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You have $1 million total to spend on 5 cars
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You have $1 million total to spend on 5 cars

What are they?

Ford GT $400k
Ferrari 488 GTB $250k
Nismo GTR $150k
Dodge Viper ACR $120k
Scion FR-S $30k

Spend the rest on upgrades for FR-S.
buy a miata then buy hookers
That's a lot of hookers.
Well he might have to pay 998,000 for a hooker to get into that 2k of miata.
That's a fatass hooker.
expensive hookers thatll lick my asshole
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acura legend.jpg
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the rest on coke
I don't know how to even spend that much money, I don't want any cars above 200k.

How much can 300k of AE86 mods get you?
fuck off weebshit

I'm guessing some sort of space frame race car with AE86 body work stitched to it.
Challenger 100k including uprades
London Brighton car 100-200k
Full restoration on my Defender 40k

Spend the rest updating my garage.
>Impreza 22B $40k
>WRX swap and some other mods for my Legacy ~$5k
>RX-7 Spirit R ~$50k
>Twingo with 1.4T swap and all the parts to restore it to like new ~$3k
>Lotus Carlton ~$25k
That's still barely $123k. I guess I'd spend the rest on a sweet house or something. A climate controlled 5+ car garage with a fuckton of tools and lifts? Plus furnishings for a mancave and whatever.

Damn I'm a poorfag, I wouldn't even really know what to do with 1 million dollars.
i wasn't planning on mentioning this will be based on winning the $1.4 billion lottery.

$500 million after taxes.
F12 berlinetta
Mint condition 94 NSX
Whatever is a comfortable and nice to drive mid range executive car
Used Vantage V8 spyder o a similar Aston (depreciated)
Zonda R

Sell Zonda and berlinetta and use money to buy a comfy apartament and a nice villa in my home country. Invest leftover money and live off residual income.
If I have to spend every cent on cars, I'd get something like this
>Ruf CTR3
>a RWD shitbox for hooning, like an S14
>an AWD shitbox for winter hooning, like a Mazda 323 GTR
>a tiny lightweight hot hatch for shits and giggles, like a Peugeot 205 GTI
>something reasonably comfortable and spacious for traveling
Assuming this is Ameribux

$1434411.72 AUD

>HSV Maloo R8 LSA ($90,000)
>FPV GT F 351 ($100,000)
>Honda NSX ($94,659)
>Honda S2000 ($20,000)
>Mitsubishi GTO MR ($15,000)
>Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE111 ($15,000)
>Nissan Silvia S15 ($15,000)
>Nissan Skyline GT-T R34 ($15,000)
>Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 ($60,000)
>Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A ($54,508)
>Ford Falcon XB coupe ($40,000, I know what I got)

$930,244.72 to spare. For good measure I'll buy a base model ND Miata because I've always wanted to try one of these things and shove the rest in to gather interest. $27,907.34 a year at a 3% interest rate for fuel, rego, etc., plus whatever job I'll have at the end.
Man, you abbos sure are bad at counting.
All trims in every color offered.
1, 2, 7, 8, 9 all look great. The rest not so much.
Nigga 4 is the best one, and everything after 6.5 sucks
>giving shitsubishi money

just let it die already
5 shit box.
950k in the bank.
>STYfag detected

Just accept evo is superior already
Mitsubishi evo 10 final edition -$68000
Nissan GTR - $180000
Alpha ronin mod for the GTR - $99000
upgrades for evo 10 - $50000-$100000
Maintenance of cars and other costs of running cars for 10 years is whatever is left over
Mclaren 570
sti is better
literally no one buys evo no matter what they do, and sti will still sell regardless of what they do.
lmao being this delusional.
Evo outperforms and outlasts sti on any pavement repeatedly.
Sure subi sells more becauae every stance fag vaping autist is after muhhh boxer rumble and buy into symmetrical awd meme.
>Mitsubishi evo 10 final edition -$68000
>Nissan GTR - $180000
Porsche 993 gt2
Subaru 22b
Nissan r32 gt-r
Nissan r31 gts-r
Toyota Landcruiser 200 series v8 diesel with a dual axle car trailer for towing cars.
New Zealand
500 civics 500 corollas
2 sneks
And an f450 for me
Merc G wagon amg for the wife and dogs and the rest on savings.
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Naw f650. Go big.
2016 Ford GT - $400k
2016 Dodge Viper ACR - $120k
2016 Chevrolet Corvette z06 - $90k
2016 Ford Shelby GT350R - $65k
1971 Chevrolet Corvette c3 Stingray - $50k
1965 Chevrolet Corvette c2 Stingray - $150k
2017 Ford F150 SVT Raptor - Not out yet but maybe $50k
1969 Pontiac GTO the Judge - Up to $75k
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Volvo P1800ES 20k
BMW Clownshoe S54 30k
Mercedes 300TD or 280CE W123 15k
Ferrari 599 with the gated manual. 200k
VW Transporter doublecab porsche swapped 50k
Buick Roadmaster LT1 5k

