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Hey /pol/lacks. Last night some of you were...
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Hey /pol/lacks. Last night some of you were posting these really cool "Humans Fuck yeah" collages. Can we get some more of those posted?

Pic related.
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bump for interest
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ah I got one of those too
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and of course this one
who do we need to kill to achieve this?
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More from OP
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These things are like crack to me. Music related for proper feels.

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Listening to Halo OST and reading these is bliss. be sure to get comfy.
Loving these desu
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Have some more
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Bullshit; read up on project orion
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Humanity must rule the stars
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Heres a bump man
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Postem if you have'em.
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Dont have any. I may make my own but it would be about fighting off a tyranny on earth that is super advanced.
Hey, OC on this thread would make my night. Post what you can while the thread is up. I'll be posting through the night.
Got it my nigga keep the thread bumped
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>YFW wrote this a couple years ago on a /tg/ thread before I ever posted on /pol/
>YFW I still have the face
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Keep doing God's work anon, that was my favorite one.
The year was 3015. The world as we know it is gone. It was overtaken by humans that imposed their way of life on earth and ravaged the world. They corroded the people of earth through policy, they oppressed us, they killed billions, and they cull the abnormals like myself from the system. I am a cull, my name is Simon Young #A-321, and they are sending me off into the far east with almost twenty other culls. If you are reading this tell my friends what happened they NEED to know.

-Simon Young

Note was found jammed under the carpet in his room. Also strangely enough many books are missing in his room. Likely it is of no concern.

Guard Stahl
I need a fucking spaceship
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This is HFY, not Nazi hearthrob lit.
Thanks m8, I never knew the lyrics to the Australian National Anthem before
Simon Young was an enigma, he wasn't normal by any means. Unlike the rest of us who were taught about how we should all be afraid of everything and to love one another he looked for adventure.

He and all that associated with him took on this moniker as well but he was smarter. He consumed vast amounts of literature and even made his own bible over the course of a year. He also made copies of political novels and books about human nature.

That was when we culled him, even though by our system's standards he was physically sound he presented a clear danger to the regime and our culture. So we sent him off to where the other culls go, the DPRK.

Administration of the Populace
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Thank you for your humor, anon.
The DPRK was an inhospitable place. Almost thirty million crammed into the tiny nation that was almost constantly under threat of starvation or destruction by nations around it. Hell it owed its existence to the cloning program because its where we dumped the culls wholesale all over the place.

Culls went in through the south, the north, or the various ports in the country. What happened to them when they went in no one knows, mostly because we shoot anyone who tries to get out.

Their corrupt regime had tight control over its people and we assumed that they went in and became slaves like all of the dissidents were.
My time as a guard at the Yalu river was brief. But when the train arrived in Harbin we inspected the culls before we sent them in. We never knew what that kid brought because there wasnt any contraband that came up on the sensors.

He never opened his pack at all and he never talked at all on the bus ride to the bridge. And when we stopped at the destination and we kicked them off the bus, normally when we kicked them off they would beg us to take them back, not him though. He walked across the bridge with a swagger while the rest were clambering over us trying to go back.

That was the last time anyone on this side of the river saw him walk into that abyss.
When Simon or as we knew him as "the priest" arrived in our village we didnt know what to think. He was tall, a giant really and when he came to our village he brought out gifts. They were crackers I guess, very nourishing and he also taught us how to farm more efficiently. His arrival was a blessing and even the village guards never attacked him.

He also carried a leatherbound book in which he read sermons from. He spoke of a devotion to god and a life of honor and virtue. He spoke of redemption when our government put guns to our backs. He helped us grow food for our families and our people.
I was one of the culls who went in with simon. He had me with him at all times to administer villages he visited. I was his right hand man for the greater part of a year. But when he started going to cities, and the work camps he was going into hot water.

He was almost killed twice but he eventually acquired an AK-47, an ancient slug thrower, something we never had back in the controlled zones.

He eventually broke down the fences to a camp and thats when we found out what happened to others like us. They slaved away for their dear leader and were shot once they couldnt work.
The revolution came as a surprise to the government, who in its way never had the capacity to resist the power that Simon wielded. He was regarded as a saint by those in the villages and a liberator to those in the camps.

