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>you stay up late reading Schopenhauer
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>you stay up late reading Schopenhauer
>Chad shreds her precious little flower
>you finish your 4th wank
>Chad gives her an arse spank
>You invent a witty rhyme
>He fucks her another time
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So I'm smarter? Heh, I win again
>you made an epic meme
>She sucks chads big pee pee
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pet sounds.jpg
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>You cry again to "Pet Sounds"
>While her ass, Chad pounds
>You play 'Connect' by ClariS on guitar
No, that should be

>you made an epic meme
>she sucks down Chad's dick cream
>you say i'll never go where chads dare
>you're implying that i even care
>He fucks her like she's a cock-crazed pornstar
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>She deepthroats Chad's cock
>you cum in a sock
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>you dream of charging the Russians at Austerlitz
>chad fucks her face and cums on her tits
You get drunk and listen to music alone.
She gets drunk and sucks off Tyrone.

You learn mathematics and calculate the sum.
She lost count after her eighth gallon of cum.

You haven't worked in a while, and your bank balance is nil.
Chad gives her everything, and she sucks his cock still.
>meme is pronounced meam
uh no i think you're wrong here
File: 1451936966066.png (308 KB, 460x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's the best way to pronounce it and the best way to rhyme it objectively... you're just a loser beta cuck faggot with no priorities

>You stay up all night laughing at memes
>She stays up all night slurping up chad's cream
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>you study norse mythology
>she studies chad's biology
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>your read about alfheim
>chad fucks her another time
>You take opiates to fill the void
>She sucks off Chad, Tyrone, and Lloyd
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>you study the battle of Chancellorsville
>Into her vagina Chad's semen will spill

that gave me a very honest hearty laugh
>You sit here and make shitposts
>Chad comes there and makes her shit roast
>she chuckles at your witty joke
>on chads massive girth she'll surely choke
>you pump weight at the gym
>Chad fills her to the brim
>you dream of holding her hand
>she stimulates Chad's penile gland

Meme is actually derived from the french word "meme" which means "same". It's actually pronounced the same as the word "maim". It rhymes with "game".

That being said it seems universally accepted that normies pronounce it as if it rhymes with "cream". Calling it a mee mee is embarrassing.
holy fuck /r9k/ cannot into rhyming, flow, or rhythm
Has hatred of chad turned into a cuck fetish? This thread is pathetic.
>She tells you she's on the rag
>she sneaks off with chad cuz ur a fag
>you have sever depression
>with Chad's cock she does a sword impression
>you call your online enemies "cuck"
>meanwhile she and Chad will fuck
You remain at home awaiting cuckoldry
She plays games "alone" (no need for verbosity)
no, Dawkins coined it from Greek mimeisthai 'to imitate' and wrote himself that it's supposed to rhyme with 'cream'.

you're a fucking faggot.
>you know a word's pronunciation
>Chad takes her to Erection Station
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>she is fucking men, black and tan
>you're becoming a supreme gentleman

>the truth

you may select only one
>You complete another quest
>Chad finishes on her chest
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>you spend your time modding games
>Chad spends his time maiming dames
>you have lengthy debates on Dawkins
>her hole is what Chad puts his cock in
>Chad is giving her a roast
>on r9k, you shitpost
Dawkins stole it and the neckbeard Wiki editors gave him credit.

this one hurts for some reason

make it stop
re-read The Selfish Gene, you fucking fat-ass faggot. from the 30th anniversary edition:

"The new soup is the soup of human culture. We need a name for
the new replicator, a noun that conveys the idea of a unit of cultural
transmission, or a unit of imitation. 'Mimeme' comes from a suitable
Greek root, but I want a monosyllable that sounds a bit like 'gene'. I
hope my classicist friends will forgive me if I abbreviate mimeme to
meme* If it is any consolation, it could alternatively be thought of as
being related to 'memory', or to the French word meme. It should be
pronounced to rhyme with 'cream'."
>you spend all your time online
>she drinks Chad's brine
>you think you can choose only one
>Chad puts his wang between her buns
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>"meme" is pronounced to rhyme with "cream"
>meanwhile, her ass Chad will surely ream
>mimeisthai 'to imitate'

mimeisthai doesn't mean "to imitate", it means "it will imitate".

