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Americucks, you have 30 seconds to explain...
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Americucks, you have 30 seconds to explain why you're currently not in Oregon defending your country from Federal tyranny by standing with the Bundy bros.

This could be the spark which causes the fire. Don't just sit in your room and shitpost about it on /pol/, become a part of history!
Everything I've worked for would be gone if I leave and can't pay for it maintain it.


I'd give up my personal property to stand up for someone elses.
this doesn't hit close enough to home for me, literally or figuratively.
I don't expect it to be long before I don't have much choice in the matter however.
Because I want to live long enough to vote for Trump.
i'm psychotic, beb. it's a bad idea.
>the current year
>falling for an obvious Fed honeytrap aimed at taking out the most gung-ho but gullible anti-government types

I feel sorry for those who can't see this.
Because they're wrong and traitors

native americans
It's literally on the other side of the fucking country/ocean
meh, looks like it's just a protest. doesn't look all that exciting. if they start chimping out I'll maybe join a few /pol/ threads for the laughs.
> idiots receiving government handouts to play cowboy

Fuck these crybabies
The guy on the bottom left is a FBI informant, last name Santilli. This is a false flag to strengthen the cause of Obama in his attempt to strengthen firearm restrictions.

t. Insider

Because I don't care and it wouldn't be worth the plane ticket
federal agent, pls

I hear what you're saying Nigel although I'm not sure if the UK has these types of people so I don't even know if this will translate but. These militia people are just poor white trash with guns and ATV's. They are morons. They think they can fight the feds because of some archaic bullshit laws about land ownership. Nothing is happening here.
I keep seeing this very similar reply in these threads, weird
It's literally nothing. Just people peacefully protesting. That might be hard to believe for you since you live in an Orwellian nightmare, but it's nothing.
because it's common sense

you'd be fighting for something public to be private while losing your own shit
>That might be hard to believe for you since you live in an Orwellian nightmare, but it's nothing.
Because the family they're protesting for has said they don't want protests and they want to just go to jail.

You're not an insider, fuck off. The Pete Santilli conspiracy has little merit.
I don't support white niggers
americans are hilariously pathetic

>It's just commiefornia who cares if they ignore the constitution
>these guys are crybabies govermint be a gud boy obama dindunuffin

the only thing americans have going for them is a huge and loud mouth.
How's it feel knowing nothing you say on /pol/ will be taken seriously with a Shitposter Island flag?
I'm not a thief :DDD
The people that where wrongfully arrested don't even want to be represented by these land grabbing ass hats.
because I live in Mass and need to get a good night's sleep for when we have to fight off hordes of uppity niggers at the rally tomorrow
Im planning to go out there tomorrow. I've already prepared everything to take off work for the next week. I only live about 5 hours away so it's just an easy road trip

summary :

family owns lands since the 1870s

fed has wanted your land for years to turn into a wildlife reservoir (i.e. make money)

never sell to them regardless of their constant harassment by ATF and BLM (bureau of land management)

2001, routine bush fire on property

tell fire department beforehand, accidentally burn 100 acres of federal land, put it out yourselves

2006, lightning storm starts bush fire on your property

start backfire to push it away from your private property

cops show up next day and press charges , go to court

get tried and convicted, sentenced to a year in jail

go to prison for roughly one year

get let out, government says you've served your time

2011, feds want your land again, still won't sell

feds issue re-sentencing convicting you of domestic terrorism - now wants to enforce a mandatory minimum

minimum of 5 more years in federal prison

now a convicted terrorist - must serve 5 more years in federal prison

focus heavily on deer/elk hunting on your own property while in season - call it poaching - say lack of evidence is no reason not to plaster it in media

150 men and women occupy a completely empty government building that was closed for the winter - nobody hurt

liberals call them terrorists, make it racialJPG, don't look into what actually happened

compare to a hypothetical if they were muslim or black - yet ask why these people havent been murdered by the feds https://i.sli.mg/W9xAYh.pngPNG

they appear ready to die https://youtu.be/sbGdMKpHDDE

We need Trump asap

America is big as fuck britbongbro
File: upsetting.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
They are acting too dramatically too soon. I think a lot of these guys are ranchers or people who have to interact with the BLM and other such retarded agencies that are completely unconstitutional and act like the DMV but with access to APCs and sniper rifles. Having to deal with that shit on a daily basis and being around mostly other people who deal with that has probably given them an inflated sense of how upset the average person is.

