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any cat owners here?
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who on r9k has a cat? post pictures, post stories, etc

can we please talk about cats?
Mine is sitting behind me caught up in the cloud of farts from my foul smelling ass.
I have two cats, they're not with me now so i can't take a new picture but this one is pretty good.
I have 2 cats as well, im much more of a cat person, but thats mostly cus my cats are the greatest shit ever and my 2 dogs are the worst pieces of shit ever.
My cat is deformed
it's just a catsnake
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warning hot pussy coming through!
Daily reminder that dogs are better than shit cats
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Those are some nice fuckin' kitties, boys
So, my cat does this weird thing when I crawl under my blanket, where he'll angrily march in place, wandering all around my blanket, and meow in a shrill manner when I attempt to pet him.

After a while, he gets bored or something, meows in protest, then jumps off and angrily lays on his side.

Can anyone relate? Why does he do this?
That's pretty fucking weird bro

Have you ever lifted the covers and shown the opening to him? Maybe he wants to go under but doesn't know how. My cat does that.
cat owners are fucking cancerous reddit-tier faggots
Daily reminder that they're both just as good depending on the needs and views of the owner and that taking strong sides either way about a subjective topic is the highest form of autism
My uncle's cat is old and creaky. He's developed spondylosis, so he sort of waddles and staggers when he moves. If he twists the wrong way or if you scratch him in the wrong place, he has a muscle spasm/seizure and bounces around for a few seconds. Other than that, he's still an affectionate little guy who loves to sit outside in the rain.

My sister's cat hates me, or at least won't tolerate me. I try to give her scratchies, she recoils and usually growls, sometimes hisses. Once, she went to hiss at me, but no sound came out, so she was just sitting there with teeth bared, looking kind of silly. My mother is her current human and would sit in her lap forever if she could.
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My cat farts in her sleep, runs around jumping from wall to wall at 3 am, and stares at me when I'm taking a shit or masturbating
Average cat, tbqh familia
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Outside cat for the most part, he's still a pretty friendly guy.

I think this means he's trying to fuck ya mate
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Fuck yes, this is my kind of thread. I'm just going to talk about my cat
I have a cat who I have had since I was 6 and he is now 12. He is very gentle and loves attention. As soon as I lay down he sits on my chest and just chills there until I fall asleep. He has a loud meow that sounds similar to a howl and sometimes meows randomly at the walls(I've been trying to figure out why for ages) but also makes a short meow when he sees me get up or come home like he is saying hi or is excited. He has plenty of food but is still so skinny and small. Does any anon know what breed he is?
how do you deal with an "outside cat"? Does he just roam the neighborhood and drop in whenever he feels like it?
not the anon you are replying to
but generally that is how my half outside cat is, however one time we got a complaint from our neighbor that our cat was sitting on top of his bird feeder killing all of the visiting birds

He's been more of a house cat now that he has aged. Yes, he'd be gone for a couple days then show up. We picked him up off the street in the first place when he was a kitten.
maine coon
that seems really dangerous and bizarre to me but I haven't owned a cat since I was barely able to form memories, although I've heard that this kind of outside cat is relatively common
I got 3 cats.

One female that comes on my bed to sleep with me
One male that looks dopey but is soft as shit
Another grey male that likes to hump a racoon in the early hours of the morning. Willy comes out as he humps it.

I want a maine coon or an egyptian mau as my next cat.
Isnt that a slav breed?
It's qt anyway.
Would pet it.
it's not a maine coon.
it's an American Longhair.
Dogs owners are fucking cancerous reddit-tier faggots
I have thought this, but he is very small
He is very silky
I was thinking this could be a possibility

red flags for people in general
>he doesn't like cats
>he likes dogs
but I like both
Then I only half hate you ;)
does that mean you half love me?
No, the other half is indifference.
thanks for nothing
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THANK YOU! old cat coming through
Cats are awful creatures, the animal kingdom's equivalent to the female human.
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>cat is meowing like fuck and running around
>I'm trying to sleep
>she runs around "meow meow meow"
>"meow" again and then I hear her running
>open eyes
>she's right in my face
>slap her and tell her to shut the hell up
>she starts running around loud as hell meowing again
>I get mad, sit up, and throw a water bottle at her
>she leaves my room scared
>she continues to do this occasionally
>tfw cat is annoying as fuck
I got this bby accidentally.
>lost a cat who looked just like him (I foolishly let him out, he never returned)
>was extremely attached to him, posted flyers and ads everywhere, spent a bit of money having notices mailed out
>numerous people would contact me with info or believing that they had found my bby
>it never was my bby
>about 2 more months pass and I'm hopeless
>someone contacts me and seriously believes she has my cat so I take the chance despite knowing it's a bit useless now
>get there, the bitch is a worn out stoner
>immediately places cat who seemingly resembles mine into my arms
>fully aware he isn't mine, but this cunt will not take no for an answer
>says she will absolutely not take him back from me and that I should just abandon him where we met
>the cat has very obviously been outside his entire life and I instinctively think to take him home and love him otherwise I'll feel guilty forever
>we've been together for a while now and he's finally discovered that he has a permanent home and doesn't have to shit in the same hole beside the house
Just adopted two kittens, a male and a female. They are siblings and are very well behaved and socialized.

I was a dog person until I had cats, I'll say that much.
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Sharing Leona, she is 5 yo and follows me everywhere.
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one of two furbags of mine
reached an age of 18 this autumn
has 2 15-storey falls on record
first time she lay sick for a couple days then kind of came to and recovered, she was like 8 years old at the time
second time she crawls into a box after i bring her back and stays there for like a day
next day full recovery
7 lives to go?
Thread replies: 41
Thread images: 13
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