periods. People who can escape reality easier are unlikely to be normies.
>10 year hs school reunion
>meet old classmates
>tell them you built an imaginary world to help you sleep
>uh ok dude
>tell them they are all in it
if it is a normie thing they would never mention it to anyone
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Was almost always held in on every recess because I'd always be beating the shit out of the other kids in self defense. When there were mandatory activities and school trips/events I'd definitely be the last kid to be picked and laughed at for it when I got to go. Most of the time the Teachers would 'lose' the approval slips I took to my Mother who also knew what was going on,but nothing can be done when you're a single parent always exhausted from working 2 jobs. Sometimes you just get targeted,people don't need a reason to hate someone and make their life hell.

Yes, most people fantasize about imaginary worlds and situations, but nobody ever mentions it in conversation. In fact, there are many things that everybody does that never come up in conversation.
can you name them so I know what not to mention when speaking to normies

>In fact, there are many things that everybody does that never come up in conversation.

Can you mention some of those things? Just curious
>be a pretty decent goalie
>save 80% of shots
>opponents manage to score one goal because no one stays on my team on defense
>hurr, anon why are you so useless?

Off the top of my head

>Fidgeting habits
>Personal hygiene
>How much of a little bitch you were when you were a little kid
>Relationship issues (ever notice how couples get along perfectly when they're in social situations)
>Family issues (same as above)
> tfw always picked last
> tfw always bullied
I was aweful at all sports basically, i was pretty fat (80-90 kg at the ages of 14-16).
This happened in all schools I went.
"i was bigboned" was one of my excuses... I was always in time for every class and only got pleasure out of getting good grades. I was fat, ugly, unibrown, glasses, braces, and lots and lots of Acne, and terribly hairy...
> years later:
> Did Acne treatment;
> Lost braces;
> Started shaving (entire body);
> started picking my eyebrows (not as painfull now)
> put myself on a diet (lost freaking 20 kg in 8 months, I'm now 72 kg and 1,81m)
> Started to exercise.
> Saved over 1000 euros (over 2 years without buying stuff) to have eye surgery

> tfw my friends and some family members didn't recognize... but my life simply flipped... it's strange, as I was a new person.
> tfw i cringe when i see old pictures of me
> tfw i would bully myself now because of how a snowflake i was
> tfw i now see kids much much worse than i was and because of the anti-bullying stuff, they keep to be snowflakes and keep getting worse
> tfw what i feel now is the same as my bullies when i was young
> tfw i could have avoided most of my early suffering if i simply didn't listen to "let him eat, he's growin", "everyone is beautiful they way they are" and other bullcrap...
>ever notice how couples get along perfectly

Actually, all I notice about couples is that they hardly speak to each other. Two male friends will talk, two females will talk even more but a male and a female don't talk much at all. I can't say that I agree with your list. People talk about pretty much anything, even in public.
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>unpopular but athletic
>Picked 3rd to last because the popular Chads didn't want to look like they liked me but they also didn't want to lose out on a good player.

Re frog and smug frog. Jpg

I've heard of similar things happening as high up as high school and D-1 college sports. Apparently, if a coach is biased toward one player (like his son, or somebody he gave a scholarship to) over another, they will sometimes intentionally run plays in practice, or even in games, to make their preferred player look good and make the other guy look bad.
It's a shame that your personality is still terrible. Just look at your post. Look at it.
>were you picked last anon?
Worse, I'm very tall but not athletic at all and everyone knew it. So instead of picked last, I was the last one picked, leaving only the short kids behind.
I fucking HATED being picked last.

When I decided to get bigger in the gym, I'd get picked more and more towards the front until I basically became a team captain.

I'd then choose the guys who were destined to be last first, like I once was.
Good job Anon. I am proud of you.

T. Chad
>tfw always picked 2nd to last
There was always one kid worse off than me
>instead of picked last, I was the last one picked

Keep living the dream.
Tell me how you feel when you wake up from it.
When you work for something, you will find it's value. Probably wouldn't "bully myself", but would feel pretty disgusted.
>Keep livin the dream
Do you even know what that saying means? I think I understand why the wall of text was so terrible, now. English probably isn't your first language.
I never even got a chance to build a fucking sports reputation to be picked first in the first place.

>Play Baseball at about age 5. For whatever reason they constantly put me way out in left outfield, where 5 year olds don't nearly have enough strength to ever hit the ball anyways. Instead I just sit in the grass playing with clovers. Whenever I get up to bat I do okay but that doesn't matter obviously, because I'm still the bored faggot that sits in the grass looking for four leaf clovers.
>Small town, so when I'm old enough for school the baseball team already knows me so whenever I try to be included in a kickball game at recess they essentially tell my ass to get fucked.

Literally all of this could be solved by letting me play fucking short stop or something. I was perfectly capable of catching a baseball. I gave up on playing any sports all together and instead sat in my room playing video games all day. And this followed for the rest of my life and I was always picked last in gym class. And to add insult to injury the closest thing that I found to a four leafed clover is this shitty website that's probably ruined my self-esteem even more.
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I would pretty much always get picked last. Sometimes they would pick teams and I'd be the last one left, and neither team would want me so they'd just walk away and start playing without me.
You can do it anon! There's only six words left in the sentence, all will become clear then.
It still doesn't make sense when you add those remaining words, moron. Are you trying to say that you were the last TALL person picked? God, I hate when stupid people try to talk down to others.
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>Picked middle because you blend into the crowd

At least people notice the guy picked last.
And I hate it when stupid people try to talk up to their betters. If it doesn't make sense to you that's a problem of reading comprehension on your part.

Oh, it's my fault, is it? That's okay, I'll let you think that. You don't deserve to know better.
I was the one picking and when i wasn't i was always first or second pick. I used to be really good at football.

I used to be a last third pick

one day in class we were playing football and I decided to make a "dream team"

I picked the worst most handicapped and retards I could

I never laughed harder that day
>I'll let you think that.
>*concedes defeat*
>wanting to be noticed

kek what a faggot
>what is hypocrisy
>continuing to humiliate yourself
>neither team would want me so they'd just walk away and start playing without me

Goddammit, anon. Why did you have to remind me?
Yes but mainly because I was extremely unmotivated when it came to sports so I wouldn't contribute at all however if I was playing with people who were cool to me then I'd contribute and play well. To everyone it was kind of a gamble of what to expect.

>Everyone picked except me
>"I don't want him" "Go on, you have him"
>"I'm sure Anon doesn't wanna play anyway"
>They start playing without me
>Few times try to join the team with fewer numbers
>"Anon stop trying to ruin the game, go sit down or something"

Thanks for reminding me
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