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obscure feels thread
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>tfw my cat is older than some girls in porn now
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>tfw souffle falls
>tfw your hair isn't as poofy as you want it to be
>tfw you learn many anons fap to pictures of your oneitis
Tfw you never feel hungry anymore and have to keep track of when you eat so you don't suffer from not eating for too long
>tfw your younger sibling has a boyfriend/girlfriend before you
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>tfw my cat is 17
>tfw she doesn't have many years left
>tfw had her since I was 20

I dont wanna feel these feels breh. I'm gunna be sad as fuck when she dies.
>made a yt playlist with the finest handpicked jap music circa 2011
>about 100 vids originally
>was bomb as fuck, listened to it almost everyday
>as of today 1/3 of the videos and their channels got purged
>all remaining accounts are inactive now

it's sad to see all that stuff gone
I've had this ever since I started living in a dorm.
Lost a bit of weight, it's a good feel.
I worry about this. I try to archive things that may not exist someday. I don't want to look back on what I used to enjoy on the internet 20 years ago to find that it's all gone.
>cat 19
>cat had recent stroke
>barely walks
>some wierd protein not producing right
>cat pills
>give that fag canned food whenever the fuck he wants
>doc says his blood looks great, alot better
just gotta do your best to keep them comfortable until the inevitable anon, my cats been sleeping on my bed since he was a kitten, if giving the vets a few hundred bucks can keep him going another year or more then so be it
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>tfw suddenly attracted to cousin now that she has become a he
>tfw trying and failing miserably to call her a him and by his new name
>tfw starting to realize I'm attracted to twinks, small men, effeminate men, boyish men, androgynous men/women, etc., but still attracted to biological females
>tfw slowly starting to realize my own sexuality in a very weird way

It's just weird how I was sort of repressing this shit until my cousin decided to drop the bombshell that she now identifies as male, has a new name, has been taking hormones, and is planning on undergoing a sex change operation.

I mean, we grew up together, but I hadn't seen him/her in like 2 years, so it was a pretty big bombshell considering we knew each other for 21 years.

I just feel weird that this was sort of a trigger for me to start realizing my own sexuality. And it feels really weird now that I'm attracted to my cousin.
My sister is 4 years younger than me and she got her v card punched first, easier for a girl I guess....
>tfw learned about the internet in the early 90's from my tech-savvy mother
>tfw her forum drama comprises large swaths of my childhood's landscape
>tfw she told me what "trolling" meant and provided personal examples
>tfw she showed me goatse and tubgirl when that shit was really subversive
>tfw i met shitposting aussies and bizzare memeing finnish ppl before it was cool
>tfw all of this shaped how i would come to interact with others online

>tfw second-generation internet troll
fuck off Xander
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>cutting bell peppers for stir fry
>found a deformed tiny pepper inside one of the peppers
>mfw pregnant pepper
Too high to properly enjoy best years of my life (15-21) feelsbadmane
who's xander? am i not alone after all?
>tfw 19 year old outside cat died having outlived all of my indoor cats
Some guy I knew who has the exact same story.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was shitposting here now, we played D&D in middle school which was pretty fun. Xander was a cool dude.
>tfw connections with other humans dropping rapidly
>tfw only two people I consistently talk to anymore

I may be a cyborg but I crave human interaction.
I worry about my little pup in that way. Life is cruel.
probably not obscure but
>tfw get the impression everyone I speak to hates me right off the bat
thing is I don't think I;m paranoid. I try to be as polite and agreeable as I can and it's like i just make everyone sick
>tfw your younger sister got married before you
>tfw she has a kid before you
>tfw she has another kid before you
>tfw you've still never had a girlfriend
>tfw my sister already has a successful business meanwhile I still live with mum n dad

Thread replies: 24
Thread images: 6
Thread DB ID: 366222

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