I think if even Bernie supporters had to live a month in the shoes of an independent rancher, they'd want to privatize a lot of public land too. The fact is though that the only insight people have into that world is through the media, which paints it as white neonazi extremists eating babies in the woods.

I think they're probably right about most of what they're upset about, but they really should have spent the time and money organizing an information campaign demonstrating how extremely fucked up things are in the west and how mismanaged the 60,70,80% of some states are that are federal not state land. People would be much more sympathetic to that and would maybe even then be more willing to look into these things. If you associate "BLM" with "pushing people off their own land and destroying families" then when they next read a headline that a militia is standing up to the BLM they won't just roll their eyes, they might actually look into it.

tl;dr setting up a website would make a lot more sense than what they're doing, unfortunately. I think they don't understand how little people know about what they're upset about.
because I have to go to work tomorrow
this. no one gives a damn about WHY they're doing it because they don't know. the same way if blacks just randomly chimped out in a city people wouldn't give a damn, they'd call them terrorists. you guys are illegitimatizing your own cause by supporting what these ranchers are doing
I hate when people video themselves and get melodramatic.

Literally this. Bundy is being used by the Feds to lure out any "lone wulves" who might be ready to go Ryder Truck anytime soon.
File: 1437001542031.jpg (177 KB, 1000x833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 1000x833
Is this white trash Outer Heaven?






Web Pages/_pol_ - Bernie & Trump Lovers Econ 101, Did US start Global War since Jobs were tanking - Politically Incorrect - 4chan.htm (Economy & Manufacturing & Jobs & Job Compensation Trended down from 1979,.... after Globalization, After OSHA, after Unions out negotiated the Private Executives of the Fortune 500 Big 3 Auto Companies & Cities like Chicago,... after Worker Rights & Union Rights,.... After Off Shore Production Trended up Sharply,... after Interest Rates in the late 1970s went to 15% and then to nearly 20% and Credit Card Holders got 30% Interest (Usury)...

Well by the 1990s the Decline in Jobs and Good Paying Jobs was obvious... so did the USA plan a new pearl harbor event (PNAC) and war in 7 Nations to boost the Economy?

That is a Question.

The charts in Interest Rates, Employment Rates, Labor Rates, Not Participating Rates, and the history of expensive Legislation passed support this.

Child Labor Laws, Holiday Pay, Weekend Pay, Over time Pay seems reasonable after the abuses in Mining & factories. Equal pay for women seem reasonable after the deaths of women and kids in factories at low pay...

Globalism and Off Shore Strategies are an attack on US People.

Dutch Sandwich
Double Irish
Singapore Sling
I know right. If they would just have spread information about these people being accused of being terrorist for something so simple, they could have gotten most people angry about it. Instead they take over a nature reserve and plan to keep it.

They are terrorists.

They should be given 1 hour to drop their weapons and surrender, or just drop a couple of JDAMs on their heads. That's more negotiation than the average terrorist gets. And send in a squad to kill any survivors.

If they give up their weapons, they should be arrested, fast tracked through the courts, and all sentenced to hanging for treason against the United States. This hanging should be televised as well.

Terrorists cannot be allowed to win.
I am a wife, I have duties at home such as cooking and cleaning. I'll fight when Trump loses.
File: attachment.php.jpg (13 KB, 360x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: c70.png (55 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 625x626
I'm at least half a continent away, not able to get there
Once they find out whom signs their welfare checks they will be gone in seconds
File: 1445744386944.jpg (2 MB, 3112x2338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3112x2338
State of Jefferson resident here. At my office today, I asked a handful of people about their opinion on what happened: Most seemed to side with the militia. Myself included.
I'm in Florida and I can't afford to leave my job. If the economy starts to fall apart and the secession rumors pick up, I'll get involved in shit like this.
i hope you are not on to something this sounds horrible.

