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What is a good lightweight ground tarp to get ?
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What is a good lightweight ground tarp to get ?

I have a Maxpedition Falcon II and for my shelter I have a SOL Escape Thermal Bivvy and Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm sleeping pad.

I want to keep this as a lightweight bag with a shelter that can be setup for ground sleeping. I have another camping style bag for hammock camping in the woods. But this bag is more for a situation where I wont be in the woods and I dont have tree's around to hang a hammock.

If I were to sleep in a building with this setup I would not need a Tarp.

The thermal sleeping air mattress and the thermal bivvy would be good, but if I was outside on ground without tree's I would need the tarp for some top cover.

So I need a tarp that comes with poles or can use poles for a ground setup. And is still light and just big enough for one person with a sleeping pad and bivvy sack.

Currently I have a Causality Tarp in the pack. The kind with one side that is reflective. But with that I would need to be setup between tree's and run a ridgeline. And that is an ok to do it where I live because we have alot of tree's but it would be nice to have an option that is lighter, packs smaller and will be able to be setup without tree's.
I have a large tarp for my hammock right now.

Its called a superfly and it has doors on both end openings. Its good for windy, rainy or cold conditions.

What I really need is a tarp I can use for my hammock in summer conditions, and can also use in this other pack as a ground setup.

So if the tarp can be setup in two ways that would be fantastic.

Usually when you setup a tarp for a hammock you always use a ridge-line because you are already between two trees.

But I want the tarp to also setup on the ground if I dont have the ability to find two tree's to run the line between.
> I'll have, "How fucking stupid do you have to be you can't make a tarp?" For $500, Alex.
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I am not trying to be like this guy.

I just want to buy a nice tarp.

please dont tell me people actually sleep in this retarded thing

wow dude, way to shave off 1 pound of weight

totally worth it
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2 MB, 2448x3264

The SOL escape bivvy is very packable and lightweight and its better then those mylar emergency blankets.

If you have a sleeping pad and a blanket or bag to put over for Insulation you can go down to really cold temps.

I saw a guy on youtube in Minnesota testing it out. We all know that it gets really cold there and his vids shows that it does work.

Right now I do have a tarp but I need two tree's to set it up. I need a better more lighter tarp that does not need two tree's, but can also use a couple small poles or sticks.

The SOL bivvy is not a high end piece of gear, they are like 50 bucks on amazon and I can get them for 30 at another place but they are the smallest and lightest emergency bivvy for tossing in a bag. The mylar ones are like a one time use item.

But the thermal bivvy can be used over and over.

If you know a better bivvy that is just as small and just as light I would be glad to buy that and check it out.

But right now I am looking for a Tarp.
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been through the SOL bivy routine
then i actually found out how heat works

the bivvy would be a great thermal container, but you still need insulation to keep the heat from conducting away, and the only way to *properly* obtain this is with down or sythetic loft

but show me the video of this person in MI

i was commenting about the retarded tarp being uses in place of a decent tent. there is no purpose of that stupid thing in your pic because it wont even keep the wind out, and its obviously not going to rain anytime soon.

where did a SOL bivvy come into play here?

Minnesota is MN and I just linked it.

Yes you are right that in the cold you need insulation.

In the second test vid you see that he uses down in the cold temps.

I also have a down topquilt that I use in my hammock gear. Its a sleeping bag without a back because the down does not work when its compressed. And if I am laying on it the down compresses.

Lots of hammock campers use top quilts for this reason. And it works for the ground also.

I would use my topquilt for this cold temp situation.

I would put my bottom ground tarp on the earth then put my sleeping mattress then put my bivvy then on top of the bivvy I put my top quilt.
File: epype5y8.jpg (94 KB, 816x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When you said Do people sleep in that I thought you meant the Bivvy and not the Tarp.

Yes the tarp is always more lightweight then a tent. That is why people use them.

And because I just want a lightweight and packable setup for this bag. I have a better bag for cold temp with my hammock camping gear.

This is like a secondary bag where I could sleep in a structure or on the ground outside.

I could use the tarp from my hammock gear, its like a tent because all the for walls are enclosed. But its a little big and heavy and like I said before you need two tree's to set it up.

When its Cold I get in my hammock with a Baselayer on and then on top of that I usually have fleece or wool thermal mid layers to sleep in.

But if it gets really cold I also have Down pants and Shirt to wear with all that. Along with wool socks. Balaclava, facemask, and fleece hats and gloves.

And with my hammock I also have a bottom quilt and a top quilt, the bottom quilt craddles you from underneath in the hammock, and the top quilt is inside the hammock with you and its on top keeping you warm.

So I have all the insulation to make this ground setup work.

The pad picked has a really high R factor. Its got mylar inside of it to trap the pockets of air and reflect heat.
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Just looking around on google image and I want something that can be setup like this.

But can also be used for a hammock.
Have you ever actually camped in a hammock? Like seriously overnighted once or twice? It's a meme.
Op. If you want to use a tarp with hammock and also bivvy the limiting criteria is minimum length for covering your hammock. Get a rectangular or cat cat cut tarp it'll work fine as a stand alone tarp.

nice b8

Lmao, no its not.

