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nigger car.jpg
44 KB, 600x470
>Have to go to the store
>Walk down the road
>Walk up to crossing
>Pedestrian light turns green, time to cross
>This pulls up and stops right in the middle of the crossing
>Whatever, go to store, buy whatever
>On my way back
>Time to cross again
>Old bitch in a shitbox hatchback hugging the traffic in front of her like her life depends on it, everyone slowly moving across a junction
>Suddenly the light for her turns red but the cars in front of her continue driving to not be blocking lanes
>She doesn't
>Blocking the ped crossing in its entirety
>Walk past her and around the back of her car
>She puts it into reverse and starts rolling
>Have to jump out the way
I don't know why I bother to contain my anger in such situations. Should've slammed her fucking windows and scared the shit out of her.

Anyone got any shit like this happen to them too?

Another one

>Sitting in passenger seat
>Moms driving
>Woman driving a Mini Cooper in front of us
>both of us going roughly 30mph
>suddenly the bitch in front puts it into reverse, while moving 30mph, but doesnt let up off the clutch thankfully
>puts it back into normal gear
>no face
main thing that shits me of how unaware of the surroundings they are
>cant stay in their lane
>doing 5-20km/h thats 3-15mph+ below the speed limit for you yankydoodz
>doodbros in shitboxes that just got their licences driving like shit
>traffic in a nutshell
Slow unaware drivers are the worst, they seem to all be scared of being on the road in the first place.
Just take the fucking bus...

I live in London, all the streets are narrow and tight, speed limits and speed bumps everywhere, and on top of that you get some fuck going 20 in a 30 or 15 in a 20 and braking from 100 yards away like a pussy.

I'm overdue and should have a car by now, but part of me knows that I'll end up road raging one day, and just slamming someone full speed into the driver side door in hope of committing serious injury. It's a bad feel.
>some Jeep SUV parks on a handicapped spot
>guy gets out
>he's not handicapped and neither is his wife/girlfriend
>doesn't pay parking fee
>there's a free regular parking spot literally one car further down the line
>guy is pretty buff and tall so too scared to tell him
>just goes off for a walk
>check plates
>Poznan, known for shitty asshole drivers
>well that explains everything
I refuse to believe that there are people that fucking stupid. He must have done it on purpose.
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15 KB, 250x250
> <insert german luxury car here> weaving up through traffic behind me
>move forward next to car in the next lane over to block him from weaving
Feels so good.
Wait did this happen in Polska?

Kierowcy w polsce sa najgorsi, tym bardziej takie chodzace popki
Come on dude why you gotta block other people from having some fun
People do this because they feel safe in their car. If someone got out and started yelling, this /o/tist would shit his pants and never do it again
How would someone get out while we're doing 40 mph? How would they know I'm doing it on purpose?
concealed carry license says hi
I feel safe everywhere :^)
>walking behind a car that's running
You deserved it OP
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2 MB, 300x164
>Riding in passenger in best friends '97 Camaro
>Decide to stop and get a take-and-bake pizza
>I hate them, but this place had these orgasmic smores pizzas. Shits cash money.
>Anyways, we park in front of the place in the parking spot next to the off limits loading ramp
>Friend turns the car off and we're taking our seatbelts off and shit, and some fucking chubby bitch parks next to us IN THE OFF LIMITS LOADING RAMP WITH WHITE LINES INDICATING TO NOT FUCKING PARK THERE REEEE
>Not only that, but shes SUPER close to my friends Camaro, and she swings the door open and slams it into the passenger side door
>Me and my friend look at her and yell at her
>"What the fuck, you stupid bitch? You're not supposed to park there in the first place!"
>She has to fucking squeeze out of her big ass SUV door
>She flips us off and says some bullshit to us
>She walks off into the store next to the pizza place
I swear to god, just thinking about it to this day makes me so fucking angry. I hope she got in some car wreck, or got fucking beat up for fucking up some guys car. Jesus christ.
>slammed your friends cars door
>you two didnt beat the shit out of her


Dude you should've played it off, double-teamed her (with ur dicks), then dumped her onto the freeway.
papa murphys is ass dude.
Worst drivers. You can expect those plates when you see a shithead on the road.
>0 highway lane awareness
>taking up the left lane for no reason
>old farts driving at half the speed limit just in case
>people not using indicators or using them as they're turning - a friend of minehad an argument with his grandpa who claimed that he's saving energy that way
>people not knowing how to navigate roundabouts
>shitty 10PLN led day lights for those huge energy savings
hehehehe I constantly do this. Its funny
just do what my stupid aussie self did when i went to london
>buy cheap golf
>drive immediately into the country
>getting license in literally an hour
>followed by me driving alone across the country in mad snow

Im sorry to all of you that might drive around me.

haven't met KLI, KN, KNS and KWA, have you?
>>suddenly the bitch in front puts it into reverse, while moving 30mph, but doesnt let up off the clutch thankfully
My god that reverse gear much be smooth as glass.

Call the cops? Bash her car? Slit the tires? Beat her up? Why didnt you do anything, you pussy
>drive up to crossing
>want to turn left
>get green light
>drive into crossing
>oncoming traffic gets green light at the same time as me
>oncoming traffic doesn't stop for the entire light cycle
>last 2 guys run the red light
>so immediately after they're through, cross traffic starts going
>first 2 guys coming from the right gun it
>there's literally no gap I could fit through
>I'm now still standing in the middle of the intersection while cross traffic from the left is honking at me

Am I a normie driver? The fuck am I supposed to do here?
This feeling is more dangerous than being unarmed.
>How to have fun on a vacation in London
>immediately leave London
checks out.
>The fuck am I supposed to do here?
Wait for the green arrow dummy.
What if there is no green arrow?
The light should have a cycle where your side traffic has green and the opposite stays red but they don't always work.

Just stopping by to say I remember you from another thread. Good luck with the test and the trip home.
Thanks, Ive already passed the test thoug, just getting the license today because thats how it works here. Hope you get better taste in stickers vinbruh.
What are you some kind of retard? If you've ever seen roadrage then you would know that the aggressor can easily box you in and get out of their car.
Yeah this is probably true desu. That's the type of guy who would stay seated in his car in a road rage scenario and beg the other guy to stop hitting him with tears in his eyes. Fucking pussies everywhere
>On motorcycle
>Approaching traffic lights that cross a highway and have a railway about 15-20 car lengths each lane before the tracks
>Riding up in slow lane, slowing down as our light just turned green and across the tracks had just had the traffic about to settle
>Train is coming
>Only 3-4 cars waiting, huge amounts of room to cross the intersection and wait at the tracks
>Fast lane had more cars and was moving ever so slightly slower across the intersection
>Doing speed limit, 60kmph
>Car changes lanes, cuts me off and guns it briefly
>Gets to traffic lights, me behind
>Suddenly car slams on its brakes a full car length into the intersection, past the white line
>I assume it's because he for some reason thought he wouldn't make across the intersection
>No idea if a car is behind me
>If I jumped on my brakes I might have been squashed or not been able to stop in time
>Headcheck and ride in between the two lanes through the intersection
>Car who cut me off beeps me and yells at me while we're waiting for the train to pass about me breaking the law
>Another day in the life of riding a motorcycle
Literally did this this morning with a Mercedes. Me and Mustang bro hit the rolling road block going ten over.
Simply untrue. A lot of lights do that gay shit so you just have to pray and be lucky if you want to turn left
Next time it happens, just call the parking police if he doesn't have a handicapped permit.
You should've did something. If she didn't want to cooperate and give insurance info, then I'd just dent her car or key the fuck out of it. I think of it as bringing karma into my own hands.
yeah because its hard to run over your ''''''''''''''''''''''aggressor'''''''''''''''''''''''' with a car

its funny how hard that guy triggered you all that you immediately had to run over to the ''u-u p-pussy'' argument, but then again internet tough guys are a diamond dozen and you aren't impressing anyone
b/c its little pussies in black german cars who think they're tough shit, even though they prolly cant bench 2 pl8 and everyone can afford their car
ooor, they didn't actually put it in gear, but just close enough to to make the sensor trip. Just like how if you ever so lightly touch your brakes, your sensor will go off before your pads make contact.

