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>Broke it off with a chick while I was in Florida on vacation. Got home the next day and she was waiting for me. Blocked my car in with her hummer, tried kicking my door open. Called the cops (worked night shift) because I had to leave for work. Cops made her move her hummer so I could leave. She proceeded to chase me through my neighborhood, onto the expressway where I had to drive like (alive) Paul walker just to get away.
>tfw no clingy gf
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>Creepy as in obsessive, but anyway.
She was crazy about me and I didn't really like her. We had nothing in common. It was awkward. Middle School.

>One day I was watching a movie, 21. The movie about gambling. In that 2 hour-ish period she called me 46 times. No messages. Just called again and again and again.

>She also texted me insane amounts. Then, later, she would just ask "Do you hate me?" over and over and over.
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>When I was younger I had a few dates with a girl and at one point we ended up fooling around and after it happened she started to get a bit weird and clingy. I ended up breaking it off with her shortly after as she had started to call me incessantly and show up at my work unannounced. After I broke up with her she threatened me that if I did not get back together with her she was going to call the police and report that I raped her. She also told other people that I sexually assaulted her. I guess I learned the old lesson of "Never put your dick in Crazy. NEVER."
>This girl told me that she was going to grow her hair out because she thought she would have a better chance of "getting me." Then she told me to look at her facebook status, and it was something along the lines of "talking to the one" so I told her brb, added her to my offline list, and never came back. She works in my department now, and we see each other at breaks. I think I'm being too wishful when I say that I hope she doesn't recognize me. But that awkward eye contact tells me otherwise.
>When I was a camp counselor at a summer camp, another counselor got a big crush on me. At one point, she pointed out how she liked a pair of baggy camo cargo shorts I had. The next day, I find her wearing my shorts, she had snuck into my bunk and stole them. She thought I'd be happy, but far from it. Another time, I got really upset about something and started to tear up a little. She insisted on coming over to me and crying on me, like it was her drama too. To top it off, she tried to french kiss me at a camp dance and it was then that I confronted her about her crush on me. She denied it and accused me of having the crush on her.
> His parents divorced at a young age, I can still remember my parents arguing over who gets me, because I did not want
> Girls running away from my primary school
> At the end of primary school age in superhero popular girl pretended to like me, but she could not stay in it
> A good friend of the elementary school and the other a loser like me
> Only half the talent I bet everybody thinks that I'm a big
> Parents evening / night awards for graduates of elementary school art prize, to receive information, all voted for someone else
> I went home in tears
> There is a school, and the girls do not cooperate with me, because they found me scary and strange
> Ask a Woman dismissed elementary school will get it soon
> We managed to get an invitation to the party girls desperate, almost managed to fuck a girl, but he did not touch my small penis
> Reported virtually every one of our school
> Bullied all, including children 5 years younger than I am, because micropenis can not fight against hundreds of hooligans
> Make your friends with a man who loved the anime
> Ask for a second girl girl, refused to anime guy gets it
> Only two guys at this stage damn addict lost
> I'm never good at school, managed a decent estimate of the floor of the university, but far less than the national average
> College Now, not only to communicate with a woman in years
> Only friends now literally slow down and high-functioning autism
> Girls snapchat photograph me and shit, and laugh when they think I'm not looking
> My father gets very angry at me sometimes she tells me that she thinks I'm fucking pathetic loser and that he will be more in the vicinity of neighbors mentally retarded boy
>I had to drive like (alive) Paul walker

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>Was dating a gal when I was around 21-22. I was at her house for the weekend. I went to take a shower and she told her mom to come in the bathroom to come check out my junk because she said I had a big cock. I dont know what was creepier...that she was talking about my junk to her mom or the fact that her mom actually came to check it out.
>One of my sister's friends once snuck into my room at night and got into bed with me. I was passed out hard, didn't wake up. Cue absurdly awkward morning when my sister comes to wake me up to drive her to school, her friend is cuddled up to me in her underwear and I have no idea what is going on. She was 15, and while I was only 18 she was still underage as fuck.

>A few weeks later she threatened to slit her wrists if I didn't have sex with her. I managed to talk her down without committing any felonies. She was all kinds of fucked up, grew up in an physically and sexually abusive family and had been in the foster care system for a few years. Honestly I feel kind of bad for her, I think she went all nutso stalkerish over me because I was probably one of the first men she met that wasn't a massive asshole looking to get into her pants.
i love this thread
women are insane
did you fuck her mom
>I once was a personal trainer. I would occasionally have women that would become interested in me (often weight loss leads to hornyness) this one particular female became obsessed. I had turned her down multiple times (she wasn't my kind of girl) well she started to stalk me but the creepiest was when she text me "I saw you kissing her. She is beautiful I understand." I kissed the other girl in an empty parking lot in the middle of the night no cars or people in sight...
>hanging in bedroom
>go to the loo
>come back and partner has a box belonging to me in his hand
>he fucking cut off some of his hair
>"this is for you to keep for ever"
>"one day you can show it to your grandchildren - maybe I will be there with you"

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