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drug experiences
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ITT talk about good and/or bad drug experiences you've had
>be 16
>try acid for the 2nd time with group of friends at Universal Studios in LA
>I was the only one who thought this might be a bad idea
>we each took two strong tabs
>within 30mins I'm tripping harder than I was when I was peaking during my first trip (that took 2 hours to get to that point)
>everyone was freaking out but me and my friend got it the worst
>sitting on curb surrounded by thousands of people
>group of people on stilts wearing old Native American masks walk by us
>circus music is becoming more and more distorted and trippy
>people's faces are dripping off of their skin
>thousands of voices overwhelming me
>the music. The fucking music just gets worse and worse and scarier and scarier
>turn to friend whose sitting beside me in shock muttering to himself
>"I think this is what it feels like to be one of those crazy homeless people who just talk to themselves and hear voices"
>we start laughing but we're both terrified
>an hour goes by
>we start breaking from reality
>I have literally no idea where I am
>completely terrified and detached from everyone around me
>can no longer understand English it all just sounds like weird noises that make no sense
>lose friend, he somehow got lost in the crowd
>to this day he still hates talking about that part because he just went completely nuts and had no one to help him for like an hour
>mom texts me
>try to read it but the letters keep falling off the screen
>the circus music keeps getting louder and louder
>we decide we need to get out of here
>run to the parking structure so we can just sit in the car and calm down
>friend pukes all over a wall and all of us are freaking out
>make it to the car
>I completely snap
>get naked and start touching myself
>they yell at me to stop
>run up to random woman with her kid and beg her to save me
>completely forgot I was tripping
>convince myself I'm dead
sounds like research chemicals to me bubba, sorry that happened.
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>convince myself that earth is falling into a black hole and reality is ripping at the seams
>call my mom and ask her if she's safe
>"wtf are you talking about anon where are you?"
>throw my phone off the garage structure, it falls 8 stories down and never seen again
>convince myself that since I'm already dead I can't die again
>try to climb up railing and kill myself just for the hell of it, cuz fuck it I'm dead right? I'll just respawn back in the car
>friend grabs me and throws me on the ground before I can climb up
>somehow cops show up
>next thing I know I'm sitting handcuffed in back of cop car
>cops keep trying to ask me questions
>I still can't understand english
>they take me out of car
>get bored of whole scenario and decide I wanna go back into the park
>start walking away, still handcuffed, towards the park
>cop grabs me and pulls me back
>"but I wanna go on the rides!"
>"you're too fucked up"
>cops put me back in car
>other friend starts getting aggressive with them and they throw him on the ground while he screams that he knows his rights
At this point I'm so far gone. I have literally no idea what's going on. I feel like a scared animal being cornered. I start freaking out when I convince myself I devolved into an atom and I was gonna spend the rest of eternity vibrating and taking up space in one tiny fragment of the universe
>parents show up
>somehow no charges are made against us. I still have no clue how we all got away with all this shit
>parents didn't even know I smoked weed let alone acid
>take me to hospital
>still completely out of it and think I'm dreaming or something
>hospital gives me xanax or something
>slowly start to calm down
>the voices get softer
>the musics gone
>I can read!
>I can think again!
>look around
>see parents crying
>see wristband on my arm
>oh shit...
>the weight of what all just happens come crashing down on me in an instance and to this day I've never felt so low
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>I didn't know we had gotten away with it
>I thought i had a criminal record and I'd never be able to get a job or anything like that cause of what just happened
>now my parents know i do drugs
>they're going to tell my whole family
>they're gonna disown me
>let out the longest sigh ever
>parents realize I'm somewhat "awake" now
>they're in shock they don't say much
>my mom leaves to go pick up sister from friends house
>me and my dad end up staying there til 2am
>he cries while I sit on the hospital bed, watching the wall melt
>I apologize over and over but it doesn't really make a difference
>we drive home
>they slowly get over it after about a year
>for that whole year I was pretty much permanently grounded, couldn't stay out past 9:30-10pm
>group of friends fell apart, only talk to one of them still
>had PTSD type shit over the whole thing for a couple years
>still can't smoke weed cause it gives me anxiety and sends me back into my trip if I smoke too much
>couldn't talk about it for at least like 5 months after it happened
>had tons of problems with depersonalization and detachment after that
>i had lost my grip on reality and slowly had to relearn everything (nothing too drastic but for instance)
>I lost my internal clock, I used to be able to look out the window and guess it was around 4pm and usually be pretty accurate
>after the trip the only thing I could've told you was that it was either dark or light outside, 6pm could've been 6am and I wouldn't have had a clue
>week after acid trip film class decides to watch The Matrix
>I never saw it before
>it fucked me up even worse
>haven't really done any drugs since then
So I guess that's my story, I'll answer any questions if you want

TL;DR Went crazy at an amusement park and got arrested and have been traumatized by it ever since, it's gotten a lot better though since that was like over 4 years ago
Wanna buy some acid?
Yeah, that wasn't acid, that was probably some fucked up rc

Literally kill yourself.
Why do you lie on the internet?
b...but it's the truth ;_;
I'll pass
Sorry, I am just very hostile.
Smoke weed loads from 15-19, pretty much everyday stoned when I was 16. I'm now 29 and have been crippled with anxiety for the last 5 years.
Even if you took a fuckload acid wouldn't be this bad. Probably some weird ass designer drug or something

Yeah it was an RC, most likely 25i or 25c. I also tripped balls hard on 25c but not to the point of going to the hospital. Probably the only embarassing thing I did was waking up my sister and tried and trying to explain her the secrets kf the universe. True acid and in public is an automatic no no.

Also, you and your friends should stay out of drugs and alcohol because you all can't control your shit.
You're probably right. And to be fair we were still new to the whole drug scene and we bit off more than we could chew. Being 16 was dumb
the time that i got noided as fuck on LSD was actually my favorite experience on drugs. it was (apparently) the same dose that i had the other times i tried acid but the effects were a lot stronger.

i was hallucinating things and sounds, i thought that everyone knew and i would constantly hear "they're on drugs" or other similar things in peoples conversations. i was having a really hard time focusing on anything because of my paranoia, because of what i was hearing and also because i kept seeing flickers in the corners of my vision as if someone was standing just over my shoulder, but when i turned no one was there. i kept having the feeling that people were toying with me and kept trying really hard to figure out if they were or not. the rooms also looked really foreboding, either really small or really large and stretched and always eerily dark. i also thought that i heard police sirens and saw the flashing lights, but in reality it was some friends playing with a strobe light for a couple seconds. the feeling of paranoia and at times even terror and panic were crazy, like a full bodied sensation.
Thread replies: 15
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