Driver in front just wanted his dipshit mother to back off their ass cause she was riding their bumper.
Did you just say "diamond dozen"? AHAHAHAHA holy shit that's hilarious. It's dime a dozen retardo
This happened to me and I'm honestly perplexed as to why you didn't at least think about doing what I did.
>Be me a few years ago
>sitting in my 2001 ford feista shitbox in the car park outside asda listening to radio 4 while waiting to pick my gf up
>suddenly some bitch slut gold digging trophy wife with a fake tan in a very new looking ford focus pulls into the space next to me
>far to close to my car, I've parked perfectly leaving equal space both sides while she is just barely within her lines on my side.
>Isn't looking at what she's doing (texting on her phone?) and swings her door open hitting the side of my car.
>"hey! don't hit my car."
>"I didn't hit your car"
>I don't say anything else because I know the rest of the argument will just consist of her lying through her slut teeth at me denying something I just saw her fucking do with my own eyes.
>She walks off into asda
>I get out of my car and check the passenger side.
>Sure enough there is a small but visible dent and chip in the paint.
>Check she's gone
>Check no one is watching and that there is no CCTV about.
>There is none.
>Get back into my car, unlock my passenger side door and repeatedly kick it into the side of her nice new focus her rich cuck husband brought her.
>There is a nice dent and a big chip in her driver side door.
>GTFO out of there.
>Phone my gf tell her I'll pick her up a few streets away.
>Tell her what happened
>she lol's

If she had just accepted responsibility and apologised I wouldn't have done it, Wasn't really bothered about the chip on my car because it was an old shitbox that had dings and scraps on it anyway, it was just her fucking attitude that rubbed me wrong.
Why would you lie on the internet
Yeah okay senpailyfam, you think someone who is butthurt and walking towards my car will scare me? I will just sit in my car and relax because if he touches my car, I will then get out and smash his shit with my wrench.

Auto mechanic here. Don't fuck with us or we will remember your car and we will fuck with you.
File: 1421425217270.png (126 KB, 750x709) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126 KB, 750x709
This is why I drive at 2 in the morning

Driving is awesome but dealing with retards in traffic is hell
File: 1452614606593.jpg (72 KB, 456x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 456x683
so what you're saying is that you and your friend are pussies who get their steam off on 4chan
Are you telling me, you don't carry paint stripper with you?
the main issues is that dicks shouldn't run red lights so that people turning left can get through.

In that situation you go after the dicks who ran the light. You've got the right of way at that point.
I've never had this happen
>knock on wood
But if it happened and the person told me to fuck off I would pop the door so its resting on the latch, rotate on my butt do my legs are tucked and feet facing the door, then kick with the force of a 1000 skinny faggots go bash the fuck out of his door with mine. Then causally drive away.

mercedes driver spotted
It's not really that unbelievable, especially since he waited until she left first like the britbeta he is.
This seems to be turning into more of a rage thread.
>stuck behind Prius in left turn lane
>green light
>Prius makes the slowest left turn possible
>continues going 10 under long after turn
>wait for gap in traffic passing on the right
>change lanes, stomp throttle
>brap at Prius, drive off

In the rage department
>find chewing gum stuck to painted surface of car
>find CB antenna snapped off
>catch high-schoolers leaning on hood with jean rivets scratching the paint
>dumbass friend can't tell the difference between closing the door and FUCKING SLAMMING IT. And then acts asspained when I lose my shit after the 10th time I asked him to be more gentle
>any time the passenger turns my phone dock towards them to fuck with my music without being asked

jump in a tank of gasoline carrying a lit match
being passive-aggressive is better than escalating a retarded situation to a higher level of retardation. People like that do whatever the fuck they want because they know rational people don't freak out over their dumb shit, they usually just put up with it.
should've slashed one tire and then slashed her spare if it was stored beneath
>why I bother to contain my anger

Simple. You are a shy little bitch. Open your mouth and express your anger. You are part of the problem.
>crossing while i have green in a dense city.
>still looking left and right, you never know
>some piece of shit manages to shoot out from god knows where, runs over red light
>driving towars me, no sign of him stopping
>i step aside
>hammerfist his roof while he drives past me
>scream "i'm gonna fucking kill you, you son of a bitch" all over the street
>all people sitting outside of a cafe stare at me for a while
>felt good.
You are doing gods work. Thank you anon.
Be also prepared for some roadrage tho.

But anon, he is having fun. Fun in bullying limp wristed drivers, just like you.

Aww poor buuh buuhh, sorry somebody blocked you on the road but you didn't have the balls for a roadrage. Now you came to vent here, you keyboard warriors.
>being passive-aggressive
This is the most cuck thing to do, you spineless twink.
Being aggressive does not mean to lynch everybody. It means to insist aggressively on your opinion and get loud about it if faggot does not understand.
You can easily be aggro and then deescalate the situation. But who am i talking to anyway. You cant even grasp the simplest human emotions.
>I'd rather be a nigger than quietly express consequences then leave
File: 1449984954533.gif (2 MB, 425x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 425x481
How would they box me in if I'm in front of them? I'm literally untouchable, I will never stop doing this.
>not having any counter argument because he knows that i am right
>exaggerates some insignificant example that applies to very specific situtations, just to appear smart
>will keep writing pointless shit just for the sake of winning a lost battle

Don't embarrass yourself, son.
give way to right then go
I\m a different anon, retard.
Acting like an aggro nigger makes the situation worse, always. You don't get out much.
And this, my friends, is an aspie.
t. asshurt speed demons
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>diamond dozen
I don't care to take a stand in this argument, but kek
California can't into driving.

Literally worst state to hold a license in.
>driving back from utah
>cross the arizona/california border
>start noticing all the LA tier driving
It's the truth.
>Puts it into reverse at 30

Yeah no, wont happen. Will grind like a mother fucker.
File: 1453246408162.png (1 MB, 1163x1385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1163x1385
>Be me
>Can't walk more than 100 feet without feeling stabbing pains in my lower back and ass
>Have to walk with a cane, have temp disabled tag
>Go to the store, right before Christmas to pick up some puff pastry sheets
>Almost entire parking lot full
>Drive around
>Find a spot that opened up, handicap spot so I'll take it
>As I turn the corner, some asshole in a BMW 5-series sedan DRIVES DOWN THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD, without handicap plates or tag takes the spot
>Guido asshole steps out
>fucking furious, stop the car and ask him where his tag is
>tells me "You don't look like a cripple, why don't you fuck off"
>Drive up to cop car sitting outside
>Tell him about the dude who drove down the wrong side of the road, and parked illegally in a spot
>He ends up writing a ticket and waits for man to leave the store
>Dude comes our screaming calling me a "little cunt" and starts calling the officer an asshole
>mfw watched the Wop get a $200 fine for being an asshole
>Ended up taking the spot 5 minutes later
>Got my puff pastry and made some stuffed and baked brie
you're a hero
>People take forever to get going
>People hog the lanes
>People slow down at green intersections
>Speed limits outside of construction zones are still a thing
Fuck this gay Earth, and fuck faggots with stickers like these.
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24 KB, 602x250
This one.

americuntfat detected
>sitting at the lights behind some princess in daddies car texting on her phone
> light goes green
>shes still texting
> I toot
>she gives me the middle finger

>some fuckwit runs a red
>almost tbone him
> I toot
>receive the middle finger

>Some faggot leaves his lane without indicating
>cuts me off
> I toot
>receive middle finger

>some dumbass driving at night with no lights
> I flash my beams
>receive middle finger

Seriously I am going to fucking kill someone one day.

