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This board is the most depressive and repulsive...
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This board is the most depressive and repulsive cesspool I've ever read. Cogratulations.
Thanks, I really needed that, smug anime girl.
says the anime watcher
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nice try nerd but it takes more than that
did this really happen

I thought this show was light on yuri
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minus the jojo runes that were edited in, yeah. china rapes akari
Honestly I love it.
>can't spell congratulations
>implying depressive is a word
>implying you can read a cesspool
Congratulations on being a fucking tard
>>implying depressive is a word
>implying it's not
this board is a subreddit
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Wanko 3.jpg
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Thanks anon. My sole purpose is to spite you. :)
I'm not OP, so suck my dick
Well, that's what it's made for.
Making it better one post at a time, OP
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wagging tail.gif
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I'm just looking for an Elite Dangerous wingman who is loyal to a T. He must have extreme patience and be accepting of failure. He also must be weaboo and kawaii.
Find a boyfriend in real life you air headed faggot.
I don't want a bf, I want to play elite dangerous with someone who is patient.
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I thought you played that shit a lot already? Why would they need to be accepting of failure?
File: now.png (460 KB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because sometimes salvage sights are traps set by pirates.
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from what you've played, what's so bad about it? Or is it just not for everyone?
>I don't want a bf
So you've finally realized all your sexual desires can be solved by Grindr. It took you a while.
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my love!.jpg
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I never said there was anything wrong with it, I just said that I'd like a wingman. There's a relatively steep learning curve compared to other games. I have the basics down and everything so I could teach my wingman if he needed to be taught.
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no I know you never said it was bad, the reviews are just concerning.
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It's a very well optimized space sim that I find to be quite enjoyable. All I need is horizons and I'm set...
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that's good, it looked kind of cool but everyone seemed split on it. Hope you eventually find your buddy
Aww, you were quite rude to me at first and now you're so kind! Thank you.
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I always feel bad after I'm a little shit but I try to make up with people. It sucks that it's a lot harder to show you're sorry through text but at the end of the day it's my own fault if I do something to cause people to dislike me and I have to deal with it
You're a good shitposting buddy. Now whore yourself out and get me Elite: Dangerous!
Elite Dangerous Horizons, I mean.
>Tfw no friends to hang out and joke around with
Yuru yuri is pretty comforting. Reading the manga made me cheerful for a while. Finishing it made me sad, and lonely.
File: 1451699459563.jpg (274 KB, 721x887) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I actually like the idea of doing it for the purpose of someone else, it feels more noble I guess. Like I said, point me in the direction of someone willing to pay and I will
Just make a thread saying you will camwhore for Elite: Dangerous Horizons on /r9k/ or /cuteboys/. I'm sure you'll find someone desperate enough then. Yes, doing it for me is very noble as for I am the greatest!
all of that might be true but /a/ is still the most autistic board in all of 4chan

get the fuck out you pathetic weeaboo.
If you think it's the most depressive and repulsive, then you haven't looked around online enough.

I'd rather post here then in some furry/vampire/werewolf/other creepy fetish/special snowflake shithole.
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/cuteboys/ is too pure for that, it'd be a sin to try there. I think I'd probably have luck making steam friends and then eventually just asking them to buy me games, but I'm uncomfortable getting close to people so I have no clue
>tfw all your brats excluding a few are on your pc so you have to reuse the same few when bedposting
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Who here is actually trying to straighten out their lives instead of pitying themselves and being satisfied as a loser?

>in university
>mom helps pay rent and buy food
>would feel terrible to waste this opportunity and faith in me by being a scummy loser even if I'm socially awkward and mentally ill
>quitting drugs
>raising GPA to 3.5+

feels good to not be completely hopeless
File: you damned fool!.gif (806 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you damned fool!.gif
806 KB, 500x281
You'll add me on steam some day and we shall figure something out. Also if you plan on going to bed soon then good night! I shall head off myself so goodbye for now.
I've just been sitting in bed for the past 2 hours, I was gonna try to watch 3 episodes of something but I only got through 1 and then went back to browsing. Night to you too!
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Thread images: 19
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