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Red flag or not / advice
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So, I've been thinking about asking this here for quite some time. It's not an exciting story, but whatever.

There's this woman who apparently seems to be into me for no apparent reason and something just feels wrong, but I cannot pinpoint it or figure out what it is.

I'll start from the beginning.

>be around 24 & virgin
>physically fittest I was ever in years (lots of cardio and strength training, but still kinda 20 pounds overweight)
>invited to new years eve party
>go there with best friend
>introduces me to his chubby cousin (the girl)
>things become weird right from there
>constant hugging from her and sitting next to each other, drinking, taking photos, no kissing, I was shy or careful at best
>says she "understands I'm shy and she likes that and it's no problem". It still doesn't *click* for me, I feel no attraction towards her as a person.
>over the night things don't really seem to improve, she offers to challenge at all for me to "conquer" her and she starts to become boring
>starts to get mad when I look away to the other side to talk with a nerdbro about tech and movies we saw recently
>i see her take my best friend (cousin) in a place behind the house and she apparently seems ranting to him (as he told me later) that i'm ignoring her or some shit
>new year starts, just hugging and getting shit-faced and then a few hours later leave and we never had a real talk or flirt (can't remember the rest)
>There was another BBQ party a few weeks later where we met again with some people and basically the same shit happens, except that i get to know more about her
>apparently she's a child care worker and 22 (at the time) and "wasn't in a relationship for a long time" (alarm sirens turned on for me)
>again nothing happens, we add each other on kikebook


Pic related is what the woman kind of looks like, except for the hair and stupid outfit.
>i thought it would be a good start for a first girlfriend, but things go completely the opposite
>instead of her talking about herself, she never fucking really says anything in chat, I call her on the phone but everything from her seems to be like "uh huh" "okay", no real dialogue
>no matter what I talk about, it seems to have no real discussion value and she only asks stupid fucking questions.
>At one point I just stop messaging her and a few months later remove her

My life goes down the toilet at this point anyway (not because of the girl), because of a horrible abusive job, suicidal tendencies, constant depression and no hope for the future, all that shit,

Skip forward about two years later to New Years
>no more virgin, still kinda shy guy but I'm better at handling women
>at friends house
>Friend tells me she'll visit the party again
>The same fucking shit happens again, except that she apparently lost a few pounds, but not too much
>She wonders why I suddenly disappeared on kikebook, give a rough explanation what i was doing the last few years
>She still wants me for some unknown reason
>She wants to constantly be hugged and entertained
>She wants to "dance" (not really)
>Claims AGAIN to be not in a relationship for several years and last time she broke off with a guy who hated children and says she only gets to know people that are not from the online-world (i think that's what she said)
>And my annoying friend still tries to push her into me, even though it still doesn't *click* for me.
>She's still fucking boring and no real fun to talk with, even when I try to get drunk it doesn't help.
>Alcohol wears off so I feel like shit, she gets even more boring.
>History repeats itself and we add each other on facebook, again
>AGAIN, she's not the first one to reply to me, there is no real casual talk, nothing.

So, my biggest red flag is that she's not fun to be around and she's aggressive towards me talking about nerd shit.
I still feel like I could need some sex, she has fairly big tits, is there a way to get into a casual sex-relationship with a girl like that or would this end in a horrible disaster? Her family is kind of weird, like European rednecks.

TLDR Boring ass girl that seems into me, but really puts no effort into anything seems to hide her issues but I can't figure out what the fuck her problem is.

Should I still fuck her Y/N?
Oh I get it, you fuckers act exactly like that girl. Very clever...
No, i've read everything and your story is boring.
Just ask her to be fuckbuddies.
Thread replies: 6
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