I do this >>14266638 also really satisfying.
File: 1447314712639.png (67 KB, 142x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>sitting at the lights behind some princess in daddies car texting on her phone
>> light goes green
>>shes still texting
FUCK this shit.
I have another that happened recently
>sitting at lights
>4 lanes
>one left turn, 2 straight and one right turn
>bitch in right turn lane decides she wants to go left as the lights go green
>blocks 3 lanes of traffic trying to get into left lane
> everyone is tooting and yelling
> shes hanging out the window with a "Like wtf" look on her face

I have never wanted to hurt someone so much
File: image.jpg (25 KB, 300x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 300x213
>70+ people in old mercedes going 20 in a 30
>young girls in their dads SUV'S
>women in their husbands 3er or 5er wagon not using their turn signal
>women going in the middle lane of the fucking empty autobahn instead of going right like its the fucking law
>women with stickers like pick related in a fucking 15 year old twingo
>women in general
>boiracers in stanced 70hp golfs or lupos who just got their license and think theyre walter röhrl
>people who think owning a 200hp+ car justifies blocking the left lane going 90 when theres no speed limit
>arabs in old 3er or 5er pretending theyre in transporter 1-3
I'm not a very relaxed driver
American, yes... fat, no.

I walk with a cane due to a lower-back injury due to a car accident. I do my best to stay healthy even if I am disabled for the time being. I work out 90 minutes in the pool a day, eat 1600 kcals a day, cook all my own food, and go to physical therapy twice a week.

I've seen a lot of people let their disabilities get the best of them, and I'm not letting that happen to me.
just honk the horn faggot. Really not that big of a deal
>i live on a busy ass road
>leaving for work
>waiting for a clearance for about a minute
>cyclist approaching
>not gonna reverse for him cause he has the room
>still approaching
>hits the front left side of my truck
>what the fuck
>nigga fucks my paint up then yells at me because he had a stroke or something
you didnt follow her and make her pay for that shit? i give ignorant fucks a ton of crap when they ding my shitbox let alone something actually nice
>drive in right lane on highway
>going a little bit over the maximum speed limit
>bmw e90 is behind me for a couple of miles
>has to over take me ofc because you can't just drive a little faster then the speed limit, you have drive ALOT faster
>bmw goes to the left lane
>struggles to overtake me because a 318I isn't exactly a fast car
>just sits in front of me for the rest of the journey after overtaking me

Why do normies have the urge to overtake other people on the highway, even if they have top break the speed limit?
>wearing bright red sweater
>crossing brightly lit intersection with a green ped sign
>car turning left keeps going as I enter his lane
>see him before and slowed down a bit to see if he saw me
>he stops so I keep walking
>he starts going again with me right in front of him
>slams on his brakes
>give him the WTF hand gesture.

One of the very few times I thought of drawing my ccw on someone..
Its a race anon and you're not winning.
>Mall is packed
>Find couple leaving, follow them to car and give them enough room to reverse out
>Indicate to let people know I'm pulling in
>As they're leaving a guy comes around the corner
>Figure he's just giving them room to leave
>Pulls into the spot
>Get in a huge argument with him, he doesn't give a fuck about me being there first or waiting
>He ends up grabbing me in a fit of rage
>Security pops up and forces him to leave the mall
Yo Mike, you get your surgery?
>screaming out death threats randomly in the middle of the road

>didn't go through with it

I think you're the one who's the problem :-)
>walking to store a few corners away because not some useless fat piece of shit who drives everywhere
>approaching store parking entrance
>dumbass middle-aged cunt exits at mach 2 completely going over the sidewalk and stops just before the road a few feet in front of me
>basically would've been dead or seriously hurt if I was there a second sooner
>looks at me like a deer in headlights
>nice big bump in her bumper
>sanics away

Felt like justice.
straightedge no fun allowed /o/tist detected
So you're the kind of people this thread complain about
Blocking traffic for no other reason than being stupid
File: 1414613401164.jpg (41 KB, 400x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 400x343
>turkish man in Mercedes convertible shows me the finger when I make an attempt to go, when he doesn't have the right of way
>Driving to work
>Arriving at city centre
>Still dark outside
>Highschoolers everywhere on their bicycles
>Without lights on
>Not watching traffic, too busy with the smartphone.

Every morning I run into them.
Wow it really is a doggy dog world out there

I worked at a Greek festival one year and was directing traffic. Parking area was an O with a tangent line on the bottom where we could let busses through. It started to rain and the whole thing started to get bogged down

>See black mercedes S class
>Guy drives up, rolls down window, points to the bus area
>"Gonna have to go around"
>Guy responds slightly mocking tone while nervous chuckle "Mercedes cannot into mud"
>Just stare at him until he goes the long way and keeps getting stuck

Armenian thought he was Greek enough to take the easy path through life.
Hey buddy I drive a lexus not a merc get it right
File: 1435711628569.jpg (62 KB, 800x914) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 800x914
good on you anon, hope you get better
If you're passing gas that much maybe you should change something in your diet.
Was this you?
File: haddock fractal.jpg (143 KB, 936x728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
haddock fractal.jpg
143 KB, 936x728
Some dumb cunt started changing lanes directly into me when I was passing her the other day, I layed on my horn and looked in the mirror after passing and she was gesticulating wildly at me. It was one of those moments that made me wish I could just will people to disappear from the face of the earth at will.
File: hqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>his grandpa who claimed that he's saving energy that way
>when theres no speed limit
Are there even sections in the US where there are no limits?
This. Cyclists most of the time are mentally challenged and think every vehicle and person should be moving instead of them. Had this happen a lot of times.
Well, if he parked in a disabled slot, then something must be disabled in his life.
>disable his car
File: 1446093713251.jpg (201 KB, 470x595) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 470x595
The whole reason I do it is because of reactions like this. Your butthurt sustains me, thank you anons.
Not Mikey, but I do have an appointment with the surgeon on the 28th.

context clues, bro
diagram plz
I am not yuropean, so i dont know what kind of food autobahn is. I only know that sometimes in the US, the best and only country in the world, its legal to go as fast as possible when you know there are no cops around.
>braking from 100 yards away like a pussy.
I remember the day I got my license my uncle said to me, "A truely good driver should almost never need to use his brakes", he'd just let off the gas 100 yards from anything. Was painful to be in the car with him.
File: shinji inui.jpg (26 KB, 640x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shinji inui.jpg
26 KB, 640x361
>"A truely good driver should almost never need to use his brakes"
Fuck this reminds me of a story awhile back
>riding motorcycle home from work
>lane filter to front (legal here)
>guy at front of lights is texting
>tap on window and calmly tell him he should put his phone away because the fine is huge here
>mouths off at me
>I have a camera with him texting on footage
>starts yelling about how I broke the law riding between the cars at the lights
>tell him it's legal
>keeps mouthing off at me
>"I've got you on camera, if you want to keep abusing at me I can send it to the cops"
>light goes green and ride off
>minute or two later see his car weaving up through traffic 20 or so over
>he comes up alongside me screaming
>swings car into my lane trying to hit me
>ends up speeding off
Would rather face murder charges than risk the possibility of a fine.
>>swings car into my lane trying to hit me
Fuck him Fuck that kind of faggots.
Some people are such fucking psychos holy shit.
good thing you didn't, would have been a stupid way to end up in jail, or run over by him.
If he lacks judgment bad enough to text while driving like a fucking 19 year old girl he lacks it bad enough to act like a decent human being in general.
I have a hell of a temper and have done some dumb shit in rages on the road (retaliation to morons), decided against doing anything in this case though. If the thought was enough to set that dude off he'd probably drive straight into me if I had smashed a window or taken a mirror.

Did give the footage of the whole incident to the police though. At the very least he got a $400 fine, although I think he may have lost his license and faced charges of some kind.

Ever since that I just send the footage of people texting to the police. Don't bother chatting to them and seeing if they're seemingly decent people.

