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Winter driving thread
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Alright, winter is officially here for most of North America. Share your winter driving stories and tales of sick drifts in parking lots.
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>sick drifts in parking lots

Was doing this at 3AM for the first time, and I got to doing really high speed skidz since the parking lot was huge. Miscalculated a little and ended up clearing the base of a street light I was going to hit at 50kph.

When I went to check out the line my bumper made in the snow, I measured it to be about 4mm from the concrete.
I live in Texas. Our winters go as low as 50 degrees, pretty cold. But no snow, so no "sick parking lot drifts"
Had a shitty Corsica in early December a couple years back. Rear tires were so bad that I was going sideways through intersections at 10mph.
Was fun while it lasted, but I got new tires to keep it out of the ditch.
Got sum epik sqids with my friend in my BMW in a gravel lot next to Rays MTB on the way out. Some dude rolls up and starts filming us with a gopro. It was pretty good.
>as low as 50 degrees

What part of Texas are you in?

It gets down to freezing pretty regularly
Speed is the same, drifts are much easier, tourists are scary
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People going 10-20 mph under the speed limit, with a dusting of snow on the ground

As low as 50? 30 degrees is T-shirt weather in the Midwest!
Ex-Yellowknife in Edmonton here, nobody here can handle a light dusting, let alone a real winter. Not that they get a real winter down here. Anywhere south of 60 is full of plebs.
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>tfw Florida
>Today is first snow of the year
>People panic
>out driftin my cobalt in parking lots
>Get kicked out of one by a guy in an Altima, was probably calling the cops on me
>On my way home
>Find another lot
>G35 and WRX already there ripping it up
>Join in
>Goes on for 30 minutes or so
>They bail
>I bail

Was a lot of fun hoonbros
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>tfw eurobro
>been hooning since december

>pic related, when cops pulled me over at a parking lot
First good snow with a new truck. Had sand in behind the axle. At red light turning left and underseered directly at a pole and restaurant. The curb stopped me before the building after I dodged the pole. I readjusted the sand after I got home and have been great since then. It has all seasons on it, and If I pitch it right I can slide through stability management. Might get snow tires too soon but maybe next winter.
>oh shit a sudden stop from car in front
>press brakes
>car won't stop, I panic
>pull ebrake
>SKIDS left and right
>car stops without a hitch

wew lads I love it
>not pumping the brakes

You fucked up anon
Here in norcal we got down to 14 degrees.

Plus side? We don't have all the shit humidity like you do.

I don't have much experience driving in the snow.
Thanks for the tip m8. much love
That's where most people mess up in the snow. Slamming the brakes does nothing, it locks up your front tires which means you aren't going to turn. You need to hit the brakes, and when they lock up steer in the direction you want to do and let off. The wheels will start rolling and suddenly you're in the right direction
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how i lost my skighetti

>be me
>go to school in way upstate NY
>1 hour from canada north
>Nothing to do so practice heckticity in 08 GMC 2500HD w/ some Hella Rallye 4000's on the front
>get pretty good at flinging 8,000lb truck at full oppo down snowy roads
>long wheelbase + no weight over rear + ok snowtires + G80 locking diff + big v8 = gud drifts
>parents rent house to go skiing/snowmobiling
>drive little brother and myself back and forth from Okemo
>skis/poles in the back, he puts on ski boots, I just wear sneakers, then change when i get there because im driving
>been showing off my dorifto skills to little bro cause im a cool older brother like that
>driving to mountain one morning
>road fully enclosed by snowbanks
>look fast corner and see road is clear
>back end slowly comes around
>nose hits snowbank
>truck whips around, and back hits
>end up facing forward
>pull to side of road
>get out
>no damage
>also no skis
>check massive gouges in snowbank
>skis are spread over field behind road
>have to make brother get skis, cause wearing sneakers
>bring brother to slope
>glance in back seat for boots
>realize i didnt bring them
>drop brother off
>drive 20 mins back to house
>tear appart mudroom looking for boots, cause i know i had them
>get in argument with my dad
>he says i probbaly left them in the the truck
>tell him thats dumb
>eventually go check truck
>in back seat exactly where i left them
>dont even go back inside
>back to slope
>go skiing
>brother tells parents whole thing even tho he prommised not to
Handy diagram included for your amusement
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File: snowmobiles.jpg (846 KB, 1500x844) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm guessing he lives by the border, because we get colder than 50 here