Personally? As A Virginian, Civil War is not an abstract concept to me. I drive past the ruins of the Richmond bridge destroyed in the war every day on my way to work. I know the consequences of civil war. I know that Interstate 95 is the biggest graveyard in America and the corpses they unearthed as it was constructed.

Politically, I despise these people because they represent the worst kind of folly. A disrespect for democracy. They are fully enfranchised citizens who come from States with Two Senators representing a mere fraction of the population my own Two Senators represent. And yet somehow they have the temerity to claim WE (the East Coast) are Oppressing THEM.

Its a load of nonsense. My state of millions of people must acquiesce to the demands of these asshats in Nevada who have a fraction of our population yet equal political representation. And they have the audacity to declare themselves oppressed. They have no idea what oppression is. Having been in the Army for 5 years and gone to the middle east, I KNOW what oppression is, and these entitled cunts have no clue.

And now, they have the temerity to wave guns around and threaten ME with violence unless I agree with their demands. They are threatening ME because they are threatening MY ELECTED GOVERNMENT with threat of violence. Forcing ME to pick a side. Well, I know exactly what side I am on, and its not with their entitled asses.
One of the guys I work with is a Bernie supporter and everyone else is pretty conservative or libertarian. The Bernie supporter is a complete idiot and bad at his job and will probably be fired in the next month or two, but he doesn't realize it. He friended me on jewbook and constantly posts liberal me-mes.

He just posted "Today I learned:
plural of armed black people is thugs
plural of armed brown people is terrorists
plural of armed white people is militia"

I fucking hate him so much.
When was it when they threatened you?
File: 1434063454796.jpg (21 KB, 376x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 376x397
>after Unions out negotiated the Private Executives of the Fortune 500 Big 3 Auto Companies & Cities like Chicago,

I just mean

- Either the Powers involved are fragile and weak to have allowed Unions to get ridiculous compensation, retirement benefits, and even double retirement benefits...

- Or the Financing is a Weakness, the Flow of Funds must continue,... the multiple sources of financing and multiple financing makes the corporate, government, and nonprofit systems vulnerable to... shortages of cash flow.


But my main problem is powers support more complicated systems, more complicated accounting, more complciated financial instruments, more shady law or flexible law in business, taxes, auditing, accounting, financial ratings, financial reporting, and IPOs...

Hell even our local govts are corporations and are subject to attacks on their bonds and financing ... to the point where they are vulnerable to Greek Type Seizures of Property.

Benchmark our Institutional Parameters.

Standardize the limits of Corporate & Government Power.

accounting, financial instruments, law in business, taxes, auditing, accounting, financial ratings, financial reporting.

Bill Clinton Deregulated like so many others... others that include Republicans... but far worse it seems to include preference for China and Free Trade Style Agreements as Banks were further Deregulated.


1980 - Depository_Institutions_Deregulation_and_Monetary_Control_Act
1981 - Executive Order 12287, (R. Reagan, removed price controls on Petrol)
1982 - Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act
1992 - Energy Policy Act
1994 - Fast Track Authority to Approve WTO Creation
1994 - NAFTA, Deregulation of Trade, 3 Nations
1996 - Energy Deregulation
1996 - Telecommunications Act
1999 - Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act

When they occupied a building my tax money paid for and threatened the park rangers my tax money pays for.
for years you cheap fucks on /pol/ have whined about the obongo administration, you get a chance to stand up and be counted and you yellow out and call the oregon freedom fighters ''white trash'' do you think the ''fuhrrer '' worried about right and wrong when he marched his supporters into the beer hall putsch , no he did not because he knew win or loose that battle his struggle would be impossible to ignore,,,,pah septics...
I don't think they ever threatened park rangers for the record. Also, just to play devil's advocate, could it be that that fact- that about 80% of their state is run by your tax dollars- could be part of why they're upset?
File: Fed.Funds.Rate.jpg (146 KB, 1129x629) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 1129x629
I have an interest Rate chart some where.

I guess Interest Rates were deregulated either in 1980 or 1982.

1980 - Depository_Institutions_Deregulation_and_Monetary_Control_Act (J. Carter, followed by S&L Crisis, 5000 convictions, RTC)
1982 - Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act

Credit Cards came in 1970s...

