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Items you don't need but pack anyways.
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What do /out/ists like to throw in their packs that are objectively wastes of space?

>pic related
I always bring too many flashlights, and more reading material than i ever use.
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Guilty. Though since I carry my kindle papaerwhite more reading material doesn't really ad weight. Flashlights and their batteries on the other hand.....

I don't bother with a radio because my phones full of commercial free music that doesn't sound like static...
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About half the shit you see here. I just dunno what I'm gonna want to use. All I ever use is the camera with the 50mm lens. Nothing else desu.
My GoPro+spare battery and various mounts.

Could argue that my hatchet is unnecessary as well but being able to process wood quicker and enjoy myself sooner is worth the ~2lbs added.
you gotta start using that gopro bro!

sometimes i set my action cam up on a tripod and get a timelapse of us setting up our camp and getting the fire going as the sun goes down. it's nothing too crazy, but always nice to look back on later, and a great use of the camera
those tripods are shit son
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they were $9 each and i bought three of them. i've had them for about 2.5 years and they're all still in top condition. they've been through hell with me too - snow, mud, rain, river crossings, drunkenness, etc. they're also cheep so if one get wrecked i don't care. i attribute their longevity to the fact that i rotate them so the abuse is never acute
I bring a tiny drawing pad and a metal pencil to doodle with, but hardly ever gets used.
What are those crazy lenses on the left for? Never seen anything like them, but I'm not a photography guy.
File: IMGP2962.jpg (58 KB, 1000x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the yellow and black dragon dildo things are action cameras (like a gopro sorta dealie), the stack of glass lenses on the bottom left are close-up lenses (for macros, basically)
Good on you then... I'd rather have my trusty Manfrotto but to each his own. I guess the rotation is a good technique.
Do be mindful of the heads though. A few years ago I carried a cheap tripod for hiking (those ridiculously light cheap aluminium shits) and in winter the whole head broke clean off at the vertical joint. I don't know if it was the cold or the years, but those cheap stiff plastics aren't any good.
Oh, ok. The two action cameras were what I was referring to. I thought they were some specialty lenses.
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At the time I bought them I was poor as horseshit and I had nothing in life by my hobbies. When I saw B&H was offloading them for $9 each I bought three. I would love to have a few really nice tripods of course, but so far so good. Also they weigh like 1.5lbs so I barely notice I'm lugging it. Sometimes I take two with me, depending on the nature of the expedition.

Pic related - my cheep $9 tripod being a true hero.
Oh, you're soundbro. Hi man.

It also depends on usage... years of /out/, city and studio use really take their toll. My Manfrotto and Gitzos have really seen shit and their service has been spotless.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing at all. I've been there and if they're what you need, awesome!
Yeah, they will fail at some point for sure. I'm just hoping it's not a sudden catostrophic failure like what happened to you. The lowest leg segments are very thin. In the dark just tripping of the tripod could be enough to snap - or worse - fatigue one of the legs. I tend to take super care of my shit but wear & tear can't be stopped
Considering that half of the reason I like to go /out/ is DXing I'd hardly call my radio wasted space.
my kindle.

i'm an old man at this point. when i lay down i go to sleep. i don't need a book anymore.

but i still pack my kindle.
I've used everything in my pack at least once.
Some of it i've only used once, but when I have needed it, it's come in real handy.

Really should use my AIARE fieldbook more than I do. I use it more for reference when I'm doing avalanche research online, usually when I see a snow grain symbol or abbreviation I don't recognize.

Only used flagging tape once but I still carry a roll of that, but that tape along with a sharpie was real nice when I needed it (Marking my way for another rider to follow; I wrote a number on the tail of it and the other rider picked it up as he chased them).
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Space is not a problem
It's weight that is a problem

My big ticket luxury weight item is a metal poop shovel
>have orange plastic poop shovel
>early morning poop emergency
>need to be out of bag and shitting ASAP
>grab plastic shovel and tp and beat it out of camp
>find spot out of line of sight
>start digging
>rocks everywhere
>really need to shit
>break plastic shovel fiending for poop hole
>bring metal shovel ever since
>metal shovel 183g or 0.4lb
>plastic shovel 56g or 0.12lb
>mfw I'll never be UL

The metal shovel digs so fast and so well, especially in difficult soils
Am I being an idiot?
Never understood this bury your poop meme. Just shit behind a bush and be done with it, nature sorts that shit out in a week tops
i just find a stream and shit in that.
Sometimes I lose sleep worrying that autists actually do this.
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a day out.png
41 KB, 700x500
>nature sorts that shit out in a week tops
It depends on where you are
If you are low where there is lots of rain, yes
If you are high and dry, it could be there for many decades
If you are where there are lots of people, the shit builds up
if 50mm is all you need, you could downsize to an industar 50-2
it's tiny, cheap, sharp, all metal, weights 70g but is all manual
Yeah camera gear for me. Last few trips I've just taken my Fuji plus a 12mm WA lens and a tripod. Sometimes I'll pack a second lens (usually 23mm)
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I've boiled it down to this. (body taking the picture.) It all fits into the holster. I still don't use the 135 and 50 as much as I'd like so sometimes they do stay home. Same for the flash, intervallo and spare bats.

...you...you haven't done much long exposure or telephoto work, have you?

>Going where there are a lot of people.

Pleb as fuck, desu senpai.

Don't lose sleep.. they do. Here in Scotland I have literally seen shite and toiletpaper strewn on the edges of lochs/streams. Some people are just fundamentally filthy animals.


I used to rock one of those thinktank bags when I shot Nikon. Need to find something similar for my Fuji X

I currently use individual lowepro lens cases which is great for packability and modularity, but I don't have anything for my body and main lens.
nah I use the full range from 18-50mm. the 200mm lens I use a lot during the day, but most of my /out/ photos are at night. I've been toying with getting a 50mm prime for awhile, oentax has one for $99... but I don't really need it that bad, I'm not a pro
you could look for the a 50 1.7 or the m 50 1.7 by Pentax..these are about 30 to 50 usd and sharp af.

they are popular for bokehwhoreing with flowers, kittens and grills.

would like to see /out/ nighttime pics.
To get to the cool stuff, sometimes you have to pass through a place with lots of people

Somethings are worth seeing, even though there are lots of people there

When you get older, and have more experience, maybe you will understand
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yeah, we'll see. 'togging is kind of a secondary activity for me so the priority is somewhat low to keep getting stuff

here's a night pic
i liek it. great atmosphere!
i'm thinking about the k50 as my next camera.
still have the good old k200.
>Space is not a problem
>It's weight that is a problem

This anon knows what's up.
I'm always bringing more cookware than I actually need for myself.
That being said, I can cook some damned decent shit when I've got the variety of utensils.
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