If you need the whole million you must be a boy-racer.
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Best list coming through

ACR $140k
997 GT2 $150k
V Wagon $60k
Denali 3500 SRW $70k
LJ Rubicon $30
Fleetwood Talisman $20k
M35A2C 6x6 and M35A2 bobbed dump bed 4x4 $30k
2018 G63 AMG w portals $200k (for wifey)
$300k on gas, diesel, tyres, oil, insurance, parts, and tools

>Finding a 993 GT2 for under a million
>Ford GT (1st gen) ~300k
>599 GTO ~500k
>focus RS 35k
Save rest
5 twingos, that was easy.
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Why would you do anything other than fund your own P2 team?

One Zytek Z11SN and four twingos.
>saving imaginary money
Is it any worse than spending imaginary money
thread is about spending imaginary money on cars
>165k left
Fine put me down for a
Terminator ~20k
1970 440 challenger ~70k
Maserati GT with remaining
good lad

I buy every volvo 850 that was ever produced.

Destroy all but 2

Sell 1 to a collector for 10 million

Keep one but don't fix it up, drive it to the grocery store and back.
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>having $1,000,000
>not applying for an EB-5 foreign investor's Green Card with the intent to invest $500,000 in a targeted employment area to create or preserve ten full time jobs, subject to review to revoke or turn into an unlimited Green Card after two years, and then spending the other $500,000 (minus housing) on cars once you're moving to the US, maybe taking one or two with you from Europe and buying the rest there depending on availability
Look, I'm only talking about it and my chart is already going up!
Alternatively invest the whole $1,000,000 wherever you want, job requirement and time limit still apply, and live at work for a while.
Mercedes 280SL Pagode Mint ~200k
Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series ~250k

Mercedes S500 Bluetec or S350 Bluetec ~150k

Chevrolet Silverado/Nissan Titan Pre-Runner Conversion
Mercedes C63 AMG Weistec

Ariel Atom Supercharged
>Ford GT
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Cuz I'm a pleb with no taste and no idea

Evolution 7 GTA is considered a Evo 7.5? What the fuck.

The GTA is just an automatic and more doscile Evo 7.
- Aston Martin V12 Vanquish 170k
- Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale 290k
- Porsche 911 997 Gt3 RS 4.0 340k
- Bmw Z8 149k
- Mercedes-Benz C63 Amg coupe 51k

All used, of course. With this list, i have a V12 front, V8 back, V8 front + cab, Flat 6 who will never lose value and great for the track. And the Amg for DD
Boring AF, only pick super cars and then an FRS for some reason. Someone's a giant normie
Lexus GS F (100k)
Porsche Cayenne GTS (120k)
Lamborghini Huracan (250k)
Ferrari 458 Speciale (300k)

Then buy a Porsche Macan (80k) for Mum, a F-Type (90k) for bro, and a Lexus GX (60k) for dad.

All in all, thats 1 million bucks spent.

But being realistic, I would just buy a Lexus GS F and keep 670k to buy a house.
Finally a european with brains between all the stupid Vettes!
- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 / Ralliart
- Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2
- BMW M3 E36 in mint factory condition
Pour the rest into a team of engineers dedicated to fixing my wannabe Group B driving crashes.

Also probably some doctors.
BMW E39 M5 Estate
rebuild my current road car with slight upgrades

That's it. Use the M5 to tow the NSX or F40 to racetracks. F40 will recieve competizione body, NSX will receive widebody lower drag high downforce treatment & supercharger.
Thanks :)

At first i thought about having a F12 or a Aventador, but they're too expensive and they're not "unique" enough to keep their value over time...

But i wish i could have chosen a 599GTO thought, but too expensive (in my country you find them between 450-700k€ ...)
New nsx, old nsx, Lamborghini gallardo superleggera, datsun 510 with a turbo KA(I already have a stock 510), GMC 2012 Sierra 2500, Audi rs5, C110
>>Spend the rest on upgrades for XXXX

Oh this is one of those threads.

Geo fucking metro.

Spend the rest on upgrades.
Cheap ones will do that.

If I HAD to spend it on cars it would be
>gtr RS
>rolls royce
>300zx TT
>Supra Turbo
>3000gt VR4
>Mid 90s Viper GTS R
>Raptor then modify the suspension
>restored FJ

Then spend the rest on various bikes.
Read that in his voice;
Range rover supercharged
Stingray targa for cruisin
old toyota pick up and mod the hell outta it for offroading
Mercdes c class for DD
Ariel atom for track
Ludacris pls
C6 ZR1 vette $70k
1997 NAS Defender + mods $60k
C3 Convertible vette + mods/restoration $30k
Hummer H1 $40k
C7 Stingray convertible Z51 $80k
720k left
Good job you and everybody else in keeping the list within 5 cars.
70 hemi cuda hugger orange and all the trimmings. The rest I would spend on hookers and cocaine
Australia so lolprices.