"To imitate" in Ancient greek is "mimein".

>Plebs can't into ancient greek
>sit at home eating french toastie
>while chad pounds her creamy roastie.
>you call us pathetic on a Japanese anime website
>chad fucks your bitch no matter how much you fight
>you read and quote The Selfish Gene
>Chad takes off her skintight jeans
>You don't know about the birds and bees
>Chad givers her another veneral disease
>You work out and are pretty buff
>Chad is smaller and still gets her muff
someone who doesn't know anything about ancient greek will actually read what you wrote and believe you. i do feel sorry that you don't know what an infinitive is, though.
>You think about how your time on earth is wasted
>Chad talked her up, made her kneel down and taste it
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bro feel.jpg
231 KB, 900x548
>You turn on the Purifier
>Chad lifts her ass a little higher
>you're pretty good at posting memes
>Chad goes so deep he feels her spleen
"Mimein" is the present infinitive you fucking mongoloid.

"Mimesthai" is the perfective infinite.

Suck a dick, I study this shit for a living.
>you jerk it to the sexy voice of a fat girl on vacaroo
>meanwhile, he gives stacey the ol lickaroo
t. /fit/
>you're on /mu/ being a contrarian
>she's having her face filled by a true Aryan
>you save photos of pepe and wojak
>Chad doesn't bother to call her back
>you are obsessed with the word "cuck"
>he makes the neighbors hear her fuck
>you spend the week playing WoW
>Stacey's butt he will plough
>you argue with dweebs about tongues from the past
>she gets on her knees and her tongue makes Chad blast
you are deeply confused and i'm sorry that they pay you for your confusion

mimeisthai is the present infinitive.


back to class with you lol
>you study words to pay the bills
>Chad's huge erection gives her thrills
>your "anon does x chad does y" greentexts don't rhyme
>chad creams your oneitis the 25th time
>you send a poster back to class
>Chad puts his schlong inside her ass
I'll correct myself, but so should you.

It is a present infinitive, you are right.

But it's in medium voice.

"Mimein" is present infinite, in active voice.
>while your study hard for your future life
>Chad fills the cunt of your future wife
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>With Chad and Tyrone she shares a rich sexual history
>What happened to their bodies will be a real mystery
> You discuss active or passive voice
> yet remain lonely; you have a choice.
How to frame reality 101:
>You stay reading the best book ever feeling like you've truly lived for the first time reading this magnificent piece of art.
>Some dumb monkeys are going through the motions. He sticks dick in hole. Profit. Empty lives. They end up killing themselves.

Sounds a bit different, doesn't it?
>They end up killing themselves
They end up getting married and reproducing*
But I want to kill myself and Chad is happy

>Chad gets a comfy middle management job and lives happily ever after
> Drinking and binging, thinking of the real issues
> In the corner grows a stack of cum-stained tissues
> And you ponder about your glorious virtues
> But better genes and cock is all she pursues
>you keep her fed
>she gives chad head
> Your cock is so dead
> She sneaks in Chad's bed
>But it's in medium voice.

find me the equivalent of "mimoumai" in active voice (what would "mimeo" exactly mean lol) in ancient greek and I'll applaud you, m8.
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>"just work hard and you will be rewarded!"
>"women like men who work hard and are nice!"

