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Not even a mention of Salako in the archive

Salako - Magicality
>dream poppish, folk, ethereal, music

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyB-XOtGIx4&list=PLB875NdHRlOEioc6OgQbs4O203lH02P9C

"This is not the story of our lives so far, but then again it could be."
Something is happening.
Something extraordinary.

Slowly at first, but gradually and with growing speed, a perculiar feeling is spreading. It's hard to give it a name or even describe it, but perhaps it's something magical. You will feel

it soon, but how soon is up to you.
oops it's
Salako - Musicality
>mega in op
Track #1: The Bird and the Bag (4min 08sec)
Recorded 1/2/99 & 2/2/99


Sometimes the need to travel is overwhelming, but as our hero is about to realise the destination is often worse than the place you leave.

Listen for the sound effects which help to set the scene of the story whilst a fanfare sounds as the bird returns home.
Track #2: Green is the Colour of Evil (2min 46sec)
Recorded 17/11/98


The Mongolian diet contains a higher level of fat and cholesterol than western bodies could take. Westerners are told that vegetables are essential for a healthy diet, still some people refuse to believe this.
Track #3: Come! Follow Me (3min 35sec)
Recorded 30/11/98


As his journey begins, our hero makes friends as the sound of his music touches their lives.
Track #4: Truth In Me (1min 37sec)
Recorded 16/11/98


If you try hard enough, it's true, you can see sound. You just have to concentrate.

This song was first aired on February 3 1999 as a part of a John Peel session, complete with a minute long intro of drums and sound effects. The version here is based on a demo which featured James causing untold damage to Tom's drumkit whilst in search of an interesting sound.
Track #5: The Cloning of Fudadeg Ulag (1min 58sec)
Recorded 13/1/99


A tribute to an ordinary man. Based upon the life of an Inuit who was experimented upon by scientists trying to clone creatures which could live at extreme temperatures.

We have attempted to capture the feel of cloning through the repetitive use of Dave's voice, each of these repetitions being less perfect than the last.
Track #6: Arts and Crafts (2min 03sec)
Recorded 11/1/99


Is the creation of human life any less of an art form than the creation of origami animals? Lines can be drawn from wherever you stand.

If you sit in the crash position and wear layer upon layer of coats and jumpers, then you too can recreate that attic feel.
Track #7: Devil's Feet Lullaby (2min 48sec)
Recorded 15/7/98


Our hero had had enough, and although he had nothing to prove, he couldn't help but feel he had something more to give.

The first Musicality track to be started, shortly after the completion of Reinventing Punctuation, although one of the last to be finished with the addition of John Tayler's flute.
Track #8: Look Left (3min 36sec)
Recorded 22/1/99 & 25/1/99


Despite the feel and the lyrics, this song is not actually about religion. It simply suggests that you should be true to what you believe in.

The 200 strong choir was assembled to sing the chorus at the end at Sutton Methodist Church in Hull on 21st February 1999.
Track #9: Look Right (2min 45sec)
Recorded 9/12/98


A complement to Look Left in more than name only. On a walk around London at 3am, our hero sat by the side of the road and saw the markings "Look Left" and "Look Right". They became a symbol of his aspirations. You can see these words in most towns, maybe even yours, but who would have thought they could come to mean so much.
Track #10: Maybe We Will Find the Divine Cult (3min 48sec)
Recorded 9/12/98 & 7/1/99


I've been touched by the hand of a different world.

This song features five different types of guitar, mellotron flutes, trumpets, cello, and jew's harp. The drums in the chorus encorporate the rotation of a bicycle wheel.
Track #11: Do It Yourself (2min 56sec)
Recorded 4/2/99


Seasons change and so do people / Renovation should not equal disassociation.

The guitars were recorded whilst sat on an exercise bike. The sound effects were recorded in real-time in our studio workshop.
Track #12: Waiting and Thinking (2min 22sec)
Recorded 19/1/99


Unlike the other songs on this album, the instrumentation for this song was worked out live. The second vocal is the voice of your conscience.
Track #13: Bedtime Astronomy (2min 45 sec)
Recorded 15/1/99


Sat at the kitchen table late at night, our hero finds himself alone. Looking out of the window, all he sees are stars. He counts fifty. He picks up his guitar and writes a song, quietly mind, he wouldn't want to wake anyone. As morning arrives the stars fade. He takes comfort in the knowledge that they'll always be there.
Track #14: Finger Exercise #1 (0min 33sec)
Recorded 8/12/98


You can learn it. It's easy.
Track #15: The Cult of Winter (3min 21sec)
Recorded 8/12/98


You can join if you wish but don't expect answers to the problems of life and death.

Here we give to you the first snowfall of the year.
Track #16: I'll Be There (When You're Down) (2min 17sec)
Recorded 29/1/99


If you were to fall down and hurt your knee, our hero would help you if he could.
Track #17: Magicality (5min 48sec)
Recorded 25/1/99


Our hero's journey is almost over and soon it will be time to sleep. As he rests, he contemplates what he has learnt and his eyes grow heavy as the forest around him comes to life.
the end
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