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What albums do you think would be perfect...
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What albums do you think would be perfect to make a movie out of?
Pink Floyd - The Wall
>pic related
Oh wait...
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this movie would be top nightmare fuel
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ITAOTS would probably be a Wes Anderson film. Take that as you will.
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Pretty much any post-bends Radiohead album
Only if it was stop motion animated with dolls that look like the style on the album cover
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I always imagined ...Like Clockwork as a melancholic, dreary-in-a-good-way musical of sorts. It has the perfect pacing and flow for it.

First act:
>Keep Your Eyes Peeled
That's how it starts off, black stage, no one around, actors drop in one after another during the climactic parts of the song
>I Sat By The Ocean and Vampyre
The conflict between main character and somewhat abstract antagonist reveals itself.
>If I Had A Tail
The Antagonist's big number.
>My God Is The Sun
Main Character's rise of motivation, this is the moment where he decides to stand up for his beliefs and fight whoever he has to fight, presumably for his god, who is the sun, I guess.

Second act:
The Main Character loses hope for a short moment, the picks himself up, not out of motivation, but out of Weltschmerz and a "might as well"-stance.
>Fairweather Friends
Realization who his real allies are and who are not.
>Smooth Sailing
After looking and not finding a way, it reveals himself to him in a fever dream

Third act:
>I Appear Missing
Confrontation with the antagonist which he ultimately loses and he realizes that this battle was not his to fight and struggling only made it harder to, a lesson he had to learn like so many people before him
>...Like Clockwork
So many people before him and after him. The struggle against depression itself is something that repeats itself over and over, and everyone has to learn for themselves what it means to get over it. Or get along with it.
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No way, definitely Michel Gondry, for the surrealist stop motion vibes
This would be a Zack Snyder movie :/
A Short film by Gaspar Noe
Nah. I'd expect a russian existentialsm movie.
directed by george miller
Wes Anderson
but like, quadriplegic boy astrally projects into space, where his cosmic umbilical chord gets burned off by flying too close to the sun, thus his spirit is jettisoned into a black hole that throws him into the body of Rasputin, whose death allows both of them to travel into the crack in the sky once more and fight the devil before he gets the boys body? Idk, maybe if Gaspar Noé made it, it could be tight. Or like Iñarritu, but both would be a serious stretch
Any Bruce Springsteen album from The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle through Nebraska.
they should finally realize the film script
maybe Jodorowsky?
Mah niggas!!

ABC - The Lexicon Of Love
Either pic related or any of the albums by Avantasia (The Metal Opera 1+2, The Scarecrow Trilogy)
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It could be disjointed like Pulp Fiction and have to build it back together like what you have to do with the songs on the album.
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It's like the end of 2001: Space Odyssey, just only that and twice as long as an entire movie.
would watch
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sounds like being chased through Mexico while tripping balls
lol cause that theory is totally founded and not unintended by the band at all
It is
The tracks actually fade into each other when listened in the order that follows a Fibonacci sequence...
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can you make this a movie please
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this is a good thread.

The story behind this album would make one hell of a sci-fi film.
I'd watch a movie based off of Hospice
I'd love to, but I don't know how well it would actually work. If I had to make a movie out of it, I'd make a movie where, if you'd listen to ...Like Clockwork alongside it, it would completely like up, kinda like they always say Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon do.
line up*
I can see a Frances The Mute movie adaptation being decent.
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Every time I listen to the album, I can easily picture a movie through it's entirety.
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>current year
>still no HBO miniseries

then again, it's sort of about to become reality in Europe
Basically just like the Heavy Metal animated movie.

So fucking incredible.
this was already made so why not make a full movie?
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