>you study hard in school
>chad is fucking prime pussy

>you try to be a good person to everyone
>chad is most popular by being an asshole

>you worked very hard to get a good job
>chad takes your tax money to live on welfare and creates single mothers who take even more tax money

>finally work your way up to get your own place at the age of 30
>all women are used up leftovers from chad

>go for a mail order bride out of desperation
>she cheats on your with chad and divorces you for alimony
File: 1426243455632.jpg (122 KB, 1334x709) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 1334x709
pic related

>Chad gets a comfy middle management job and lives happily ever after
yep. Great genes --> great life. Almost no exceptions. And todays society is built to benefit Chad more than ever while excluding us.
>they removed the redpill comics blog because it was offensive to womyn

>you listen to some good black metal
>of her virgin flower chad rips the petal
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521 KB, 800x559
>you jerk off to unicorns
>she jerks guys in uniforms

spent a while trying to get this one to work, im quite proud of it.
>you wonder if you should go for trannies
>Chad ejaculates in a hundred cunnies
File: Feelgun.jpg (35 KB, 550x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 550x453
Damn this one hurts. Well done anon.
File: 1448731990809.png (667 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you look at the stars and wonder how vast the universe is
>she looks up to chad and wonders how vast his cock is
>you rhyme is with is
>Chad unleashes on her, piss
>you gaze with wonder at a shining star
>she gazes with hunger at Chads new car
>you're out at night looking up
>shes out looking for a fuck
>you calculate the Earth's perihelium
>Chad bites on her tender perineum
Familiae thats some weak shit
>you spend the night playing your favorite game
>she smiles at Chad as he yells "ugh, I came"
>you lurk the web until your eyelids sag
>she lurks on Chads bed until he fills her vag
>while you read the book "how to become a good communicator"
>Stacy for the 3rd time in a row gently squeezes chad's inseminator
>you text her to ask her how's it going
>in her, Chad's sperm is flowing
You gaze at the vast universe from afar
Shes getting rimmed in a car
>you listen to that song one last time before bed
>Chad fills her with love juice and wipes his forehead
Thats the stuff people
>you ree about a comics blog
>chad penetrates her with his log
>you dream of a wife and 3 children
>she says she hasen't had her full yet
>first she yells at you: "you woman hater!"
>but do not worry, Chad will comfort her later
You jerk your small cock
She gets drilled by chads hard rock
technically meme in french is pronounced more like mem, as in the way in english we pronounce men, but with an m at the end instead of an n.
>you give her the ree
>he gives her the dee
>another anon agrees with you
>but Chad is still filling her with goo

>you try really hard to rhyme well
>Chad will make her belly swell
>you yearn for her touch, it's really quite sad
>Chad puffs on his dutch while driving her mad
>Your at home reading meditations
>Shes licking up chads secretions
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>you spend your time studying for your STEM degree
>Chad gets to watch her pee
>as you wallow in self-loathing
>Chad is slowly taking off all her clothing
>with this pretty girl you're quite smitten
>too bad; Chad is gonna smash her kitten
> You stay at home reading Montaigne's essays
> Lord of War got it wrong: Chad, not evil, prevails
>you know it technically rhymes with men
>with Chad she commits untold sin
>you ask yourself "jump from cliff or cut my wrists?"
>"please fuck me harder, Chad!" she insists
>you cry and scream for a girlfriend
>Chad grunts and lunges inside her backend
>she thinks your celibate
>you go full elliot
>you think she's pure, not like the rest
>Chad laughs to himself as he cums on her chest
Loloha go liot
>you keep jerking off to japanese bukkake
>while she's sipping on Hitoshi's hot sake
>you have to work hard to make a living
>she just lays on her back and takes a dicking
>you fuck a practice fatty
>she sucks chad's fatty
>you silently wish for her to be yours
>Chad pounds in her shit and calls her a whore
>you have nothing to live for
>shes getting pounded on the floor
>your insides feel empty, you yearn for some love
>her insides are warm, Chad fits like a glove
File: 0 to autizmo.jpg (275 KB, 1300x1104) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0 to autizmo.jpg
275 KB, 1300x1104
>you are at the gym trying to make it
>she's cooking him breakfast naked
File: 1451614068781.jpg (109 KB, 1280x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 1280x853
>at candle lit a romantic song for her you sang
>the voices she remembers of her first gang bang
a very nice rhyme
File: Bernardo_Homolka.jpg (12 KB, 166x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 166x240
>in this thread I try my best to come up with a rhyme
>on her own little sister Chad convinces her to commit a lewd crime
>you massage her feet
>chad gives her his cum to eat
>you think there's a shot, she might be the one
>he's hitting that spot, they're making a son
>death is your only escape from this ride
>Chad blows his load and continues his stride
>you love this thread, so tragically funny
>she gives Chad head, he fucks her cunny
>you wonder "does my whole life only consist of broken dreams?"
>"Yes Chad! Harder, harder, harder!" she screams
>an end to this suffering, you'll never get
>Chad gives her a look, she's getting wet
>you apply to a mediocre grad school
>she and chad get naked in his pool
>poo poo pee pee and wojak
>while she swallows cock and Jack
File: 1422732733634.jpg (123 KB, 641x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 641x600
>your days and nights, empty
>while chad makes her feel full
>you scream out in envy
>a cuck, while chad's the bull