We never knew why he was leading a revolt at the time but we knew he wanted to make a mark on history. He called his country barely the size of rhode Island at the start "the christendom"
Revolt spread throughout the land, even we could tell in the DMZ. We noticed guards not patrolling, tanks being pulled off the border and the usual decrease in threats.

Three months in to the conflict there was no one on our border. Six months in we saw the last guard leave.

A year later we believe... A new banner flew over the bridge of no return.
Anyone reading?
Simon strolled into the capital of Pyongyang with almost thirty thousand men. His army had beat the government a thousandfold. When the government lost cities due to famine and countless coups and defections the cities once firmly under the kim dynasty's fist were liberated.

At each city he spoke of how bad the old government was, he spoke of how godless they were, he told them their immoral leaders were the reason for the revolt.

The people listened, he fed them, gave them firewood, gave their children toys, and gave sermons atop buildings. He rallied millions to his cause.

Pyongyang was no different than the rest. Except once the government was defeated the last kim was hung from a lamppost and Simon preached another sermon this time atop the great leader's personal T-90.
Anyone have the one about tbe race that thinks humanity is too much of a risk they try to doomsday us.

And to their horror we survive. The last line of that one fills me the deepest pride. Cause its true.
The first days into his rule were much different than the old system. Even a week into his rule we saw cities being rebuilt, roads being repaved, and old dilapitated structures torn down and replaced.

He also brought out something else, his old tablet from his time in the controlled area. He had schematics on it, from everything to water pumps to fighter jets. All public knowledge kept from the people and he found it.

Then a week after he took the city, the old banner was taken down and a new banner rose over the city, a golden cross.
Your writing is piss-poor.
easil my favorite of the thread
I love /tg/
Reading. Saving the collage when you're done.
We all heard the horror stories about North K in our schools, and from our teachers. When I was culled I was scared I was frightened and I quite frankly signed off on my life.

I begged not to be kicked off the ship at pyongyang but it didnt matter I was kicked off anyway. But I noticed something different about the place.

It wasnt good but it wasnt like the horror stories at all. The city was booming and buildings were going up everywhere. In the distance I saw factories, apartments, and even grand cathedrals being built across the city.

It felt weird when we were approached by the government workers and most of us were hired on the spot to go to work on various projects across the city.

BB-3778 cull from Seattle washington
Thanks bro
I really need to go to /tg/ more to get more HFY oc.
Simon told his staff of places across the world places that quite frankly we never knew existed. He found a map of the world in Kim's office and pointed to an Island called Formosa.

This was the first time we even thought of expansion but he knew that we needed more land. His first order was to create a vessel capable of reaching the Island and we were purplexed.

He had many ship designs on his tablet but he insisted that we build something powerful that commanded respect. That was when we decided on building him a battleship no matter how innefficient it was.
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As the economic minister of the new Korean republic we knew we were up against an insurmountable challenge. The culls that came in couldnt satisfy the needs we had for our country and the native populace lacked the practical knowledge we needed. Not to mention all culls were male so that was an issue in and of itself

We needed gold, it was the only commodity we could use to get black market goods off of pirates but North Korea had very little. So we had other ideas, we needed to find other settlements like our own if there were any that is
With all the new food, clean water, and power we had we decided to finally make use of it. Some of our first dealings with outside nations was with Japan. Japan was filled with people too but they lived like savages, they were natives in all reality. They were white like us but they were so barbaric.

We brandished our assault rifles to keep them at bay but that wasnt enough. Eventually we met clan chiefs across the nation who loved our food our power and clean water. All luxuries to the savages. We traded our goods to them in exchange for people and raw materials.
When Simon was informed his ship was operational he was like a kid in a candy store. The massive guns the sheer size of the vessel was something to be impressed about in and of itself.

He decided to fire off the guns just off the coast and the booming of the cannons could be heard even over the bustling of the city.

