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Autistic things you did
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Autistic things you have done

>be 16
>acne ridden social anxious ugly faggot
>Mom making me go to church again
>Sitting down and mom tells me to correct my shirt
>Try to fix it in hopes that she shuts up
>Don't fix it right she reaches over and fixes it making a scene
>Person turns around and gives confused look
>End up crying in my lap pretending I am praying

Why was I so autistic
Even r9k doesn't care. 15 mins with 0 replies
I know :(
pls kill me
Sad thread :(
i like these kinds of threads

unfortunately i cant think of anything so i will give you something a "friend" did

>be preteen
>be friend at beach
>hes diagnosed autism
>think he can be weird sometimes
>pretty much horny r9k summed uo
>walking around about to get in water
>starts talking about naruto, he likes the show
>not in public
>gets a funny idea
>starts charging his rasengan and yelling "HAAAAA"
>makes rasengan motion at water and yells "RASENGANNN"

I never felt more embaraased especially when everyone was staring.
>>be with friend at beach **

well i think this thread is d e a d b o y s
I'll also tell a story about autistic things someone else did.
>in basic high school chemistry class
>teacher explaining that bases neutralize acids, so we should pour baking soda on acid if it's spilled in lab or some shit
>autistic kid squirms and raises his hand
>"It would take a LOT of baking soda to neutralize all the acid on Mars."
>"Yes, Quinton, that's right."
>goes back to teaching
This is just one example but he did this shit constantly. Some of it was actually pretty funny.
shittt... sounds special. Like a kid from a mentally disabled school

Ican't think of any more stories desu. maybe if people posted i can remember.
>shittt... sounds special. Like a kid from a mentally disabled school
Yeah. The kid was literally autistic. Seemed pretty bad too.
Our county didn't have a special school for the intellectually disabled, so they would be in their group in a separate room for part of the day. Then for the other part they would be in normal classes with a tard wrangler to help them.

There have been a couple times when tards tried to molest me lol.
Please don't make threads like these. I'm trying so hard to forget.
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>tard wrangler
Anyone else feel the sudden urge to end it all while reading these stories?
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>be 14
>walking home from school
>see shopping cart
>start to push it
>in the middle of the street
>start yelling " I AM THE MONKEY MAN"
>do this all the way home
>dad comes outside
>he starts to cry on the inside because his son is a autistic fuck up.
>cringing at your autism
>being a beta autist
>not being alpha autist masterrace

I have stopped analyzing my actions for cringeworthiness. I have stopped filtering my words. If people don't like how I talk or interact with the world they can go get fucked.
good idea lol.
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KEK, dammit i got kool aid all over and in my noise now
interested in more tard stories?
These are the best threads.
Too bad /r9k/ is shit now...
Every job I have had where I worked alone with a girl they each leave eventually after 1-4 months. Reflecting on this last night is when it dawned on me how fucked I am girlwise....
>in middle school
>girl accidentally gets her spit in my face in the lunch line while talking to me
>feel indescribable rage and start choking her out
>pour my orange juice into her face/eyes so she'd be in more pain
>all because she fucking got her saliva on my cheek
alpha as fuck.

You sound like the kind of person to shoot up a school though
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Does anyone else here think of some cringy/autistic situation from the past and feel a strong urge to kill yourself?

This happens all the time for me. I keep going into situations thinking -"okay anon, just act normal. Don't say anything offensive or autistic. Okay? It's not difficult anon."

I still fail every fucking time. Now I avoid all social situations. It has literally ruined my life.
>feel a strong urge to kill yourself?
No. I find it terribly painful though. I can't help but remember everything I have done wrong since my memory started functioning. It hurts my soul even though I know nobody else remembers that stupid shit.
>be in 8th grade
>it's my bday, turning 14
>golf course across street from school
>after school take 9/10 blonde blue eyed gf into bushes of golf course and lose virginity
100% exact here. surprised as fuck, quite simply my blood relatives

holy fuck, my sides
I know, I just want to stab myself in the kidneys and never feel this much pain again.
can you give an example of what you can say now freely that you would have self-filtered before?

inb4 fuck you
>be 8th grade
>go to a park with old ruins during reccess with my friend
>nobody else from school there
>find a flat big stone
>take out our duel master decks
>literally play just like they did in the series
>suddenly see 4 guys from class
>they come over
>"duel masters?"
>"hehe, yeah.."
>friend continues to duel, going all out
>mfw everyone knows I play duel master

Same shit happened some months ago, but instead it was RuneScape
In high school, I used to threaten to kill girls who came onto me to make them leave me alone because they scared me.