its all about syllable structure guys
>you work for IT, you work with the tech
>she jumps up with glee, Chad promised to wreck
>you browse 4chan, reading the funnies
>she's round his place, eating his cummies
>you are nice and caring guy but she doesn't care
>Chad will soon mount her like a stallion his mare
File: 1450724579608.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
>you finish your last deadlift set of the week on friday night
>she smiles and blushes through her freckles at Chad's pounding
>Your servers have gone down again, you'll need a conference call
>Yes she screams, as she sucks on Chad's balls.
>You bought some new clothes, thought you were set
>chads sloppy eighteenths are all you will get
> You practice your Latin by reading Erasmus
> She hooks with a latin that gives her orgasmus
>you cum in your hand, you cum on your sheets
>chad cums in her mouth then they both laugh at NEETS
>your parents give flack, guilt from failure is piling
>Chad blows out her back, she's exhausted and smiling
>you open porn and take out cock
>she is making Chad's bed rock
File: Feelroman2.jpg (244 KB, 677x782) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244 KB, 677x782
I know it. I know it bro.
>in your room you do stay
>on his cock she does sway

The exhausted and smiling part was a deep burn for some reason

Just cvck me jeb bush
>you think about her day and night
>chad fucks her pussy tight

Too real man
>with your relentless drinking, you down your rum
>with his relentless pounding, he makes her cum
Go to sleep Jaykol.
>your room is a mess, why don't you clean?
>he unbuttons her dress, ready to eat gean
>you are getting comfy under the blanket
>While Chad fucks her with his rocket
Fifth refactor today,
Makes you feel like you rock.
But she thinks you are gay,
While she bobs on a chad cock.
>all your advances she will block with hasty
>but not Chad's when she's cock thirsty
>you will never have them senpai
>he will forever give them a creampie
>you think you'll get better, be worth something
>Chad makes 'em wetter, not dancing full swing
>you post dank sadfrog memes
>chad fucks her until she screams
>your soul is enlivened by every book
>her pussy's stretched out by the dick that she took

>some day you just know that you'll read them all
>"uh oh," she thinks, "i'm hitting the wall!"

>your knowledge is growing, your intellect vast
>her cock carousel is ending at last

>each year that you age, another hard-won
>at just twenty-five, her heyday is done