BMW M5 $250K
Toyota Land Cruiser $120k
Mint 80s 911 turbo ~$100k
Import a yank land yacht ~$50k just cause
1993 Ferrari 512tr $400k
a fucking rocket ship that says tureno and has an obscure japoniese sushi joint logo on it
Audi S8 plus with the dynamic package
Mazda ND cup car
Chevy 2500 wt regcab 2wd (in white)
Ford Mustang gt pp (guard green)
991 GT3 RS - 200k
NSX-R + Mods - 200k
FD3S + Mods - 40k
Mods for my STi - 20k
BNR34 Z-Tune - 250k

rest for parts, tires, gas, insurance
Ford Focus RS for DD
Mercedes C63 AMG for steppin' out
BMW M4 F82 for reasons
Nissan GT-R Nismo for weekends
Honda Civic Type R FK2 for memes

Oooh, decisions.

Ford Focus RS
Subaru WRX STI
Nissan GT-R Nismo

and finally, an Alfa Romeo 8c. That'd be the prize of the collection.

Also, I would build a large house with a large garage that has great security. Can't risk anything happening to my pretties.
Ferrari 488 $500k
Electric DeLorean $200k
'66 Batmobile Replica $200k
Porsche Cayman $100k

I'd prefer a Wrangler over the Batmobile but if I got that I wouldn't know what to spend the other $150k on.
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>All American
Mah nigga
File: DSC02222.jpg (59 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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22b Rx7 Spirit R
2012 Mustang GT w/ SLP Exhaust
Early 2000s Impress STI built for DD

Spend the majority of the remainder custom building two 7th Gen Celicas into an AWD high hp monster, and a RWD track car. I have an insatiable love for Celicas with the TRD kit.
1000 corollas obviously
Mk4 supra tt 40k
Evo IX MR 20k
Mawds for my 240sx 20k
Viper t/a 80k
Esprit 40-50k
The rest on a place with a garage to put them in and maintainence/mods
Could probably get Toyota to make you a fresh AE86 from the assembly line at that point you weeb.
See: >>14225024
>2016 sierra 2500 denali duramax CCLB SRW - 70k
>2016 cts-v sedan - 105k
>2016 c7 z06 3lz vette - 125k
>80s monte carlo, stripped and turned to a pro touring car - 100k
>80s k5 blazer, fully restored with a 6.2L vortec and 1 ton axles and a little lift - 30k

not even a half million
1 old Citroen+ ~500
up[ke(k)]ep ~999,500
Lexus LFA
Lamborghini Aventador
Subaru BRZ
Range Rover Discovery
Some classic Japanese car for shits n giggles

rest can go for mods for the BRZ/Japanese car
Keep my current car for DD and work
Get myself a house with garage so I can work on my cars.
So I fucked up twice there, 20b is the 3 rotor, absolute shame on me. And autocorrect shit on me, Impreza
1.000.000 US-Dollar = 923.744,862 Euro

>Mistubishi Lancer Evolution VII - 20.000€ (Used)
price is a bit hard to estimate as unmodded cars with LHD are extremely hard to find
>Toyota GT86 - 32.000€ (New)
>Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Transefer 55 - ? (New)
no idea what this costs a regular Sprinter maxes out at about 110.000€, so since the Transfer has a larger engine available, i'm guessing somewhere between 150.000€ and 250.000€
>Audi RS6 Avant - 130.000€ (New)
>Ford XC Falcon - ~30.000€ - 50.000€ (used, after restauration/repairs)
Price is really hard to estimate and includes shipping to Germany

Total ~550.000-680.000€
So i have somewhere between 370.000€ and 250.000€ left to spend on gas, insurance, taxes and repairs.
If getting the manufacturer to make a brand new car is an option then I'll take:

Trueno AE86 with Formula Atlantic 4AGE - basically the same fucking car from the cartoon
Skyline GT-R N1 BNR32
RX-7 Spirit R FD3S
Integra Type R DC2
Probably a Camry, fuck it
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5 nitrometh drinking Twingos
>ford gt
Please elaborate.
Designed by British Ferd
Grand National
2nd gen CTS-V (not sure which bodystyle, can I have all 3?)
1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS454
1st gen NSX
Subaru Impreza (unsure if WRX or STI)

Ferrari and Lamborghini may be fun and all, but I feel that answer is boring.
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