Also, one time I was involved in a carpool, and one person ended it because she had a bf who drove her; I asked the sister where she was and if she wasn't there because she had an accident.
>Tards tried to molest you
Do tell.
That's not autistic. That's normie. >>>>/out/.
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>Be 14
>Christmas time so go to church with grandparents
>Pastors saying the same crap each year as usual
>service ends
> see girl I knew
>is that you Gianna
>she says (maybe)
>I say we're leaving my parents go and say high are you dating anon
>She says no
>Mad at parents for screwing my friendship with a skater chick making it awkward
>Hear her talking about it in the hall
>still haven't forgotten it

what kind of church OP
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>tfw every hour or so you remember something you regret and space out in horror
>coworkers ask what's wrong
>n-nothing haha
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>in high school
>lunch break
>walking through halls with my two friends
>they go to the bathroom together
>walk right in and start the hand dryer
>know they're talking about things they don't want me to hear
>start trying to lean into the doorway to listen to what they're saying
>basically halfway into the bathroom
>coach walks by
>sees me leaning into the girls' bathroom like a pervert
>tells me to get the fuck out of there
I just fucking hate people keeping secrets and I put myself into autistic situations because of it
Were they skater chicks or Stacy bitch.
>be me, 8th grade
>sitting in class, 20 or so kids split up in tables of two
>have a huge crush on the girl sitting at the table next to me
>super bored
>rest my forehead on the edge of the table
>without thinking about it just sorta start softly banging my forehead head on the table, for maybe 5-7 seconds
"anon, what are you doing?"
>look up, it's the girl
>rest of the Class is staring at me and some are giggling
>turn beat red, don't say anything, put my head in my arms and wish for death
I forgot about this till recently
In high school and middle school I used to do a lot of autistic things like saying my name repeatedly sort of like a pokemon. I tried to be the funny kid but I ended up being the autistic acquaintance that people used to get a cheap laugh out of me. I thought I had friends during this period. I can't recall any stories because in a way I think I'm so ashamed of myself that as a defence mechanism, I lose my memory of everything I did before a year ago.
The I thought I had friends feel is real.
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I can't believe I said BS:I was good
>literally so many things
>I always choose the worst possible option
I just realized there were some pretty fkin bad public embarrassment scenes from 6th-7th grade but I don't have enough memory to fully tell the story. Is this normal or just bad memory ?
They were awkward kids like me
yes please keep on speaking please anon my pal
I don't think anyone would think you were autistic. Probably just your mom desu.
> go out with a girl
> she starts to talk about the death of his grandmother and grandfather
> i listen what she told me...and look a 3 drunk men fight for a beer...in middle of the street
> im think "anon dont start to laugh, dont say anything to make you look like you are autist"
> one drunk men fall and starts crying
> the girl starts to talk about how she feeling about all the problems
> i say "ohhh...i know that"
> i starts to laugh very loud about the drunk crying on the streets
> she go mad...very mad
> i look the horizon like "the world is a really nice place"
>be me
>right now
>texting qtpi friendless kissless virgin white skinny anti-sjw
>she lives a thousand miles away
>worried and anxious she's getting bored of me
Ugggghhh what the fuck. He was doing so well. At least white out her name, jesus christ.
>I look the horizon like "the world a very nice place."
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That first segment is unedited from when it was originally posted. Blanked out all the pictures and names by the messages but forgot the top name in haste ;_;