>mobile phone use on the road is responsible for more fatalities than drunk driving here
Hope you get honked and be recognised by others as a retarded driver haha.
>Don't bother chatting to them and seeing if they're seemingly decent people.
>texting and driving
>decent people

It happens here in southamerica because hands-free shit for cellphones are not widespread, so it could be a responsible drive having to take 2 seconds in a redlight to read a small message, but i agree that the fact that the person is texting and driving alone makes it very likely that they are not even decent.
File: 1374865411772.jpg (71 KB, 509x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 509x456
>manual in traffic
>everyone in an auto is just flying forward and slamming on the brakes
>try to go as long as possible without stopping
>as a result I leave a space in front of me
>someone gets in that space
As a southamerican, let me assure you you've not had enough playtime with manuals. Give it a few days of DD'ing and having manual in heavy traffic just wont bother you.
You have to go after the two dudes who ran the light go
Since you've put yourself in te middle of the intersection you have no other choice
Not him but in his situation he ends up riding the shit out of his clutch if he doesn't leave space. My commute has the same issue
Not him, but I've DDd my truck for 2 years and driving manual in traffic still sucks.
>but i agree that the fact that the person is texting and driving alone makes it very likely that they are not even decent.
I agree, but I used to tap on the window and lightly mention the $400 fine and the fatality thing. Generally if they were friendly and put it away I'd let it go. Only used to send footage if someone abused me, or if they did something like laugh and wind the window up.

Had someone try to hit me with a car about five years ago.
>riding down highway just outside suburbs
>shit box flies up outside lane next to me
>throws some abuse at me, sounded like some generic anti-motorcycle shit
>swings car into my lane
>I'm riding in a group
>he speeds up to next bike
>young rider on a small bike (like a 105 or a 110)
>car almost hits him too
>car speeds off
>group of bikes chase him
>surround car
>start smashing his windows out
Their reaction was extreme, but I won't say it wasn't funny. Wonder if he ever pulled that stunt again.
>>surround car
>>start smashing his windows out
Not saying it wasnt deserved but that just sounds like a recipe for getting run over.
>Not saying it wasnt deserved but that just sounds like a recipe for getting run over.
Agreed. I've taken a few mirrors over the years, but it has probably been three or four years since I acted out like that.

I'm content with not getting hit and sending footage to the police for the most part now.
Its not so often. "Riding the clutch" its overrated. Seriously. Maybe its because we get different cars than in the US, but clutches here almost never break (maybe it has to do that most of the cars never have beyond 150 hp of power and the clutches dont need to be too strong).

Also, there are a lot of methods that you can do NOT to ride the clutch, like being smart with the neutral gear, or clutchless shifting.
That's because its a truck, anon. If your truck was automatic it would still be shit.
how do you fit 70 people in a mercedes
File: 1437098456819.gif (3 MB, 420x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 420x300
>turning signal on, turning it off then changing lanes
I have seen this multiple times already this year. My favorite though is
>driving home from school at night on parkway
>come up on 4 or 5 cars doing 10 under
>see a car with reflective stickers in the distance
>pass the autism brigade
>come up on what they probably thought was a trooper
>its actually a Colorado with a cap on it with decals for some pest control company
>they where creating a small traffic jam just because they thought there was a trooper
Bikers are the scum of the earth. I hope a group of you faggots chase me down one day. I drive an SUV. I think I'm going to win this battle.
File: edgy god damn.png (166 KB, 450x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
edgy god damn.png
166 KB, 450x300
it was actually a mercedes sprinter
>be this guy
>SUV driver
>get mad that crotch rockets are stupidly faster than I am, can maneuver through traffic faster, and use less fuel.
>decide to try and run one down
>get surrounded by bikes
>try to hit them a
>one of them has a camera
>lose court case horrifically
>spend next two decades in prison getting bum fucked by bikies
I'm American and evan i know what these roads are, fucking die with the rest of the parasites
Australian detected. You guys have the stupidest names for shit.
>being unable to understand sarcasm
>Australian detected
Are you mad that McDonalds officially rebranded to Macca's for Straya Day too?
Ever heard of unprotected green lights dummy
I hate going through these because they're always in high traffic areas.
this. I've noticed they only ever come on when theres 3 or more cars in the left turn lane. not sure how that works but okay. maybe a coincidence
Did you just say "doggy dog"? AHAHAHAHA holy shit that's hilarious. It's dog eat dog retardo

>The joke

>Your entire being
>on bike
>filtering through traffic
>guy in front opens door on me
>foot on brake so stop instantly
>shuts his door (like a coward)
>starts giving me shit about it
>bad attitude going back and forth
>pulls himself up and hits my bike
>tiny weak hit that didn't even do a thing
>don't really care because it's a chinese 125
>but can't let that stand
>punch his car with weak little woman arms
>but wearing gloves with knuckle guards
>so dent about 3cm deep
>looks at me totally straight faced but has a burning anger like when homer finds out bart is stuck in hong kong
>ride away like a total pussy

Not the most graceful series of events.
>>filtering through traffic
>>guy in front opens door on me
I don't even ride motorcycles but why do people get mad when motorcycles do this? It doesn't affect me at all.
>normie drivers in less than an inch of snow

If I put paint stripper in a small carryable spray bottle, how well does it work when sprayed on paint with clear coat? Eats through it in how much time?
>driving along at speed limit
>tiny drizzle of rain
>instantly every brake light goes on like a monochrome las vegas
>speed is now 40 on a 70 road

I think it's a mix of jealousy and frustration. It's not like cyclists who run lights who are actually doing something wrong; when a motorcyclist filters they're doing something perfectly lawful, and it's even safer for the rider and reduces congestion. But they're sat there unmoving so fuck that guy/girl.

t. Newfriends
>bethesda city
>full of crashes and slowdowns

Why am i not surprised?
get a compressor and a boat or train horn, wire it up to a separate switch. Deploy when assholery ensues
I normally don't have an issue if the guy is fucking around on his phone if it's at the lights, idk how it is where you live but most cops ignore that kind of thing here. The trying to run you down thing is bullshit though. That guy should get removed from the gene pool
People wind themselves up that the bike is getting home five minutes quicker. Good law here is that if you opening your car door causes an accident, no matter what the other party was doing, you are at fault.

Knew a dudebro guy who did it a few years ago to a Blackbird, 250kg bike took the door off. Guy tried to take the bike rider to court for damages and ended up having to buy him a new motorcycle.

My senpai's Grand caravan has the option to lightly tap the turning signal stick and it turns it on for maybe 3 seconds which I would assume is for fast lane changes. Seems pointless because it's not long enough.
Remember to take it easy when driving. Getting upset about people being retarded is for the weak-minded.

Top jej
>idk how it is where you live but most cops ignore that kind of thing here
It's a $400-500 fine and possible loss of license. Absolute zero tolerance for it from the police.

>I normally don't have an issue if the guy is fucking around on his phone if it's at the lights
You should. There's a psychological explanation out there as to why it's still dangerous. The jist of it is you lose your situational awareness and it takes the mind 5-10 seconds to regain it once you look back up. In that transitional period you may as well be drunk.

Causes a lot of idiots to look up, see the light is green, mash the accelerator, and slam into the car in front of them.
File: download.jpg (5 KB, 188x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 188x249
>diamond dozen
The hardest metal known to road
That sounds a bit extreme, but I'll take your word for it. That's a pretty fucking steep fine too, I'd think that people would avoid using their phones for a $400 fine.
OH god had this happen with a G35 sedan on ghetto wheels today
>behind sedan in left lane
>get into right lane because I need to be in it for my turn and he's going slow
>notice he's suddenly trying to keep even with me
>drop gear and pull ahead because I can see he's getting ready to cut me off for the car infront of him, keep in mid there is nobody behind me
>let off for a second and he floors it and gets infront of me, slams his breaks immediately to slow down from his retarded speed, then gets back over behind the car he wanted to pass because the highway on ramp is right infront of us

Literally just went "wat" and very stared him a the light before the ramp. Shitnjd a constant problem in New Orleans. Everything is a race. If the car next to you is moving slightly faster they violently change lanes. If you love slightly faster they shoot right back over. It's honestly a game at this point.
Jesus Christ muh autocorrect
Holy shit witnessed this hilariousness
>pull into wawa parking lot to put air in tires
>go to leave see 2 sedans backing up
>neither of them looking backwards
>sit there silently as they run into each other

Was kekking so hard, went in reverse and went out the other way laughing my ass off
Generally you'll get hit with the $400-500 fine for using the phone, then they'll hit with for Driving Without Due Care which is anything up to $2500. Typically you're also looking at fines for anything else minor at the same time.