And at some point they were allowed to go to 30% Interest (Usury) ... have to look into this.

difference is that they would be destroying others' property in a city, these guys are just holding out in some ranch and telling the govt. to fuck off.

Were they destroying a city I would want them dead.

My first time posting on /pol/ btw
>these guys are just holding out in some ranch and telling the govt. to fuck off.
I believe they're occupying a federal building
Too poor, too far, too little guns.
I live in Oregon and the reason I'm not there is because I'm afraid of the consequences.


Who /coward/ here?
They jumped the gun and for the wrong cause. Most of us Americans have no connection to cattle grazing issues in the rural west, so it's hard to connect that local struggle with the federal government to a broader overreach of the government.

Don't worry though. Once Hillary gets elected, shit's going down in a big way. This country is on the edge.
That's a scary rationalization of the situation. Is it just a hunch or is there some reasoning behind your claim?
File: 1442395947268.png (1 MB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1200
People don't care what they're protesting about. They see white, conservative, (probably) christians, with guns, and IMMEDIATELY start calling for airstrikes and the national guard.

Just look at the leddit threads on this, every other comment references BLM protests, or some sly reference to skin colours as if that justifies them saying these people need to die. It doesn't matter who these people are or what they're protesting. They're not on the same political spectrum as me, so they need to die.
You have to look at the Number of Employees.

CBO should have a chart about the Tax Base... since Individual taxes pay the most by like 4 to 1 at least to corporate taxes...

Loss of the Middle Class should be inportant to

- State & Local Govt
- Federal Govt
- Corporate Leaders that must share the Tax Burden
- Foundations & Think Tanks whos Reputation resides on forward thinking
- Universities, their Schools
- Average American Voter, Citizen
- Lobbyists that want to keep the Industry alive and respected.
$31 Trillion in Foreign Ownership in US Property... hm... sounds like a good investigation.
Also this. If Hillary wins, the South/Plains region is going apeshit. I'm so excited. I honestly am hoping for it because we'll need a leader to step up for us and it might even be Trump. We need to hit "reset".
because im currently living under the authority of honorable chairman coumo and NYC honorable chairman DeBlasio

also no money and no gun
Hey what is this:

From Table 5 of Monthly Treasury Report (MTR) 30 September of each year which is the end of the Fiscal Year.

lots of money here.

Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2014 = $46.6 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2013 = $65.8 Billion (what is happening here)
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2011 = $38 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2009 = $32.7 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2007 = $19.4 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2005 = $20.9 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2003 = $13.9 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2001 = $11.3 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 2000 = $8.3 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 1998 = 9 Billion
Total--Tennessee Valley Authority Outlays 1997 = 8.7 Billion

Total past 10 Years Federal Funding Tennessee Valley Authority =$265.9 Billion

2014 VA Medical Care = $46.04 Billion
2013 VA Medical Care = $44.7 Billion
2010 VA Medical Care = $36.9 Billion
2008 VA Medical Care = $30.0 Billion
2004 VA Medical Care = $24.4 Billion
2002 VA Medical Care = $22.6 Billion
1999 VA Medical Care = $17.8 Billion
1998 VA Medical Care = $17.3 Billion
I gotta wake up early and go to work tomorrow

>inb4 wagecuck

Get rekt faggots, work makes you free.
I'm a communist, and people on our side have had a long history of dying for stupid shit like this. We all know how all these stories end. Look at what happened to MOVE, to M19CO,or to the ELF. The government is just waiting for them to slip up, after which they're either all going to prison on terrorism charges or they'll be firebombed and killed to the last child. They've done it before and they'll do it again.

IRS, Payment where earned income credit exceeds liability for tax 2014 = $60.09 Billion
IRS, Payment where earned income credit exceeds liability for tax 2013 = $57.5 Billion
IRS, Payment where earned income credit exceeds liability for tax 2000 = $26 Billion
IRS, Payment where earned income credit exceeds liability for tax 1998 = $23.2 Billion

IRS, Payment Where Child Tax Credit Exceeds Liability for Tax 2014 = $21,49 Billion
IRS, Payment Where Child Tax Credit Exceeds Liability for Tax 2013 = $21.6 Billion
IRS, Payment Where Child Tax Credit Exceeds Liability for Tax 2000 = $806 Million (Million)
IRS, Payment Where Child Tax Credit Exceeds Liability for Tax 1998 = Zero.....