She could've been my casual gamer girl waifu
She should apologize to you.
>be a sophomore
>start varsity in football
>refuse girls
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O i try to no laugh...but...i cant...
After that scene...all i can think is about a chapter of the simpson.
I try to kiss her when she calm down.
But she said how can i laugh with the sad story she told me.
...after that never talk again.
I live my life look the horizon...in the skyrim...think about her tits...i never could touch
True story. Then I got arrogant and failed out, now I'm joining special forces. Humbled and mature.
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In her eyes...i look like autist?
Tell me anon...tell me...
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>play girl character in game
>get nice, non-pervy messages and compliments
>immediately go offline and hope to never match up with those people again
Every time
>be introverted 16 year old
>childhood friend who is a chad invites me to his party
>first party ever and i muster up the courage to go even though i'm nervous as fuck
>i arrive and let myself in through the back
>hear people talking in the living room
>i walk in to the room and its full of chads and stacies
>standing in the doorway looking for my friend but can't see him
>hear girl say "why is he here?"
>most of the room is looking at me now
>decide to fucking wave to the girl
>everybody is giving me a wtf look
>i'm super fucking freaked out because of the attention so i turn around to leave
>brain rationalizes that i should stay and wait for my friend mid-turn
>end up doing a spin
>room is almost silent and people are staring at me
>in the moment i figure i should play it off as a joke by doing another spin
>end up spinning around like 4 times
>hear murmurs of "what the fuck?"
>tears in my eyes i let out a nervous laugh and run the fuck out of there and walk home crying
>friend texts me later saying 'what happened? everyone is talking about you'
>not invited to a party since
You Absolute Madman. Original comment.
The language use in your post is thoroughly within the uncanny valley. Are you an AI slowly gaining sentience or some sort of chink?
>been nofriends through most of high school
>start smoking weed and people like me
>took latin in 12th grade because i didnt want to do anything
>bunch of freshman, but they're funny at least
>got kind of addicted to amphetamines I aquired
>zoned out every day
>some 15 year old starts talking about how his brother died
>argue that he never even had a brother for some reason
>wtf am I doing
>think that now I have to go through with it
>he's getting upset
>i just start laughing and saying I don't care
>he leaves
>switch class for a study period that day

fuck me
Anon what the fuck that isn't even near levels of autismo I have, I once started crying in PE because I've always been insecure about sports. It gets better
>be in PE class back in high school
>playing volleyball
>I'm the worst in the entire class
>overconfident and inferiority complex at the same time because autism
>some Bengal kid keeps taking my ball
>tell him I'll castrate him if he does it again
>he says "go ahead, try"
>literally push him over to the ground and punch him repeatedly in the face
>the teacher wasn't there and I was on the cool side with him so I never got reported or anything

him and his little brother hated me so fucking much, I also beat up his little brother who acted cocky as hell all the time and made him cry. No regrets. Honestly in hindsight it all feels really edgy what I did but I don't regret it at all, those bastards were cunts and deserved it.
>I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!
another 4chan classic
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yes. I never find any of these funny for some reason.
Holy fuck good story
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>Be in Britbong school
>in year ten so im like 16 or some shit
>hang around with schools rejects
>get given a box of old Beyblade shit from a friend whos cleaning his shit out
>the autism kicks in
>obsess over beyblades for about a month
>play in overturned bin lids at school
>be ridiculed by litteraly everyone
>other than sperg club who join in.
And I wonder why I was treated like a tard at school
Oh, also
>girl comes up to me with a friend
>girl is doing a sponsored silence (friend tells me this)
>El autisimo powers kick in
>shoot a fucking beyblade at sponsored silence lady
>she isnt silent anymore actually she's pretty pissed
>her and friend skedaddle
Didnt even tell on me, no regrets.
Pic related, fucking beyblade pencil case
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>at dinner table during Christmas
>talking to cousins
>one cousin asks if I've ever had a gf
>literally space out for a good twenty or thirty seconds
>every RPG I play, make a girl
>normie friend asks me why
>try to rationalize it
>"it just seems kind of creepy"
>go offline when i play RPG's now
i take long but narrow strip of toilet paper and twist it to make it look like a string then i use it to dig my earhole, feels good for some reason. this
>tfw you have a crush on several female cousins and as a result act awkwardly around them.
>tfw they probably know and are creeped out by it.
Luckily my cousins are ugly as shit.
Did you forget to WHHAAUAURGHAAAUGH?
what mazda is that?

hope its not anything recent, they all look like shit these days
>tfw you aren't a medieval nobleman having to marry your cousin qt cousin for economic reasons.
>be me
>be at party
>some weird guy walks in
>he was fugly as hell and I was wondering what the hell this faggot was doing
>starts twisting around in circles in the middle of the room
>does this 4 times
>runs away
>go to friend
>ask him why the hell he invited this faggot.
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>middle school gym class
>cardio exercise day
>older kids kept giving me beandips as they ran past me in the various exercises
>eventually I'm just sitting in the bleachers playing my gameboy
>one of the older kids walks up to me and starts harassing me
>I finally snap, throw my gameboy on the ground and break it, and just start swinging at the kid while sobbing uncontrollably
>I didn't even land a single punch, the kid just sort of backed away looking really, really confused
>it resulted in me getting homeschooled for the next year
>everyone at school remembers me as the crazy fat kid who went into crying tard rage tantrums
>I'm pretty sure some kids were afraid of me in highschool