If you give the cop attitude you might get hit for Dangerous Driving at the same time and lose your license for twelth months (three for repeat offense).
If I overtake you but only want to go 1-2mph faster than you I will get 10 or so car lengths ahead going 10-20mph faster than you before slowing down to my comfortable speed
Jesus fuck, where do you live? Virginia?

Theres a similar crossing where I live

>in the middle of the intersection
>light is red already
>some idiot in the opposite lane is gunning it while honking at me
>in chicago
>at redlight
>person next to me creeping out
>still creeping
>is now completely over the line
>light still red
>is now literally in the middle of the intersection
>light turns green
>easily get in front of him as he barely accelerates

I don't get it.
File: Dumbcuntscan'tdrive.jpg (107 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 1920x1080

>Riding to work on my ktm 200 xcw
>Cruising along on a two lane road
>Early morning so little to no traffic
>Coming up on an intersection
>I have a green light
>There's someone sitting at the intersection off to my right
>Spider senses begin to tingle
>They start to turn right on red as I approach the intersection
>They completely ignore the curb lane and head straight for my lane
>I swerve across the double yellow
>Luckily there is no traffic
>I am now riding neck and neck with this bitch and can see that she is completely oblivious to the fact that she just forced me out of my lane and into the opposing lane, because she's too busy eating a goddamn hot pocket
>I ride next to her for another 150 yards or so while watching her eat this fucking hot pocket
>There is clearly something special about this hot pocket, because this bitch is devouring it like OP devours dick
>I pull in the clutch and give a quick rev to get her attention then throw up my arm and scream "what the fuck"
>She finally notices me and gives me a blank stare with her mouth wide open, still filled with hotpocket
>Internal REEEEEEING intensifies and I boogie the fuck away from her as fast as I can

Pic. related. I'm the orange line and she's the blue line.

>Leaving work
>Riding behind a woman in a miata
>going about 25-30 mph
>Woman in Miata suddenly slams on her brakes in the middle of a green light for no reason and comes to a complete stop
>I panic brake with the force of a thousand suns
>Rear wheel lifts off the ground and I slide forward on the seat far enough to rack my nuts on the gas cap
>Stop about six inches from her bumper
>We're now sitting there in the middle of an intersection. My nuts are sore and I'm about to strangle this bitch.
>She just casually takes off again like nothing happened
>I lane split past my way past her and the rest of the traffic while calling this bitch every name in the book
File: 1344795026219.jpg (103 KB, 850x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 850x637
>truck appears on horizon
>van doing sub 100 km/h thinks it's a great idea to move several 100 meters too early into the left lane
>me approaching with nearing 200 km/h
>have to completely step on the brakes on the left lane on the autobahn
>all the way down to 70 km/h
>luckily no one behind me to rear end me
>still enough distance to the truck to overtake the van on the right

>doing 180 km/h
>cars in front of me all the way to the horizon
>car behind me flashes lights to let him pass
>never ending trail of cars is definitely visible, since i can see them all aswell
>car behind decides to overtake on the right
>accelerate and block him in the center lane
>another car flies by on the emergency lane
>first car decides to follow
>not even two minutes later
>first car sits in the center lane and i overtake him

usually the autobahn is a nice place, but some people just ruin it.
Some states don't fine you if you're using it for GPS, and some states don't at all.
That and the 1 mph rolling stop is my favorite.
>live in trayvonville
>black people in their rusted caddy pull up to stop sign in front of me
>take a full 10 seconds to go through it without stopping
They might as well just fucking stop at that point it's quicker
>blasting eurobeat in my shitty econobox manual like a faggot
>g35 sedan automatic pulls up next to me
>filled with high schoolers with backwards douche caps on
>they're yelling random profanities at me
>ignore them and take off leaving their autotragic in the dust
>go home and fuck my gf
feels good not being a autotragic baby
People texting on green lights are my favorite when I'm on my bike.
>Stacy still texting Chad in her Mercedes
>quietly pull up next to her
>rev the bike to 10k rpm
>speed off
I got in to a really bad habit of kicking their back bumper (or front if they're creeping forward without looking).

90% of the time they look up in a panic, see it wasn't an impact, and go right back to their phone.
dont get this about 'murica. In Europe people will go about 10-15mph over the limit until it is either icy, snowy or so rainy you can't see properly
>have to drive with my mom to return a chair to ikea since shes the only one with a car big enough
>constantly gets pissed off at anyone who overtakes her
>doesnt use her turn signal at all
>if she does its AFTER shes moving lanes
>get on the highway
>car ahead going 60 in a 65
>she gets right on their ass for no fucking reason instead of swithing lanes
>constantly floors it behind them getting less than a car lengths away
>crossover keeps auto braking because its HEY YOU FUCKING DUMBASS YOURE TOO CLOSE TO THE CAR AHEAD OF YOU FOR THIS SPEED sensor is going off
>calling the person in front of her profanities and yelling at them to move
>this goes on for like 10 minutes until we get to the exit ramp thank god

I never ride with her if I can help it
File: 1404145851069.jpg (114 KB, 363x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 363x421
I'm a cager myself.
You will lose in a group end of story.
Stop being retarded.
Jokes on you, I drive a 4cyl s10 and I cannot possibly go fast anytime this century
>box a guy in and surround him
>guy, likely shitting himself thinking he's about to get jumped, guns it
>in the end they do to him what caused him to behave in such a way in the first place
>meaning he was right to fear the mass of bikers that were hounding him (note how threatening they are at the very start of the video)
>be Driving in LR with wife and underage kid
>see like 30+ bikers taking ALL the space in the road, even tho there is no traffic ahead, preventing anyone from overtaking them
>they brake in the middle of the fucking highway, just because, blocking the entire traffic
>they start to box me in, trying to make me stop
>oh god, they are gonna try to rob me, aren't they?
>try to escape
>at this point i am fearing for my life
>i cant escape them
>i see them blocking my entire car until i cant even see the road anymore
>all i see its a bunch of angry biker faggots trying to kill me and my family just because they are dicks
>as i prepare to have a terrible violent death, i yell my final words
>I wish all bikes had been banned back in the 1950's

>not rear ending, brake checking and side swiping them all and making a swift escape

It's like you never played GTA.
File: 1405123239955.jpg (38 KB, 346x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 346x346
Never said that the SUV guy was in the wrong.
Just that the statement;
>I hope a group of you faggots chase me down one day. I drive an SUV. I think I'm going to win this battle.

is not only poorly thought out, but false.

That said, if you drive a 4x4 in the city and (like most of the owners) you've never seen a dirt road in your life, you deserve to get it smashed to shit by a roving gang of dickheads.
if you don't mind casualties, then you don't
the suv didn't actively attack anyone, just fled
he had multiple chances to ram bikers off their bikes but didn't do it
We were going to, and I even asked my friend if he wanted me to open my door and kick the shit out of her door because I was pissed, but he said nah, and we just wanted to get inside and get our pizzas. She would have come out before we got our shit and called the cops or something. It wasn't my car, so I don't care /too/ much, but if it was mine, that bitch would fucking pay and I would have just left right after and gotten a burrito or something instead.

>not going to her passenger side door and kicking it so she doesn't notice it coming out of the store before you.

You had one job.
You are just not driving it right.
Put some good tires on it and grow some balls.

The only thing they don't have is acceleration. So corner properly and don't drop speed unnecessarily
how do you go anywhere if youre scared of parking lots?

