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Early Sexual Greentext Stories
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Any of you have any early sexual greentext stories?
>be like 12
>be from a family that moved from one country to another
>when people from our country would come to new country, my mother would offer them a spare room we had until they got a job
>this one time we had a woman in her 40s who was just taking her vacation here
>my mom was always working the poor lady so most of the time when i got home from school i would procastinate with my ps2
>at the time i crearly remember being really into Dragon Quest VIII
>late in the afternoon
>the woman in her 40s (let's call her C) got out of her room
>"Hey anon, i'm going out tonight can you help me pick some clothes?"
>"I can't right now"I said while playing
>"Don't worry i'll come to the livingroom to show you"
>"Okay i guess"
>She would then proceed to come with several different outfits
>As a 12 year old of course i had no sense of fashion whatsoever (still don't) so i would just say yes to all the outfits
>Then after a while she started coming with less and less clothes with the excuse of "i want you to judge every piece individually"

original comment
Fuzzy innocent incest memory

>be ~5 can't really remember
>parents didn't care if I saw what they were watching
>sex and the city, some normie movies with sex scenes
>5 year old me thinks it looks fun
>female cousin comes over for playtime
>she's same age
>bonus: she's hot as tits now (18-20) and I'd like to fuck the shit out of her
>set up my tent I got for my 4th birthday
>time to play
>take our clothes off
>memory gets blurry after this
>all I remember is poking her with my 2 incher and her saying ooh your winkie!
>tfw you 'fucked' your cousin too early

Really want to try fucking her at our age now. She's got a sweet ass.
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>at this point i could barely concentrate on farming metal slimes to complete the fucking dragon trials
>she would come only with the bra on and some really tight jeans
>"i think this one makes my butt too big" (it did, but in the right way)
>have in mind that this all happened with this as background noise
>then i can remember as if it were yesterday the last outfit
>"i think i'm wearing this blouse tonight"
>she came out with a tall boot
>a string thong
>a transparent black blouse with nothing under
>she turned around (at that point i was dizzy) and said
>"the only problem with it is this"
>and then she grabeed her breasts in a sexual way
>"perhaps i should wear something?"
>i'm dead silent
>"you sure you don't want to help me in my room, it'll be faster!"
>"i'm good thanks"
And that was it, i guess she felt the autism and never tried again.
I do remember she did tell me on a few occasions:
"When you're old enough you should go for an older woman, she will know how to take care of you"
Little kids fucking around and being tiny little sluts turns me on like no tomorrow
Do you regret not fucking her?
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I do.
I did nothing, and i turned out as an emotional trainwreck weirdo anyway.
Where you prepubescent at the time? Did you masturbate then?
Was friends with a neighbor girl, about the same age. When we hit puberty we were fucking all the time. If our parents were home we'd just go off in the woods to fuck. It was pretty great, being young and not being in a relationship, just doing what felt good because we were stupid.
Yeah, i started really early i think (around 9).
By 12 i was already semipro.
Hell i would even fap to Jessica from DraQue because she has a skimpy outfit.
I was a horny little kid.
Did you get multiple orgasms when you masturbated that young?
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Holy shit.
What happened to her?
Do you mean like multiple times a day? Sure, like 5 on a good day.
I ended up moving so that was the last I saw of her, though we had a good few years together, and those last few fucking each others brains out. I think I might be friends with her on facebook though.
Lucky bastard, good for you!
You're a normie now?
No, not a normie. That was the only "relationship" I've ever been in.
>Do you mean like multiple times a day?
like multiple times in a row.
That's too bad man.
That why i was asking, do you think if having sex so young fucked you up in a way?
I don't think it fucked me up, I just couldn't carry that momentum into high school.
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2 times in a row, sure
Ah fuck mate, that's too bad.
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