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Look guys, I'm still cut up about Bowie's...
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Look guys, I'm still cut up about Bowie's death. So what's your fondest bowie moment. How did Bowie's music effect you.

For me, I started to develop a crush on a good family friend of mine, and ill always remember the time she and I on a nice sunny day decided to dance and sing David Bowie's Starman, Sound and Vision and China Girl. It was a really nice sweet and touching moment we both had. Thanks Bowie :_)
I'm up at real nigga hours cause I fell asleep at like 7pm and I've been on a Bowie binge

Started with Ziggy, then Low, Heroes, Station to Station and Lodger is next. I really love that Bowie's albums stay around that 35-45min runtime. Not too long and not too short.

It's not something we should be sad about. Sure he's gone, but he's left us a treasure trove of music to listen to. Blackstar just adds to the list. The dude predicted his own death and made art out of it! Classic Bowie.

Don't be sad.
Thanks anon, im siting back going through his material all over again, and man, the guy was such a talent. Went to a mates today to play him a bit of bowie got an instant "fuck bowie" from him. Not that I blame him, Bowie is a hard listen imo. But dang, dat hurt.
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Bowie was the first musician that I ever fell so deeply in love with. I can't trace the beginning since he's always been with me - my parents played his records in the house since before I was born. I really awoke to him in middle school, and it caused me to delve so deep into fanaticism that there was no coming back. I found myself scouring music stores, used record shops, any establishment around town that might carry anything of his. When I first started to get into vinyl, my first purchase was "Let's Dance", which I listened to on repeat for weeks. The walls of my room are plastered with secondhand posters; there's a CD rack devoted specifically to his albums; everything in my life revolved around him for years.

He's been with me for so long that I don't know how to live without him.
That's such a lovely story anon, I guess all you can do is continue living and remembering Bowie for who he was, he would want you to continue on and spread your love for music and him.
Don't be sad because he's gone.
Be glad because he was here.
I really wish I could adopt that mindset, m8, let me tell you.

He was the closest thing we'll ever get to a god on earth; he was an alien; he was a devil; he was so many things. Mortal never even came into mind.
The countless memories of watching Labyrinth 24/7 as a kid...
Hallo spaceboy
Youre sleepy now
Your silouhette
So stationary
Your relaesed but your custody calls
And you wanna be free
Dont you wanna be free?
Do you like girls or boys?
Its confusing these days.
But moon dust will cover you, cover you

Came out when I was first starting to listen to popular musics, and question sexuality. Completely like anything id heard until then, opened up whole new horizons. The whole "outside" album is superb.

Also, seeing 'velvet goldmine' for the first time aged 15... really should watch it again now
Before his death I played around with an old performance of Space Oddity and an idea popped in my head to add in footage of some great moments of his career throughout the video. When he died it kinda pushed me to finish it as a personal reminder of all the good times I had listening to his music.
I was born in a small town in the north of Spain, where there was literally no record store. The only music we used to listen was the one playing in the radio and whatever casettes we could copy (mostly shit). Then one of the rich kids got the spanish mid-90s equivalent of "cable tv" and among the hundreds of channels he could see there was VH1. Me and a lot of other kids would spend the afternoons in his house watching VH1, listening to the music and not understanding shit about whatever they said because we didn't know english. One day we saw a live version of TVC15 and all my then friends started laughing at the "fag", even though he was in full Thin White Duke phase in that show, but they were (and some of them s till are) poor rednecks from the north of Spain. The thing is I loved the song and memorized the name of the singer, and when internet finally came to our town, I started downloading everything from him. Bowie was the first musician I was fan of, and downloaded his entire discography at 10kb/s tops. I literally listened Bowie before The Beatles, other than the same tunes on the radio. When I went to the city to study, I got a job and started buying LPs. I bought everything I could from him. He wast my gate to music, from Bowie I went to other artists and genres till today. Bowie was the core of my musical taste, my favourite artist hands down. His death struck me hard, but knowing that he made art even out of his own death made me glad of having listened to him that day when I was 12. I couldn't ask for a better musician to be my most important musician
Listening to Low while sat in my house feeling shit about myself