>GF almost bumped into by reversing car twice
>Outside of an Asian supermarket
A proper corner in a truck is slow.
Shut up with your initial d ass
>people doing 60 in lane 3 of 4 lane motorways with a lorry half a mile away as the closest thing in front of them

>being undertaken because you didn't predict the lorry in front of you correctly taking up the new lane 1 after a slip road becomes a lane on the motorway
(the guy did put his hand up to apologise, I guess he probably thought I wasn't going to move over just lke I thought the lorry wasn't going ot move over)

>women on their phones overtaking at 80mph in lane 2
>overtake them 2 minutes later because they're too scared/ busy with their phones to go into lane 3 so they're doing 56 behind lorries

>brown people accelerating up to 75, then braking down to 65 in the middle of a busy motorway
You are wrong. I can probably take a turn faster in mine than your Honda.
Jesus. The only time I've ever voluntarily slowed to below seventy on the dual carriageway was when it once rained so hard that the wipers couldnt go fast enough
I hate this shit, I don't ride but I feel your pain anon.
File: 072 - n5RTCQo.png (52 KB, 249x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
072 - n5RTCQo.png
52 KB, 249x230
>Walking down the sidewalk last night
>Come to a 3 way intersection, no cars around
>I keep walking straight to cross the street
>Some cunt in a subcompact driving the opposite way comes up to the intersection, blinker on to turn left
>Since turning left crosses paths with me I assumed she would wait the 5 seconds it would take me to finish crossing the street
>She begins to enter the intersection immediately
>What the fuck are you doing?
>At this point I'm right in front of her, I assume she sees me and will brake
>She suddenly accelerates
>What the fuck are you doing????
>I have to jump back at the last second to avoid getting hit
>She blazes right past me and keeps going, there's no way she couldn't have seen me
>Drivers who will do 80+ MPH on the highway who come up behind a car who is going 65MPH and tail gate the car in front of them for miles despite there being lanes on their left and right that they can pass.

>Sometimes the driver being tail gated will move out of the way, the tailgater will speed back up to 80 only to tail gate the next car in front of them.

I see this will female drivers most of the time.
>Heavy rain, on the highway in the number one lane. Going 65mph.
>Car in front of me hit some standing water, watch the driver almost hydroplane into the median. He regains control and continues on.
>Seeing this, I let my foot off the gas a little so my car coasts down to 50 MPH or so, drive through the standing water no problem.
>Idiot coming up behind me at 90MPH plus flashes his/her high beems, lays on his/her horn and starts to pass me on my right where there is still standing water watch their car spin like it ran over a banana in mario kart.

I make it to work safe.
>capital beltway
just kill me already
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54 KB, 500x228
I drove a 5 ton body job for a while, this one scared me.
>Going south on the Henday ring road
>Near the Rabbit Hill Road valley
>Locked in cruise behind a tiny red Mazda hatchback
>Drops all the way to 30km/h before sharply veering off onto the shoulder
>Somehow manage to not smash her off the sheer expanse to the right
I've had this happen with retarded hicks in over sized trucks. Most satisfying thing I've ever seen was one blow past me in horrible rain and wind on a bridge over the water. When I got to the end of the bridge I saw his ass end smashed into the divider fence backwards with his bumper laying on the ground and the grass tore up everywhere from where he spun out. Actually saw 2 or 3 more retards on of the side of the road destroyed during that drive.
File: image.jpg (162 KB, 960x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 960x717
Some bitch did that to me.
>Pull into parking lot in pic related
>Not fancy, I know, but it's mine, and I take care of my cars
>Fat teacher's assistant type in a fancy white SUV pulls up beside me
>Barely glance at her, whatever, as long as she doesn't nick my tru-BANG
>This cunt
>No care in the world, just flings her door open like Mary fucking Poppins herself
>My face when
>She has the gall, THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING GALL to look RIGHT AT ME, then shrug and walk in
>Get out, inspect door, there's a big fucking white streak now
>Get in passenger side, close door
>Grip handle so hard, the plastic atomizes
>Scientists discover the Higgs Boson created from the retard strength pressure
>Back out and drive away, her door is viciously marred with purple and nastily dented
I think I could have handled that better, looking back.

You're doing God's work anon
File: image.jpg (55 KB, 480x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 480x220
>Long-ass merge lane from the right, intersection, then lane ends
>Of course assholes try to just floor it and cut in instead of using the 800m of merge lane properly
>Always hug the person's car in front of me so they can't merge in, then back off
>Laugh as their niggerdly behaviour always backfires and they get stuck sitting there, since nobody wants to let them in
File: image.jpg (125 KB, 1005x657) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 1005x657
>Riding out of town, split highway, two lanes each way
>Rig Pig fags in a big truck full of welding gear riding my ass as we come up to the las intersection on the edge of town
>It's rush hour, and cops love Tha intersection. Nobody's going more than 5km/h over the limit, since the speed cameras are on a 24h "Going in dry, no lube" mode
>Getting tired of these faggots filling my mirrors
>Light goes yellow, I could maybe run it
>Slam my brakes instead
>With no other option and no shoulder, they veer into the ditch and clip a light pole
>They burst out of the truck, yelling and coming towards me
>Green light
>BRAP BRAP and do a wheelie off the line and disappear into the sunset
>Two days into owning my VERY FIRST BIKE YEAH
>Follow my father on his as practice, we ride to the next town and back to get a coffe at McDicks
>Raining lightly
>Three lanes on the way back, but the right lane ends and turns away at the intersection
>We're slowing down up to a red light, orange Acura on our right
>His odd braking makes my instincts flare, is he gonna-YEP
>Lock both brakes, remember to ease off, as I start to fishtail a bit
>Panic brake, but controlled now
>Wind up an inch from this guy, he's now barely in the lane, on a 45 degree angle, any closer and I'd have landed on his roof
>Remain calm
>Give him a WTF gesture, glance over to my left, two guys in a lifted brotruck are wide-eyed at us
>Green light, my father goes through, then this guy cuts past and makes an illegal left turn, cutting off the left lane and envoking rage honks
What the fuck is wrong with some people?
So you are literally the kind of dick that everybody's complaining about.
File: image.jpg (45 KB, 493x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 493x218
>Driving home a few weeks ago in my shitbox Saturn SC-2, since no riding in winter
>Middle school tard brigade on the sidewalk up ahead
>As I approach (in the right lane), one jumps ONTO THE ROAD and starts HOP SKIP JUMP MOTHERFUCKING DANCING
>Cheeky grins all around, he'll shift lanes or slow down, he won't hit my faggot friend
>Maintain impassive driving look, downshift and floor it
>Kid it forced to dive off the road as his friends panic and scream
>Flip them off out the window as I drive away
>Riding maybe a foot off my ass in your giant death box and revving constantly because WAAAAH GO FASTER JUST FOR ME EVEN THOUGH YOU COULDNT WITHOUT ILLEGALLY LANE SPLITTING SINCE IT'S RUSH HOUR
>Not maintaining a safe following distance because I'M BIGGER
>End up in the ditch because you don't know how to drive
>Being upset that I had time to stop and you didn't
>full braking with people very close to you

Kill yourself
I really like your Ranger. No homo
File: 1447869622214.png (885 KB, 722x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
885 KB, 722x958

That was incredibly stupid. It doesn't matter what they did to piss you off. It doesn't matter who was in the wrong. If they're making you feel unsafe just get away from them, don't try to be a cheeky cunt and brake check them. You will lose like eleven times out of ten.
>had my license for a year
>take the same route everyday
>pass a one way two lane to get to the next a block over
>someone runs the stop sign and tries to get ahead of me
>keep speed
>they're forced into the wrong lane
>drive like this for 10-15 seconds
>they slam their brakes and get behind me
I kind of wish someone had smashed into them, but I don't know if what I did was legal
Yeah these are the people I REALLY don't understand, the ones who have to pass no matter what.

