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Hey guys, I'm the same barkeep from last night. Have a drink, share some tunes, and most of all, share some feels. I'll give advice when I can, and emotional support when I can't.
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Just fuck my shit up Op

A hs friend invited me over for dinner last night at his house

I don't know if I should go or not
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>tfw really want a cat but not sure if I could get away with keeping on in my apartment

I just moved into an apartment in September near my college that my parents pay for. I get $175 every two weeks from them in order to pay my electric/internet bills every month as well as get food and gas for myself. When we got the lease for 12 months, I didn't think at the time that I would want a pet so we didn't pay the $350 fee and agree to the $25/mo fee.

For the past month or so I've been looking at adoption sites for cats and I have finally found one that I really like. The only problem is I can't afford the fee on my own and I'm scared that the cat would pee all over the carpet or scratch up the walls or do something else I wouldn't really be able to hide. Also I would be scared of someone seeing me with it like when one of the managers comes to give me packages dropped off at the leasing office.

My parents are pretty wealthy and very supportive of me and everything but I would feel bad asking them for even more money than they already give me to live on my own during school. I'm new to this whole living on my own thing and I really want this kitten but I'm worried about dumb shit.
Got some comfy OST going myself
For a taste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm-X7KBBacM
For the rest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGmhtFgoAGA

Gonna' start trying to implement some exercises tomorrow from a self-help book my psychologist recommended me over the break. Feeling pretty nervous about it. Hope I've got the fortitude.
Go for it man!
I'm still in love but I know it will hurt me, please help
feel great barkeep i'll have a double cognac make sure it's vsop and NEET. here's a crisp 20 for ya. possible cougar is coming back to town that i want to fuck and get drunk with. asian cougar i had was lifeless and boring desu.
I'm terrible with that, can't really help ya. Sorry :/
I think a good solution, not just for your problem, but also to allow yourself to feel more independent and self-reliant, would be to get a part-time job. It would allow you to get experience with time and money management and you'll feel more pride in yourself that you don't have to 100% depend on your parents financially. Then you can afford to get the pet fees and even save some money while you're parents are helping you out.

Otherwise, I wouldn't risk breaking the rules of your lease, especially when you're parents are signed on with you.

I hope you do get a cat, anon. It's awesome that you're looking at adopting a rescue. My rescue cat is the greatest thing in my life. She's my best friend and cheers me up every day when she runs from the window to the front door when she seems me walking up the pathway.
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Here's your congac, senpai. Enjoy, and good luck with that Mommy pussy.
Watching some /comfy/ videos on Existentialism:
Good luck, dude. Can I get you a drink, bud?
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Lagavullin neat friend

One of my old buddies from high school who was 2 years younger than me got arrested. I was kind of his mentor and big brother figure since he was a robot and had few friends and a lot of issues but we had a lot in common. His parents were both in the military so he never saw them growing up and was raised by his grandparents basically so he always resented his parents. He's been pronounced legally dead 4 times; hit by cars on 2 separate occasions, martial arts injury, and suicide attempt. He had legal trouble in the past because when he was 12 years old he was in a Boy Scout troop and some 16 year olds convinced him to sexually assault a girl but this didn't come up until years later when the same girl was at our school and having unrelated troubles in school and brought it up as past trauma or something and her parents didn't know until then so they pressed charges and he was trying to get it sorted out for about 2 years. One of my friends from high school said one day he choked some girl out in class and got arrested for assault and is looking at jail time which sucks because he's a good kid who got dealt a bad hand in life. Saddest part is the guy who told me about him said that no one at the school cares that he's gone.

On second thought make that lagavullin a double.
OK I'm going over this evening

Wish me luck
Well the thing is, I don't really know if I could work a part-time job. I'm a full time web design student right now. I have classes every day. I also have a back injury which means I can't really lift anything over 10 pounds, and I can't stand for long periods of time without it starting to seriously hurt.

I have some experience as an office/administrative assistant, and have searched on Craigslist for similar positions where I could do basic office work for like 2 or 3 hours a day but I rarely get responses when I send a resume and quick introduction.

Thanks for reminding me that my parents' names are on the lease though. I really wouldn't want to get fucked and have to make them pay some huge fee because I tried to hide a pet.

