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Cecil Taylor Quartet- Looking Ahead! (1959)

>hard bop, free jazz
>Before Taylor truly embraced the free jazz that he would become famous for, he played in a more traditional style that sounds heavily influenced by Monk. This recording heavily features vibraphonist Earl Griffith for a set of jazz that isn’t completely free, but has some very adventurous improv for 1959.

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Bnegão & Seletores de Freqüência- Sintoniza Lá (2012)

>Brazilian hip hop, funk, ska
>A very good rap album from Brazilian artist Bnegão with really great and catchy hooks from the horn section. It mixes influence of various Latin musics with old-school funky hip hop.

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Dave Holland and Barre Philips- Music from Two Basses (1971)

>free improvisation, avant-garde
>Holland and Philips are both two masters of the upright bass, both known for their willingness to experiment and excel at just about any style they play in. On this album, the two bassists perform in a duet setting and provide both a satisfying amount of contrast, and an entertaining sense of interplay.

fuck sharethreads.
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Pierrick Pedron- Cheerleaders (2011)

>progressive rock, experimental sax-led fusion
>Pedron is a French alto saxophonist who grew up listening to classic jazz, as well as classic progressive rock. This album mixes all of those influences, along with a tendency toward experimental electronics and free improvisation.

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J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, and Benny Green- Trombone by Three (1949)

>bebop, swing
>Three of the greatest trombone players of the 40’s collaborated for this great record. They do mostly interesting original bop tunes, with a few standards mixed in. A great example of trombone bebop.
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This May Be My Last Time Singing: Raw African American Gospel on 45 RPM (Disc 1) (2011)

>This is a compilation of rare gospel recordings that span from 1957-1982. It’s a good mix of classic old-school gospel and slightly more contemporary R&B influenced gospel.

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Esborn Svensson Trio- Plays Monk (1996)

>piano trio, post-bop
>EST is a Swedish piano trio with a very modern style. This album is their take on some of the legendary pianist, Thelonious Monk’s more memorable compositions.
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Marco Granados- Music of Venezuela (2008)

>Venezuelan merengue, joropo, bambuco
>Venezuelan born flautist Marco Granados works in both the jazz and classical worlds and brings attention to the music of his native land. On this album he arranges and performs engaging renditions of folk and classical music from Venezuela with jazz-influenced improvisation in many of the tracks.
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The Lyrical Guitar of Pepe Martinez (1968)

>flamenco (flac, vinyl rip)
>The liner notes discuss the fact that there are two distinct camps when it comes to flamenco guitar, the fast and fiery style which is popular with younger (in 1968) players, and Flamenco Lyrico, which was typified in the past by players like Ramon Montoya, and now Pepe Martinez.
got both discs anon?
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Chico Hamilton Quintet featuring Buddy Collette (1955)

>cool jazz, third stream, avant garde.
>This is a live recording of the innovative quintet made up of woodwinds, cello, guitar, bass, and Hamilton on drums. The compositions are intricate and creative, blending jazz with classical counterpoint, Eastern modes, and free improvisation.

there are three actually but no I don't have the other two to share at the moment
Damn, alright. Thanks for all this other great stuff though, man. I've picked up a lot of it in past threads.
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Dave Scott- Nonchalant (2009)

>post-bop, free jazz
>This quintet, led by trumpeter Dave Scott, plays very loose, very free music, but they do it with a rare sense of subtlety and restraint. If you’re only looking for loud chaotic music, this isn’t for you, but the group’s more reserved approach leads to plenty of exciting interplay that reveals itself with close listening.
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The Kingston Trio (1958)

>This is the self-titled debut from one of the defining and iconic folk bands.

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Pulpo’s Hot Bread (2009)

>salsa, son, guaguanco, cumbia, Latin jazz
>Pianist Gilberto Colon Jr. worked and toured with many of the Fania allstars in the golden age of salsa. On this album his band Pulpo re-interprets some salsa classics as well as original music in a variety of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and other Carribean styles. There are some tracks with vocals but for the most part the album is instrumental based and features some fantastic piano solos. Think Monk meets salsa.

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Lnrdcroy - Much Less Normal

>ambient, electronic
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgmoWf80epw

odd time for share thread for me at least
ill share what little i have though
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Swervedriver - Mezcal Head

>The album debuted at number 55 in the UK and was critically acclaimed—NME asserted, "you are defied not to sit back, ride its massive cadences, revel in its classical form and sleek lines, and... fall helplessly in love." Later reviews praised it "combined the best elements of shoegazing with grunge and even American indie rock" and "really is the lost classic of the shoegaze movement."

>Shoegaze, Alternative Rock, Noise Pop, Grunge
Solex - Low Kick and Hard Bop

will be dumping a few stuff in the meantime
Arab On Radar - Queen Hygiene II (1997)
>Noise Rock/No Wave Revival
Van Dyke Parks - Song Cycle
>Baroque Pop, from the guy who orchestrated Joanna Newsom's Ys and who co-wrote SMiLE.
Miles Okazaki- Figurations (2012)
>progressive composition, experimental, improv
>This is the final chapter in Okazaki’s compositional trilogy, recorded live at New York City’s Jazz Gallery. The music follows it’s predecessors with similarly complex compositions, but this time it is stripped down to a quartet consisting of Okazaki, alto player Miguel Zenon, bassist Thomas Morgan, and drummer Dan Weiss. The compositions are enjoyable to listen to on their own but they are also extremely interesting to read about Okazaki’s compositional process and listen to the music from that perspective.

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Link is broken m8
whoops, here is a working link
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Thanks m8
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