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I couldn't get to properly cry in too...
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I couldn't get to properly cry in too much time, and seems to be nearly time to finish myself after so much time wasted.
It's becoming really painful.

Thus I ask you to suggest literally ANYTHING which could/should make me cry.

I'd suggest for whomever wants to seriously try this to link his Steam account, and he MAY get some gift.

P.S: Yeah, already posted, but I had to since for some reason I accidentaly cut the part in which I was asking suggestion, while editing my message.
I cried at the NNB ep with sea monkeys or w/e
If you're willing to put a few hours' effort into it, I'd suggest playing Katawa Shoujo. Specifically, Lilly's route.
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go to bed renge

But it's still midnight :(
Suggestions then? None?

I'm curious as well.
Kotoura-san is kinda sad

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the last few episodes of sakurasou no pet no kanojo really hit me, so did the christmas parts of toradora, and when snail leaves. bob ross also makes me cry
Lily's route wasn't tearful lad.

Op should cut some onions, only thing that makes me cry.
>Op should cut some onions, only thing that makes me cry.

OP is already cutting onions, I won.
My steam ID is. http://steamcommunity.com/id/sogelink
>Thus I ask you to suggest literally ANYTHING which could/should make me cry.
Watch "Mary and Max".

OP here;

Toradora, Kotousan, Lilly's Route... Seriously guys?

Are you trying to make me uncontrallably laugh instead?
Madoka Magica made me tear up towards the end, and I almost never cry at anime.

Gunbuster did as well.

I cut onions everyday... Doesn't work either.

Tried ghost pepper, either couldn't cry.

Also I mean emotionally crying, keks.

Too hard for ye? Already giving up?
Guess I'll just keep my 30$ gift for someone else at this point.
Listen to this.

Pouka and nyet again.

Akemi Horuma did nothing wrong btw.
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nigga you asked what made me cry and I told you. I didn't say it was the greatest love story ever told, I just answered your question

french Music makes me only more depressed, annoyed, angry and also makes my ballsack decompose.

No thx, won't work.

Heard much sadder well done music and just made me more depressed, but not crying.

Ravel... seriously dud?

Op here,

It's not my fault if you guys have shit tastes or either get sad too easily :(

I mean, I recently watched a new version of "Grave of the Fireflies" from Ghibli at my cinema and couldn't cry like a baby either, even tho how much sad it is... It only made me depressed for a while, but not releasing.

Watch it and then try to suggest something like toradora again, I dare you.
You're in r9k so your life must suck hard, just think about it and all the times you suffered and you'll be able to cry easily.
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you're right, I cry easily that's why I mentioned those things. Fuck, I cried during psycho-pass and oreimo. I can't help being a bitch. I'm curious why you want to cry so badly though
>Not crying during Grave of the Fireflies
Don't lie to me anon
Mary and Max. At least try it.
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Clannad might, its rather over dramatic though so maybe watch it drunk.
Clannad Afterstory
Welcome to the NHK (if you relate to neet lifestyle)
5 centimeters per second
Texhnolyze (maybe not cry but feeling empty for 2 weeks)
Madoka Magica
Grave of the Fireflies
Tamako Market (only the dad episode)
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

maybe one of these can get you going
KyoAni really need to look for some good romantic VN/LNs to adapt. Chuu2 was nice and KNK were nice, but TM didn't appeal to me.
OP here.


I think about it every day and almost hurt myself.

Not a suprirse since I want to kill myself, just knowing to be wasting my time here when in these two years I had so much work I would had to sleep four hours a day... Hypersomnia is no good.
Now I'm more frustrated about the wasted time and am now resigned to my fate, even wanting to live.

I tried to think about my life but not even a tear dropped, neither I could get over it.


I'm dead serious... I didn't cry, no matter what I was seeing and what cruelty was shown... I felt like that was normal and have just seen way too much for that scene to make me cry... Afterwards I felt depressed both because of the movie and not being able even then to cry.
Just went home and slept to forget.

> Clannad


Now that I remember I was rather kinda exited to see Japan Nationalism, ships, songs and armies in a movie and just kept both my erection in my pants along the fact that I just wanted to praise the Axis along screaming "Banzai" in fron of everyone kept for myself.... Yup, I'm from Europe, ahah.

Also I was kind of angry not much because of the plot but how erroneous was the Japan shown during WW2, even becoming bombed by usa, like there was no health care and society help along the Government one, which is false at least until end of war in which the Empire collapsed and in which nobody seriosuly kept caring about anybody else, at least like before.