Its the cutest cat I have ever seen and her adoption fee is actually very low because she has been at the clinic for so long, I'm in love with her and I'm really worried someone will pick her up before I could ;_;
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Here's your drink, pal. Nice Wojak, by the way. Really sucks hearing about your friend, its like the whole world is against us brobots.
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>tfw overdraft
>tfw -$157
>tfw fuck LC
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Bartender...I'd like a vodka and tonic, please.
What did you spend the money on?
your the best where's your manager at i have nothing but good words to speak of.
>tfw can't wait till i get a older mommy to fuck with nsa and she cooks for a nigga
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Here's your drink, bubby. See, it looks like Wojak is dining alone.... But hes actually on a date with his feels.
>fuck LC

Woah there. I hope you're not speaking ill of based Little Caesars.
Oh, right. I'll just grab a pint of whatever craft ale you've got on tap. Cheers.

What's your take on self-help books anyway? This is the first I've tried. The idea has always irked me.
The only manager I have is my feels.
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Self-help books? They seem like a steaming crock of Jewish shit to me.
I feel awful for him man. Normies tormented him constantly and even the guy who he thought was his best friend who saw it all go down didn't even bother to tell me it happened until I asked about it. He's a minor and he'll have already been to court for sexual assault and assault and battery, if he doesn't do more than 2 years in jail he'll probably get it dropped from his record when he turns 18 I'd think but I honestly think he'll kill himself in jail. He told me once that every time he died his mental problems got worse and he said every time it happened he'd get another voice up in his head so I'm thinking he might have been schizophrenic or had multiple personality disorder. He was just dealt a bad hand in life, no way he would have done any of this if his parents actually raised him or cared about him at all and those guys hadn't forced him to sexually assault that girl when he was young and impressionable. Normies ruined the dude's life and now he's looking at jail time for it.
Hey bartender, I'm not much of a drinker, could you pack me a bowl?

Which reminds me, I need to find a new dealer. I quit smoking weed a few years ago because I was smoking more than I could afford, but after visiting with family in Colorado and dabbling back into it I realized just how much I miss it. Hopefully the topic comes up with some people I work with so I can ask around.
I'd like a handgun with a side of forty five, please barkeep.

S-say, you don't mind if I use your bathroom too?
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Helium tanks are in the back bud.
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Here's a fat mary jay-jay doobie, full of the Herbal Jew. Enjoy.
For the dealer part, I dont know anything about weed, maybe some other anons can help.
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Don't I know the feeling...

Need to unfuck my shit soon. Gonna be tough, but it has to happen.
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On the one hand I couldn't agree more, but on the other, it's gotta' be better than nothing, right? Might just be a jump start to get the real improvement going.
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Fuckin' normies man. What the fuck is wrong with normies? Why do they have to treat us like shit? Fuck man, I'm reaching a breaking point here.
>Might just be a jump start to get the real improvement going.
Thats one way to look at it I guess.

holy shit that qt natsoc gf
>tfw no natsoc gf
why live
I really recommend finding a creative outlet or hobby more than any self-help book. Creating something can be quite a rush and seeing improvement in your skills over time is a huge confidence boost. I got back into drawing and started seriously studying Spanish just over a year ago and they have done wonders for me. Whenever I feel myself getting into a rut emotionally I can usually pull myself out just by sketching for a few hours. I suppose it's very therapeutic. You don't have to draw or study a language like I have, but find something active to do, be it writing, learning an instrument, running, lifting weights, anything more involved than just sitting around shitposting, watching anime, and playing video gams really.
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God I just went back on his old social media stuff and one of the quotes on his profile was "my friends are my family" and I got hit with the feels hard because his friends were all he had and in the end they let him down and no one was there for him or cared about him when he was gone. Now I realize I'm one of his friends too and I'm no different. I tried to mentor him and teach him better outlets for his anger and stuff but I guess none of it worked and that makes me feel like I failed him. Dude just needs help and to be away from normies and he'd never hurt a fly because he was a great friend a great guy deep down and normies couldn't see that because he was always forced to act tough around them so he would get bullied less.