>So deep in your room, you never leave your room
>Something deep inside of me, a yearning deep inside of me
>Talking through the gloom
>What in the world can you do?
>What in the world can you do?
>I'm in the mood for your love
>For your love
>For your love

truthj bout bowie
Through several years of my life, my father would drive me home from school, and in several occasions he'd play Bowie in the tape deck of his GMC Jimmy and put on the persona and act like Bowie. Shaking his fingers, pretending to float around during space oddity, etc. I still haven't spoken to him since Bowie's death. He was probably broken, entirely, when he heard the news. Bowie was his number 1. He has hundreds of magazines, programmes, albums, singles, autographs of his... I'm such a shitty son. I should have called him at soon as I heard.. But I didn't want to be the first person to tell him,and I found out early morning Monday on the drive to work. He knows I love Bowie, too, but shit, not as much as him. I feel terrible now. He probably needed someone to console him. Someone to understand. Or at least try. Maybe to just listen to music. Music is his life.. Not even Bowie.. Just sit down and enjoy each other's company. I'm going to call him tonight. I can't stand this feeling.
I remember when the Ashes to Ashes video first appeared on telly when I was about seven or eight. The clip was just like the hot gossip dancers from the Kenny Everitt show (produced by the same guy). I still remember that song because it spooped me so much but was so fascinating.

I remember when Let's Dance came out, the clip was filmed in Australia and there was a lot of talk about the aboriginal kids in the film. The song was exciting and I was really getting into music about then, Billy Idol and whatever. I also remember hearing it when I was playing vidya games down at the pinny arcade, and playing vidya games on my vic20 computer. :)

I've always loved Bowie music, but those couple of memories stand out for me and remind me of a amazing time in human history when home computers and video tapes turned us all into couch potatos. :'D
I've loved Bowie's work since I was 15 or 16 years old; he was pretty much the biggest artist for me in the critical years that formed my taste in music and I've just started liking his music more and more over the years. He isn't the reason why I started playing and making music myself in general, but he is the reason why I started practicing singing and trying to make songs that are experimental but still catchy.
I have loved Bowie's work ever since I was an embryo. I have a distinct formative memory (which in retrospect I believe shaped me completely as a human being) of hearing Bowie while still inside the womb. The sounds resonated around me and having felt so excluded for so long (being a womb-hidden outcast), I truly felt like I had connected with something. I guess it only became a closer bond from there. From an early age I was utterly obsessed with "him", he was my every waking moment, although I did not know who "he" truly was. It might seem silly to say it, but I thought I was searching for god. In a way, I found one. It took me years to find him again, but when I did I had never been surer of anything in my life. I got all his CDs (we were a poor family so I could only get about one album a year), and immediately memorised all the lyrics. I have a dozen Bowie tattoos now, and nine of these are lyrics. He is the greatest lyricist and writer in general of our generation and perhaps of all time. I also began learning how to play all his music, and arranging it in different ways. As we were poor like I said, I initially did this by stretching lackey bands over a tissue box and creating thus a makeshift guitar. By the time I was 10 I could play most of his songs on my tissue-box guitar. Bowie has truly changed my life, in fact I feel as if my life is in a way just a dedication, perhaps even an aftershock of his existence. I am a reaction to Bowie. That is my entire life. I wouldn't call myself a fan. I am Bowie.
Pretty good, made me laugh.
My mum and I are huge Bowie fans. The day after he died we spent it driving around listening to all of his tracks that played on the radio and sang along to them. That's something I'll remember for years to come.

He was pretty much the person I looked up to for inspiration as a kid. I listened to him every day and I've heard all of his albums countless times. When he died it felt like I lost someone very close to me. I couldn't understand how he would leave us just like that. The next day I even checked the news reports again hoping it was a bad dream.

