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>I was a Senior in High School ('78)...
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>I was a Senior in High School ('78) and actually went to the Library and read every article I could on the upcoming Indy 500 Race to be Paced by the 1978 Corvette...it was the Silver leather interior that struck me as amazing. Just a few months later (July 26th 1978) I started selling Corvettes and the rest is history (over 3,500 Sold so far). I have owned 15 Corvettes over the years including ... In no particular order '59, '61, 3 '88s, 2 '92's, '93, '99, 2 '05's, 2 '06's , '14 Z51 and now a '15 Z06 Cpe. Our kids have been pictured in front of many of my 44 Musclecars and 15 Corvettes that I have owned over the years but it still doesn't beat my wife's involvement with Corvette's. Included below are pics of her parents in their 1957 Corvette on Daytona Beach when my Mother in Law was pregnant in 1960 with my wife. Enjoy some of the pictures from years ago and feel free to share pics and stories of what got you started Driving America's #1 Sports Car. 38 yrs of selling Corvettes and the ride has been great, hope you enjoyed what I shared from the past many decades of my Corvette involvement.

This guy is living the dream tbqh
>living the dream
No fucking shit
Another post from the thread
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trips don't lie.
Anon, why don't you have a framed pic of you and the first car you loved?
Wish someday I could be an old man driving a nice car

>60 years of automotive happiness
damn nigga, living the dream. I hope I could do that one day.
Might have to take one tb h
>be boomer
>have owned 15 Corvettes
>life on easy mode.jpeg

Tfw will never be able to afford a new Vette becuase poorfag millennium
we're about results, not excuses. you had the ability and the potential.
My friend does have a framed picture of his first car.
>ability and potential
to go into debt chasing a worthless degree, boomers had it easier brah

>graduate highschool
>obtain career right off the bat
>no college debt equals ability to take on more expenses
>buy new car and finance house
>houses cost a lot less back then even if you factor in inflation
>get married young becuase again no schooling throughout early 20s and have stable job
>throughout career promote multiple times until retirement
>cash out good Union pension and grab social security when eligible
>buy another Vette and enjoy retirement years bragging about it at car shows

>graduate highschool
>go to college
>student loans.jpegs
>4-6 years later
>graduate college with debt(sometimes $150k+)
>obtain entry level position becuase no experience
>want house and new car but can't becuase already have bills
>might get married but still broke as fuck becuase spouse has loans to pay back as well
>continue career with promotions and such
>eventually pay off loans and are able to finance an overpriced small ass house(only thing you can afford becuase muh investment goys keep inflating prices)
>top out at same pay grade as the no degree required boomer sperglord that came before you
>want to retire, oh wait you can't becuase the good goys abolished the pension programs years ago becuase boomers were costing them a ton
>maybe social security, oh wait the gubment put the age back until 90 becuase fund is severely depleted and people are living longer
>work until you are no longer able to perform job duties and die poor as fuck in a shit retirement home

Yeah I would say us millenniums have it pretty gud
You could've just studied the ACT/SAT and gotten free rides anywhere. I spent four years tutoring close to 100 people and would regularly see score increases from the average 19/20 to low 30s. One kid went from a 22 to a 36 after taking it four times (about $80), which is a point higher than I even got taking it twice.

But you could just write walls of self-pity on an internet message board instead, I guess.
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Fukken rekt m8
>watched as my 67 442 W-30 went across the blocks at Barrett Jackson
Nigga I would be fucking bawling my eyes out
Actually fuck that I would never sell it. The fuck is this guy thinking
Would a 36 get me a free ride even if I come from an upper middle class home?
>needing university.

Lol millenials and their softsoap
>drop out oh h/s
>take apprenticeship
>buy first house at 23 while making $23 an hour as a sparky
>skirt the system at every step
>no student loans
>worked since i was 14
>i will do whatever it takes to get my dream garage and house
>already partially there
>waiting for the old money to die off so i can live in peace
And minimum wage was an equivalent of $20 an hour now what it was back then.
35 got me one to Rice and I'm an upper class white male. Even included dorm, meals, and some random stipend.

I have no post secondary and already have 30k as a downpayment saved for a house.
You can quit crying and go about it how im doing it
>join Union
>learn trade
>specialize in trade
>go to school part time and pay for school yourself
>get degree in construction management or civil engineering
>get hired by company you were previously working for doing grunt work
>move up ranks
>earn good money
One step at a time and ill be there.
Now i can see why you guys get bitched at so much by boomers
>Now i can see why you guys get bitched at so much by boomers
because they dont want to put any work in like you put across. they just want to finish their 4 years of school, get thrown into a job and work their for the rest of their lives, being given promotions just for existing.

>bbbut thats how it was for boomers!
t'bh they just ignorant as fuck and have zero idea how the world works. i thought university students were meant to be smart?
Hey it could be worse. You could be me, finish 4 years of college with 100k+ debt and wind up in a wageslave job.
kek its weathering away in my driveway right now
>can't afford college
>worked as heavy machinery mechanic all through highschool during summers
>out of school get into construction
>work way to foreman in 3 years
>20 years old, foreman, super easy work, $17/hr
>spend all of $17/h on tools
>start setting up business

Spent over $30k on tools in last two years. Starting to see solid results. Getting lots of loyal business.

If you can't make money you're making fucking excuses. Hell, 4chan in itself is a coping/procrastination tool to distract yourself from the fact that you aren't doing anything to better yourself. Same with videogames/internet in general.
> Fresh out of college
> Not burdened with crippling debt
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