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Oversteer stories thread?

>First car

>V6 Auto
>Bald as fuck tires
>At a stoplight
"Oh yeah, I bet I could skid this bitch"
>Punch it into a left turn
>Full sideways
>Damn near full 360 in the middle of traffic
>Hit a curb sideways, jump the curb and take a chunk out of it
>Somehow didn't snap an axle in half
>Proceed to shit bricks, smoke a cigarette and gtfo before cops arrive
but those license plates are norwegian
I pulled something like that.
>meme-wheel-drive Volvo
>driving in front of who I knew was my qt coworker
>stopped on a right on red
>no traffic
>decide like a young moron to showboat
>sportmode (basically disables a rev limiter)
>spike the revs
>turn hard right
>rip a skid
>why am I still skidding?
>manage to spend the next 5 seconds fighting the steering to keep it away from the curbs/poles/everything else
>ripped a tankslapper skid like 200 feet down the street ending all the way against the curb on the wrong side
>see coworker WTF and drive past like a normal person
>get to where we were going and proceed to spill a lot of spaghetti
>good tyres on front, shit tyres on back
>roundabout approaching, turn off ESP like an absolute madman
>rev match perfectly into 2nd gear
>slam steering to the side and mash the throttle
>mad skidz
>night on fire starts playing
>still skidding
>want to stop now
>end up overcorrecting it
>now skidding in the other direction towards the kerb
>power out of it
>back slides again away from the kerb
>finally get it in a straight line
>guy in a van behind me probably thought I was a faggot

Never smiled so hard and for so long in weeks.
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>driving on a donut to get a replacement
>taking unused farm backroads to avoid highway
>somewhat moist day but not raining
>see a pothole, try to avoid it
>road is slick with cow shit
>county road between a cow field and a dairy
>completely covered by an inch of cow dook
>start spinning right
>spin the other direction
>just keep countersteering
>road appears to be deuce covered for a 1/2 mile
>truck cannot get a grip
>has really good momentum tho
>just keep throttle steady and countersteer
>didn't spin out
>dagumi'd at 25-30 mph down a straight road
>for at least a half mile
>truck became covered in wet cow pie
>hit a few puddles
>proceed straight to tire shop
>pic related model that did the deed
>be me
>be 4 days ago
>town has an abandoned strip mall with giant parking lot that doesn't get plowed
>have a week where it cycles between freezing rain and snow
>parking lot covered in 4 inches if ice and snow
>rip hectic skids after school in muh truck
>friend with POS Dakota R/T rolls in
>gets stuck because low and bald tires
>yank him out with fraying ratchet strap

He can do skids on dry ground, I do mine in places without traction
Ive got a few

>just got my FC
>driving around with buddy
>2 qts walking down road
>hecktic drift corner
>over correct
>OHSHI-straighten out
>buddy laughs at me

>out for a drive
>back mountain roads
>stupidly speed up
>in the rain
>pushing corner
>slide sideways through corner
>corrected and made a good exit
>shit out heart

>in Subaru
>snow errwhere
>rally mode engage
>drifting corners like its my job
>suddenly black ice
>keep sliding sideways
>go forward enough to just tap snowbank
>My 80's RWD Turbo Coupe
>hauling 200lb of engine parts in the back
>waiting to make a left turn
>the street has a decent grade
>start turning, start sliding
>rear end keeps on going
>rear end snaps over as I start to slide down the grade
>pull a 720 spin
>3 other drivers witnessed me
>uneven tire wear

please kill yourself
>witness me
>driving out of a meet with some buds
>late at night
>winter, at least an inch of snow
>no cars in sight
>decide to leave the parking lot with a skid
>yank the wheel and romp the throttle
>car goes sideways with mad angle but sways a ton because shit springs
>headed toward a road divider
>counter steer in time out of luck
>stop and look around if there were any witnesses out of embarrassment
>mfw remember car has shit rear subframe and no strut bar
>Audi A4
>bought the car with gay 16" alloys
>bought nice 18" ones second hand from a guy with a FWD A4

>driving down dirt road
>hit washboard's
>oversteer initiated
>try and finish powerslide
>hit hard packed spot
>hektic skidz in wrong direction
>hit sand berm
>tip in slow motion
>call dad
>throw tow strap around frame and yank it back on wheels
>top off oil and drive it home
>align front end in the morning
>still my dd 3 months later
>be 17 year old shit head in highschool
>driving my mom's brand new 4 banger Accord like the spoiled shit head I am
>take a bunch of my friends to McDonald's for lunch
>go on a narrow as fuck back road with a tight as fuck S turn with traction control off
>after first curve a guy drives by in oncoming
>determine that curve ahead is clear and gun it into the turn
>VTEC kicks in so hard that I pussy out halfway through the corner
>lift off and rear end starts to go
>over correct and end up spinning the other way
>spin out and somehow manage to keep the car from ending up in the ditches on either side of the road
>car stops in the other lane facing the other direction
>drive off like I meant to do that
>the guy that drove past me actually stopped when he heard the screeching tires
>started going again when he saw me come around the corner I just spun out on

Lift off oversteer is a hell of a thing
Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 6
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