Its much more comfortable then sleeping on the ground on a pad.

My Hammock is asymmetrically cut, and it gives a very flat lay.

It feels like you are floating on a cushion of down. You dont know what your missing.
File: hi_five_meh.png (20 KB, 493x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>gives a very flat lay
>feels like you are floating on a cushion of down
>You dont know what your missing
sounds like yo mama

I found a better material for ground cloth.

Tyvek is too heavy so instead I went with Mountain Laurel Designs UL groundcloth.

Its only 1.3 oz compared to over 5 for the Tyvek.

You can also get Polycryo from Gossamer gear.

I use this ground cloth / sheet for my bottom layer on the ground to protect my Neo Air sleeping pad.
My hammock gear and bag is a baseweight of only 16 pounds. That is everything I need to sleep down to 20 degree's minus food water and fuel.

This includes a change of clothing to sleep in which is kept dry in a stuffsack in my bag.

It also includes the weight of my pack which is a ULA ohm.

But my other bag for ground sleeping is setup more as an Emergency bag right now. If I knew I was going to spend the night I would take the hammock bag, but if I was just out on a dayhike and didnt plan on staying overnight I would have the Falcon II with some light emergency gear to get by on.

The SOL escape bivvy can be used in place of a 3 season bag when temps are above 32. As long as you have insulative layers with you to sleep in. And it can go colder if you have a blanket or bag.

@ 8.5 ounces its a great piece of kit.

And no other Bivvys on the market have the Thermal Reflective insides. Once you pair this with a sleeping pad and a tarp you have a great emergency shelter. I Choose an inflatable pad because they are light and they pack the smallest.

Foam pads are too large for what I am using it for and Self Inflatables are another option but they add weight.
File: trekkertent.jpg (5 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 MB, 4128x2322
Is the trekkertent /out/ approved?

I need something with carbon fiber tarp poles because I wont have trekking poles with my Falcon II, its an Assault Pack and your hands are 'busy'

Yea I am thinking I should just get the Warbonnet Edge tarp because I know it will work with my Warbonnet hammock and I should be able to buy some carbon fiber poles and rig up the tarp on the ground if I dont have tree's.

This piece of kit would give me alot of flexibility. Their website has been down for awhile tho so right now I am just researching all my options.

Its a catcut and its a bit lighter then the tarp I have in the bag now but its also much larger so it would cover me better from rain and wind.
Idk but it looks pretty cool.
I was considering getting a few of those mld groundsheets. How is the durability? I usually use my groundsheet as a poncho when im walking around as well, is this feasible?
>not just building an a frame over two trekking poles...
What the fuck do you do for flooring when it rains? 0/10 would not sleep under.
Hammock fags BTFO. This is what you get when you don't buy a tent. Twice as much equipment at twice the price
>I use this ground cloth / sheet for my bottom layer on the ground.

Why don't you get a tent and not have to carry sheets and groundcloths?
Lighter + more compact + cheaper + more versatile
File: DSC_0003 (1).jpg (468 KB, 1677x943) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DSC_0003 (1).jpg
468 KB, 1677x943
Hmm. I think I like it -- looks nifty, perhaps a little sensitive to side wind?

So, its the fly and a single extra small pole? Weight, please.. Also, what is that grey groundsheet-thing?

Would probably rather use my pic related.
Why do you think carrying extra stuff is better?
It's not extra stuff. It allows you to not carry a tent at all.
Groundsheet-3oz(which doubles as poncho so no rainjacket)
I don't really get why so many tarp shelters are open like that.

I always use an army poncho so if at all possible I tend to tie the hood to a tree and make a pyramid tent, the pyramid tent gives much better coverage.
File: 1454792790569.gif (3 MB, 640x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are bringing 4 items each of which cost more than a tent. It sounds like you are having a hard time
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I don't think I would be comfy innarain with a 3oz poncho.

I usually just don't put anything on the ground but my pad and use my 14oz poncho as the tent.
Groundsheet-Free(literally anything laying around[garbage bag])
Cord-Free(again, a common item easily found for free, but you should already be bringing with you anyways)
Tarp-Like $10? I dunno. I have a nicer one cause I do this a lot. $60 for a 6x8 that weighs 9oz.

For me the biggest advantage is the size it packs down too. I hate carrying a large volume of stuff in my pack more than carrying a lot of weight. The tarp packs down to a size a little larger than a tennis ball and the rest down to nothing

It's also more versatile. No chance of rain? Just use the tarp as the groundsheet and stare at the stars. Mosquitoes? Put on the bug net. It's pouring in the middle of the day? Just make a lean-to and enjoy the view.

Disclosure: Homeless person
not OP but unless you're buying a shit-tier tent, those items don't cost more than a tent
It may not be a tarp but have you thought about using a Seek Outside Tipi/stove combo? Ben of Living Survival has done a few videos with the Seek Outside equipment; one using a titanium portable stove from Lite Outdoors and another using Seek Outside's own portable stove. Give the below a watch.



If those are not to your liking check out his playlist for shelters, tarps, hammocks and sleep systems.

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Thread images: 11
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