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What's up /out/ I'm lookin to get...
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What's up /out/ I'm lookin to get into backpacking. I've done a bunch of camping and hiking in my life along with other outdoor recreation like skiing and etc, but I'm now looking to get into a new outdoor sport that will really test my mind and body and i want to do some long hikes ( 5-6 days, lots of miles and maybe a thru hike someday if I like it enough.)

So I have two questions for you guys:

A: what are some great places to do said backpacking ?

B: what are some examples of gear you would all consider neccesary ?

I already have a lot of things I need but Im in the market right now for a sleeping bag/ pad specifically and a backpack if you guys have any suggestions. Any other input is also appreciated.

Pic semi-related, some random gear I laid out awhile back for camping
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A: In the forest, mountains and desert. Anywhere away from people really.

B: Shelter, Sleeping gear, cooking gear, food, appropriate clothes and something to carry the gear in.
>A: what are some great places to do said backpacking ?
Well that obviously depends on where you live. If you're British like me, going to Scotland is best because of the much more relaxed wild camping laws.
That's a lot of weight to pack for any length, especially multi-day. That's not to say you need to go 100% lightweight gearfag.

I'd look into getting a good bladder system for water instead of your collapsible container.

Go with lighter food options, denser calories like salami, or freeze dried.

I believe I see an air pump. If so, that's a luxury for car camping, honestly.

I don't see a tent, but I see two tarps. Nothing wrong with that, if that's your jam.

Your spool of cord is way too big/thick. It's a little tacticool, but paracord is universally accepted to be the best for size/durability/cheap. 5 bucks for 100 feet on military base, or about 7-8 bucks online. Can come with reflective strips, or any color you'd want. You could do away with the bungee cords too.

Binoculars are another one of those luxuries I don't believe is worth the weight. Your own two eyes will be more than enough to enjoy the beautiful views, and we both know you're just going to take a zoomed in picture from your phone.

Your first aid kit is store bought, and not made for realistic needs. You can probably remove 80% of what's in it, because it's obviously a cars first aid kit. Some wrap and gauze is about all you need. Maybe some band aids, tweezers a tiny mirror (trust me, to dress wounds on your face) and some aspirin.

I'm not saying your kit is shitty, or you should redo all of it. I'm just giving some advice that I learned the hard way, because I can remember when I first started, too.

Being /out/ is your own experience to you, and you alone. So ultimately do whatever the fuck your ideal wilderness situation is. Just respect the land, and other people's versions of what they want.

Good luck, and you're off to a great start!

For your first bag, get something cheap and decent, like a high Sierra or grand Teton. My first pack was a 75 Appalachian by high Sierra. Decent pack, with solid straps, and lots of space. Has a built in rain cover, and is hydration system compatible. I got it for 85 bucks on sale from Amazon, they were still only 100 last time I checked.

You can also go to rei when it's slow, and be fitted for a backpack. Talking with the employees there is great. A lot of them do backpacking themselves.

I recommend geigerrig for hydration systems. They are easily the most high end, and are the same price as a lot of camel back products.

Eureka makes really great lightweight tents, and the price point is unbelievable when you compare the stats. It's about a hundred dollars for their tent that easily compares to Kelly Northface and rei tents that run for 2 to 3 times the cost.

Sleeping bags unfortunately aren't something you can go cheap on. Make sure it fits your requirements of cold rating. And just as important is a sleeping mat, which can run you even more than a sleeping bag if you want inflatable.

With gear, I tend get either low low end, or high end. Either something I won't mind replacing, or something I know is going to last. In some cases, I'm amazed how long the low end stuff lasts If you take care of it.
Oh thanks for the advice it's not really a picture of my usual set up just an assortment of things I had laid out for a weekend camp, not all inclusive
Ok awesome thanks, exactly the kind of info I was looking for.'going to check out those packs right now

sleeping bags are a gimmick

i like to pack an acrylic blanket
its about the same weight as a 0F bag and will roll up and fit in the same sized stuffsack, but it doesn't cost shit
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Piggybacking here, does /out/ have a consensus on the Kaufland 40 degree mummy bag?
Hey guys. I'm looking for a one man tent. Small, light and easy to set up. I've been looking at the Mil-tec Recon tent, anyone with some experience or other suggestions?
when you are looking for backpacking sites use words like wilderness, primitive, rustic, etc they usually refer to it like that to distinguish them from car pull up sites or structure rentals like cabins.
Ok thanks good tip. A lot of the places I find are like guided backpacking tours which I'm not really interested in
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