They seem to be really common, I'm going 75 in a 70, ahead there's a HUGE column of traffic moving at 70 and some retard rides my ass wanting me to let them past so they can.... go 80 for 10 extra seconds before getting trapped in the traffic


They are mostly 4x4 drivers or BMW's.
>Literally playing in traffic
What the fuck man
Fucking glorious
>>14270093 This is called gridlock. The yellow light is, if you're going straight, only if you're already in the intersection or can't stop in time, and is meant also for people turning left to be able to clear the intersection. The people that put you in that situation by running the red light are fucktards.
>>14287452 Did I hear you're a cunt that doesn't know proper highway etiquette? They fucking floor it and merge so that they don't get stuck, the sooner you merge (without crossing a solid line) the better. You're a fucking faggot. Kill yourself.
It's always and always the hillbilly white women or faggots put these
>lel guys I love and approve all religions!
>XD we are peaceful! C'mon! Hold hands!
Literately every single religious people think they're retards. Fucking gayass hippie
basically women, Asian with glasses, middle easterns. These types of people should not be allowed on road
>complains about normie drivers
>damages other people's vehicles

No, you are the normies.
Lol ok, Mr. Two-inches.
Pretty much why I didn't. Though was so that they couldn't get far with a fucked windshield. Then concluded that was retarded.

welcome to germany kek

At least your Tok didn't spill out of your pockets.
yep, 99 out of 100 times
I should've been clearer. These faggots try to roar aaaaaaallllll the way down to the end of the merge lane and cut in, usually keeping their signal off until the end. Rather than just keeping the blinker on and matching the traffic to merge smoothly, they have to be first, no exceptions.
I know you've told this story before, I've read it out loud to a buddy of mine. You're a personal favorite of ours, anon-kun. Stay awesome.
Man, even the /n/iggers have insane Normie drivers.
File: 1444346224232-o.png (61 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 800x600
It's not extreme enough. Fucking death penalty please. That way people might finally stop EXPECTING you to pick up your phone while driving, for a change. Don't fucking call me about important shit when I'm commuting you assholes.
Don't pull into the intersection in the first place and just wait for the arrow?
The guy never shouldve gone off the freeway. He has the advantage there, no matter the numbers of that biker trash. At speed, he is more danger to them than they to him. Bikes are also gonna run out of fuel sooner (so keep your car in the 3/4 full range if you're likely to encounter faggot bikers).
Bitch i wasnt' even baiting. Not my fault people here cant understand sarcasm anymore
> Be Hispanic sales agent inna Chicago
> Not driving, just parked at a Wendys for lunchtime
> DDing a shitbox Dodge Dakota at the time.
> Dodge engines a shit, but that early 90s exterior was a flawless two tone red/grey.
> Halfway through my burger when some Rudypoo in a badly maintained F250 parks right next to me.
This never bothers me, but what happens next ,I will always remember.
> Brofag proceeds to exit his rustbucket ,an in the process of opening his door he snaps my mirror off. This shouldnt happen, expecially with an early 90s truck of any kind.
> I drop my burger and proceed to call out the faggot.
> He tries to deny while Stepping OVER The broken mirror.
> Visibly calm, but internally screaming with rage. I wait till this fucker is inside before going to my lockbox.
> Pull out my Star and Jack.
Just for clarification, this Wendys didnt have external cameras because "lol Palatine" but I heard the manager bought some after I did what I did.
> His "lift" is really from a set of new mud tires. They were brand new, and I felt that he no longer deserved them.
> Proceed to remove said tires. Left his truck on a few sandbags I had in my bed.
> Drive back to the city, stopped by a shop to fix my mirror mount and installed the tires.
> The looked purdy, and I needed new tires anyway.
>Driving down highway toward construction zone
>2 lanes my side, 1 ending, signs for past 2 kilometres saying it ends
>Leave a gap for people beside and in front to get over
>No cars near me trying to move over so I close up
>Lane now ends in 100 metres
>Suddenly, Cletus rips by in his lifted Hickmobile at close to 100, everyone else is going about 15
>Cletus doesn't start braking until about 50 metres away
>No room for Cletus to merge
>I'm beside Cletus when his lane ends, I expect him to stop since there's no room
>He starts to move into my lane, looking right at me
>I lay on the horn, no room to accelerate ahead, line of cars right on my ass and I don't want to start a chain reaction crash by stopping suddenly
>End up being pushed out of my lane
>Car ahead see's what's happening and shoots forward so I can move ahead
>Finally in front of Cletus, I stomped on the brake and then immediately back on gas
>Cletus panicked and stalled when he slammed on the brakes
For Fuck sake, why can't people just merge normally like everyone else on the road?
Instead of pushing people out of their lane.
Different carry bro here, his attitude is shitty. Fact of the matter is that at around 30mph a chevy tahoe hits harder than a .45 and a vehicle is usually a better tool for extricating yourself from a bad situation than a gun anyway because you can put some distance between you and your attacker and also youf car can offer you some protection. I don't engage road ragers at all. I just make sure my door is locked, keep the window rolled up and look for an opportunity to drive away. If they try to force entry to the vehicle, bounce on them, if that means hitting him with your car, do it.
>lady in opposing lane waiting to make a left into plaza
>no cars behind me
>she decides to make left before i pass
>she suddenly notices me (had to brake pretty hard)
>she STOPS in the middle of my lane
>death stares me

might have thought i ran a red light (one side has a delayed green), but stopping in the middle of road to rage at me for literally doing nothing wrong made me so mad.
I love you. Get better soon.
Don't enter the intersection until you can get across you fucking tard
He's sort of right, of course letting go ages before any intersection is a bit too much (while economical), but many, many people really are too stupid to apply an anticipatory driving style where you scan the road ahead instead of looking only at the 50 meters in front of your car. People coming up to a light that's been red for a long time at full speed and then then braking hard at the last moment, people coming up to slower moving vehicles at high speed and then braking at the last moment only to be stuck behind them, what the fuck are they thinking? None of that shit will get you home even a second earlier.
No, he did perfectly right according to the highway code.
File: 1427308249818.png (152 KB, 600x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 600x503
>Snow and ice everywhere
>Normies with shitty all season tires literally going no more than 10 mph everywhere
>Get angry when I try to pass them because I have a new set of based Blizzaks on my car

Driving in this winter weather without dedicated snow tires is just retarded - all seasons should be banned.
>Ever since that I just send the footage of people texting to the police.

Look at this wannabe gestapo officer here.
Texting/calling on your phone isn't illegal while at a red light as long as the engine is turned off. And even if you don't have that law in your area, this is still such a passive-aggressive dick move that you'd normally expect from pensioners. Hope someone sends the police a video of you going 10 over in an area with a speed limit that's clearly set way too low for the conditions.
>Texting/calling on your phone isn't illegal while at a red light as long as the engine is turned off
It is here.

>Hope someone sends the police a video of you going 10 over in an area with a speed limit that's clearly set way too low for the conditions.
That isn't valid here, so they can go for it. I very very rarely speed, but even then, going 10 over isn't the number one cause of road fatalities in this country, mobile phone usage while driving is.
>mobile phone usage while driving is

Show me the gigantic ass you pulled that little turd out of please?
How the fuck do you not know that distracted driving is one of the top causes of fatal accidents? Do you not follow current events or something? Not same guy btw
Go look at crash statistics yourself. It is responsible for a third of accidents here and the highest cause of fatalities.

Intoxication is next, followed by fatigue.

I know several people who have been killed by drivers hitting them while texting. I'm not going to stop sending the footage off because of someone getting mad about the idea over the internet.
If it's so obvious, show me the source that says that mobile phone usage of all things is the NUMBER 1 cause of FATAL accidents then. Should be easy to find. I've never heard such a thing in my life, not from police or government reports or anywhere, except you right now.

>Intoxication is next, followed by fatigue.
So you're telling me driving too fast for conditions is at best at #4, instead of the top place it actually is?

>I'm not going to stop sending the footage off
What do you believe they actually do with the footage? Send out their best men to the case because some guy brought them a video that might or might not be edited, of some other guy texting at a red light? Even though any traffic lawyer would have this case thrown out in a second, if it ever actually came to a prosecution?
They're laughing their ass off and throwing the video in the trash as soon as you leave the station.
>So you're telling me driving too fast for conditions is at best at #4, instead of the top place it actually is?
Speeding isn't in the top ten, let alone number four.

>What do you believe they actually do with the footage?
If you have their license and footage of them on the phone, they get the fine and can face loss of license depending on their license history. That's how it works here.

>Even though any traffic lawyer would have this case thrown out in a second
You'd never win that case here, guarantee you.