Pour me a double rum and coke man I just wanna go numb and stop feeling this feel.
I told the girl I love my feelings via text a few days ago. Why did I do this?
How did it go?
Just went back though my texts from him and found the last thing he sent me in May when I graduated and I feel awful

"Congrats on graduating, and have fun at your party, dad got in late, so I can't make it, so we need to go airsofting now"

Well Luc guess we're not gonna get to go airsofting for a while now. I'm sorry the normies did this to you and I'm sorry I failed you as a mentor and a friend. These feels are too much.
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This world isn't fucking fair. I fucking hate normies so much. They won't even let us have our board, our beloved /r9k/, to ourselves. Fuck.
Not that there's anything wrong with you OP but what happened to your predecessor? He made a mean bloody ceasar, can you fix me one me up please?
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I've actually surrounded myself with every one of those opportunities, and I've always had the idea that I'd like to develop the meagre art skills I've currently got. Problem is I can't find joy in any of it for long enough to improve. Got huge problems with personal criticism and every outlet simply leads to frustration. The psych and the book are the next fall-back.

Got any of your drawings on you?
It's a complicated situation but it felt good to finally have it out in the open. She's currently dating my friend, who actually loves me and would have preferred to be with me if the choice was possible (he's bi and I'm straight to clarify).

We saw a movie tonight and talked about this later on. It was nice but I couldn't help but feel awkward. Her feelings towards me are difficult to determine but I think she feels similarly.

It's just fucked any way it goes. Their relationship won't last because they want drastically different things. This year is going to be quite a ride.
It may be worthwhile to persevere until you do see the improvement, but I can understand if it isn't fun for you. I think there is some creative outlet out there for everyone. Good look with the self-help books though if that's ultimately what works for you.

I don't have anything on my computer because I don't draw digitally; however, I do want to get a tablet soon for working on a webcomic. I've mostly just been doing Star Wars fan art lately.
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He's either dead or dying. Cancer or Huntington's or something. RIP.

Enjoy your drink buddy <3
Good luck my dude. I hope you escape the
>tfw no gf
Thanks for the drink, are you serious about the last bar anon? Shit *raises glass*
It's too late for that. I just want off this ride.
Yeah, I'm dead serious. We lost a good man from our ranks.
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If you really want to end it, the back room's got some feelium. They say its the comfiest way to go.
Goodnight everyone. Tommorow I'll make the thread earlier, I was caught up with some family bullshit today. I love and care about each and every one of you guys <3
Also get me a Corona Extra so I can drink to the first bartender wherever he is.

Drink to me
Drink to my health
You know I can't drink anymore
Thanks man. Take care and have a good one. We'll catch you tomorrow.
Fug, life sucks.
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Tablets are good fun for what it's worth. Good luck with yours. Don't stop at copying other webcomics' style. Learn the basics of anatomy and eke out your own aesthetic. As always, get some Loomis into you, but specifically for comics Scott McCloud if you haven't already.
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not really feels, well might be, just want to vent

>know a girl
>get along really well
>keen on her
>small feeling that she might be keen on me too
>both made a deal to get super fucking high together and watch Danger 5 together
>problem is we both dont have anywhere convenient to get high b/c of strict parents and shit

just when you think you're so close...
Night anon, thanks for the drinks and the help.
>talking to somebody online about degeneracy and the moral decline of society
>we agree on a lot of things, especially about how relationships should work
>we talk a bit more
>holy shit, it's actually a girl
>we keep talking and getting on very well for a few days
>first time I've ever gotten on so well with somebody
>use some info she gave me to find her Facebook page
>she's pretty
>60 friends, most of them are family and people from work
>want to ask her out
>start typing an autistically long paragraph asking her out
>get a message from her mid way through
>she asks me if I want to go out for coffee some time
>oh my god
>she fucking asked me out
>of course I say yes
>we organise to meet tomorrow afternoon

What do I do?
What should I wear?
I'm probably ugly I don't know oh god
How soon is too soon to tell somebody you love them?

I'm fucking terrified
>ask girl when are we going to go on date
>responded "I'll never take that question serious"
It took me months to work up the nerve to ask this
Why can't I stop spending fucking money
because you're shit. just dont spend it on any useless shit.
Don't appear clingy on the first date. Treat it casually and don't step over the line. Try and show her you just want to chill and continue to discuss the stuff you talk about online as well as telling each other a little about themselves. Don't wear a graphic shirt, stick with plain colours but don't go overboard or you will look like a faggot. If it all goes according to plan she should message you wanting to meet up again. If she doesn't within three days you should message her first, apologising that you were busy the past few days so you could not go online and if you want to meet up again sometime. Also try to subtly lower your voice when you are talking but if you do it too much you will come off as a tryhard