The ship itself was modeled after the old U.S. Battleships of WW2. A thousand year old design that transported us across the globe.
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Obligatory. How has this not yet been posted?
We saw his ship on our satellite system and we were genuinely surprised. Surprised a massive vessel like that was built in such a shitty country.

When the chinese navy found his vessel almost eighty miles from the coast they never opened fire. They were shocked too.

Word is they boarded the vessel and met the crew, the stories were much different than the rumors even our military took for a fact.

The malnourishment, the lack of repairs, and even the people aboard were different. When the chinese admiral talked to simon he spoke of his ambition and his drive in life. We assumed so much about his country and it was time we contacted him.
The Chinese navy escorted our vessel all the way back too our own territorial waters. It was so weird knowing that they were curious about us and our country we built up from the ground.

When I talked to Simon he seemed relieved they were coming and he told us that we were to make all amenities available to them. He wanted to greet them well and seemed to care about being a generous host.

But our imperative was interrupted and Simon made that clear to us. He knew Korea needed more power and he made it clear to us we needed to prepare for an invasion of Japan.
When the guests or ambassadors arrived from the controlled regions we greeted them. They were clothed in the finest of garments and showed off flashy and fancy technology. They showed us much of their own way of life and how few people were actually out there.

Apparently our nation had over fifty times the population of Southern Korea. And the population of the world was merely one billion. We learned about how most of the worlds Islands were host to various uncivilized tribes and how they held disdain for them.

These people that come to us that banished us, were weak, and Simon realized that for the first time.
After our "guests" left and we cleaned up their rooms and everything went back to normal we had our first actual conflict occur.

Northern Manchuria executed almost a thousand culls along out border, they were butchered like pigs, like animals. And that was what pushed Simon over the edge. I saw him reading from one of his many books. One simply called my struggle.

The next day he spoke of the butchering of our people by the rest of the world and he mobilized our armies for the first time in four years.
Our military was backward in all senses. We used ancient tech, weapons once used by the eastern bloc. Thats all our records spoke of.

But Simon drafted almost a million men for our army. Most were actually well equipped due to the generous funding allocated to the military a d they were intimidating too.

They wore riot gear that was jet black in color and weilded AK-47 rifles. Many were veterans of the war with the government during our revolution as well. Loyalty to a fault

Surprisingly the conflict was short. The government of Southern Manchuria recieved almost no aid from its neighbors. Their army, though well equipped, was overrun in a single night. Our antiquated MiG fighters tore through their cities and bombarded their bases mercilessly.

From the sea our battleship bombarded Dailan, while our tanks cut through the countryside. It wasnt long before Harbin fell to us. It wasnt long before it was settled by our people as well.

Pvt. Ackermann

1st Dragoon batallion.
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Fucking dying laughing here
When Southern manchuria was taken South Korea responded by asking us for aid. We said danger posed by the North was minimal even if they had a massive army. We always believed our advanced technology was better than the "primitive" korean equipment.

We were wrong. Within a year we found a heavily modified AK-47 that fired laser beams. It was modified to carry bulletlike batteries. They grew so quickly and their guns reflected that.

Colonel Lee

US Naval Authority Intelligence Analyst.

Fuck yes, that's the cure for all the liberal cuck weenies that claim they "ugh like oh my god, hate humans so much for destroying like the planet and sheeit".
After Manchuria, Simon grew more emboldened. He realized how much power he had. But he still wanted to let the world know that this was revenge for that atrocity, not for conquest.

And the world ate it up. The Chinese and even the Russians offered apologies to us. The South cowered before us and we didnt care.
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I can't stop laughing
Well on April 3rd of 3022 we recieved contact from a nation like our own. It wasnt really a nation more of a plot of land really. The place was the Vatican. When we were contacted by the vatican we were in awe.

We all wanted to go out on a voyage and see the place, see the holiest city on earth. But we had no idea if we could even go there.

Simon was able to pull some strings with the chinese though. He got them to escort his vessel all the way to Italy.
We traveled aboard the Battleship, it was the only vessel capable of making the Journey to refueling locations around the pacific. The ship passed Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and countless remote atolls.

These places were charted by our cartographers and we continued our journey through the red sea, and then the Suez Canal.