A couple of days later I rediscovered a video I was playing around with before his death, like I said here >>61836070. I decided to finish it, not as one of those generic tribute videos, but as a personal reminder of all those years I happily spent listening to his music and watching his movies.

Add to this. I was born in 72 a few months after Ziggy Stardust came out. Bowie music was always a constant on the radio. There always seemed to be a new Bowie single and by the time I was le edgy teenager I was into whatever trends like breakdance and then heavy metal. Bowie seemed to fade from my consciousness somewhat, although I did pick up a couple of albums in the 90s and liked Heathen.

Then Bowie went quiet. No more albums, no more tours. I recall thinking that was the end of an era. Bowie continued to fade for me besides throwing on the odd best-of listen.

Then The Next Day appeared and it was a great album. A really solid listen. Nothing Has Changed really kicked me in the ass though and I dived back into Bowie with a mature ear and new perspective. I really enjoyed revisiting the discography again. The 70s stuff I was too young to understand, the 80s stuff which I used to dance to, the 90s stuff which I'd missed out on. I went to the David Bowie Is exhibit and had a grand old time being nostalgic for times gone.

It turns out while I was doing all this, Bowie was fighting the cancer. :(

Blackstar was a revelation for me as I'd been totally bored with most music for years. I'd been into jazz orchestra stuff like Secret Society mostly, and revisiting weird old stuff like Residents and Snakefinger. Blackstar the single really excited me, as did Lazarus.

I scored the leak on here the day before release and listened to it nonstop. The album is a masterpiece, it was the music I'd been waiting for and I was excited for what the future may hold. I was listening to it when I heard the news and what upset me most wasn't that Bowie left, but that the unheard music had gone too. :'(
I uploaded the finished video to YouTube recently so if you're interested, here it is


let me know what you think

Saw it earlier, pretty good. That Kenny Everitt show version is the best plus nice memories you put in there.

Reminds me of an interesting time in my life, when I'd watch Kenny Everitt video show and Dr Who. This clip was by David Mallet who produced Kenny Everitt show, that Space Oddity clip of course, and a ton of future Bowie clips including Ashes to Ashes.

I feel like humanity really lost something.
Something important ended and I don't know what it is.
You know how in movies the main character's love interest would always like "Bowie" and that's how you knew they were cool?
Well, that's over now. What the fuck are the outcasts gonna connect over now? Fucking... Outkast?
>Something happened on the day he died
>Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside
>Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried
>I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar
But who will it be?
It's the old guard of classic music from all genres is slowly dying off.

Bowie was a stalemate, a vanguard. Like MJ was, or Freddy Mercury. Think of a top rock/pop star that's dead and shocked the world and that's part of this feeling.

It's getting to the point where there's no much left, I mean I was devastated when Lemmy died and now Bowie's death has just about ruined me.

The question is, when all this gods of music die. Who's picking up the slack?

Who's gonna be the voice to social outcast kids or the adults craving something new?

From where I stand, I don't think I see anyone. There's nothing to cling to, like your Bowie's or Iggy Pop's or Ozzy Osbournes.

These people are getting old. I don't see young talent picking up the slack.

>>61837489 related

I've got a bad feeling about this year. It's been coming for a while but it feels like the whole house of cards is going to come crashing. Bowie was a thing of beauty that we all lost...
The talent's gotta be there somewhere, it's just not getting released because of reasons I don't fully understand. Are the record companies afraid of taking risks? Is it because less and less of CDs are bought and people prefer streaming music in the background instead of actively listening to it (not saying you can't actively listen to a stream, but you know)?

The world that created Bowie and others just does not exist any more. That's it, gone.
I just think there's no risks being taken.

Nobody's been given the push to be themselves and who they wanna be and what they wanna create. It just feels so fake, like its all approved by someone part of the food chain of music. Few artists have that pleasure of creative freedom of their output.