And no one knows what to do when it happens
Fuck you cunts it's sweltering over here
>few nights ago in norcal
>rainy rainy rainy
>wide left turn into the gas station where I get snacks after work
>no cars in sight
>purposely turn to hard to lose traction
>FF so no kektic skids but still some slippy slides
>in fucking control

Wasn't impressive by any means but still fun so whatever.
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winter heh. kazakhstan reporting.
woke up this morning to find the driver side lock all frozen up despite me showering everything with wd40 the night before. in addition, it seems dirt accumulated in the lock mechanism and froze, so i had to enter through the passenger side.
Turn on 4wd and plow through 30-40cm of snow with centre diff lock engaged. Poor visibility because I'm a moron with old wipers and cheapo wiper fluid. Wiper fluid finishes after a few squirts because im a cheap moron. note: more wiper fluid.
Get stuck on a boulder hiding in the snow. Activate 4L and free myself.
Get stuck in mud-snow. Activate 4L. doesnt help. Take shovel and planks and free myself. Got sweaty digging and probably caught a cold.
winters are comfy.
Get a silicone-stick from TurtleWax. You smear a thin layer all around the doorframe and on the rubber seal; no freeze
Never lived in an area with snow or ice or where it even gets below 30 before.

Tell me br/o/thers, could I legally drive a snowmobile around town in such a place instead of a motorcycle?
File: 0112161548_HDR.jpg (922 KB, 2340x4160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw big comfy captains chairs, new tires, good heat and 4x4 on the floor
we winter now
Heyyy. I was over there recently. Nice place
File: 7577.jpg (47 KB, 713x713) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Depends on where you are

I can speak for Scandinavia in general, and that would be a no; you can cross a road, but outside of special circumstances and areas (ski resorts and such) it would be illegal. Snowmobiles can for the most part only be used at approved areas and trails.

In my socialist empire of Norway snowmobiles are basically illegal to operate. You can use them on your own field, but not your own forest/road unless you have applied for a permit, and even if you manage to get the permit you have to give very accurate info on what trail you'll be using. Going off this trail can mean decent fines.

Up in the northernmost parts of Norway the legality is a lot more liberal due to the indigenous people, the reindeer farming and general interest for it.

Fuck, you're not even allowed to drive one ontop of a frozen, abandoned lake here... I'm glad I get my fill by driving one every day at work aswell as using one with the Red Cross
i see more 4x4 quads and snowmobiles than cars and trucks during a storm
>a guy down the road has a polaris RZR turbo he practically DD's in the winter
That's really fucking stupid desu senpai, why are they outlawed so hard? What's so bad about them?
We're very big on preserving and protecting our nature, as well as having something called "allemannsretten", which basically gives every single person in Norway the right to walk anywhere they want for absolutely free. You can cross someone elses land and forest, all national parks are completely open all the time and so on. Then we have the law called "Motorferdsel i utmark og vassdrag" (Motorized travel in outfield? and water) which dicates what you can use outside public/private roads that has an engine. Plot twist; really fucking nothing. You cannot drive your car into the forest, you cannot use an ATV to get into the forest to pull out a particularly large deer, you cannot use a snowmobile to have fun with, completely alone in the middle of nowhere... fuck, look at the size of my country and then consider the fact that we are 5 million people; you would think that there is enough space for people to do a little snowmobiling

We are most likely to see a change in legislation now tho, as we are close to allowing the local municipialities themselves to decide wether or not they want to allow the creation of snowmobile trails in their area.

