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CL/ kijiji thread
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Worth it for the parts alone. The engine will be mostly fine and you still have 3/4s of the body.
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it is clean but ricey. why the s2k tail lights i'll never know
>that color, body kit, hood, head lights, tail lights, rims, ect...
>it is clean

not to mention that its a civic
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That thing could feed a small asian family for years

>7k for a 20 years old totalled ricebox
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How much time and money would it take to turn:


Into a proper AE86? The DOHC engine is available here:


But I'd still need an LSD, perhaps a stronger transmission and various other upgrades. Doesn't need to be a Dagumi meme machine, just something that doesn't perform like an SR5.
Not the one in the picture. The $500 MR2.

Not worth it. $1400 for an engine (though you can find them cheaper), and you'll still need the engine harness of a GTS, an ECU, the GTS rear end with disc brakes, an LSD, a GTS fuel tank, and all the little bits and shits that need to be put on the 4AGE. Buying a $7k GTS or even importing a Trueno is more practical and cheaper. SR5-GTSs are sketch town. Many are never completely finished and sold for parts.

That's a very nice SR5 though.
That SR5 is not as clean as it looks, it's pretty janky desu. My buddy Paul went and took a look at it and apparently there's rust under the dip/wrap. Clean hachis don't last very long, there's a reason that one has been for sale for a couple months.
isn't that someone on here's mr2?
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Op, learn to pic not related you faggot.
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should I? has the 1.6 so it should be pretty much unkillable. although,

does anyone know anything about these things? the auto transmissions especially.

>tfw i grew up in kamloops
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wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the shifter


I wanna buy it so bad.
yeah just sold it for 200 fucks. it's regrettable but exhaust is gone, alternator is gone, starter is shit and trans is slipping.
>a jeep took her
>I wasn't looking and I rear ended a jeep
This is one town over from me

Buying it for keks

For 3000 you could do way worse. I'd try to talk him down a 1000 so I could re-paint it, and sell the wheels to some nigger for something normal
Thushis is a 92 chevy suburban 164+++ miles low price because interior could se detailing ,tags exp cost about 180. An windows dont roll down sometimes but other than that its a good car runs strong. Pink in hand v8 °°°°°°°°FIRM PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!! FiIRM PRICE!!!!!!!


>Drove two hours to check this car out
>Before the owners edited this listing there were only two pics of the car going through the local DMV
>Before coming to see it ask for the VIN, it checks out OK but it's a little weird because it shows as being registered to them only since December 2015
>They say they have receipts for all maintenance
>A little leery cause they never sent additional pics I requested, but I just shrug it off as they probably got busy
>Go to check it out
>Can instantly tell it's filthy, rear window has a break that's taped up
>greeted by the most New Jersey guys ever
>They're dialed up to fucking 11 trying to sell me on this POS
>The tires have little tread left on them and sidewalls are cracking
>Inside has some cheap ass fake woodtrim shit all over the center console
>armpad is tacked down with gorilla glue all over the fucking place
>humor them and take it for a test drive
>it drives OK
>guy says the clutch is new
>I ask what kind
>Get fed all sorts of BS stories about why he's selling it
>Can see where this is going now, although I though it was going there the instant I looked at the car desu
>Test drive is done, they ask what I think
>"I wouldn't pay over 3000 for this thing" (That was being extremely generous too)
>They instantly get defensive, almost offended
>Explain all the faults I noticed with the car
>Tell them I'll pass
>"OK, would you buy it for 3200?"
>"No thanks, I'll pass"
>Got in my car, left super pissed off for wasting my time and gas looking at this stupid piece of shit. Guys acted like they were strung out on coke to boot
>consider myself lucky I didn't offer lower, they probably would have knifed me or something if I did.

>ended up buying a red '99 in much better shape today

Forgot to mention that when I brought up looking at maintenance receipts, they just told me to check out the Carfax as proof, so these guys were just full of shit all around. On top of all this the car reekwd of smoke and had ashes and junk all over the car (a jar of peanut butter on the rear shelf, really?) Total sleazeballs.

Pic related is the red '99 I got instead. 89,000 miles and some stuff needs fixed (ricey as fuck k&n filter job the previous owner did, front bumper needs repainting, and floor mats need replaced for instance) but it's in far better shape.
Thread replies: 30
Thread images: 12
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