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Has anybody else tried tripping on Hawiian...
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Has anybody else tried tripping on Hawiian baby woodrose seeds?

>be me
>buy seeds off Amazon with dumb fat wop friend
>drink three beers and a shot of vodka
>peel and eat seventeen seeds
>throw up, but then nothing
>two hours later we're high as balls
>I spend most of the time rubbing my hands and face on the wall because it felt so good
>I feel myself flatten out and stretch, all my feeling is in my fingers and toes
>Like literally stretch, I'm motherfucking mr fantastic
>Everything was blue and beautiful
>Fatty friend turns the light on, ruins everything
>I get sick as shit as soon as I see light
>Then I get paranoid
>Spent the rest of the night dry heaving and raving about how we'd get arrested
>Dump all of my beer down the toilet
>keel over and dry heave some more
>search through desk for weed baggie that's no longer there
>dry heave
>tear dresser apart, still searching for weed bag
>dry heave
>30 minutes without sick, try to drink some water
>vomit up water
>dry heave again
>crawl to the bathroom
>dry heave into toilet
>crawl back to bedroom
>wake up friend
>tell him I'm dying,
>tell him to call 911
>tell him that we're going to prison
>he gets scared too
>he actually throws up, lucky fucker
>dry heave some more
>pass out on the floor
>wake up at 4pm the next day with awful headache
>worst night ever

So yeah, never again.

>Mixing hard liquor with stronk psychedelics

Holy shit OP you are fucking dense
Why would you try to drink and trip at the same time

Literal retard
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The psychedelic experience is a doorway which leads to a hallway which leads to only what you want to find within yourself.

In other terms, a drug is nothing but a high-yield (fast but not perfect) technique to reach partly what your reason and heart cannot achieve fully in your opinion. If anything, it is a total lack of confidence in your reason and in your abilities to philosophy to be at ease with life; ease which remains unlikely, given that the choice of doing these drugs with the goal of opening your awareness and opening your mind is already a sign of close-mindedness and poor ability to reflect.
Bright artificial light is terrible when tripping.

I have no experience with HBWS but hear the bodyload vasioconstriction is worse than shrooms and I've experienced pretty bad shroom bodyload in the past.
Nah but tried morning glory seeds a few times (they both contain lsa, morning glory seeds just contain less).

Without weed was kinda eh, got minor visuals but pretty giggly and found it hard to speak.

With weed was pretty trippy, like a weak acid but feeling super happy and silly at the same time.

If you try it again OP, try smoking rather than drinking, as well as eating some ginger too
I tripped on DXM + morning glories fairly recently
Had a blast sempai, I only got nauseous once when I was listening to really intense music
I drank a buttload of ginger tea, had a sriracha rice dish (sriracha for vasodilation) and took aspirin (for dat blood thinning) beforehand, though, and the LSA dose was kept low because high doses aren't worth it
The vasoconstriction from HBWR is fucked.
Shrooms don't cause vasoconstriction, but you're right, the bodyload can be too much.

>Took 22 HBWR seeds I found growing at my uni, the shit grows everywhere here
>Massive bodyload, for some reason I can't handle being inside
>end up sitting in my garden
>Dry reach multiple times
>5 hours in full OEVs
>everything looks alien, grass looks like millions of triangles waving in the breeze
>spew a heap
>bad vibes kick in
>every time I look at my hands they look like they're going black and gangrenous (this was a hallucination)
>go to hospital
>staff tell me I'm an idiot (I completely am one)
>get stuck there overnight for observation

Don't take LSA guys, it's not worth it.
I had ok experiences with hbws seeds when i was young. i used a lighter to burn awsy the poispn coating though.
Agreed. Meditation is far superior, and scientifically proven to work.

actually, hardbar usually goes well with most non-pukey psychedelics. Like acid.

Drinking makes more sense when you're coming down though. It tends to cut the visuals when you're near the peak.
Lmao that's kiddie shit. Don't ever do real psychs op.
Thread replies: 12
Thread images: 2
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