But that doesn't matter with the suggestion matter, so nevermind.
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Anyway guys, seriously... Stop with all these gay light novels shit, they really pisses me off and I always believed whomever could start crying or even feel emotional about them was a pussy or a middle schooler.
Waste of time.

Come one, we're all grown men here, that's not the best you've got.
I've read sadder NTR Eromangas than much more else conceived.
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op you're a bully and you should feel bad for calling me a pussy

I already feel bad :(

How can you even feel bad when you already do? I can't even feel worse at this point.

you asked for this
Have you tried watching the lion king or Welcome to the NHK?
These two get me everytime. God, I'm so pathetic...


I remember seeing just one recent animation about time passing which moved me a little.

It was about a japanese animation showing a couple growing from High School to a point in which becomes more and more decided, eventually when the husband become failed, drunk and old the wife would get sick and hospitalzied, not being able to talk anymore.
At that point the man tries to reedem itself and brings her to a coast, trying then to stop the life clock's pendulum by wanting more time, until his wife finally smile and they die pacefully.
Does anyone know the name of it?

It touched me because I've seen myself there and knowing that I can not stop the pendulum, now that I wasted two precious years of work... But still haven't cried.

Obviously watched, not even cared about expressing an emotion.

Why would it make you cry something like this? I really don't understand...
Why is it so difficult?

I think the last time I nearly did was some months ago when I tried to talk to my mother about my suicidal thoughts, even though I hate that woman and prefer to talk to the wall.. Somewhat becomes annoying eventually.
I just don't know why but being stubborn about wanting to get euthanasia in Switzerland made me shock a bit and nearly teary.

The same happened when I got the last year in my Ninjutsu gym and was tired that day, having to deal with really nervous and aggressive disciples which had more energy than me and just shocked me all around the gym even noticing I wasn't giving attention.
At that point I felt somewhat... Sad, like tired/annoyed sad, like when a child just gets disappointed by something and starts becoming red in his face.
It was kind of embarassing mainly because I felt weak and had to hate myself.
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litterally worst anime for robots cause everyone knows we will never have a misaki

>tfw no misaki
How comes no one have talked about Ghibli yet?

I mean, seriously guys?

Wanna know something funny?

When "The Wind Rises" from Hayao Miyazaki got published in my country I was still searching for a future bride to start knowing, 16 years old.

Few months ago I met a fantastic cute girl who loved Ghibli and would just try to know each other... Eventually I broke contacts due to not knowing if she started hating me for some reason and after two years contacted her again, after arriving under her house, which happened some month ago... I even gave her a 40$ collar for her 18th birthday.. she thank me when I was facing her, then just messaged me telling I was annoying and deleting me.. Nevermind.

Anyway, the time I wanted to watch The Wind Rises I still was alone... I watched it one time all alone, felt REALLY touched and depressed, couldn't cry even though my hear would hurt... I couldn't cry even in front of a masterpiece which made his very author cry... Awful.

Then I tried to watch it a second time... That time I tried to get any woman possible in order to watch it with someone, since the girl which I've been talking about wasn't with me anymore.. At the end I just watched it all alone again and couldn't neither feel anything that time.

Explain me this.
Do you people surrender then?

:( I feel kinda disappointed.
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just hold your eyes open and don't blink if you're such a soulless bully that can't cry from anything listed

Just tried while cutting onions and eating awfully hot chilly peppers...

Just got a little tear around the corners, sweat and mucus got out.

Stil couldn't cry.

Try better, guys.
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any weeb steam people around that want to watch anime or play vidya together?
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what did you wanna watch anon?
post steam i'll add you, idc what we do
Up to you anon I can do anything
you and me. futabu. with a skype open.
Um ok but don't except me to say anything
shizune was the only one that made me cry
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a-are you trying to get l-lewd?
does anyone won't nekopara vol 0 I bought 2 by accident when gifting it
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I was only joking, I've never actually watched anime with someone and I don't even own a mic
are you?
maybe...but I'm scared
Think about yourself and how much better you would've turned out if you weren't, well, you.

sure post your id i'll add ya

oh way to get my hopes up you fool
you post it yours please
why not you? something you trying to hide?
no I just don't want to
Well if you still want.

What kind of sense would it even make?

If you can't cry from Grave of the Fireflies, you might not be able to cry from anything. Try killing a family member.
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