There is a fuckload of hostility towards it tho, mostly from cityfolk and tourists who come to the type of areas I live in (rural) for maybe a week every other year to go cross-country skiing and relax, and would rather not risk having a snowmobile or two go past 100 feet away on their own trail... I mean, we don't even have to put the trails anywhere near eachother, there is plenty of space so that nobody could be disturbed
File: 66246246.jpg (77 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've had this hostility targeted at myself aswell, while on duty with the Red Cross. I was riding the snowmobile with the Red Cross-mark in the background, pulling a sled with the Red Cross-mark on it, while wearing exactly what I'm wearing in this photo except for the addition of a ski helmet, same with my partner. On our way to somebody who had started having breathing trouble at a cafe located at the cross-country trail this insane bitch goes right out of her track (we're a good six feet outside of the track in the snow) and waves her poles at us. We stop and ask her what it is, if she has seen something or has any info, but no; she is FURIOUS and hits the snowmobile with her pole. She is so fucking pissed that we are making noise and driving like monkeys on cocaine, demands to see our licenses, says she is going to call the police (spoiler alert; my partner that day is a policeman) and is generally acting mentally insane. We basically say quickly that we do not have time for this and zoom off, arriving a good 30 seconds later than we originally would have. Thankfully the guy was OK and breathing better, although we did give him some oxygen and arranged for an ambulance to pick him up... had he been DOA when we arrived I would not have been opposed to turning the snowmobile around and giving that witch a piece of my mind
I'm guessing Australian...
All that snow is crazy. Been in the south all my life and would be cautious as fuck if I had to drive in that.

>tfw t-shirt weather today with the window down
>summer tires all year
i'll probably buy that. Sometimes snow and dirt gets into the fifth door and then freezes solid against the rubber seal. I actually had to glue the seal back because the heavy ass door peals them off with the lightest touch.
Looks like this, although I am not able to find out wether or not its sold where you are or not
My W123 didn't start today. -20C and running 10W30, seems like it's a bit too heavy in these climates, might need to try 10W40.
found an official dealer.
Snow, dirt, ice and road salt do nasty thingsevrn to the most rugged vehicles.
Why not just go 5w30 if you're concerned about the cold?

I run 0w40 now and can actually hear and feel the difference at coldstarts in -10c to -25c from the 10w30 it had
Oh trust me, me and road salt are familiar foes...
Because I'm not su8re if that shitty starter can crank it with 5w30.
10w30 becomes too viscous during these colds.
Probably could get it running by cranking it for a longer time, but fuck me if I want to ruin my starter, that thing is a bitch to replace and even bigger bitch to pay, they're expensive.
>Waiting for electronic 4x4 to shit out
Damn it ford
>inb4 my diesel is gonna gel
ive just kept my d-max plugged in for the last few days i hate driving it in the snow. ill DD the half ton until march atleast
5w30 should be thinner and more suited for cold temperatures than 10w40, no?
Well, yes, it should.
Shit, there's a lot I need to work on with this car, taking care of this fucking cancer is on top of my list along with new springs. The previous owner cut them so short that they rub the fenders when trying to turn. No sik skidz for me with those god damn springs
Delicious... thats gonna take some cutting & welding

Also; Nordman 5 tires?
HOw the fuck did you recognize those?
Yeah, I think they were Nordmans, but am not sure if they're fivers or something else. Need to get some decent Nokias, preferably friction type as it hurts my soul to drift with stubs.
Hehe, with a danger of seeming like a braggar; there is a reason why people usually ask me for advice on winter tires here

Look into the Hakkapeliitta R2's, they are damned good studless tires. Can also recommend the Goodyear UltraGrip Ice2 if they are available where you are.

And if you change your mind and want studs again; go for the new Hakkapeliitta 8. The increased amount of studs made it kick the ass of any competitor. I'm getting myself a set of those next winter for my own W202 Merc, as my Hakkapeliitta 7's are five years old in about a month
They do sell Goodyears here, but they're expensive, inferior to Nokias in terms of price/performance ratio and to be quite honest, I'd rather support a local company than an American company if possible.
Nordman 5 is the one that has that pattern. They were sold as the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5 before, but are now Nordmans (Nokians own economy "brand")

In my opinion they work just fine, but they really are starting to show their age when you compare them to the newer generation studded tires, and even the top-tier new generation studless tires
I agree, there is absolutely fuck-all point in having anything but Nokian when you live in places like ours... if I lived in the middle of Oslo or similar area I'd probably go for Goodyear or Michelin studless, but since I'm already spending 99% of the time from November to mid-April on ice and hard-packed frozen snow there really isn't a point to have anything other than a studded Nokian

any heavy duty winter tires you could recommend for a truck/suv? I'm currently using the company supplied goodrich all terrains but mine are already worn out as hell from the constant switching from snow-ice to gravel to tarmac and back.
I work on a skihill in Canada.