Fuck now that I think of it, I cried a LOT in school. Like to a point where it was a "thing."
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>>in the moment i figure i should play it off as a joke by doing another spin
holy fuck i can feel the autism
It's when you scoop a fat kid's moob and flick it, you yell "beandip!". They did that to me a lot.
>be 15 year old freshman
>been a fuck in school and decide im going to try hard and get good grades
>smoke weed once then begin a habit of it
>long story short I took a journey of the self discovery of my own autism
>13 years old
>in class, sit at the back
>somebody convinces me there's gay porn which isn't for gay people
>"heterosexual friendly gay porn"
>go home
>open up google and type it in
>"what the fugg"
>it's all pretty gay
>mother opens up search history
>I was too betabux to know how to clear the darn thing
>didn't even know how to explain why I was looking up gay porn for heterosexuals
>girl asked me out
>I said "I don't know"
i just felt real second hand reading this
That's hilarious. I'm so sorry
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Not me, but here's a few stories.

>elementary school PE
>kid named jake
>jake would literally cry over anything
>playing some weird lacrosse game where we have to throw a bowl into some kind of basket with a lacrosse stick
>everyone has completed the task but jake
>jake starts autisticly flailing and missing the basket while franticly crying
>whole gym class is watching
>the whole gym is screaming and chanting YOU CAN DO IT JAKE in unison while he is crying and missing

i felt bad to be honest. He would cry so much that any time you heard it, it was just like any other day.

>elementary school
>lunch room
>kids making fun of jake
>jake starts franticly flailing his arms in a circle while crying and sprinting with full autismo speed at the bullies
>kids just dodge him and laugh
will you be my monkey man?
Those years
I hate going to family parties for this. I never grew up doing anything with my cousins so they are like strangers and some of them are hot.

I'm always the weird and shy one of the party.

Is your name jake by any chance? Literally had a kid in my school who would do exactly this
>end up spinning around like 4 times

jesus fucking christ senpai
>I started banging my headd one time in class because I was super bored
>Everyone was looking at me
>teacher asks if everything is ok
>yes just felt like banging my head on the table
>did not feel awkward at all, because everyone saw that I was bored
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God, I know this feel.. I didn't even resort to home schooling, which I should've. Whenever the students would introduce a new student to the school, as soon as they walked past me, they'd say, "Stay away from him. He's mental."
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>be around 8
>parents forced me to go to summer camp
>have to shit really bad
>go to bathroom
>remember the times parents always getting mad at me for clogging the toilet
>afraid of clogging toilet with the fear of getting yelled at
>stick shit paper on the walls and floor instead of putting it in the toilet
>leader of the summer camp calls a full assembly. about 100 people
>apparently after i did it more people started doing it
>"we have had complaints of people sticking poop on the stall walls"
>oh fuck
>start to sweat
>"we will now make it mandatory to have a monitor come with you in the bathroom"
>monitor was just older teenagers who watched over us
>tfw i made teenage boys have to follow kids into the bathroom to make sure they didnt smear shit on the walls
>to this day nobody knows i was the shit striker who struck
there was this one weird af kid in highschool

>pissed his pants one time
>while we were all sitting on the floor
>walks up to the teacher with piss dripping down his pants
>everyone notices and laughs
>he literally scuttles under a fucking table
>teacher tries to get him to come out
>sits under the table for the whole period
>one girl trips and lands in the piss puddle
File: WhyLive.jpg (72 KB, 709x765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no friends, completely autistic neckbeard brony, meet a qt 9/10 girl at school and try to ask her out and get rejected hard feelsbadman.png go full nice guy on her telling her to die and that she is a whore she tells the whole school to the point where everyone hates me drop out of school for a month to recover and hide like a faggot mom forces me to pick new school or go back to the school everyone hates me
qt girl emails me asking me to come back and that we can still hang out and be friends
feel like a alpha and tell my friends a qt girl is begging me to come back they tell her and everyone she is mad but gives me another chance, go to school 3 days, talk to her for about 30 minutes for one day before leaving again because people are looking at me weirdly and killing me with their eyes

mfw a qt girl gave me so many chances and wanted to be my friend and I fucking didn't realize enough to stay.
No sympathy for you
>be me
>airsofting fag
>pretty decent at it, cqb arena friends with everyone
>kid from school has birthday at this airsofting place on a day I was there
>oh yes.jpg
>make sure I am in opposing team
>round starts, see him, get as close as possible
>maybe five meters away when I shot, 3 times in the neck
>do same thing again
>mfw I get banned from airsofting place for a month
I've since then recovered, that was about 5 years ago, I was not self aware at all, I fucking used to own a fedora, watch all kinds of trash like mlp, was a furry and everything it was horrible, now I am a self aware loser though and I have since then dropped those horrible, horrible things.
Nigga please. The ride does not end, it just settles down to background noise.