Good luck anon
>What do I do?
Turn up promptly, don't be a sperg, keep all spaghetti away from the sides of the ride at all times. She asked you out so the main thing is don't fuck it up by trying too hard, she wants you there enough to ask you, remember that.
>What should I wear?
Something clean and pressed, be the best version of your day to day self.
>I'm probably ugly I don't know oh god
You might be ugly but if she likes what she sees don't fight it."I like your hair anon" doesn't mean you need to reply with a 15 point screed as to why you hate it.
>How soon is too soon to tell somebody you love them?
Find out if she smells, has any annoying laugh or some shit like that first, you love the bits you know of her but you don't know enough of her yet to be throwing I love you's around just yet.
Try asking again with a plan not just "fancy a date?" but "fancy coming to x to y and see z with me?"
Was going to post worse advice in earnest until I refreshed and saw your post. This is all rock solid.
>read but changed subject
She's taking forever to respond to the simplest thing at this point. Starting to think I fucked up.
>don't be a sperg, keep all spaghetti away from the sides of the ride at all times.
How do I do this?
I express myself so much better through text than I do through speech.
What if she hates my voice? I think I have a stupid voice.
>Find out if she smells
At what point should I smell her?
Should I do it if we hug?

>If it all goes according to plan she should message you wanting to meet up again.
I already feel stressed just thinking about this.
I had to get up and walk around my chair a few times.
She ended up lecturing me.

>i haven't talked to that many times in months, how do you expect me to say yes right away to that

Yeah I fucked up
Damn dude, I was actually starting to think you were a pretty decent guy until this shit.
Don't fucking smell her lol

Unless she is wearing perfume you can smell within talking distance make notice of it and say she has nice perfume on. Women appreciate it when you notice little details like that. Also don't be stressed since if she doesn't reply, you'd be surprised to see how much she would want you to make the first move after the date. But she will probably message you first since she was the one who asked you out in the first place, also if you start to feel blood rushing to your head, just take a sip of your drink and breathe deeply (but not loudly) a couple of times
Take your time and try fully forming a thought before saying it. If it helps keep your hands out of sight and pretend you're typing.

I didn't literally mean you have to smell her like a dog with a new toy, it was an example of something that bothers me that you can't ascertain via text.
I'm just talking to myself in this bar sorry guys, I'm a little nervous because this is the first one i've asked out.

Her: "it's all good don't worry i just wish we'd talk more. i have no idea what's going on in each other's lives anymore"

i-is this good?
>you'd be surprised to see how much she would want you to make the first move after the date. But she will probably message you first since she was the one who asked you out in the first place
No that is too much, how will I know?

>also if you start to feel blood rushing to your head
Why would this happen?
Are you saying there is a possibility I will pass out?
If I passed out I would fucking kill myself as soon as I woke up.
>"it's all good don't worry i just wish we'd talk more. i have no idea what's going on in each other's lives anymore"
Sounds contrary, ask to spend time with her and she lectures you then she says she doesn't know what's going on with you.
Suggest catching up over a drink or two? I'm assuming you know her that well?
Ahahahahha it feels like I'm talking to that scared guy from inside out

Like I said, 2-3 after if she has not replied message her saying you were busy the past few days but you just wanted to say that you enjoyed hanging out and stuff

Also you won't pass out lol, I mean when you feel nervous and tight chested, just take a couple of breaths to get the oxygen flowing to your head so you can think clearly

You seem to enjoy the same stuff, I'm sure you will be fine
From way back.

We played Xbox together at my friends place time to time.
I just can't do it anymore guys, I've been in love with a colleague / best friend now for two years. The moments that I spend with her alone are the bright spots in my life, the one thing I look forward too. But I know she will never love me, she is a very legit 9/10, and very much only dates 6'2 blond hair blue eye tattooed bad boys, and I am a 4/10 (at best) 5'10 bald nerd (we are both doing PhDs). The joke is of course she knows, everyone knows, but I have never said anything to her, I want to give her the world, but she will never love me. I now drink every day to cope, and get blackout drunk a couple times a week, but it only provides a few hour distraction from the torment that is my life. We have at least two more years together as colleagues and idk if I can make it
is she really this picky or are you thinking she is?
She sounds ken but is knocking you back, talk about other stuff. you've been thirsty enough today.
Is it a bad idea to get a little bit drunk?
Not noticeably drunk, just a bit.
I thoughts that perhaps what I should do was to leave the country for a little bit, freshen up and escape the emotional and mental drain. So I left for a two month holiday. Of course though this holiday coincided with her own holiday at an island resort (I am backpacking myself), and she and her friends let me crash on their couch for a couple days. I ended up blowing almost a months budget with her, mainly on New Years eve. I kept having else unrealistic expectations that something would happen between us for Nye, but of course it didn't, and the joke is I would do it all again because more than anything else I love her, and she is my everything
Drink no more than 2 and a half glasses, it is the perfect balance between sober and tipsy. You will be warm and fuzzy and will be able to relax and also not do anything stupid
She really is, and she can be. She dated a dude like that for 7 years like that, and when she broke up a friend showed her tinder, and she now has a bunch of fuck buddies who look exactly like that
Is there a polite way to ask if a girl is a roastie?
"are you a trap?" if not she's a roastie.
I'm not saying it's easy but you've got to let go, it couldn't be clearer nothing is going to happen (unless you suddenly turn into chad thundercock overnight.)
>tfw low resists on Grim Dawn
How? I am with her 8+ hours every day
File: 1451303829330.jpg (527 KB, 1584x1175) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
527 KB, 1584x1175

