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Terrible concert experiences? I'll start.
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Terrible concert experiences? I'll start.

>be me
>be 10
>my mom's friend tells us that she has tickets to The Kooks playing at some amphitheater
>my dad likes The Kooks
>I just like going to concerts and The Kooks are alright
>plus she says she'll pay for the tickets
>get really hype
>listen to The Kooks a lot to get ready
>a week before the concert
>mom's friend is over
>dad asks which Kooks album is her favorite
>"Never heard of them"
>"Then who are we seeing live next week?"
>"The Killers"
>who the fuck are The Killers
>look them up
>it's fucking awful
>can't sit through a single song
>but she paid for the tickets already
>we can't be rude
>go anyway
>drive half the state to get there
>burn like $60 worth of gas
>she won't let us ride in her van even though it's just her and her 8 y/o son
>get to the amphitheater
>ask where our tickets are
>"You wanted me to pay for your tickets? Do you think I'm made of money?"
>we end up paying 70 bucks total on tickets for a concert none of us wanted to see
>wasted more money filling back up on gas to get home
>everyone is angry at each other for days
>haven't listened to The Kooks or The Killers since
fake, no one would be this autistic
I was dragged by my buddy to see Blur at Madison Square Garden recently. Being up close to the front of the crowd was the funniest thing. There were only like 400 - 600 people there (MSG is 20,000+ capacity). Several people up front were trashing them, calling them cunts and cursing them out. One guy showed up with "Blur: are shite" shirts and tried to fight security members to get on stage and heckle the band.

As far as their set goes, the band came on late and played mainly songs from Parklife (the only Blur album I've ever heard). The singer sounded like he was a constipated 80 year old, the guitar was all out of tune and I couldn't even hear the bass. None of the band members seemed to be enjoying themselves and they repeatedly made mistakes. The only songs I recognized were Song 2, Girls and Boys, and Parklife, all of which were butchered miserably. The rest of the songs were very boring and sounded the same. The sound was far too quiet for the gig and most people around us began having a conversation. A lot of the crowd left after Parklife and even more so after Song 2, it seemed like there were probably less than 100 hardcore fans in an audience. The show closer was an anti-climax and singer walked off the second the show was done and the rest of the band shortly followed suit, no acknowledgement of the fans, whatsoever.
This pasta always makes me laugh
reminds me of that time that one guy posted pics from the LA show trying to convince us that hardly anyone showed up.
seeing a band in any venue other than a 200-300 cap bar/venue is always shit
>musically active/conscience at 10
>preferring kooks over killers

Too many flaws man
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I saw Reel Big Fish live with a friend who's a big fan and it was terrible.

>first song starts off pretty normal people jumping around and pushing no big deal
>people are falling over but no one is trying to stop them getting trampled like normal
>one person crowd surfs so the entire crowd decided they wanted to crowd surf
>other buddy who was standing at the side of the gig counted over 90 people crowdsurfing sometimes the same people were going up three or four times
>limp wristed crowd can't hold anyone up so i got repeatedly kicked in the back of the head
>got to a certain point where most of the crowd wasn't even listening anymore and everyone was just crowdsurfing and had their backs turned to the stage talking to their friends
>see Dot Wiggin/The Shaggs open for Neutral Milk Hotel
>crowd has no idea who they are
>awkward clapping/stomping to Philosophy of the World
>members of the band are sight reading off of iPads
>Dot Wiggin is reading off of lyrics sheets that keep falling off of her music stand
>there's an extended Casio keyboard solo
>people try to chant lyrics despite having no clue what's happening
>guitar player almost drops his guitar and nearly tips over off of the stage after playing the instrument about his head
>kids near me start shouting shit about Fantano
>Julian is watching everything from the corner of the stage
>see your favorite band
>everyone around you is a gigantic douchebag totally against the spirit of the band's music
Probably a tie between Lindsey Stirling and La Roux. The former I couldnt get over how persistant to get the point across that she can really play the fuck out of a violin and wasn't a traditional act (Only to do a number where she would sing and become basically a traditional act), the latter had horrible sound issues, little stage presence, a mouse voice, and no one was really there except for Bulletproof, which she was keeping for the end because you could tell if people heard that they would leave afterwards.
>What was the NMH concert at coachella in 2014?

Seriously the only people singing along was me and, surprisngly some drunk blonde teenager girl with a flower crown on her head, which if anything taught me that looks can be very deceiving as she even knew stuff from On Avery Island.
>thinking the only people who like your favortie shite artist are other nerds from /mu/
I saw them open for NMH too and had absolutely no idea who they were. The whole experience was just really awkward like you said, with her reading off a lyric sheet, crying in-between songs, and the band seemingly just completely winging it. The crowd had been trying to get into it but no one had any idea how to react to that fucking Halloween song.
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