They still love you. You know they do.
i lacked any degree of self awareness until roughly the age of 14, at which point i pretty much stopped talking to everyone because i realised that they all just put up with me out of pity or something so as you can probably imagine i did my fair share of h horribly autistic shit, unfortunately my memories terrible so ill just go with the incident i can remember most clearly

>be 16/17
>year after moving into new school have managed to make a couple of friends somehow (i genuinely dont know how, i didnt really talk much because i was and am socially retarded but somehow people saw that as endearing or some shit)
>get invited to beach, have pretty bad social anxiety in public areas to the point where i have in the past thrown up in a crowded shopping center and in a cinema (latter was on a kid), i bloody hate the beach and i dont know most of the people there beyond what they look like
>agree anyway because im a spineless pushover
>dress in warm clothes because it was overcast, the breeze was strong and i thought we were going to a rock beach (due to being entirely fucking stupid)
>decide that today im going to try to get to know the people ive been hanging around with for roughly 6 months
skip general spaghetti spillage on the journey there (literally trying to start a conversation about the train we were on and its seats despite knowing nothing about trains before being politely told to shut the fuck up because im not joking when i say im socially retarded)

going to drop greentext now because im tired and the story isnt interesting enough to warrant it and i feel dumb
oneitis is at the beach, she seems interested in me (laughing at literally every dumb joke i tell, constantly hanging around me and making excuses together to get everyone drinks etc despite us never really talking or hanging out before) and thankfully im not so autistic that i didnt notice but as a direct result my mind was working overtime to try not to fuck up
cont... (sorry)
File: 1379483825625.jpg (358 KB, 1280x1495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw ree irl
I only do it when I'm frustrated and I know I'm alone. Otherwise I mutter it under my breath.
which means that when i break my toe whilst im playing bulldog later on with everyone else i tell nobody and spend the day in a fuckton of pain because trying to avoid putting pressure on your toes whilst walking on sand is bloody difficult which means that in trying to do so i walk with a very, very obvious limp
oneitis tries to strike up conversation whilst we're going to get drinks for everyone (i think) and between the heat, then pain, the anxiety and the general social retardation i just flat out barraged her with spaghetti until she was drowning in it saying shit that i knew at the time was fucking retarded
she lost interest in me quick and started to distance herself, i took the hint and started trying to talk to everyone else about dumb shit i cant remember before sitting away from everyone else and digging a hole for a couple of hours before leaving

spent the next few weeks in bed with a fucked for until it healed
Okay we had an autistic kid in the neighbourhood, he was pretty crazy

>be about 10 years old
>at playground with friends
>autism kid walks by and tries to impress us
>starts building somwthing with sand
>looks like a flowerpot or something
>"look guys i built a toilet"
>he starts pushing leaves into it pretending the leaves are shit
>we tell him that what he is doing is strange as fuck
>somehow he thinks what he does next will make it less strange
>he shits into his crude sand toilet
>we stare in shock
>he starts to stirr the shit, sand and leaves with a stick
>we leave
File: 1450890073130.jpg (43 KB, 359x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>quiet faggot kid
>always sit out in sports because im too autistic
>can't sit too far away from where whatever ball game is going, you just get told not to wander away
>inevitably, once or twice every couple of months the ball will hit me square in the fucking eye
>"dude, are you crying?"
>"n-no man, the ball just hit me in the eye"
>they shoot look like they half believe me
>this happens often enough that i start anticipating people looking at me when i get hit in the eye with a football, which makes me look around,which in turn, makes you look like you're crying even more