Tax Receipts:

Corporate Income Taxes Receipts 1998 = $ 188.7 Billion
Corporate Income Taxes Receipts 2002 = $ 148.0 Billion (Recession)
Corporate Income Taxes Receipts 2014 = $ 320.7 Billion

Individual Income Taxes Receipts 1998 = $ 828.6 Billion
Individual Income Taxes Receipts 2002 = $ 858.3 Billion (Recession)
Individual Income Taxes Receipts 2014 = $1.395 Trillion

Total—International Assistance Program Outlays 2014 = $49.37 Billion

Total--Department of Homeland Security Outlays 2014 = $53.81 Billion

Total—Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation under DOD 2014 = $65.42 Billion

2014 Total--Interest on the Public Debt = $429.568 Billion (LIRP/ZIRP)

Total—Department of the Treasury Outlays 2014 = $570.86 Billion

1979 - 1980 are key dates.
File: 1434063135452.jpg (25 KB, 235x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 235x272
>Look at what happened to the US League of Womens VOters who used to set up the Presidential Debates in the 1970s...

They were sidelined, but not killed or persecuted.

Perhaps that was Hillary's Crowd?

Maybe if you infiltrate the Establishment or Popular Political Structure... then people can be taught philosophy, logic, democracy, tolerance, budgeting, looking at the other side that has to raise money to pay for social programs...

Seems there are options, but USA is Depressed. That and dependent on corporate sponsors... dependent on wealth... dependent on working a job... dependent on reputation so that they can get a job, work a job, get housing, get credit, and get financing.

Or is it just me.

It seems we have to be perfect and just be politically correct to please our Totalitarian Masters!!!
What is their goal exactly? If they were all for the banning of Muslims then I would be all for it.
Trump will win and pardon these dudes. No problems.
Oy vey. Hang the bad goyim.
Probably because this is an ineffective, declaration of weakness on the part of the militia types. The issue is excessive behaviour on the part of the BLM, and shocking amount of western American land owned by the federal government. Lobbying for the sale of BLM land, or even the abolishment of that organization would be difficult but would lead to real change. Holing up in a cabin and daring law enforcement to kill you accomplishes nothing and sooner or later they will take you up on your offer. That's why.
There are no bad Goyim.

Look at the $60 Trillion in US Debt that can never be repaid and which require "Debt Slaves."
Ben Bernanke's Sovereign Deception


Because I have a fucking job and other issues to work on. I don't have the time or money to fucking travel to fucking Oregon to stand in the cold with some guy who probably is a great guy.
its cold up there. Have to tow the line and keep florida safe.
Not clear.

Search for Range Wars or Bush Wars in the USA.

They feel they have 100 years of Property Rights and Access Rights... which are not being eroded by a government that sees corporate interests in the resources... or perhaps just corporate lobbying and campaign dollars being spent to secure those Resources and property rights.

Obama also expanded a program to buy private property and give this to Indian Reservations (a Corporation, namely or largely the Navajos in 2015).

Largely the Politicians can see it is Foundations, PACS and Corporations that keep them in Office , keep them in power...

In some cases there are like 4 Turkish PACs and a number of Israeli Pas.
So just like in the case of Bundy, this is again the Bureau of Land Management acting like some kind of private military punishing people for their completely legal refusal to sell land to them?
And this organization basically spends their time harassing people like some kind of Mafia?
Where is the oversight here?
Who are these people and why do they have these kinds of resources and so little accountability?
Since when does Fish and Game order SWAT teams to raid your family home at 2am because you didn't pay protection?
Sorry this is probably too complicated for 4Chan to undestand.

Let me pst another.
Not my state, not my problem.
Maybe this is easier to understand.

The Flows of Money indicate who is getting rich. So it the Wealth Gap goes up... yu have to look to see who the wealthy people are. In 1960 USA saw that certain Wealthy Earners were not paying any taxes since the rules allowed them not to. The total people not paying taxes but earning wealthy level income has expanded each year since.

But anyway... look to off shore banking & Tax Havens.


Last Data is from January 2015.

