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Let's talk about Risk, Quest, and other imageboard games.

Making this board will really help give people who want to make game roll threads as well as give questers and the risk community a home without the risk of ban. Risk alone is already allowed over five to six boards, and given the fact that Risk and some other roll games have skype groups, will also eliminate e-drama from multiple boards. Questers have also been begging for a board for years so they can get away from the fascist fa/tg/uy.

Your thoughts?
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I want it

The board would be super dead.

You can only attract people by 'marketing' them on the front page, and even then they don't pull in many.
>The board would be super dead.
No. Look at /tg/'s catalogue. Look at other boards.
The question is, what about the franchise boards? /vp/ and /mlp/?
This is perfect for >>>/b/
turn off GR15 and let pokeshit come in also. you'll have enough non-pony content and non-poke content to outweigh the pony/poke shit.
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YoureStupid lol.gif
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I have to say, you're a very dedicated shit poster, not because I'm openly stating you're trying to shitpost (or troll, like we used to call it back on the day), but because your idea is so shit it rightfully gets ignored most of the time.

In fact, this post >>433321 proves why your stupid idea is stupid: out of 100 threads, my "quest" filter have only 15 threads hidden, not even the fifth part of the entire catalogue. And as dumb as the filter is, it also includes threads with the word "question" or "request" (and variations like requesting), so the real number is lower than that.

>But dat cyoa and civilization threads!

Yeah, keep trying, kid, 4 CYOA right now, and not a single civilization thread. No risk or hunger games are up right now.

In short, not even one of every five threads is a quest thread. Are you seriously requesting a board that only 1 of every 6 or 7 users would visit?

>B, but is monday! In weekends quest threads overflown the entire board with 200 new threads per second!

Let's check the archive:
>>>1,460 threads archived from the past 7 days.
>>ctrl + f:
>quest = 216 threads (again, that includes threads with the word "request" or "question")
>cyoa = 21 threads
>civilization = 5 threads (also, one of them is "Civilization Quest", so it shouldn't be counted because is a duplicated thread from the "Quest" search)
>risk = 1 thread.
>Hunger games = none.

So, 248 threads out from 1,400+ threads. Care to do the math? Hint: is not even the 20%. So, if /tg/, the traditional GAMES board have a very small percentage of boards games, why do you think this stupid idea of yours would attract enough people to be remotely successful?

Go on, keep crying over what you don't like and keep coming back to bump this thread every other day like you have been doing for the past months with other threads that have been falling out of the board without getting any attention,

Meanwhile, I'll keep coming back to laugh at you.

This is so needed. Boards like /tg/ are slow enough that a few Quest threads can dominate the front page despite having only a handfull of posters.
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Some anon on /pol/ has been doing it lately, I think he keeps getting banned though. Poor guy ;-;
I might actually consider being a QM if it comes to be
Rude. Also, rules like that shouldn't apply to the franchise boards. Anything that would otherwise go on a different board should always go on its franchise board, if it has one.
If a potential /fg/ gets made with special features, those features should just be enabled on /vp/, /mlp/, and any other similar boards that might open in the future.
No seriously this is the hungerboard, rp and furry porn board.
Either take it and redirect there seriously or shut up.
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LaughingGirls DG.jpg
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>can dominate the front page
>front page

>Not superior catalogue
>Confirmed for maximum over-pleb.

Damn, I know some of the quest haters are stupid, but c'mon...
Can we get /maf/ somehow? I'd love to play mafia with other anons
What's worse is how the Mods are not only deleting threads that can be up for DAYS, but THEN handing out bans after they've deleted them!
>/tg/ is the only board that has forum games

I came from /pol/ to call you a faggot.
Man, this thread is WAY angrier than the last time we had this thread.

Could we get the first OP? First OP made it sound so great and put everybody in such an open and accepting mood.

>Implying any other board have more forum games than /tg/.
>Implying the combined total across all the boards would be but a tiny percentage of the total posts from all the involved boards.

You know, /pol/ have a reputation of being a bunch of obnoxious retards because people like you.
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