>thinking they weren't aiming at you
that dude are you crying thing was gay when people did that
Recently they did once or twice, a guy has a thing against me. But in my old school it was genuine chance. This is the worst feel. I can't even say anything about it, that'd need too much social dexterity.
Not as gay as crying fuccboi.
In kindergarten I pretended I was a dinosaur and bit some fucking kid on the shoulders. Pretty hard too I think, fucker cried and I had to see the principal or whatever with my mum. Surprisingly I didn't get into that much shit for it, maybe I'm autistic and I somehow don't know it and my parents and school felt bad for me
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>be me
>be diagnosed with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder
>basically autism with food sensitivities
>can only eat like 15 different foods
>everything else looks pig disgusting, some foods don't even register in my brain as food
>most children grow out of it, but I have never been able to
>am 24 and still eat mostly chicken nuggets and french fries
>sit and eat nothing like an awkward faggot whenever my workplace throws pizza parties (they are unavoidable and happen on the clock)
>think about suicide every single day
>mfw the "tendies" meme is literally about me
>Grade 10 P.E class
>Volleyball week. Fuck
>Get Volley'd the ball
>Attempt to hit it
>Ball hits horrible self harm cuts all up arm causing immense pain
>Weak hit, ball basically falls flat and my team loses
>"This is why we never let you play, Anon. Fuck"
>Start crying in front of gym class

I really hated high school.

goddamn son
I sucked major ass at volley ball
We basically only played volley ball in high school and I was one of the absolute worst ones along with an ugly weird girl who was perhaps even worse than me.

My undrhand servs failed 50% of the time even though I went to the gym and I had a strong core and arms compared to kids my age, so this really made me frustrated.

fucking weak girls served so much better for some reason.

I think I might have some coordination skill genetical problem or some shit.
>self harm cuts
And all sympathy lost. You are a deviantart-tier faggot and I hope life gets even worse for you.
You ease your pain by shitposting on a knockoff japanese imageboard, other people ease their pain by selfharm
who are you to judge
A regular human being. Being on 4chan doesn't mean I can't see when people make dumb decisions.
>be me
>7th grade
>class about to start
>decide to put my head through the horizontal bars of our class window to peek into the corridor and see if the teacher is coming
> push my whole head in
>call out the whole class and show them my awesome achievement
>decide to take my head out
>head is now totally stuck
>I'm not standing with the head tilted 90 degrees trying to get it out
>see nigger teacher appear front he abyss
>start crying because I don't wanna get I to trouble and well because of the situation
>he picks me up by the legs and now my whole body is totally perpendicular to the bars
>head slides out with ease
>all my classmates are shocked to see me crying (I never cried and I was a beta-alpha)
>now face to face with nigger teacher and his ginormous body
>start crying even more fearing he'll suspend me

Thankfully another teacher came in and rescued me from nigger teacher saying that I could've damaged my nerves. I didn't go to school the next day. Some faggots made fun of me when I went back, but oh well.
What kind of parent sends an 8 year old to summer camp. That seems way too young.
>he starts to stirr the shit, sand and leaves with a stick
Why did he take the stick with him when he left?
>be me in first grade
>had to piss
>bathroom is attached to the classroom
>so I go to the bathroom and the teacher's ass. Ms. Pig (that's what we called her, her last name was Pigalanato or some shit like that) was observing the classroom from the back
>go into bathroom and don't close door all the way, I'm in first grade, no one suspects anything
>instead of actually going to piss, I get an autistic idea
>I make pissing sounds with my mouth, like a "Psssssssss"
>after a minute or so, i make a fake, obvious toilet flushing sound with my mouth
>i walk out without washing my hands
>no other student commented, but i was pulled outside the classroom at the end of the day to talk about why i did it
> i told her that i really had to go to the bathroom or i wouldn't have made it.
>i cringe and kill myself in my head from that very day
Doesn't really matter since you were in first grade.
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feels feeling.jpg
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I use to use a top hat; ''now I am a self aware loser though and I have since then dropped those horrible, horrible things.''
Fuck you for ruining cqb
>staying at a friends house back in like middle school
>rest of his family out of town
>just me, him and his dad there
>they're both asleep
>get up from his floor and go into his older sister's room
>find panty drawer and take a thong
>go masterbate with it in the bathroom
>freak out afterwards and don't know what to do with it
>put it in my pocket
>go back into his room and fall asleep
>put my hand in pocket next day and freak out again
>stuffed his sisters panties with my cum on them into the trailer of a model 18-wheeler he had

still cringe thinking about him finding them, if he ever did.
Nobody else but me ever stayed over at his house.
>regular day
>me thought that my buddy forgot about his backpack
>i carry it to him
>turns out the it was the girl's backpack whom hated me already

fuck my life
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>everything i did from age 12-18
its worse when it your cousins attractive teen daughter
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