Not much of a drinker. Roll me a couple blunts of Afghan Kush and get me 5 tabs of LSD (the real, tasteless one) please.

Going back to MIT (not actually MIT but another MIT-tier STEM school, don't want to give myself away tho) this coming fall after 2 yr leave of absence.

For the spring semester (starts next week), I'm taking 2 classes at CC: sociology and Japanese. Plus self-studying/reviewing all of PreCalc, Calculus, Diff Eq's, Linear Algebra (still have all my notes and textbook pdfs from freshman year) to get my boipucci ready for academic STEM hell again.

Is this spring semester schedule sound doable for a non-genius robot? Which should I drop: Soc or Japanese if it's not doable?
Btw gonna minor in Sociology (have already taken 5 soc classes) and major in Pure Math desu.

Also, how do I get gud with community college cuties without either revealing my autism /r9k/ PowerLevel or causing them to think I'm pretentious/too nerdy/smart for them to date because I got into (not)MIT while they went straight from HS to CC? (Note: I don't feel or act better than them, but I understand why some normie-tier qts would be repelled on principle by an elite-STEM school Autist slash Nerd in the true, original sense of the word.)

>inb4 ree normie
>inb4 he fell for the college meme
File: 1450341709724.jpg (210 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210 KB, 800x533

Also I feel like this is alot of just so much BS
If Autismbux is actually capable of providing a decent standard of living I want just fuck this entire shit and quit school senpai
Would happily join the NEET club again but for life this time
I actually am mentally fucked too
I hear voices and hallucinations on the regular phamiglia
File: 1437376864697.jpg (35 KB, 558x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 558x480
If you're still here, I'd like a bourbon and coke, and a shot capable of disolving my feels.
>i am so alone
This is an original bump

Can't deny dubs
Barkeep get this man his drank
Sometimes theres a point where I cant symptahize with violent characters anymore; theres just never an excuse desu.
I meant emotionally, find someone else to obsess over, hopefully that you have a chance with. You might think you're a 4/10 bald nerd but to some people you're soon to be Dr Robot, clever guy. Also speaking from personal experience; quite a lot of girls prefer bald guys.
File: Bourbon-Coke.jpg (259 KB, 864x561) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>bourbon and coke, and a shot
Not the barkeep but the dubs compelled me
File: abc.jpg (18 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 480x360
And here's your shot, guaranteed to knock the feels out of you.

Absinthe, Bacardi 151 and Chartreuse
File: bar2.jpg (12 KB, 350x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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do you guys have any nice,comfy and quiet bars in your area?
all the bars around me are always really busy and playing loud shitty music
None I've found but I don't go outside much these days.
Ive tried to meet other girls, tinder and dating apps i have no success. In read life i realyl struggle to talk to girls, and when i eventually do i can only do so as a friend (ie talking to them like a mate). I tried clubs and whenever i dance with girls they just give me this look of disgust. Im not fat, i go to the gym and have abs etc (though cant really tell with a shirt on). I feel like i have things going for myself career path wise, body etc, but something i do completely scares off all women. This girl is one of the only girls i jave ever really been close with, and whilst i know it will never work out, when im with her i feel like a normal dude for once...
>i can only do so as a friend (ie talking to them like a mate)
Stick with that, the more you're around women the better your odds of finding one who wants you. Having a oneitis never works out.
You're just ugly...
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