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woke up from a nightmare and now i'm using my phone in bed edition

saw some people half making threads so here's a real one senpai

discuss emo and moe and screaming emoe
rip Marietta.

also how many rejections and breakups do you need before making an emo album
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none. distant longing can do it.

and desu marietta died when they made that shitty second album to me B)
what happened in your nightmare
anyone have that Microwave album that came out last year?
Do any of you guys have On Moving On by Bag of Bones? I was gonna redownload it from his bandcamp but he deleted it for some reason ;_;
It was his best work.
a deranged colombian serial killer got me with scopolamine at a guitar store because he was lonely and wanted a friend

i ran all around boston screaming for help while it kicked in and he followed me quietly

one of those silly nightmares that seems all too terrifying in-dream

i have it on my laptop will upload later today buddy :3
Tyvm :3

You have some very strange dreams
I had a dream earlier about my friends gf cheating on him with me and then he beat me up
Then I woke up
emos are lowkey faggots
i have incredibly vivid dreams. next week i gotta go on malaria meds so i'm wondering if they'll be even crazier

anyone here done lucid dreaming? it's a real trip

does that mean u like that girl?? maybe it's an omen...

btw everyone listen to this album
its only a little emo
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this is a nice thread. please oust yourself from it
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yes and???

hey yall remember this
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I want to kiss a boy
there's nothing lowkey about it
Good luck with the meds and stuff. Let us know if it makes your dreams any better.

I've lucid dreamed multiple times. Whenever I get sleep paralysis I can put myself into it but I don't really like doing it anymore. It makes me pretty uncomfortable ever since I couldn't wake myself up for what seemed like an hour.

She's a qt but I wouldn't do that to my friend.

This is pretty good desu senpai
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wew those digits are even better :O

honestly the meds will be no big deal. i would likely not get malaria even off of them so yeah

i've never pulled it off from sleep paralysis before. i can induce sleep paralysis very easily (not the best thing to induce unfortunately) but once i do i'm not really sure how to fall asleep from there without losing consciousness

always did it with reality checks personally. i feel like i should undertake more serious things next time i end up lucid dreaming

and yeah that band is really creative with composition and his voice is nice
Koc u playin ur show tonite been missing it tbqhw/u close relative
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not these next two weeks, srry :(

but after the 25th if all goes well i should have 4 RADIO SHOWS!!!
Damn,my tuesday evenings have been boring without it. 4 shows tho, that's cool as fuck. What stuff are you playing on those, and does the emo show still happen at the same time? Also did you manage to get better quality for the stream?
Also what the fuck it isn't even tuesday, why did i ask if the show is tonight? I've been drunk for most of the holidays, i sometimes forget what day it is even though i'm back in school already.

the most emo song of all
yes, should be like 256k once the new shows are in

one show is slowcore and other slow rock
one show powerviolence/skramz/emoviolence/basicallyanythinghardcore
one ambient show
and a two hour emo + math emo show split with dan

times remain to be seen
Niiice, try to get the shows to start around the same time as the emo show did earlier so it's not too late for us europeans to listen to it. I'm pretty sure if you tell the people in charge that your shows have audience from countries as far as europe they could give you free hands (at least almost) on things.
Also good that the bitrate is higher.
it depends, even with international audience there are some shows that have an even bigger international audience that gets priority

but i'm in a relative position of power now so i'll do my best
Hopefully they will happen at a reasonably time, at least the emo/skramz ones.
Nice to hear you are getting responsibility and all that shit, i'm happy for you.

What did you guys think abou the new i hate sex split? I think the sound was bad and the songs weren't as good as on circle thinking.
Circle thinking tho, that's my favourite emo of 2015
haven't heard it yet. in fact i hate sex is sitting in my backlog unlistened right now >_>;

uploading bag of bones for whoever wanted it now :D
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good morning 2.jpg
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wow i forgot this code
Circle thinking is fucking awesome, i fucking hate sports is the 2015 emo/skramz banger tune. But if i'm being serious you should check them out, and circle thinking is really short so you won't waste too much time if you don't like it.
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okay so actually that's somehow the one bag of bones release i DON'T have. i am getting it now but i'm in like 3000th place in line in slsk
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This is cool
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love u.png
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definitely will listen later this morning once i finish this cat power record c:
Do you happen to have Deep Thought by them too?
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i've got this.jpg
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yep! on moving on was all i was missing. upping now

that's the best one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdkmJby_HvQ

btw everyone here's a link to all my uploads, mostly non-emo https://mega.nz/#F!ltdm1ToR!XsB672JjVEVic9P-tVsQEw

got a link? :o
Thanks you senpai

And no I don't have a link to the Last Days of August album. It's on soulseek along with their demo and some other release
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bag of bones - deep thought

sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdkmJby_HvQ [Embed]

>not 3184
get on my fucking level
nice dubs

still 3174 here. catch up dude there are ten folks between us still
This though
yeah this band rules. i remember listening to their demo for the first time waiting for the bus in cambridge after seeing diiv. it was a dark and cold night and it was perfect
How is their split with coma regalia? Haven't listened to it yet.
Also sorry familia but diiv is boring to be quite honest with you
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diiv is much better live than on their album. haven't heard the new one's leak yet.

i get why one would find them boring and part of me wants to dislike them but there are enough fuckin bangers on oshin that i just can't lie to myself

i also have not heard the split desu ^^;

btw everyone anime is real according to analytical philosophy: http://philpapers.org/archive/sinPG
That's an opinion i can understand. Oshin has some good songs but most of them are really samey but I can imagine it working better live.
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bump for emoe
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just realized i already have last days of august in my backlog, gg

bag of bones - on moving on

isn't malaria deadly?
it can be if you aren't treated.

i don't have it; i'm traveling to a place where there's a chance i might get it, and thus i have to go on preventative medication.

emo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjE83TdSUXs
Where are you going?
thank you so much i needed these both so badly
why are you going?
part of my scholarship to go to university; talking with various people in government, education, public health, and other areas about development
visit Costa Rica every once in a while ;)
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emo 10.png
1 MB, 942x942
Why is The Brave Little Abacus the greatest emo band of all time?
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is rose-core allowed
watashi nippon daisuki des!!1!
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also, daijoubu

portrait is only in V0
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