Belgium 2002 = $10.8 B, then 2013 = $163 B, Today $354 B
Bermuda 2002 = $14 B, then 2013 = $94 B, Today ??
Cayman Islands 2002 = $10.7 B, then 2013 = $66 B, Today ??
Canada 2002 = $8.4 B, then 2013 = $46.6 B, Today $70 B
China 2002 = $95 B, then 2013 = $1,272 B, Today $1239 B
France 2002 = $11 B, then 2013 = $42.4 B, Today $75 B
Germany 2002 = $38 B, then 2013 = $54 B, Today $69 B
Hong Kong 2002 = $37 B, then 2013 = $89 B, Today $172 B
India 2002 = $5.2 B, then 2013 = $56.6 B, Today $91 B
Ireland 2002 = $6 B, then 2013 = $91 B, Today $137 B
Japan 2002 = $260 B, then 2013 = $1,023 B, Today $1238 B
Luxemburg 2002 = $20.2 B, then 2013 = $107 B, Today $176 B
Mexico 2002 = $16.7 B, then 2013 = $52.7 B, Today $85 B
Norway 2002 = $5 B, then 2013 = $74 B, Today $73 B
Philippines 2002 = $3 B, then 2013 = $36 B, Today $40 B
Poland 2002 = $7 B, then 2013 = $31 B, Today $29 B
Russia 2002 = $3 B, then 2013 = $138 B, Today $82 B
Singapore 2002 = 19.4 B, then 2013 = $82 B, Today $109 B
Switzerland 2002 = $28 B, then 2013 = $157 B, Today $205 B
Taiwan 2002 = $0 B, then 2013 = $183 B, Today $170 B
Turkey 2002 = $2 B, then 2013 = $18 B, Today $82 B
United Kingdom = $45.7 B, then 2013 = $130.6 B, Today $207 B

After 9-11 the wealth flowed to Arab & oil Countries/ tax havens like Cayman Islands/Bermuda.
File: 1443844541469.jpg (135 KB, 502x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 502x449
Because as a nevadan, I think Bundy and his family are a bunch of redneck faggots who disrespect the law of the land in spite of the fact they were given due process and allowed to appeal at every level, and then they throw a temper tantrum, appealing to the sensibilities of lolbertarians, and then using unlawful force to get their way.

They are literally white dindu nuffins. Bundy and his ilk are literally the white equivalent of BLM and, like those uppity niggers, deserve every once of force applied to them if only to wipe them from the gene pool.

Also, Bundy and his family are, through a round about fashion, allowing the government on both a state and federal level to justify disarmament.

So thanks.
If you were an Investor this would look like a great chart and a great opportunity.

The BLM is a front for the collusion of industry and government, but do you honestly think the states have the means to manage all those public lands without contracts to either a federal or private agency?

Most states actively have laws that allow that to occur, including Nevada, which Bundy lives in.

Fuck him.
Good luck to all of those men and women standing up for our rights

fucking hate these socialist fuckheads

Like Thomas Jefferson.?

The Signors of the Magna Carte?
How's it feel knowing nothing you say ever will be taken seriously with a Shitsplurging burger hole?
yes, please, go there and declare you solidarity with those brave freedom fighters! what was your name again?
sincerely, NSA
File: Hki87DC.webm (955 KB, 720x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
955 KB, 720x404
Because Trump is going to be our next president, they are idiots. The solution is at hand.

Because fuck those hicks.
I wish you luck masshole.
Becaus im shitposting on /pol/ like you and every other faggot here.

Check em
I'm too far, maybe next time.

Mainly because the militia there has no idea what it's doing.

Pete Sanshilly is there, and he was the same one that fucking failed big time with his DC truck protest and his "impeach Obama" shit. He had about a dozen people show up after saying there'd be tens of thousands.
Because if I'm going to risk jailtime it better be worth it.

That and I'm all the way on the other side of the country.
They wouldn't have me. I don't hold the same views they do.

>da gubment can't tell me what to do, ever, about anything because it's illegitimate/doesn't exist/whatever
>being outraged on someone else's behalf after they have told you to fuck off

Sounds pretty niggerish to me. And I'm not a nigger.
You can't call us cucks you fucking hypocrite
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