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New bandcamp thread
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New bandcamp thread
Old one is dead
Post your stuff!
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Formerly beach weather
New Ep!!

>dreamy, lofi
>ffo teen suicide, elvis depressedly

Reccing this from last night
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the city.jpg
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>lo-fi indie
>influences from ambient,avant folk,shoegaze and emo
>two post punk tracks
>one Oh Comely inspired track
>for fans of Giles Corey,HANL,Teen Suicide,The Microphones
Easily my best work yet and I’d say it’s way better than my previous album,Tired of Me. I hope you enjoy and I’d love to get your feedback.

Messed up the link
Pretty good stuff man,i'd love to hear a full length from you.

>not noise drone
>sounds like NIN
>some heavy tracks, some not so heavy
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>Weird frenetic pop
>sound varies song to song
>influenced by P-MODEL and Dan Deacon

>happy beats
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>experimental synthesizer
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also, last one is on page 2 but whatever
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Just dropped my EP and would love some feedback
>real instruments
baka at nobody reccing stuff,fuck you all
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>noise techno, industrial, repetition

the good stuff.
i just haven't listened to anything thats been posted so far, i will listen to a few and post reviews and if i really like something i will reccc it next time i see it.
that's how it work, i belive.
thanks! the city is really cool, finding a lot of great lofi/ teen suicide-y stuff this week.

this is pretty great too. I like Sojourn to the ice cave a lot. I think your music would really benefit with more vocal harmonies instead of just the one. Also you gained my respect when I saw that x files sweater.

Damn, please release more music. These singles aren't enough. I love the adult swim vibe. I attempted to make music like this and failed miserably.
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nice vintage reccs!
Way to just copy and paste your last post.
so what?
would it be better to recommend stuff from this thread, even if i never listened to it?
you're supposed to listen to it you dingus. at least post your stuff and then listen and recc.
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>Post rock, instrumental rock, math rock
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>Dark ambient, Modern Classical-esque
>Using real or modulated woodwind and/or brass instruments

>Unused stuff mixed together to create a dark ambient neoclassical stuff
>Noise elements, modern classical
>A specific kind of mixtape

New album tomorrow!
>>61765305 (Fuck you, I like it!)

Can't stay and do some reviews, sorry...
actually just meant nice vintage recs, no one does that we all just pretend we like things that are already in the thread

>Jazz Fusion

thanks for listening
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Not me, but please give these guys support so they'll make a full album.
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We are working on new stuff, so criticism is more than appreciated. I´m going trough the music posted here right now and I will post soon.
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>Vaporwave, Future, Post-Music

Welcome to the Vector Frontational Re-alignment Course! This program was developed as a means of reaching a desired emotional and chemical stability for the end user, allowing them to attain their future potential, today. For the low price of $3.99, you can succeed in developing a full and satisfactory mental equilibrium. Don't delay your future, purchase today!

[The Patent™ Vector Frontational Re-alignment Course cannot be held responsible for any adverse or unadvertised side-effects, such as:
Nausea, Flu, Blindness, The Inexplicable Loss of a Limb, Suicidal Thoughts, or Death]
monsterZap feel a little aimless, like the track itself doesn't know where its going, every time something interesting starts happening it just swaps to something else, wich i guess is the point of the song but that doesn't make it a good thing. the magik space eskape is a really sweet track, i have nothing to say about it, same with welcome to(...),I KNOW ITS "DREAMT", HPUP, they are so short that even tho they're good the feel like wasted potential. sojourn to the ice cave and my body craves preservatives is really good, im just not feeling the vocals fitting in all that well. i really liked autumnal march, sky bridge and on the beach. strawberry soda i LOVED (like a strawberry soda)
i like how tortellini freddi takes its time to really start, many bandcamps suffer from not really setting the tone (mine included) AND IT ACTUALLY PAYS OFF, there are so many bandcamps where this long waits just kinda die out by the end of the song, feeling incomplete so this one is really refreshing. nuclear noodles at the beggining just feels like im listening to tortellini all over again, even tho it does develop into its own track later that fell never washes out, but talking about the track itself, i feel this one is really good, lots of textures there, i really like the distortion by the end, it kinda feels like between the various noises that were there before and that distortion they're fighting to be the loudest and i love it. somehow i feel that the dialogue in elettroencefalogramma bipolare really helps setting this track apart but the track itself i think its just ok, i dont think is as good as the other ones but its not bad by any means.
pre-tend is increadibly complete for a 2 minute track, even tho its a little too uplifting for me, but thats just me. e.d.g.e. is a very interesting song with some changes that fit perfectly troughout the song. picking paces and trails in motion are really nice and comfy songs, not much to say about them. afterain is just way too, lets say, "whimsical" for me. in general a very sweet and comfy album
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Okhotsk- Faraway Radio Stations
>idm, jungle, noise
>>61766531 me

I liked this, especially the first song,
I think it was far superior to the rest,
and the weird sound at the end of the song
was the best part of the whole in my opinion.

This sounds like NIN with better vocals. 6/10

I liked the most of it, it reminds me of the
czech band I Love 69 popgeju, check them out.
My favourite songs were: The Magick Space Eskape,
MPUP, On the Beach and Strawberry Soda.

Listening to this right now, I will review the rest soon.
>New release
>Glitch, ambient, drone, idm, power electronics
>extremely varied

sorry with this >>61765024
I meant this >>61765006
reccing these, great stuff, all
I'm >>61767169 btw
i do not have the power to stop time.
thank you. they are all similar in a way, i won't deny it.
Digging this a lot
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Released my new LP today.

>progressive, focus on melodies and rhythms, psychedelic electronic, ambient, drone, experimental electronic, trippy primal shit

Ouroboros is a record inspired by the echoing of ideas and symbols through time. What ancient pondered, so does modern man. What they dreamed, we have dreamed as well. The songs on this record represent a myriad of concepts. Liminal transition. Sacred geometry. The unconscious, Meditation. Smoke a shit ton of weed, listen to my record and I promise you won't be disappointed.
y-you should check me out too anon
Stoner from Norway

>Alternative R&B

Here's my Bandcamp, and my new single that's on SC which I hope that you'll check out.
It's been a while since I wrote here, or uploaded music.

This new single called "Worth It" has some Toronto vibes, over "trappier" production than what I've previously done.


I return all feedback!
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>Synth stuff
>Beep bloop boop bop
File: cover.jpg (1 MB, 2448x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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just released my fourth album, which is kind of confessional variety pop. my first 3 albums are instrumental, all themed differently
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