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Redpill me on the crusades, /pol/.
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Redpill me on the crusades, /pol/.
People died.
Christians lost a lot and fucked constantinople out of sexual frustration in the end.
They got Spain back tho
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better take the iron pill
Why was Bohemond so based?
>dank beard
>slaughtered shitskins

Muslims start conquering all surrounding land since Mohamed's time. Muslims conquer Israel, Syria and most of Turkey, land that had belonged to the Byzantium Empire, which was a christian empire. Muslims threaten to take all of Byzantium land and sack Constantinople, something they had attempted several times. The Byzantium emperor is desperate for help, he can't hold out against the Muslim hordes any longer, all Christendom is at stake. The pope issues the call to all christian nations to defend Byzantium and reclaim the lands lost to the Muslims.

Christians are clearly the bad guys for defending themselves. Muslims dindu nuffin.
there was a period of relative quiet and the knights in england and france were bored as fuck and causing problems. the king of england literally proposed the crusade to get the murderous misfits out of the country
>he and his men literally stood for hours in mail in the sun holding up shields to protect civilians
>end up charging the muzzies and beating the shit out of them
Dont listen to any of these morons. There's a channel in youtube called 'Real Crusades History'. Problem solved.
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>Italian merchants make money in Constantinople
>So good at making money that they nearly monopolize international trade in the Byzantine Empire
>Greeks riot with consent of Emperor
>Venice sends ambassador to see what's going on
>Greeks beat him up and send him back
>Venice mourns the loss of thousands of its countrymen and women that were slaughtered by the rioting Greeks
>Couple decades later...
>Ambassador is now Doge
>Pope wants to crusade
>Venice says "ok, what do you need?"
>Pope: "I need transports and supplies for 30,000 crusaders!"
>Venice: "We will do it but it will take up our entire economic output over two years. Make sure you have the money."
>Pope: "Great!"
>10,000 crusaders arrive and they don't have the money
>Venice flips the fuck out realizing that they practically bankrupted themselves because a bunch of Christfaggots couldn't come up with the money OR soldiers
>Crusaders: OKAY!
>Start fucking up uppity cities and vassals on the Adriatic
>Venice: Fuck you. You should have thought about that before ripping us off
>While mopping up the uppity vassals, a Byzantine royal with a decent claim appears!
>Venice: "Holy shit. We'll help put you on the throne if you give us money. We have a whole army and everything"
>Royal Pretender: "Don't worry. The people love me!"
>Venice: "Fuck you. Where's my money? Oh yeah. You don't have it. Come back when you do."
>And so the crusaders went to Constantinople...
>Doge: "Vendetta time..."
I don't feel like writing the rest but you can guess the rest. The moral of the story is that you shouldn't gyp Italian merchants out of their rightful gold.
but people bring up the crusades as a violent genocide or something, like they just marched there and slaughtered thousands of innocent kids. its just warfare
The People's Crusade fucked over a lot more people than the Princes, but they indirectly saved the crusade, even though they were terrible.
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*Sea Jews.
>thirty years war
>in crusades
i see nothing wrong with this
veniat regnum tuum fiat voluntas tua sicut in caelo et in terra
>Thirty Years War
>a Crusade
nice bait made me reply
1. Source has nothing backing it
1. No True Scotsman
2. Crusaders had to pay a debt, a Byzantine prince promised to pay it and then didn't so they took it by force
3. I don't remember the Crusades taking credit for stopping the Muslim advance considering the Turks went deep into Europe
4/5. Heretics don't help
6. War happens
7/8. Firstly, the Saxons constantly attacked Charlemagne so he ended them, then he did go and fight in Iberia.

Plus delete your shitty bait.
Learn to read you fucking niggers. It said it started the inter religious fractures that culminated in the thirty years war.
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 4
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