Personally, and it's pretty obvious Bowie thought so too, that bands like Death Grips and the good part of modern rap is the only thing remotely close to things getting released as intended by the artists.

The control is not in their court these days. Nobody has the balls to reign everyone in and lead people to a new sound and/or reinvigoration of a genre.

I'd fucking LOVE to turn on my radio and listen to some top charting song or pop music that isn't pure shit.

Something everyone can get on board with and enjoy from all sub-cultures.
First time I heard Bowie:
When I was younger I was obsessed with the TV series Heroes, so obsessed that I tried downloading the soundtrack from somewhere. I accidentally downloaded the song Heroes, listened to that and thought wtf is that shit? Today I love the guy and his music.
I remember laying out in the field behind the old elementary school in sleeping bags with my friends and looking at the stars singing Starman. Damn, that was a long time ago now.
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No matter how great he may have been to you, it is really fucking pathetic that some of you cannot get over this. It's not like his work is going anywhere, and it's not like he was close enough to significantly alter your life's course.
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> it is really fucking pathetic that some of you cannot get over this. It's not like his work is going anywhere, and it's not like he was close enough to significantly alter your life's course.

No shit there sherlock, most people with common sense have gotten over and they know they have a huge backlog to listen to.

> it's not like he was close enough to significantly alter your life's course.

That's not even what people are saying.

Influence and personally knowing someone are not mutually exclusive.

If anything, most examples people have provided have been soundtracks to meaningful moments in their personal life. Not some pseudo-connection from their lives to Bowie's as if they were "spiritual friends" or some shit.
Can we all agree that his "cutest" album is Hunky Dory? He sounds so young and feminine, I love it.

shut up faggot
Does anyone have Dead Man Walking from the 'Live from 6A' album in FLAC? I've been looking on rutracker and soulseek but I can't find it

>edgetard le jimmyrustled

Go fuck yourself cancer, you aren't welcome.
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Bowie really helped me cope with discovering I was MTF.
I'm 27 now but when I was in highschool I was getting deeper into music and writing my own songs. One day, I asked my dad to recommend some music because I was bored with everything I knew at that point. We had Rhapsody, so he suggested David Bowie, who he was a big fan of since his own youth. The first song I heard was Cygnet Committee and it was really an awesome experience hearing it. My dad has re-told the story several times of how I ran back downstairs excited that I had found a great musician to get into and explore their discography. Soon after I burned a Bowie mix CD and listened to it every day on the bus to school going and coming home. It started off with Cygnet Committee and whenever I hear it now, it reminds me of that early morning, wintry feel of heading to school, lost in my own inner world with headphones on.

It was a weird day here when Bowie died. The previous day my dad had been getting all his music on his phone to listen to in his car, without knowing (consciously, anyway) that Bowie was, in fact, dying. He found out reading the news while eating his breakfast and it must have shocked him deeply.

I cried several times that day listening to the music.
Listening to Bowie as a teenager helped me figure out that I'm bisexual and helped me feel confident about that
Don't worry about it, I contacted an old friend who I thought would appreciate the news but he just didn't "get" Bowie so it really had no impact on him. Some people just don't dig it.
i lost my virginity with lets dance (album) playing in the bg.
You really should. I live with my dad and we went through a kind of shared mourning experience over DB's death. Playing music, sending links to interviews and articles, etc. Just discussing it all. It was totally necessary to get some closure with it. Talk to your dad man.
>first song I learned on keyboard that I was proud of was Space Oddity
>got me into music years ago
>I remember watching labyrinth during my strongest trip ever
>rubbed a qt while listening to Low now I really like all the songs even though it's not even in my top 3 bowie albums

was crying at a bowie memorial a friend held but I really didn't give a fuck + everyone already knew I was a huge fan. Held it in since last Monday thinking it'd be a silly thing to cry about
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