When our ship passed through people lined the waterway hoping to get a glimpse of our vessel.

The crowds looked on and Simon waved to the crowds from the bow only to incite cheering. We didnt know they actually liked us. But from what we found out we were seen as victims a nation to be pitied.
Christian storytime is way too fucking long. Started with interesting hook, now you're meandering worse than GRR Martin.

Trim the fat and get to the meat already. If I want long-winded post apocalyptic Jesus cheerleading, I'll subject myself to reading Canticle for Leibowitz again.
Our ship docked off the coast of Italy at a place called Rome. Well near it anyway. Simon and two guards were allowed to go in a blacked out limo. That was all we were allowed to send.

I saw the cities, filled with vanity, they were so plastic, unemotional and simply they seemed to lack any warmth.

Their people rarely interracted at all and once we arrived at the Vatican we were rushed in through the only entrance.

We met the pope too. An old man who told us everything, everything about what happened. He told us about WW 3 and how it led to the creation of the world we knew.

We left the place with a new purpose. A new goal.
Look nigga I know feel free to omit parts if you like Im tired as fuck.
Simon's return to korea was well recieved and their leader's return was celebrated. Thats when we learned about how we were to begin the construction of several reactors across our nation. Blueprints from the vatican and dozens more provided by the Swiss were what we went off of.

This was done in secret over three years. Almost ten reactors were built and we were enriching uranium for nuclear bombs.
Constructive criticism cunt. In 'Straya we call this huxboxing.
After almost three years we remained relatively quiet. But the world had forgotten about us. The world looked at us again as a nation of primitives.

We built some of the first satellites ever using our industry and swiss designs. The world all to oblivious of our progress.

Our own military launched satellites into orbit as well but we never knew what was on them.
By the time we had any idea what those satellites were we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves in to. They all launched on April 1st 3026 they bombarded over fifty cities across the globe with nuclear fire.

Since our population was heavily centralized it didnt help any. Millions were killed in the blasts. Our military was completely disabled and command and control was gone.

We had nukes but they were centuries old and had never been replenished. We had no means of fighting them off.

The swiss took over half of europe in only a few years and the Koreans lashed out at us so violently they shook us to our core.

By the time we had any way of combatting those countries we were defenseless.

Funny to think a man with a few books was our demise. A man undid a millennia of work. With a cutthroat attitude and an easily impressed populace.
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lol space Jews
First time ive ever written one of these.

Meh its not that bad. Could definetly be better. Thanks guys, goodnight.
They've really bought into it. I have to say that we've really outdone ourselves this time. I never would have thought that such a ruse could be so perfect until I saw the chaos you boys have wreaked on Earth.

Of course we can't claim all the credit. They were always such a kindly species-- always ready to help others in need. Hell, they even bend over backwards to try and save their elephants and spotted owls, even though neither species offers any economic value in return. How stupid the humans are.

Man! You never get an opportunity like this! We have to see just how far we can take this-- We have to fuck with them! It's our right, besides. We are, after all, the chosen of YHWH, emperor of the distal end of the Gehenna cluster!

Yeah that's all I've got with my horrible OC I was going to do a whole jews are invading aliens thing but I think I'm creatively tapped out at this point. Nice thread OP.
In the spirit of sharing and since I dont have them saved to dump, here's a fuckload of em

>inb4 Imgay

More links at the bottom

Decided to try reading this. Other than tripping over a word or two, what do you think /pol/?

Fuckin' love these, humanity is awesome! Best path for the human race.

legit brought a tear to my eye, what's wrong with me?
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I might double post some, because I'm not reading before posting.
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Race traitors
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ultimate redpill.png
2 MB, 1189x8256
Sure is aspie ITT
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fuck your culture.jpg
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I'm tapped. Everything else is either a duplicate, or saved tonight.
While some of the sentiment and ideas in these stories are good, the writing is so fucking bad.
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Apologies for the quality of the screencap.
Huge archives, check out jverse.
Thank me later.
Still one of my faves. Thank you based comrade, may we never meet on the battlefield.
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