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>Why it is interesting/special?
>acid, broken beat, house
Listened to it once and now it's always stuck in my head.
>psytrance, progressive trance
The beginning sample is kind of dull but the textures of this song are pretty great & it is composed pretty conservatively for progressive trance while not being too low energy or over the top and cheesy, the composition shifts in a pretty engaging way as well & pretty consistently
>house, disco
I just really like the composition of this song, it's composition is simple and conservatively dancible.
>danc-able ?

>abstract, IDM, electro, ambient
The opening sample is great. I like how this song is midtempo and kind of awkward, it's definitely something I listen to way too much.
>ambient, idm, downtempo
Although this song is pretty ambient and introverted in terms of vibe, it has a lot of substance in terms of activity, and textually it can get quite mechanical at times.
>leftfield, techno, IDM
Almost a pseudo-egyptian feel with this one, the background textures are amazing. I really like the hand drum, and the bell-like sound.
>idm, dubstep, techno, downtempo
Probably belongs to a movie soundtrack for a movie about the second industrial revolution.
>Abstract, Downtempo, Ambient
Very chill, not too downtempo, shifts pretty pleasantly.
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>electronic, IDM, ??
Muffled remix of some song with nice beats on it, reminds me of Sweet Trip's first album in a way. I like the voice splicing especially.
>Progressive House/progressive trance
I'm a slut for Andrew Bayer.
Found on Scaruffi but actually really good
>90's psychedelic trance
Decent sample, nice background textures. A good example of the current evolution of that era.
Fantastic, one of the best songs on the compilation it's on
>Abstract, Experimental, Techno, IDM
Extremely juicy! Experimental but definitely likable, good to paint to.
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>Disco, House, Synth-pop, Italo-Disco
Tasteful disco, well balanced and bright while not being too gaudy
Darker vibe but not too dark, music to code to, chill
Compositional, ridiculous yet orchestral. AOTY 2015 Intelligent design?
Well produced, they most likely sample real instruments and then mix them because the bass just sounds way too good. French
>IDM, Techno, Experimental, Spoken Word
I like the minimal composition and the vocal elements are nice and neutral, novel
>Sound Collage, Experimental electronic
Definitely a soundscape, creepy at times but exhilarating and extremely well produced, mechanical and organic. Kind of like hearing a short film.
>Indie electronic, future house, electro
Immature but nostalgic, the vocals actually compliment the electronic elements for once. Kind of dinky... the name of the man who made this song is Orlando Tobias Edward Higginbottom for reference
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>Experimental, Ambient
Very much wall of sound, sample driven and beautiful but extremely complex at the same time.
>Downtempo, ambient, IDM shoegaze
Sweet Trip mentioned here, there is just some kind of very special and ethereal quality to their music, vocal driven and cozy
>idm classical electronica jazz
Not too jazzy for me, beautiful and medolic while still being very listenable
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>Abstract, shoegaze?
I've never heard anything like this before, it's kind of childish but produced so delicately, the textures are fantastic and so bright & floaty
>Modern Classical, IDM, Abstract, Experimental
Definitely a minor jam. Aphex Twin-like in some ways.
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>Industrial Techno, EDM
Geat samples sprinkled throughout this mix. Compositionally interesting and ridiculously over the top.
>Norwegian House Music
Definitely an experience
>Abstract, IDM, Downtempo
This whole album is spooky, this song reminds me of halloween, very floaty and silly but still structured in a serious way.
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>psychedelic ambient acid ambient psybient Sweden
I love this album, but World Of Sleepers might be better. It's ethereal and extremely well produced, definitely a night vibe.
>psychedelic TRANCE
A few steps above >>61882368 in terms of production level and creativity. Sci-fi samples and wobbles, great sound textures and I love how it zooms and then there is a very high note kind of like in Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat
>Chinese Psytrance
Minimal at times, definitely techno influenced. Sharp and bright at times, but has good bass- I would love to go to a rave if they played this kind of ridiculous shit. It's pretty experimental as well.
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>Techno, experimental, IDM
Clark remixes himself... this is very listenable. On CD 2 of a kind of mixes quality compilation but easily my favorite work of his. Vocally driven and interesting texture-wise.
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>Leftfield, progressive house, breaks
Best song on the album, very dance-able, tribal samples and great synths throughout.
>Ambient Techno, IDM
The composition of this song is pretty great, reminds me of phones ringing in a good way.
>IDM, techno, minimalist
Only 100 views on youtube and I can't find it anywhere else but i'm kind of obsessed with it for some reason. Like, it's actually really good, comparable to >>61882921
I found it by googling one of my friends usernames.
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>Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance
Pretty deep trance, well produced and consistent, chilean, technological and religiously themed "Om Namah Shivaya is a very powerful mantra, Is known as the great redeeming mantra also known as five-syllable mantra. It means 'I bow to Shiva', Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It has been said about this mantra that if this mantra vibrates continually in your heart, then you have no need to perform austerities, to meditate or to practice yoga. To repeat this mantra you need no rituals or ceremonies, nor must you repeat it at an auspicious time or in a particular place."
>sample based electronic beats, experimental electronic, xylophone, japanese
Nature sample driven and extremely lush, very emotional and simplistic yet complicated and layered.
>Progressive glitch, modern classical
Beautiful, well composed, classical but still very electronic and overly textured. Very effective phone ringtone
>IDM, Ambient
Extremely beautiful, medolic and sleepy, reminds me of Boards of Canada but more on the IDM side of things, textural and the samples are great.
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>electronic, glitch, breakcore influenced, experimental
"mind blowing album that manages to reside in the uncanny of semi-digital and analogue production with suprisingly well written lyricism without losing its abtraction and beautiful yet brutal charm."

My friend swears this is a remix of smells like teen spirit but I just dont see it.
>Krautrock, Electro, Disco
A genre blur that turns out surprisingly well, with great vocal samples.
>experimental electronic
Spooky, pretty interesting and listenable. Very short
another of the same but unreleased
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>Progressive House
Those drops and builds, the texture of this is pretty great though.
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>90's trance/ house

I was reading some old reviews on Leftism and someone called Ngaire-Ruth from Melody Maker wrote: "I can't help thinking about how, once upon a time, one of the guys in this dance collective put out a really crap rave record under the name of a herbal tea bag." Yeah well 20 years on and 5000 people on Youtube alone are still loving this "crap rave record" and hardly anyone knows who the f*** you are Ngaire-Ruth so shows what these muso mag reviewers know.
>RP Boo - Freezaburn
>IDM, Techno, Experimental, Spoken Word

>it's 2016
>he still doesn't know about footwork
>IDM, Techno, Experimental, Spoken Word
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I definitely know nothing about this genre, but even drum and bass would be closer than the genres I listed. kek
It's like 5am and I haven't slept for two days
OP posts a bunch of great tunes and the best you can do is shit on him for messing up a genre?
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