So many dumb tourists (Americans) coming in with all seasons not knowing it's illegal to not have winter tires here and ending up in a ditch.

We do tire checks now but we can't force them to turn around and most just decide to wing it because "I have four wheel drive, I'm safe."

It's 4 wheel drive forwards; stops as shitty as any other car with summer tires on you dumb nigger.
BFG AT's... fuck those tires. We have two old HiLuxes sitting on those tires, and its just fucking horrible. They have been siped properly and one of sets has been given studs, but even still the performance just doesn't exist for winter driving

If you're willing to pay; Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV or Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV. Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV are also good, but their performance is below that of the 8, and more on line with the R2

If these don't have the proper load-rating in the size you need; Hakkapeliitta C

If you need a larger size and also load capacity; Hakkapeliitta LT2
where you located anon? middle tn here. snow was gone by the time i left my house, didnt get to do any hektik skids.
File: 017nr.jpg (385 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For once it has been so cold for the entire Jan, that no road salt has been used in Finland. Pic taken in -26.
>leave house in the morning, cold but great weather
>suddenly snowstorm
>15cm of fresh snow on the street
>rwd with summer tires
>try to drive through the industrial area late at night
>struggle to get over 10kph, no traction
>take train
Didnt try to get home, i just was curious how bad it would feel since i never tried.
>summer tires
Yeah... You weren't gonna get very far
Snowed maybe 1-2 inches here in franklin NC yesterday. Everyone freaks out all soccer moms know they must leave or face impending doom.

I take the chance to go home early since i hate working 50 hour weeks and I already had 25 hours as of Wednesday. Thankfully, since im not autistic I drove my AWD 98 explorer with rear LSD.

Come upon two full blown wrecks on the way home, pass the first one since there was room, then have to overtake some idiot in a FWD econobox with summers going ~20 in a 50.

Then come upon the big one, THREE and im not kidding THREE minivans are all diagonal and smashed up on a curve up a hill right near my house taking up all the road.

Everyone is turning around and its a 15 min detour, prob 30 mins due to very slow drivers.

Say fuck it, I rebuilt the rear LSD and I know the AWD is basically locked in full time since the Viscous Coupling failed in that position.

Again, since im not autistic I have new blizzaks on. I go into the ditch and completely around the huge wreck to the complete amazement of everyone watching. The rear LSD really helped and I saw the front tires throwing snow.

Needless to say my purchases felt justified, blizzacks, 98 explorer and clutches for the rear LSD.
Blizzacks are like a winter driving cheat code.
5w30 is thinner in the cold than 10w30 you moron
>last night at 9pm

The result of a slight dusting of snow on the freeways. People on the east coast are pathetic.
You mean basketball americans with bald summer tyres are pathetic
>implying most of them aren't on the bus or the street corner

Nah. This is on all of you. There's just as many pasty white fat minivan moms playing bumper cars. East coasters simply just can't drive in the snow.
File: blizzak ws80.jpg (111 KB, 535x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
blizzak ws80.jpg
111 KB, 535x413

lol Americans

when will you people learn to drive
When will people learn to buy Nokian and not blizzak shits?
>I'm so upset about Americans that I'm going to cry about them at every given opprotunity on the internet
ws80 is a fine tire.
Where are you from and how cold has it been at most? Finfag here, it's been to -30c (-22f) where I live.
not here

WS80 is an excellent tire, the best you can get for the money. Even Michelin xIce and Hankook iPikes fall short, despite costing $30-60 more a piece.

Nokians are great tires, but unless you're driving on FULL SNOW COVERED roads 95% of the time, they're not really worth the extra dosh.

I got my set of WS80's for $160/each installed. Nokians would've run me $225 without installation. I commute to college 1:40 every day, on partially covered roads.

Besides, if you look at the science behind the WS80, it BTFO of Nokians. Nokians just have a really great tread pattern, but the compound is nothing special. WS80 is a studless tire, too.

I have been using the WS80s for the past two months now, they're fantastic. I had some iPikes before and they worked well enough, but you'd still get sideways in slippery corners. The WS80s are like glue.

My only major concern is how long they'll last, as their strength comes from the fact that the compound is designed to wear away. If I get 4 seasons out of them I'll be satisfied.

