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Car Theft
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I'm writing a novel centered mostly around a car stealing ring, and I've got a problem. I've never stolen a car, and I feel like my book is a huge pile of shit because its based completely on fiction. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips, if you've stolen cars,if you've got your car stolen, i'd like to know about it.
Just watch Gone in 60 seconds
I did and it helped a little, but It is also totally stupid in terms of plot. also I dont want a carbon copy of gone in 60 seconds, i want to know more about the world.
>it was a good movie desu
Well, sorry I can't help you, but you can have these scenes from Top Gear.
basically every car until like 2010 with the invention of rfid keys can be hot wired. so just make some shit up that sounds cool.
These should give you some ideas




What's the setting? Plot?
>tfw been bouncing ideas of novel about illegal racing ring around in my head
What kind of cars are they stealing and what for? scrapping, selling out-of-country?
Narrow it down a bit, in my novel's case they would be finding rich kids with expensive cars, and through a variety of ways (women, drugs, alcohol, good old-fashioned violence and blackmail) take them and junk them for their parts, recycling anything they can't use at a refinery that buys scrap.

So I guess the best way would be to look into the anti-theft systems of every model of car you plan on them stealing (or what it's based off of if you go the way of a fictional car), then look into reports of how those cars got stolen, base it off that.
Good luck OP, hope your novel gets off the ground, mine probably won't.
set it in the 80s for easy to steal cars
tools that work are as follow
slim jim or coat hanger
packing strap
screw driver or bump key
The basic plot is a high schooler who starts stealing cars to survive, and gets a job stealing for a ring. the ring sells cars overseas but his job is just to steal and drive the cars cross country. the cars also get their VIN numbers cloned so he wont get pulled over
my 280zx was stolen adn taken for a joyride. The broke the window, punched out the ignition and drove it around till the wrecked it.

Somebody tried to steal my 240z but manual choke to tricky for youths.
lmao yeah after researching how to steal cars i've realized the best defence is having a manual transmission and parking near other cars. the thief will be too lazy to steal it.
my 70s bmw will start with a screwdriver as easily as it will with the key.
Idea -
>youth doesn't have a lot, in his junior/senior year of high school finally finishes his project car
>pride and joy
>finally popular, go to first big party
>end up getting smashed but not too drunk
>goes to pass out in car
>car gets stolen
>wakes up
>decides to stay in backseat where driver didn't see him
>get to theft ring
>join or die
>everything goes better than expected.webm

But that's just an idea, are they after specific high-end cars or just like, toyotas for ISIS?
mostly high end cars for african warlords, but it's not really my character's place to know.
I understand that, but you are not the character, you are the omnipotent plot-maker.
Having a clear and defined idea of what you're going after will make everything on the way a lot easier.
My idea - Look up famous african warlords/dictators.
Look at their tastes, put them on a table beside some random names.
Decide what each one likes and doesn't like, and suddenly you realize if Mugabe is more concerned with 4x4 trucks then he isn't going to want that DCT Alfa Romeo 4C with it's fucking ridiculous anti-theft system.
You might or might not already have done this, i'm just throwing ideas at you until you stop replying.
So a youth is the crime victim, that's a novel idea.
would it be more novel if he was african-american?
I though the point of this thread was to make the story more believable.
but he ends up stealing cars at the end of the subplot anyway
In the most basic older car, you need to enable the ignition(spark), unlock the wheel, and get the starter going. The starter is easiest if you can reach it, I think you can short the two terminals on the relay to give it power. Unlocking the wheel sort of goes hand in hand with getting spark, also getting the starter going, force the ignition switch, also with a screwdriver.
Please note this is based off my own car and I haven't actually stolen my own car so I've probably got it wrong.
But he is forced to under threat of death, lol.
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