>so when you get jealous of their silver plate
>remember that they have a best-before date
>you think of finally killing yourself
>chad's fuck-count today is just at 12
>yet another day wasted away
>"to be on his cock" she does pray
>deep inside you feel the hurt
>chad just made your oneitis squirt
>you're re-reading Baudelaire
>she cleans cum out of her hair
Some of you are extremely bad at this, your autism shows when you can't make a proper poem that's structurally pleasing.
post of approval
>you criticize people's poetry
>Chad rearranges her internal geometry
File: boss.gif (951 KB, 500x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
951 KB, 500x250
beautiful, saved
>you get back into your irc
>chad pulls out his dick and she is getting on her knee
you're a legend, do more of these.
only do the ones you feel are quality.
>you say, "at least I have you" as you rub your pup's tum-tum
>she's dreaming of rex and his impressive baculum
there's a great many things a woman might do,
for instance, complain, gossip, or screw.
for god made her form -- well enough -- like a man's.
but in that distraction, he bungled the plan.
in making her physically gorgeous, you see,
he forgot to install what a man really needs.
in the end, while she has some very nice holes,
it's a shame god neglected to give her a soul.
>you listen to beethoven
>chad puts a bun in her oven
>You shitpost on r9k with a REE
>But Chad's fucking her now, and he's making her scream
>you live your life like a lonely sad wretch
>she dreams of Chad and which holes he will stretch

>your parents are happy their basements your place
>she loses count of the loads on her face

>you toil day and night to be ready for class
>Chad and his bros make her taste her own ass
>you wonder what you have become
>chad fucks her into the bum
>desperately you get drunk on rum
>chad fills her up with all his cum
you sound like this guy who reviews bad dragon toys from the perspective of a gay bottom.
>life, the everlasting collapsing structure
>chad fucked her, HE FUCKED HER
Of all the people you could've compared me to.

You cut me deep, anon.
thread theme
shit's killing me

>You jerk off to hentai
>Chad is fucking her tonight
he's actually a cool guy, used to make video game videos.
does that rhyme in your head?
I feel like I need to see a priest just by catching a glimpse of that thumbnail.
Shame on you, degenerate.
>you love to facebook poke her
>chad's pulling her hair to yoke her

>your SMS poetry flowed
>meanwhile she was draining chad's load

>you surprise her, a diamond provider
>chad surprise her by nutting inside her
I found him because of the games, I stayed after he started making these gay videos. thought they were satire at first but by this point he must have spent a few hundred, not many people will spend that much on a joke that will only be seen by couple dozen thousand. is it really so wrong for him to want to shove weird fantasy penises inside his body and share his experiences with us?
why don't you try being less judgmental, you faget.
from far off, as a NEET, i fancied that chads
had attained what a man could e'er want to have.
so i set myself scheming, i drew up a list,
of what i must do to get my first kiss.
i lifted, i showered, i uninstalled games,
i spoke out in classes, i learned normies' names.
i deleted my porn, embarked on nofap,
and even stopped talking on steam to that trap.

little by little, my normalcy grew.
in asinine chitchat, i learned what to do.
i learned that the normies love movies and shows,
and instagram, facebook, and shopping for clothes.
i stalked all their haunts, absorbing their habits,
tried not to recoil when they all fucked like rabbits.
i wrote down the remakes and sequels they saw,
and scrutinised them for governing laws.

i seemed to be changing, reforming aright;
was my dream to get pussy now coming in sight?
i needed to test it. i needed a trial.
having come all this way, i was on the last mile.
i went to the stacy whose trust i'd most gained,
i asked her to coffee. i made my case plain.
"i'm sorry," she said, "you're a really nice guy,
but i only date men who are over six five."
>rhymes don't always explain
>Chad inflicted pain
Yeah, at least with my accent.
>You nitpick about slant rhymes
>Chad fucks her a thousand times
File: Meme supreme.png (454 KB, 829x1249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Meme supreme.png
454 KB, 829x1249
>This sure is a great thread
>Meanwhile she gives Chad head
>You spent the whole night lurking /r9k/
>While she is with chad mentioning you are probably gay
Bravo, anon *applauds*
Agree with
Do more please!
This one's pretty good too
All completely ace.
> You watch her dance as you lie on the corner
> There's no doubt she's now become a coalburner
>You dream of restoring the Bulgarian Empire
>While Chad's cock sets her ass on fire

>You analyze world events while reading a socialist blog
>Chad mounts her like a stray dog
>You study the structure and origin of the old slavic language
>Chad fucks her drunk in the hedge
>you ponder your failures for the millionth time
>even chads sloppy seconds will never be mine
Damn now that's a real life case of same face
Are they sisters?