I love those wheels
>Driving to class at 7PM, have to pick up classmate first
>snow starts to fall
>2010 Toyota prius tires are failing me, I keep up the speed but I have to take my foot off the gas and grip the wheel like a motherfucker just to keep it stable
>Emergency vehicals going everywhere
>Traffic grinds to a halt
>my brakes, even when pumping, give out at one point
>Avoid accidents by the grace of God
>Get to classmates house
>Turns out they have a 4-wheel drive car, just no license, so I drive
>The car still skids
>See the sports car in front of us fishtail.
>Accidents everywhere. News of fatalities rise
>Fuck this, we are not going to die going to school
>drop classmate off at their house
>Get back in Prius, head home
>95N is like a rear-headlight inferno of death, witness a mustang driving on the shoulder (like the faggot he was) rear-end a snow truck
>even cruising at 4mph, most cars were still skidding
>God sees me to my house
This morning
>Over 150 accidents along I-95 alone

If only our enemies knew how to manipulate the weather, they could take this country over
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>wake up at 4:00 to shower and hit the gym to avoid resolutioners
>house is dark so I just scuttle around and do my morning routine like normal
>lock door and turn to face outside to see about 3 inches of accumulation on the ground
>really loose powdery stuff so clearing car off is easy enough although it's still coming down
>drive a volvo 240, open diff, RWD, all season tires
>car starts up fine and backs out of the driveway without an issue
>never driven on snowy roads before so I'm entering uncharted territory
>car slips along sideways to first set of lights
>somehow gets going again when it turns green and keep the gear high as I reasonably can to prevent wheel spin
>get a hang of it pretty quick and get to the gym with no drama
>do a drift into a parking spot perfectly and a guy kek'd
Fagit, I woulda hopped in my powerwagon and drove like a man.
>If I get 4 seasons

That's a 1-2 season tire at best; meaning that later in the season the treading would be worse than all season tires.
>Racing 17mile drive early in the morning
>hit some water on the road from a fuckhueg rain on a sharp turn.
>braking for dry conditions and warm tires.
>Ended up drifting just after the apex the whole way.
>still held a halfway decent line

If anyone was coming, they would be fucked. To hell with the rainy season.
Thanks :D 13" OEM Renault Fuego wheels without a center hole. Light and cheap tire size.
Saskatchewan here, it's been a pretty warm year so far, only getting down to -30 or so
help me /o/. I drive a 99 outback manual. when I try to do donuts, all I'm doing is just a big turning circle. how do I break traction and do actual donuts?
in Alaska they are not legal on roads or private property, all other areas are game. You need to register it and put the registration numbers on the side like a boat. ($10 bi-annual) state parks open up for motorized use in the snowy months. there is no safety, sound or modification regulations for them except on national parks which is never enforced. there are multiple people with 150hp + turbocharged sleds capable of over 100mph. sometimes its good to be a chillbilly
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>>God sees me to my house
Thats a nice 240

Is that on an icetrack? Been considering trying one out with my 240 wagon
>If only our enemies knew how to manipulate the weather, they could take this country over

Yeah, because apparently you're all far too fucking stupid to get winter tires.
You guys talk shit right now, but the news is now saying that there were over 1,000 accidents last night

That snow was a mix of ice and packable, filling the treads and grooves of your tires, almost making them smooth tires, and added a slick surface to the road.

It was shit
Yeah and the forecast calls for a shitton more snow too. Get ready for more.
mfw i live in regina and saw this on the news
and regina /o/tists???
Which is why proper winter tires are self-cleaning
No sick drifts because Miami.
But my check engine light turns off this time of year.
You know it
what are a good set of winter tires for a 2010 Prius?
Perfect surface today
start slow, turn the wheel to full lock and gas it
ur a hektik cunt m8
Haha, yeah buddy
>terrain (ice, snow, snow ontop of tarmac) and so on

Americans on holiday.avi

what do you drive and how old are you man? would be nice to make some friends here and if you're into aut/o/ even better
Fuck you ya fucking fuck! The fuck... Whew
I do. all it does is turn the radius of the steering
Yeah maybe cunts should learn how to drive
dead stop, full lock, dump the clutch and pin it, feather a bit so you're not banging the rev limiter. used to do ice donuts in an awd caravan like that. minus the clutch part it was a slushbox
thanks. will try
Different Anon here,Spartanon reporting in.
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Thread images: 30
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