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Driving Stories
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>in lane 1, driving home
>everyone stays in lane 1 unless they're a huge cock and want to pass you in lane 2
>intentionally drive through the intersection quickly so single car in lane 2 has to merge behind me
>normie flips me the bird, just kek

>normie bitch wants to merge lanes but isn't using her blinker
>just trying to nudge her car over into my lane
>intentionally speed up to fuck her over

>complex has visitor parking you can only leave a car parked in for 2 days max
>normie next door using one to store their corvette for winter
>report them, see ticket on their car the next day
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Retarded drivers piss me off
>not indicating
>pushing themselves into dangerous situations
>overtaking at dangerous points just to get stuck at the next red light with you
>don't check blind spots

I find it that people in expensive cars, old women, van drivers and taxis are the worst drivers out there.
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Your stupid if you have road rage or intentionally try to piss other drivers off. There may be kids or elderly that could get killed because of some stupid posturing.

All in mummy's car no less.

I'm mean running chad and stace off the road in the middle of nowhere, ok, but not in the city guys.
Just yesterday some middle aged woman in a hummer honked at me for "taking too long" on a red light turn.. when ongoing traffic was literally bumper to bumper, had to wait for a green arrow. I hope these people get killed
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>want to turn left
>bunch of cars passing spaced evenly enough that I don't want to pull in front of them
>two cars waiting behind me
I'm even a sperg driver
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>4 lane road with turning lane
>Traffic backed up
>people get in the turning lane and ride all the way up to the intersection
>flip their blinker on and cut in to the lanes
>fuckers keep letting people do this

>Fuckers that use the onramp to get to a whopping 40MPfuckingH

>Fuckers that don't know how to not block an intersection

>Fuckers that speed up when you try to pass them on a 2 lane country road

>Fuckers that don't turn their brights off on a 2 lane country road

>Fuckers that don't go as soon as the light turns green

>Fuckers that fuck around in their car at a busy gas station for minutes before moving on

>Fuckers >>25542139 that try to turn left on to a busy road when they can just turn right and pull a U-turn in half the fucking time
>4 way intersection but only 3 way stop
>normies honk at me for not stopping when I'm coming from the direction without a stop sign
>intersection even has a sign that says 3 way stop

Fucking retards in this city are going to kill me someday
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>3 way stop
File: stop.png (38 KB, 357x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't get what's so hard to understand
Never seen one of those. Seems retarded
Where I live there's lots of 3 way stops. They don't look like that though, they're just a generic T shaped intersection off the main roads.

Are you sure the sign didn't just fall or something? The only time there should ever be a 3 way stop is at a T intersection.
>fire station on an intersection
>if you stop at the red light in front of the intersection, you'll block the fire trucks from getting out
>there's a sign saying STOP HERE ON RED a few car lengths back from the intersection
>I stop where you're supposed to stop
>people behind me start honking and passing me

Fucking idiots. I hope a fire truck slams into them one day.
I'm the one complaining about the 3 way stop and yeah, it is real. It even has a sign right under the stop sign that says "3 way stop". It's just how the intersection is, most people that go through it know how it is but occasionally some retard just expects me to stop because they can't read a sign
Reading Comprehension. I'm not the guy you replied to before. I was saying that we have lots of 3 ways where I'm at, but they're all just T intersections. Not some weird 4 road shit like he was describing.
Several fire stations around me have signals in front of them. The majority of them stay green unless the trucks are about to come out on call. One though...

>On a T-intersection at a super-busy road
>Street opposite of fire station driveway always has blinking red light
>Super-busy road always has blinking yellow light

I've lost track of the number of times people slam on the brakes for that blinking yellow light, like they think it's about to turn red. 5 accidents in 3 years during rush hour.

>Intersection where cross street has stop sign
>Busy street has yellow pentagon school crosswalk sign
>People are always stopping for the yellow pentagon
All of my what

>Intersection in neighborhood where short street running down little hill has stop sign
>Long street running along hill does not
>People constantly running stop sign and stopping on long street for a non-existent sign

>Slowing down and leaving space for someone to merge in busy traffic
>They wait to merge until I've given up and started moving up again

>People who tailgate and cut in and out of lanes in heavy traffic and advance absolutely nowhere
>driving on highway
>leave space between me and guy in front of me because fuck getting into am accident
>some other asshat decides that this is the perfect amount of space to cut in without using a signal
>have to almost slam the brakes because they started slowing down
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who /brakecheck/ here
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Jesus Christ I love doing that to some faggot riding my ass on a 70mph freeway with the passing lane clear

>That eye contact when he finally fucks off
>Slowing down and leaving space for someone to merge in busy traffic
>They wait to merge until I've given up and started moving up again

Yeah, fuck this shit. I only let people in on a red light and that's it, I've had too many near-misses to trust anyone.
This thread has great potential, keep those greentext stories coming guys.
Makes me feel nostalgic of the olden days, the long long ago.
I know it's a meme but literally every girl i know who drives are terrible.

One girl who has three dents in her car after owning it for 4months.
>In car with her one day on our way to cinema
>Fox runs out into road
>She fucking screams and puts both hands over her eyes.

Sister owns a vauxhall astra on finance she can barely pay for, constantly remotely disabled.
She regularly just takes her hands off the steering wheel and drives with her knees. She's not texting or anything she just thinks she's a good driver. She's fucking terrible and she's crashed three times, had 2year ban DUI and can't park for shit.

cuck friends gf (literally cheated on him 4+ times)
>Buys a new Corsa on finance first time she visits dealer.
>Almost crashes twice on drive home.
>Constantly pulls out in round-a-bouts without looking

There seems to be this pattern where the woman think they're better at driving than everyone else so that gives them the excuse to not really pay attention to anything going on around them. Like they have absolutely no spatial awareness at all and don't even care. It just doesn't register for them.
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Love doing that senpai, these normies gotta know I'm not messing around
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>drive gas longbed f250(use for moving firewood)
>drive slow as fuck, all the time

fuck normalfags
>get home late at night (wageslave)
>road to my house is incredibly curvy, no streetlights, rednecks constantly leaving their trashcans and shit in the road, don't close their gates so there are stray and owned dogs and cats wandering the road all the time plus deer
>faggots don't turn off their brights when they're driving the opposite direction blinding me
>next time I see one I start flicking my brights on and off really quickly
>faggot starts leaning on his horn
>keep flicking them on and off
>he nearly careens into a ditch with his truck
>driving down narrow rural B-roads in wales
>people cutting corners like mad cunts and trying to squeeze you into the hedge.
I need my Isuzu Trooper back because this doesn't seem to happen when I drive that
>driving my folks home at night on highway
>2 lane way,
>doing 140kph, a little over the limit but to match everyone else's speed
>just over 340km left to go, nice to be home faster
>suddenly normie decides to be a wannabe sheriff and match the car on his right's speed (100km/h)
>therefore preventing anyone from passing and building up traffic
Fuck these people.
I don't give two shits, they know that lane merges immediately after the intersection. If those stupid beaners want to crash into me I don't care, I don't even try to move close to the yellow line, I stay right the fuck where I am. I'm not OP but we have that same intersection at canoga Ave and nordhoff.
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