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Taiwan elects first female president
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Taipei (CNN)Taiwan has elected its first female president in a landmark election that could unsettle relations with Beijing.

Tsai Ing-wen, leader of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), won the presidency with 56.1% of the vote, the official Central News Agency said, after eight years under the government of the pro-China Kuomintang (KMT) or Nationalist Party.

Eric Chu, the Nationalist Party candidate in Taiwan's presidential election conceded defeat late Saturday and congratulated rival Tsai Ing-wen on her victory, the agency added.

Her supporters filled streets, waving party banners and cheering to victory announcements made from a stage.

The election marked the first time the KMT has lost control of the island's legislature. The DPP took 68 of the 113 seats in Taiwan's parliament compared to the DPP's 35.

At a post-election news conference, Tsai underscored Taiwan's commitment to democracy, calling it a value "deeply engrained in the Taiwanese people."

"Our democratic way of life is forever the resolve of Taiwan's 23 million people," she said.

But later in her speech, she also acknowledged the tenuous relationship with Beijing, saying both sides "have a responsibility to do their utmost to find mutually acceptable ways to interact ... and ensure no provocation and no surprises."
And probably more importantly, this election resulted in the DPP, the pro-independence party, winning not only the presidential election, but also a clear majority in the legislative elections.
Don't undermine the media's feminist narrative you bigot.
I really don't want this thread to go down this line of discussion. I was hoping we could get some interesting speculation of what this bodes for cross-strait relations.
Everyone I know in Taiwan is really happy the nationalist party is out now. Ma Ying Jiu was a really bad leader.
I read "Taiwan erects fist female president"
Am i a bad person ?

I hope she's a good leader for her people and makes her country proud.
Nothing. The us is declining and china is rising, making the us increasingly reluctant to conflict with china; at the same time china is deliberately undermining taiwan's economic development so that it will naturally get closer to the mainland.

It is inevitable that taiwan will become part of china, with the advantage going to beijing. Which honestly should already be the case.
Even if the US was declining, which it is not as much as people claim, the disparity between the power of the US compared to China is so great, comparing the two powers is meaningless. The US will be world hegemon for years and years to come.
China does not mind the KMT because they want to stay united. They have much more in common with the CCP than people think. The CCP is indeed quite nationalist.
But now that the DPP has won, and many Taiwanese people see complete independence as acceptable, or even desirable, China risks losing its grip on areas such as HK, Macau, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet. Mostly HK though.
Because if Taiwan is successful in severing its ties with China, It would bolster HK's protests for democracy and perhaps even future independence. And that could trigger greater protest of the CCP's heavy hand in government in mainland cities. The only problem is, China is the primary economic parter of HK and Taiwan, and there are no better alternatives to cheap labour and manufacturing power.
The primary reason China does not want Taiwan to pursue independence is not ideological, historical, or even economic reasons, but because an independent Taiwan would boost democratic movements in HK and further in the Mainland.
Taiwan is completely independent and has been since ww2... it even says as much. The one china dilemma is still being pushed only by china and the us in order to keep the status quo in political and economic relations, but for all practical purposes taiwan functions as a sovereign and independent nation.

I hardly see this pushing nationalist sentiment anywhere else. Maybe that's just the western media's projection and wishful thinking.
No good can come from female leadership honestly. Probably just means that the president holds no real power.

She'll have a lot of men around her telling her what to do, of course.
China's rising? What? Their attempt at making an internationally competitive stock market is failing hard, and they've been lying about their economic output for years now. China's on a foundation as reliable as the ones in their buildings.
Actually, the KMT held their official stance, and even signed agreements saying such, that Taiwan is part of China, but that the government in Taipei is the legitimate government of China, rather than the PRC.

This election is representative of a national shift in Taiwan to oppose that KMT viewpoint. Independence is still not the majority opinion, but it's growing and the majority of people state their national identity to be solely Taiwanese. Whether Taiwan will ever declare de jure independence, who knows, because China's threatened possible violence if something like that happens.
Taiwan dropped any pretence to the one china issue in the early 90's. That includes the roc.

"Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country. Any change in the independent status quo must be decided by all resudents of taiwan by means of a plebiscite"
Chen shui-bian, 1999
Also see lee teng-hui's 1996 speech.

From taiwan's point of view, it is independent, which is why the new dpp leader only seeks to maintain "the status quo". The kmt held firmly to the one china policy in the distant past because they were fiercely opposed to the prc; recently relations are warming because of economic pressure.
I can't tell if this is bait or autism.
>Chen shui-bian
You're literally quoting a member of the pro-independence party. He may have been president but that doesn't represent the whole of Taiwan, nor is it any kind of de jure declaration. I'll agree that, de facto, Taiwan is an independent, sovereign country, anybody who denies that is just a delusion PRC fanboy, but the whole point is that the government has never made any kind of binding resolution towards that, and have in fact done the opposite.
Lee teng-hui (kmt) explicitly says that that there are two countries on opposite sides of the strait. Not one china. That is kmt policy. The parties are not radically different.

But regardless, what is your point? Taiwan is not a special administrative zone like hong kong or macao. It is its own state. What happens there has little relevance to any (hopeless) movements elsewhere.
Because China has threatened action to any binding resolution that declares Taiwan an independent country. Because that dashes all chances of unification, and opens up other countries to opening embassies and regularized diplomatic relations because they're no longer violating other agreements in regards to the One China Policy which has prevented them from recognizing any government in Taiwan in that context.
I lived in Taiwan and I can't imagine anything bad happening to those wonderful people. I seriously fear for their future. A Mainland Han displacement could destroy everything wonderful about the country

Their metro rules are too strict though. No water? Fuck that
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