>At fifty your grey hair makes you distinguished //
>The One sits alone, her passions extinguished //

>You head to the gym, your angst is unpent //
>She weeps at night, her looks are all spent //

> Wrinkles? A few. That's just how it goes //
> But men age like wine, so don't make them your woes //

> Her youth, fleeing fast, seemed just yesterday //
> "Why don't they like me? Why won't they stay?" //

> You stay late in the evening, running the show //
> The young, pretty intern looks over, aglow //

> "Anon, do you need me? It's getting late" //
> "I should prob'ly head home, 'less you need me to wait?" //

> She bobs and she simpers, you see with some pleasure //
> You drink in her body, relaxed, at your leisure //

> "You know what I'd like, what would make things just right?" //
> "If we grabbed a quick drink, called it a night" //

> Her face lights up happy, she looks at you shy //
> "We'd best make a move then, but I won't make you buy!" //

> "Don't be so silly, where would we be? //
> If I can't treat my interns, what would that make me?" //


> So you leave and you notice, she looks up at your eyes //
> So eager and perfect, not tainted with lies //

> The evening goes smoothly, all falls in place //
> You share a good bottle, then lean close to her face //

> "You know you remind me, of an old crush of mine //
> I wanted to bed her, but hadn't the spine" //

> This makes her heady, her heart thumps her chest //
> "But Anon, what stopped you? You're one of the best!" //

> "You're so sweet to say so, I wish that I had //
> When I look back on my youth, it makes me so mad!" //

> "Then lets seize the day, no time to waste //
> Come back with me Anon, come back to my place!" //

> You head to her house, and note once again //
> That this is too easy, no challenge to win //

> The night disappears in erotic bliss //
> Somewhat marred by having to piss... //

> ...six times that night; not such a chore //
> When you consider just what a whore... //

> ...You left in that bed, all covered in cum //
> The sheets rumpled up, exposing her bum //

> "Now that I'm older", you think to yourself //
> "I see just how women end up on the shelf" //

> "It isn't too tricky, it isn't too hard //
> To exploit these young girls, then to discard... //

> ...Their lithe eager bodies, their smooth supple skin //
> Just like The One, they'll end up in the bin" //
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>Anonymous, published in _The Roast Is Toast Collection_. 4chan: Doubles & Quads, 2016.
>You make her laugh
>Chad fucks her ass with his 10" cock and then finishes on her face.
*she drowns in his cum

-1 for not scanning
+10 for evocative rage
>While you were at home during prom, thinking of life
>Everyone else were living and dreaming, meeting future wives

>All you can see is hopelessness and despair
>He drilled her so hard her pussy needs repair

>Working hard is the path to the American dream
>Is that her face, or is it Chad's cream?
so underrated
>you lie in sorrow and abject boredom
>she suck of chads cock her frothy santorum
Continue to his for me r9k

>You sit at your desk, posting dank memes
>You post in this chinese frog forum
>She sucks chad's scrotum

> Chad's cock is so deep it's hurting her spleen...s
While you are musing upon the iambic rhyme
Chad has been fucking her the entire time
>you dream of giving her a single red rose
>while chads huge load shoots out of her nose
>tonight she will take 3 different peens
>your body: flabby and weak
>her pussy: Chad's cum does leak.
>anons rhyming makes you laugh
>tyrones semen makes her cough
>laugh rhymes with cough
on what planet?
English isn't my main language, I guess I'm tired and forgot how to pronounce cough.
>You eat your microwave dinner
>while chad puts it in her
Audibly kaffed at your post
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