Funfact: There are other countries besides yours and the laws and regulations vary in each one!
still waitin on that source bra
Things that never happened; the post
File: 1395493185762.gif (3 MB, 421x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 421x320
>be in manual for first time
>pulling out into traffic
>clown behind me lays on the horn the millisecond i'm clear to go
>>clown behind me lays on the horn the millisecond i'm clear to go
If someone does that to me I just sit there and count off 15 seconds then rocket away from the light. I don't text while driving, I don't fuck around and not pay attention at a stop, you can bet I'm going the second I can. But if you honk at me because I'm not fast enough for you, I'm going to make you wait out of spite.
File: IMG_7059.jpg (387 KB, 1023x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
387 KB, 1023x682
>Live in large city, right off of a massive 6 lane Freeway. Every day coming home from work have to exit on a blind right kink into a 3 lane service road @45-50mph.
>Massive "Yield to Ramp" signs posted on both sides of the road both 500 feet and 100 feet away from ramp.
>Every single day, not one person yields, and I have to cut across 3 lanes in order to turn into where I live, or else be forced to take a 1.5mile and 3 red light to get back.
>Receive honks and middle fingers every day, just brush them off at this point.
>More than once someone has decided to follow me home, always park in front of a house that is not mine, on the left side of the street so when I get out they can't run me over.
>Everyone always redfaced with anger as I calmly tell them of the "Yield to Ramp" Signs that they are too retarded/illiterate to read.
>More than once someone has gotten out of their car and threatened to beat the shit out of me, and every one of those times immediately got back into the car when I pulled my Sig from its holster, kept it pointed at the dirt, finger off the trigger, and calmly told them to leave my neighborhood.

I'm getting fucking sick of it /o/. I'm seriously thinking about picking up one of Pic Related for about $4,000, and throwing a big ass steel cattle guard up front, so when I exit, if someone doesn't want to move, I can MAKE them.

Best part is, from a legal perspective, they didn't yield, which means I'm not at fault.
>riding close to people where you can't stop in time
yeah it's his fault for sure
>removed an entire set of wheels in a parking lot with in the time it takes to get a burger at Wendys

Sure anon. I believe you.
i want to believe
>Driving work pickup down 2 lane
>Crest hill
>wtf gigantic hose in middle of lane
>Emergency lane change, no damage all is well
>On board driver monitoring bitch who lives in dashboard says "aggressive driving"
Hey bro get off of your petal stool, you seem to be having a feel day with this
>On board driver monitoring bitch who lives in dashboard

>>More than once someone has decided to follow me home, always park in front of a house that is not mine, on the left side of the street so when I get out they can't run me over.
Do you carry a gun just in case?
disregard, posted before reading the entire greentext. Be careful tho.
File: 1447111483783.jpg (149 KB, 500x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>50mph zone
>Car ahead doing 30
>50mph zone changes to 30mph
>Car ahead decides to do 40
>CB antenna
do you drive a black and gold trans am by chance? wear jeans so tight they scream? Smuggle beer across state lines with your hillbilly truck driver buddy?
i have something like that too, only shes called a girlfriend.
Yeah I do shit like this. Had some retarded fucking truck cuck dart into another lane behind the car next to me because I accelerated smoothly from a light but obviously not as quickly as someone that starts moving the second they let off the brake pedal. I quickly sped up just a little past the car next to me and he got over behind me. I then let off the gas and he got mad and got back behind the other car. This went on for like 4 minutes. When I finally stopped fucking with him he floored it around the car beside me, got in front of me, and started going the speed limit. I don't even think he was angry or aware that I was fucking with him. Like this is just how he thinks you should drive.
I capped this story in another thread, good shit.
File: Beyond Mad.jpg (53 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Beyond Mad.jpg
53 KB, 500x500
>50 zone
>car in front did 40
>40 zone
>car in front did 30
>30 zone
>car in front did 20
What shithole do you live in?

Also, get a fucking dashcam.
File: 1446180178731.png (1 MB, 2000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2000x2000
>tfw I love DC but driving anywhere there makes my blood boil
>everyone in maryland drives like a pussy going probably 3-4 below the limit, and no one there understands the concept of passing
>virginia is somewhat better, but seems to have more clueless asians combined with brotruck retards. and the added benefit of state troopers every five feet


U mad?
File: 1386707671599.jpg (37 KB, 254x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 254x246
>car driving 25 under
>still slams brakes to slow down 150m from the stoplight
>Currently working as a delivery driver
>The amount of normie shit I see on a daily basis.

The worse is two significant intersections near the store I work with.
>You can do U turns at both intersections
>Both of them have a "U-turn must yeild to right turn traffic"
>No one ever reads these signs.
>get the occasional "wtf are you doing look" when making the right.
>Majority of people who can't read drive some suv / truck / xbox large sedan and insist on going to the far right lane immediately as well.

One of these days I'm going to get fucking hit in my shitbox.

>There are a few neighborhoods with roundabouts
>I fucking love them
>Majority of drivers are confused by them.
>No one ever signals when leaving them
>Had one lady driving a minivan full on STOP in the roundabout for me as I was approaching the the yield sign
>Occasionally have the person in front of me come to a full stop at the yield sign, when there is no on coming traffic

Roundabouts just confuse american normies.
>Roundabouts just confuse american normies.
But why? they are so simple, how can people be confused by them
File: ௵.jpg (16 KB, 376x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 376x260
>>Had one lady driving a minivan full on STOP in the roundabout for me as I was approaching the the yield sign

oh god the retards i live near do this all the time
it makes me wonder why the city thinks we're competent enough to use them

I can't wait til they build one of these near me, people will probably shit their pants in confusion
Seems like a complete bullshit waste of time money and resources just because you dont want drivers to make a turn to the left. Easier to just add bumps on the road to force drivers to pay attention. Even i dont fully understand what the fuck this is.
American roundabouts are retarded

in NJ for some reason people in the roundabout don't have the right of way so you enter, go around a quarter of the circle and then have to yield

it's bs
It's a german car. The extra space is in the ashtray.

get a product called nu-brite. It's fucking vicious, and will actually dissolve metal, it smokes on contact
They built one of these at a major road and highway intersection that I drive through it quite a bit. It's fucking great, Need to make a left turn? Wait one light cycle max. It really did reduce congestion. before you could be waiting for up to 5 light cycles and traffic was just backed up in all directions. And if you are coming off the highway and need to go straight through the light you just bypass the intersection all together now.

However there are signs EVERYWHERE for that intersection to help with normie confusion.

There are very few of them in the US overall, and because normies are use to four way stops.

> go around a quarter of the circle and then have to yield
That is just fucking stupid.
File: asian driver.jpg (39 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
asian driver.jpg
39 KB, 1280x720
>Stopped to make a left turn on huge road
>Line of around 10 cars
>Left turn arrow show
>Everybody's flooring trying to get through since it's a short light and there's rush hour traffic lined up coming the other way
>Car in front of me starts to enter intersection
>I follow
>This fucknut ahead of me suddenly stops dead with no warning
>Stop an inch from their bumper
>Cars behind me all on angles from swerving while stopping
Keep in mind everyone was accelerating and not expecting the car in front to stop suddenly
>My hand is almost through the steering wheel from hitting the horn so hard
>Moron starts to make a U-turn, straightens wheels half way through and stops across 2 of the 3 lines on the other side
>Cars turning right (allowed to on a red here) now all have to stop
>This shitiot starts making a 3 point turn across the 3 lanes of the side they're blocking
I shit you not, it was a chinese lady in a toyota camry
how old
Didn't get too long to look but I'd say 40's
are you taking about those pseudo roundabouts they have on rt 1 between princeton and new brunswick, and also on the way into the holland tunnel from the skyway?
no clue why they decided to build them the way they did
Ah a classic case of DWO
i really dont understand how people can get in a ton of metal that moves fast as shit, and then distract themselves by looking at their phones every 10 seconds
people talk about kids being addicted to ipads and stuff my fucking god
>tfw going back home do rzeczypospolitej during the summer for a few weeks
whats it like driving there, good or bad drivers?
gl anon i wish you happy drivings
Get better soon senpai
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